Yurtdışı Yatırım

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“Guy, y-you’re alive?” Trinity cried out as she saw me.

“Yeah, I’m alive!” I smiled, grabbing her arm. “How about we go somewhere?”

“Some… where?” Her eyes widened. “R-really?”

Guy looked back behind himself and then toward her again. “Definitely. How about your quarters?”

“My quarters!” Her face turned red. “That… so it’s like this after all.”

“Come on!” Guy yanked her down the hallway.

“Ah… my quarters are here.” She responds weakly.

“Great, in we go!” Guy shoved her into the room and closed the door.

It was just in time, as a few seconds later a green-skinned woman turns the corner. She’s carrying a knife as she roams the halls, muttering to herself.

“I’ll kill him. Death… death… die…” She giggled psychotically to herself.

Guy had his breath held as he listened to her, his ear pressed against the door. She eventually passed by and then continued onward. Only then did he let out a long breath and turned to Trinity. She had her head lowered, her cheeks still pink.

“I need to use the restroom first.” She bit her lip.

Guy blinked. “You don’t need to be embarrassed by such a thing. Just go.”

“I… understand.” She turned and went to the bedroom.

Guy didn’t know what was up with Trinity. Had she been that worried about him thinking he was dead? It made him feel a bit good that at least the young Trinity was sad that he died. So far, he hadn’t seen anyone else but Vienna and that crazy green bitch had hoped he stayed dead. Cerisa must have been joking when she spoke of Vienna being worried. He didn’t know the blue cum dumpster had such a sense of humor, but the joke was definitely on him.

He let out a yawn, stretching out slightly. His eyes fell on the bed Trinity had been using. It looked like she had made it since she last slept in it. That was probably a prison thing. She heard that they made prisoners make their beds, or was that military? Guy didn’t know. He fell back on the bed with a flop, taking it easy for a change. As he stared up at the ceiling, his mind wandered to everything Cerisa had told him.

He had died. He had heard something like a human brain could live a few minutes without oxygen. That meant that after he died, Cerisa had made sure to repair his body and get oxygen flowing to his brain. Then, she had cut off large chunks of herself and turned them into his organs. He was as much an alien as he was a human at this point. The only reason he wasn’t completely scared or disfigured is because of the uniqueness of Cerisa’s body, which seemed to be able to meld seamlessly with his own.

She said that the parts she put inside him were his now. She didn’t have any connection to them whatsoever, and that they were severed from her own body. She also said she had absorbed so much of his DNA that she was physically changed and would never be the same again. This left Guy feeling awkward. He had played around with a lot of women, and he had even done favors for women, but he had always felt what he gave and what he got were proportional. He showed a girl a good time, she had sex with him, it was an even exchange.

However, Cerisa hadn’t been down there on that planet. What she had done for him had been far more than any woman had ever done anything for him. In fact, in the history of his life, he didn’t think anyone had ever put themselves out for him half as much as these alleged prisoners.

“I’m ready.” Guy heard a soft voice and then turned to see Trinity there in nothing but her underwear.

His eyebrows rose as he got a good look at her teenage body. She may be large, but from a distance, she looked like a youthful teenage girl. This one had a red blush on her cheeks, and her arms crossed in front of her nervously. She squirmed nervously under Guy’s stare, clearly uncomfortable being seen in such a state. Guy didn’t know what to say.

 “Is-is this okay?” She asked.

“It’s more than okay,” Guy responded.

How could he not be excited by a beautiful woman in nothing but her underwear? He wasn’t going to speak negatively on a good thing. That didn’t mean he wasn’t still a bit flummoxed. Was this some kind of alien custom?

His answer caused Trinity to flush. She slowly walked over to the bed, her body hesitant and stiff. When she finally reached the bed, her cheeks grew increasingly red.

“Guy, please be gentle. This is my first time,” she said.

Guy reached out his hand, a feeling of temptation growing deep inside him. However, he stopped, let out a sigh, and dropped it.

“You seem to be misunderstanding.” He admitted.

“Wh-what?” She asked, looking alarmed.

“It’s not that you’re not a really beautiful woman, but I didn’t come in here for this.”

“You didn’t…” Her eyes widened.

“I was just trying to keep Vienna from stabbing me. I’m sorry for confusing you.” Guy explained.

“You… didn’t… didn’t… mistake…” As she spoke, her face slowly began to turn red.

“It’s really fine…” Guy tried to calm her down.

“Idiot!” She screamed, her voice bellowing out with enough volume that Guy’s ears hurt.

She spun around fled into the bathroom. The door slammed shut behind her. Guy hadn’t been able to get another word out. He was an idiot. For a moment, he had genuinely almost gone there. Guy had a code, though. She wasn’t eighteen. Yeah, she was another species, and age didn’t necessarily translate, but she was clearly youthful for her species. He knew that was a bit hypocritical after he just banged the loli Cerisa, but it was a different situation. He had no clue how old she was, but he knew that she was mature enough for a sexual relationship. Trinity was not. It was something that he could just feel in his bones.

He stood up. He walked to the bathroom door, ready to knock, but he could hear crying in there. He pulled his hand back. The last thing she’d want is for him to come in there and start giving her a pep talk. With a sigh, he turned and left her room. Vienna should have been gone anyway. He didn’t head back to his room though. Instead, he headed toward the break room where they had food before.

“G-Guy!” On his way there, he ran into a woman walking down the hall.

Given the number of people on this ship and the number of halls it contained, it was rare to walk past someone else. Guy gave her one of his trademark smiles.

“Hey, Rex. How’s it hanging?”

“Hanging?” She cocked her head to the side.

“Ah… never mind, um… how are you?”

“I am… doing better. I’ve repaired and rebooted all of my electronic parts.” Rex said, her eyes looking Guy up and down. “You? You’re alive…”

Her voice sounded extremely relieved by that.

“I am,” Guy responded. “Cerisa managed to patch me up, it seems.”

“I never trusted her with my biological parts. If they failed, I’d likely rely on more mechanical parts.” Rex responded, seeming awkward standing there.

“I see…”


The pair of them stood there, neither moving or saying anything. Eventually, Guy cleared his throat.

“Um… I’ll be going. I was heading to get something for a snack.”

“That’s where I’m heading.” Rex declared. “Ah… you are going to the breakroom? The food was cleared out and brought down to the mess hall. There is just more food down there and the food can be locked up. Ten doesn’t trust us not to take the food so she wanted it somewhere she could put a lock on it.”

“Oh? Then, I guess we can go together.”


Awkward silence broke again as the pair of them started heading in the direction she had been going. Guy didn’t know why things were awkward between them. He was usually pretty good at talking to women. However, since waking up from his coma, he had been striking out. Vienna was trying to kill him, Trinity was in her room crying, and he didn’t seem to be able to start a conversation with Rex. Cerisa’s personality hadn’t rubbed off on him, did it? That would suck. He didn’t want to be a blue bitch.

“We escaped the Galactic Alliance?”

She nodded. “That planet was already on the rim of their control. The local only just joined the Alliance and they don’t have their own space force. They had already lost enough trying to apprehend us, so they weren’t going to put much effort into chasing us. As soon as Boss lost them, they called off their pursuit.”

“That’s good, but what about supplies?”

“It’s farther, but we’re going to a place that the Alliance doesn’t have any control in, and in fact, would be flat out hostile if the alliance tried to butt their heads. It’s a more dangerous place, but we’re dangerously low on supplies now.”

“Okay. Well, they need me on another away mission.”

“Are you sure you’re okay going again?”

“Yeah, why not?” Guy laughed.

He wasn’t the kind of person who got caught up on things. Bad stuff happened, but it was in the past now. He was good, and he wouldn’t be so reckless again.

“You shouldn’t go.”

“Hmm?” Guy was surprised to see such a serious expression on Rex’s face.

“You need to stay on the ship.”


Guy felt a little defeated by her words. Had he screwed up that badly? Now, it didn’t seem like they wanted him to participate anymore. He did go a little overboard shooting those insects. It seemed to only increase their ire, eventually bringing even a tank down on them. He guessed he had messed up. As he was thinking such things, he couldn’t hear Rex mutter something under her breath.

“I can’t bear it if you’re hurt again.”

The pair of them entered the mess hall to find three women already present. Faratite, Dixi, and Ten were there. It seemed like these girls typically hung out together quite a bit.


“It’s Guy.”

The girls all turned and let out exclamations as Guy entered the room. He flashed them his best smile, trying to put on a better impression than he had so far with the other girls.

“Hello, ladies, did you miss me?”

Dixi shrugged. “Your presence isn’t detestable.”

Ten chuckled. “That just means our supplies are going to diminish that much faster.”

Faratite looked away, too shy to answer such a question.

“How dare you all!” Rex suddenly spoke up. “Acting so dismissively after he saved our lives!”

“He didn’t save my life.” Ten shrugged.

“It’s not that it’s not nice he’s alright, but he’s been locked up in Cerisa’s lab almost as long as we’ve known him,” Dixi added.

“Still, he sacrificed a lot and… and…” Rex fumed.

“Wait… do you like him?” Ten asked.

“L-like!?” Rex’s nearly stumbled back like she had been struck. “What are you saying? How could I like some other species? Especially this human? I don’t care about him at all!”

“Ouch…” Faratite quietly said.

“Not even appreciative after he saved your life?” Ten added.

“That’s what I expected from Rex…”

“Ah!” Rex spun to Guy, completely flustered. “It’s not like that! I don’t mean it that way. I can’t stop thinking about how manly you were when you… no! Not that… um… huh?”

“What’s for food?” Guy called out from the kitchen. “Oh, here’s something, nevermind.”

He wasn’t even near them. He had walked straight into the kitchen, and had missed half the conversation as he opened and closed drawers. The girls all stared at Rex with suspicious looks. Well, Dixi was a robot and didn’t emote so much, and Ten was wearing a mask, but she was certain they were making fun of her.

Guy came back out into the cafeteria and sat across from the other girls.

With a red face, Rex fled into the kitchen while Guy was getting settled with a bowl of something that he really hoped was edible.

“You were pretty badly damaged.” Ten spoke up. “When Cerisa said she could fix you, I honestly expected you to come back as more machine than Dixi. I’m really curious how she was able to bring you back.”

“Ah… well… she was able to grow new organs for me or something like that,” Guy mumbled awkwardly.

He didn’t know if this was his secret to share. After all, Cerisa was in a compromised situation because of him. It would only be time before everyone knew she was a loli though.

“I heard the Galactic Alliance had such techniques,” Dixi spoke up. “I’m just surprised that a prison ship had the facilities to accomplish such a thing, and that Cerisa had the know-how to do it.”

“Well, she did, obviously.” Guy gestured, holding out his arms.

They weren’t able to argue with the results. Guy looked perfectly fine. He didn’t show any sign of robotic attachments or damage. As for him being part blue bitch, he wasn’t going to mention it at all. The girls nodded and accepted his explanation, and he let out a breath of relief as Rex finally came out of the kitchen with food of her own.

“When are we reaching the Dresdon Space Colony?” Rex asked.

“Boss says we should be there in two days.” Ten sighed. “Hopefully the supplies will hold out. At least there is no one from the Galactic Alliance likely to be there to narc on us.”

“Speaking of the Galactic Alliance, how is Harmony doing?” Guy asked.

“Who?” Ten blinked.

“Harmony? Oh… the prisoner?” The girls continued to stare at him. “The galactic alliance pussycat.”

“That’s right!” Dixi shrugged. “I forgot she existed.”

“She’s probably still down. After the escape, she was shoved in solitary, right?”

“That was over a week ago!”

“Wasn’t it Vienna’s job to take care of her?” Ten asked curiously.

“Yeah, but she’s been distracted this last week. She’s really been moping. I don’t think she’s been down there.” Faratite spoke in her usual breathy way.

“Wait…” Guy stiffened. “Are you saying that no one has checked on her in a week?”

The girls all looked at each other and then shrugged. Guy cursed, and then stood up.

“She could be dead!”

“So?” Dixi cocked her head like it didn’t matter.

“Damn it!” Guy got up, leaving the rest of his food uneaten.

“Wh-where are you going?” Rex asked.

“Solitary!” Guy growled as he went into the kitchen and grabbed some food before running out the door.

He felt at least partially responsible that she was put down there. The other girls were extremely thoughtless just leaving her there to starve. Guy rushed down there, feeling a complicated feeling in his heart. Harmony had been a bit rough around the edges, but he had already stuck it between her legs, and she’s the only girl on this ship he’s done that to that hasn’t tried to kill him, so that was something. Well, Cerisa didn’t use knives, but some of her experiments could kill.

He reached the solitary confinement and found the room she was in, immediately opening it without hesitation. Harmony was lying on the ground. He ran to her, and when he touched her he was relieved to feel she was still warm. When he touched her, her eyes fluttered open.

“W-water…” She said with a croak.

Guy nodded and immediately pulled out a bottle of water. He lifted her head and then tried to pour the water into her mouth. She barely opened her mouth, and most of it fell on the floor. Feeling a bit desperate and rushed, Guy took a big swig of water, and then put his lips against hers. Her eyes popped open as he guided the water into her mouth, but after a few moments, she started to swallow painfully. He continued to feed her water this way for several minutes.

As he went for another swig, her stomach growled. A small blush appeared on her cheeks.


Looking down at her, he gave a serious nod. Then, he grabbed a bar and took a bite out of it, and started chewing.

“I can chew!” She cried out, raising her hands and pushing against his chest as he tried to lower his mouth. “I’m fine! Just give me the food!”

He let out a breath, swallowing a bite of the nutrition bar and then handing her the rest. Slowly, she took small bites of the bar and drunk.

“Are you okay?”

“I… really thought that they had forgotten about me.” Harmony spoke. “I’d be dead already if I hadn’t drunk my… ah, nevermind!”

“I thought I tasted that on your lips.” Guy nodded thoughtfully.

“Wh-what are you saying?” She grew flustered again, starting to show some of the vigor she had before.

Guy laughed though. He wasn’t that grossed out. Any man who wanted to eat pussy and ass while complaining about the taste of a yellow spring was a massive hypocrite. That’s what he thought.

“I would have come sooner, but I was… heavily injured. I’ve only woken up today.”

“I… see…” She responded slowly, her hands holding the bar in front of her mouth, obscuring her expression. “Why did you come?”

“I don’t like seeing people suffer,” Guy responded hesitantly.

“I… will continue to suffer as long as I’m their prisoner.” Harmony replied.

“I know…” Guy nodded to himself, making a decision. “That’s why, when we stop at our next spot, I’ll help you escape.”

“You… what?” Her head lifted, and then her eyes narrowed. “Another trick like last time.”

“No. We’ll be at some space colony separate from the galactic alliance. I’ll let you off there. From what I heard, the galactic alliance won’t touch the place, but if you’re resourceful, you can probably get out of here.”

“Then… I will wait and see.” She responded without a definitive answer.

Guy knew that she had no reason to trust him. He had helped her escape once, but that was just to satisfy himself. She had ended up back in a cell, and in a worse state because of him. He realized he really only had one choice, to help her go.

He left her enough food and water for the next two days, and then closed the door and left, promising he’d return when the time was right. As he went back to his room, he ran into a woman standing there with a knife. It wasn’t the green bitch. Rather, this one was orange.

“M-mercy?” I asked.

She raised the knife. “None at all… now strip!”

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