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“We will be landing at the Dresdon Space Colony in a matter of hours.” Boss announced to a group meeting of all of the girls onboard. “I don’t want a repeat of last time. We don’t have enough resources to make it to another spot if there ends up being problems with this one.”

“W-we won’t!” Vienna declared confidently. “This place is 100% Galactic Alliance free. If the local bosses even get a hint of a Galactic Alliance member, they’ll kill them and everyone who knows them immediately!”

“Regrettably, those same bosses take a substantial cut of profits, making everything we buy there nearly twice as expensive. That’s why we tried for the other planet first.” Ten added.

“It’s regrettable, but we’ll just have to make do.” Boss declared. “That’s why I’ll be personally greeting the bosses.”

The girls around the table all made noises of surprise. Boss wasn’t the kind of girl to get involved with things. If you forced her hand, it was already too late. She was that kind of person. It showed how serious the situation was, that Boss was pushed to move preemptively to keep any problems from arising with the leaders at the station.

“I’ve already compiled a more accurate list with descriptions, and I will personally see the products picked up and delivered.” Ten declared.

“I will also be involved,” Faratite spoke quietly. “I’ve already analyzed the ship’s system’s thoroughly and had even postulated several modifications that will make it harder in the future for the Galactic Alliance to find us.”

Boss nodded. “Good. We’re still on the run right now, but at some point, once we’ve lost the heat, I’m sure everyone should consider a place to go.”

“I wish to travel to the moons of Grenada.” A little girl spoke up.

“I’m not surprised you’d say that, Aza.” Nixle snickered. “You always were a child.”

“It’s not because there is an amusement park there!” the girl named Aza, the only one Guy had never met, shouted angrily, sounding petulant like a child.

“Speaking of children, did anyone want to discuss this?” Dixi nodded to Cerisa, who now looked just as youthful as Aza.

“I did notice that Cerisa has started wearing clothing all of a sudden.” Ten observed.

“I explained…” Cerisa declared. “I had to molt away a great deal of my interstitial fluid recently. I will replace it with time.”

This wasn’t entirely the truth. Cerisa had given her fluid to save Guy, but she also saw no reason to reveal such a thing to these girls. It was taboo amongst her people, and they wouldn’t even respect the severity of her choice. As for why she had chosen to do it, only Cerisa would truly know. It could have been because she was curious to see what would happen scientifically, although there could have just as easily been a deeper meaning to it.

“Losing your interstitial fluid!” Vienna snapped. “That’s an interesting way of putting it.”

Cerisa raised an eyebrow. “What are you implying?”

“You’ve been losing that interstitial fluid because you’ve been fucking Guy all week! Admit it!”

The other girls expressions ranged from shock to amusement. Trinity’s head jerked up, while Rex seemed to grow flustered. Diatome snorted, while Dixi and Nixle looked mildly interested.

“While it’s true that intercourse with Guy used to cause me to lose quite a bit of interstitial fluid, with practice, I’ve grown better at being able to keep it in.”

“You admit it!” Vienna cried out.

“I’ve since managed to create a receptacle to receive his organ, modeling it based off of the available examples.”

“Available examples?” Dixi blinked. “Wait, are you wearing clothing to hide your pussy?”

“I-i-is that why you called me in for a gynecological visit!” Aza jumped up on the table with her knees on the edge.

“Currently, your size is the closest to my body, so it made a proper model.”

“Y-you… this Guy… he’s seen my… he’s felt my…” Aza started to shake, her face turning red.

“Don’t be ridiculous. I created my own. You may have been a model, but I ultimately created a unique experience. I’ve modified it several times in an attempt to provide Guy maximum satisfaction.”


“Although, I do admit.” Cerisa put a finger on her lips. “I tried many different types, he prefers the genitals of his species the most.”

“Y-you’re sleeping with Guy?” Trinity’s voice cut in, her voice breaking a bit with emotion.

“I have come to an arrangement with Guy. Although he indeed releases his DNA in me daily, it is purely a business relationship.”

“I-I see…”

“Who cares?” Diatome cut in. “I banged him recently too.”

“You too!” Vienna stiffened.

“Although, finding out you kept him in that room just to have a fuck toy poke you full of toys while I was going through withdrawals really pisses me off,” Diatome growled. “Did you consider how I felt while you were leaving all of us hanging on whether he lived or died?”

“But, are you committed to keeping him around now?” Cerisa asked curiously.

“Tsk…” Diatome crossed her arms over her three breasts. “I can’t live without his dick. I felt I was going to die when I thought I lost him. If he had died, I’m not sure what would have happened, but he’s the only thing that calms me down now. It’s like the complete opposite now. I used to be fuck to get angry and violent. Now, I feel angry and violent unless I’m fucking him. I’d be doing it a ton, but he’s a slippery bastard and keeps getting away.”

“Trinity… what is wrong? You look upset?” Nixle asked.

“What are you, an empath?” Rex asked, laid back with her feet on the table.

“No, but I was a priestess before being arrested, and I’m very conscious regarding moods. For example, I’m aware that every time Guy is mentioned, your heartbeat increases, and when they talked about sex with him, your insides moistened.”

“What!” Rex jerked up, her face turning pink. “L-lies!”

“Maybe…” Nixle smirked, not giving any indication whether she had been joking or telling the truth. “But, I’m pretty sure Trinity here is upset over something regarding Guy.”

“Did Guy hurt you?” Vienna demanded. “I’ll kill him!”

“It’s not that…” Trinity said, tears falling down her cheeks. “I just… I was so stupid!”

“You were?” Vienna demanded. “Don’t you mean he’s an idiot?”

“No, it was me! I misunderstood things… and then I made a fool of myself. Guy probably never wants to talk to me again!” She broke into tears.

“I’m sure that’s not true.” Ten spoke soothingly through her mask. “He’s typically pretty laid back. He likely doesn’t mind at all.”

“But… I just can’t! It’s too embarrassing!” She buried her face in her arms as it turned red.

“What is this?” Aza spoke up. “He’s just some man. Why are so many of you being so up in arms about him.”

All of the girls shot a look at Aza and then looked away, not able to describe their feelings about the subject. One thing was clear though. He was the only one who had not been invited to these meetings.

“A few weeks ago, I asked everyone if we should toss him out an airlock. You ended up tying. I scheduled that away mission to see how he functioned, and ultimately if he could be trusted.” Boss began to speak up, stopping anyone from talking. “I’ll admit, that this ended up being a bit of a disappointment. This human who was supposed to be a specimen of biological prowess almost died and your mission was a failure.”

“That’s not fair!” Rex’s mechanical fist hit the table. “That situation was out of any of our control. If it wasn’t for him, we might have all died or been imprisoned!”

“Oh?” Boss lifted her head, and although her features were still obscured by her hood, they could feel the hand of death stroking them. “You’ve grown bolder, I see. Bold enough to challenge me?”

Her voice held icy malice to it, and it caused all of the girls to shiver in fear.

“I wouldn’t dare…” Rex looked away. “I just wanted to be clear on… his contribution.”

Boss leaned back in her chair. “In that case, let us repeat the vote. Raise your hand if you’d like Guy removed from the ship.”

Her words echoed out into a silent group, but not a single person moved. Boss turned toward Vienna.

“You’re not raising your hand again.”

“I-if you kill him, th-then I won’t be able to kill him myself.” Vienna declared, although her voice didn’t have conviction.

Not too long ago, the vote had been half and half down the middle. Things had changed and changed remarkably fast. Not a single one of them wanted Guy to be removed from the ship now. Although that was their desire, what ultimately mattered the most was Boss’s vote. Everyone else would go along with whatever she said. Boss might have believed that once, but there was just a hint of defiance in there now. Would the girls defy her if she told them to bring her his head? She wasn’t certain. This didn’t scare her. Instead, it intrigued her.

“Very well, Guy will remain on the ship.” Boss shrugged. “We will return to discussing our upcoming landing.”

Several girls let out clear breaths of relief. They had been worried about such a thing. Boss wasn’t the kind of person who would kill someone for no reason.

“Then, to gather supplies, Ten, Rex, Faratite, Trinity, and Boss herself… as for Guy…” Vienna stopped again, not meaning to bring his name up again just after such a stressful decision was made.

“We should keep him on board, where he’s safe,” Diatome announced. “In fact, I will personally watch him.”

“As if you should watch him!” Vienna snapped at her. “I will be the one who…”

“You’re the one who keeps trying to stab him,” Cerisa interjected. “Furthermore, his apparent death occurred on your watch, if I’m too mistaken. It had already been confirmed that Guy is safest with me-”

“Enough!” Boss slapped her hand down, causing all of them to jump.



“Guy will be given the freedom to do as he wishes on this trip. If he gets lost and left behind, that’s on him.”



Several of the girls looked like they were about to protest, but she continued speaking. “I will personally guarantee Guy’s safety. I said I would deal with the bosses on the Dresdon Space Colony, I didn’t say I would guide you around by your noses. Rather, I think it’s about time that I observed this man who seems to be spreading so many waves.”

“P-personally?” Vienna’s eyes widened.

The girls all had complicated expressions on their faces. On the one hand, they’d never argue with what Boss had decided. On the other hand, what did she mean by all of that? If she was watching him personally, it meant that Guy was completely safe from threats, until she decided he ought to die. It was probably fine though. As long as Guy wasn’t doing anything that would upset or anger Boss during their time at the Dresdon station, he’d be completely safe.


As the ship began to dock with the station, all of the girls were busy getting ready for the tasks at hand. A lot needed to be accomplished, and the quicker they got it done, the better. The Dresdon Space Colony was outside of Alliance rule, and in some ways that made it more dangerous than landing on an alliance-run planet. The best course of action was to be there and gone before getting the attention of any major player on the Dresdon Space Colony.

What would they be afraid of? Well, there was likely a bounty on their heads, so a mob boss might capture them to make a few quick bucks by selling them to the alliance. That’s if there weren’t already bounty hunters there waiting to strike. Just because the alliance had no control of the colony didn’t mean they didn’t have ways of causing fugitives trouble. That was just the most obvious threat. There was also a myriad of political alliances and treaties, and all of these girls had histories that could always come and bite them in the ass.

Thus, everyone was planning a short stay, not more than 48 hours, and while that was happening, Guy had made his own plans. He opened the isolated cell containing Harmony once again. She glanced up from her seat on the bed.

“You’ve come.” Her voice sounded slightly surprised.

“We’ll be landing in a few moments. The girls will likely be very busy immediately after we land. That’d be the best time to sneak you off the ship.”

She looked at Guy cautious. “Nya, you get me off the ship, and then what?”

Guy blinked. “Aren’t you a soldier? You’re on your own after that.”

“Oh…” She looked down at her lap. “You… you could come with me, nya.”

Guy gave a wry smile. “I have a feeling I wouldn’t be welcome in any Alliance territories anymore. It’d be best if you just forgot I ever existed.”

Harmony didn’t look up from her lap, as if she had been expecting such an answer. “Oh.”

“Come… oops.” Guy had taken a step into the room, but the ship lurched at this moment.

This must have been as the ship connected to whatever constituted a docking platform. He lost his balance and fell forward. Harmony fell back on the bed, and Guy ended up directly on top of her. His hand was cupping her breast, and her legs ended up wrapped around his hips.

“S-sorry.” He quickly tried to fix the situation, standing up, only to find her tightening her legs so that he couldn’t stand. “What?”

“I could knock you out right now, and then escape on my own. That way, I know you won’t lead me astray again.”

“You could.” Guy nodded. “Although if you want to just leave, the door is there. Please don’t lock me in here though. I have a feeling I’d be dead by the time anyone found me.”

She continued to stare at me unblinking, but then her cheeks pinkened like she had just thought of something. “I could… bribe your cooperation with my body.”

Guy grinned sardonically. “As much as I’d like to play with you, now isn’t a good time.”

She sniffed, and then uncrossed her legs, allowing him to stand up. He wasn’t sure what she wanted at that point. He was generally good at getting a girl to sleep with him, but that didn’t mean he necessarily knew what girls wanted. They could be pretty confusing at times. Just take Cerisa, he had no clue what that girl wanted at all. Well, he guessed she wanted his seed to recover her lost mass or whatever she called it.

Guy held out his hand to Harmony. “Come on, let’s go.”

She looked at his hand cautiously for a bit, and it reminded him a bit like a cat who you were trying to lure over but seemed just as happy staying where it was. Finally, she reached out and put her hand in Guy’s hand. He helped her stand and the pair left the prison. He was now officially helping a prisoner escape. Well, it wasn’t like anyone told him he couldn’t. They had ignored her and left her for dead. If they didn’t care about her, what did it matter what he did?

Guy had run that conversation through his head a dozen times, and this was no different. He had grown more familiar with the ship lately, and at least could get from place to place without having to backtrack. Thus, it didn’t take particularly long before the pair had made it to the loading bay. It was open now and seemed to be connected to a larger bay. Their ship hadn’t landed in the space station but was only connected to it.

A creature with four eyes on stalks and extremely long, skinny legs that didn’t look like it would hold up its large, round body was standing at the entrance, talking to some of the girls. Guy grabbed Harmony and hid behind some crates.

“Yes, we’re just here to do some exchanges.” Vienna was saying. “We will pay homage to the bosses. Just let us sell a few things so we have the local currency they’d prefer.

Guy had known the girls would be hovering around this area, but he had hoped they’d be gone by now. Especially Vienna, who would kill him if she saw him. He waited, sweating silently as they talked and people from the station began to walk in, examining some crates that had to be what the girls were offering to exchange. Harmony remained by his side, waiting just as he did.

He started to consider going out and being a distraction so that the Harmony could slip by. However, just as he started working out a plan, a chance opened. The other girls had taken off, and Vienna walked to the side, leaving her back to them as she looked through some documents they had given her.

“Let’s go!” Guy hissed, immediately heading down the path quickly while holding Harmony’s hand.

The pair of them made it past Vienna and kept moving until they reached the far end of the storage area. That’s when he heard someone returning down the pathway. It might just be a random dock worker, but it could be one of the girls. He grabbed Harmony and they hid behind some crates again.

“You seem to be pretty passive,” Guy whispered at Harmony.

“I still wasn’t sure if you were truly helping me escape or not, nya.” She admitted.

“Oh… I’m helping…” Guy hissed. “I-”

He stopped, noticing just a hint of movement in a crack of one of the crates. He pushed Harmony to the side and then swung open one of the crates. To his surprise, a person tumbled out. They were wearing an old cloak and looked to be a traveler of some kind. When they fell out, they hit the ground with a thump and their hood fell back. It revealed an absolutely gorgeous girl. She looked to be about sixteen, and her appearance was so stunning it made Guy’s mouth salivate. Her ears were slightly pointed, and if this was a fantasy setting Guy might have called her an elf. She was an ethereal elf beauty.

“Oh, my…” She chuckled in a deep, feminine voice. “You caught me.”

Just who had Guy stumbled on now?

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