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The first thing that returned to Guy was an intense feeling of coldness. He shivered as his eyes started to open. He was in a room that was completely dark, and he was strapped to a table. There was a single bright light shining down at him, practically blinding him. His arms, legs, and head were strapped down, and the metal was cold against his back. A strange form moved just out of sight. He could hear voices, but they were guttural and incoherent.

Wait… this situation wasn’t completely unfamiliar. Isn’t this the so-called alien abduction? That’s exactly what it felt like. There was a table full of tools to his right. They were going to seriously probe him? His ass clenched just thinking about such a thing. He tried to recall everything since he had entered the strange ship. It was a spaceship, wasn’t it? It was a spaceship filled with space aliens, and he was an abducted human.

The form suddenly moved into sight, and it was someone he recognized. It was the blue Jello chick. Actually, he had no clue if it was the same blue Jello chick from before. Perhaps he was just stereotyping his gelatin-based organisms. It was blue all over, except that it was transparent and had what appeared to be bubbles moving around inside it. It had the shape and body of a shapely woman, with large breasts that didn’t sag a single bit and a nice round butt. Her butt had a crack, but when it went to the front, there was no vagina. Also, she had no face. There was the outline of eyes, a nose, and a mouth, but it didn’t quite form in entirety.

A bubbling sound came from it and it reached out and grabbed him. It had hands, and they were surprisingly warm to the touch. It was like a warm jelly, although without the melting. It made more bubbling noises.

“I’m… sorry?”

It made more bubbling noises, then it reached out and slapped his cheek.

“Damn it! Bitch! I can’t understand you!”

The gelatin bitch looked back into the darkness and then shrugged. She grabbed something that looked like a gun and pressed it to his neck.

“Hey… hey!” Guy couldn’t even move to stop her.

She pressed the trigger and he felt a pain in his neck. For a second, the world seemed to lurch, and then the creature started babbling some more. However, as it bubbled, he began to understand more and more of what it was saying.

“The subject appears to be healthy.” A smooth, sensual, and feminine voice suddenly sounded out from her, replacing the weird bubbling noises.

How did a voice that sexy come from bubbles and gurgles?

“I hit it right in the face. How is it not crippled? That blow would have knocked out a Tardact.” Another feminine voice came from the dark.  

“The scans suggest that the brain is protected by an exceptionally thick skull and a fluid layer which acts as a helmet.” The blue woman appeared to be speaking to the people out of his sight.

If he squinted, he could only just make out shapes standing at the edge of the room.

“It’s an ugly thing, isn’t it? What is it, already?”

“It seems to have come from the planet we just left.” Someone next to the one who voiced the questions answered.

“That planet was supposed to be uninhabitable.”

“It is registered in the galactic database as such…” The other answered back, “Yet, you saw what we saw… the planet was brimming with lifeforms. Lifeforms we’ve never seen before.”

“Whatever… look, it appears to be awake. See if it can give us anything useful.”

“Creature…” The blue woman turned its head over to Guy, which he supposed meant it was looking at him. “The translator microbots should have had enough time to process your language center by now. You should understand my words. Raise your free appendage if you can understand me.”

“Uh, what free appendage?” Guy tried to lift his arms and legs helplessly as they were all strapped to the bed.

“Of course, I’m talking about this one.” She reached out and grabbed his dick.

Guy let out a noise of surprise. Her hands were warm and soft. They didn’t feel like skin. It was more like being enveloped in jelly. In a way, it actually felt like being in a woman’s pussy. This weird creature could probably give the best handjob imaginable. The feeling and his dirty thoughts were enough, and his cock began to rise.

“Good…” She nodded as if this was what she expected from him.

“Ah… so it does have 5 appendages. And you thought it was a skin growth.”

“We should have strapped it down too for safety. Even if it’s rather small.”

“It’s too late now.”

Guy’s eyebrow twitched as he listened to the conversation of the women hidden in the dark. Just who the hell were these people? They were acting like they didn’t even understand basic biology. Well, at least he could understand the blue bitch being unknowledgeable. He didn’t think a biologist would understand a single thing looking at her. However, the other aliens he saw seemed humanoid enough. They had tits and eyes and mouths, so it stood to reason they had most of the same thing’s humans did.

“Creature, answer our questions honestly. If you lie or fail to answer appropriately, I will start to cut off pieces of your body, starting from the top.” The blue bitch reached up with its other hand, and grabbed his hair, even while its other hand was still on his cock.


“Damn it, Cerisa, half the women on this ship have hair! We keep telling you it doesn’t hurt to cut it and it doesn’t work as a threat!”

“Hmph!” The blue girl straightened slightly. “Hair is disgusting any way you look at it. It dry and stringy and you leave it everywhere. This being would look more appealing bald.”

“Cerisa, ask the damn questions!”

“Fine.” She shrugged angrily and then tapped Guy’s forehead. “You, creature, what is your name.”

“Guy,” he responded helplessly.

As she spoke, her hand was still on his cock. It seemed to remain there completely without thought, but she was moving her hand up and down it and stroking. He couldn’t guess why, but if felt really good. He had no clue what was going on right now.

“Stupid name. What’s your planet’s name?”


“Stupid Planet. What’s the square root of 387 times the hyperspace constant divided by the infinity constitutive?”


“Stupid creature.” She turned her back to him. “I have concluded the evaluation. It appears it is a stupid lifeform of no importance. I suggest we toss it out an airlock.”

“Ah…” He let out a moan.

He wanted to curse her out, but her hand was moving faster and faster up and down his cock. She really was giving an amazing hand job. His cock was at full size and her hand was just the right feel and pressure.

“Cerisa… what is going on with his face?” One of the women demanded.

The blue girl casually looked over at the monitors. “His heartbeat is increasing. His blood flow to the brain appears to have diminished. His body is spiking with stimulants. He may be having some kind of biological shut down. His body must be dying in this environment.”

Even as she said this, her hand was lewdly going up and down his shlong without remorse. Was this all some kind of game? Was someone going to jump out and yell surprise?

“A-a-actually… a shy voice that he hadn’t heard yet spoke up. “I’ve only seen it once… but that kind of looks… like a penis, doesn’t it?”

“A penis?” The woman who asked questions first said incredulously. “Are you telling me this is a male of its species?”

“That’s not a penis. It’s too large!” Another girl spoke up. “I heard they’re only about one or two inches long. Clearly, it’s some kind of flagella to help his species swim.”

“I thought it was a second mouth.”

“Whatever it is, it seems to be giving the male some distress. Continue to do what you’re doing!”

“Don’t… you’ll kill it!”

“Hehe… let’s see what this thing can take!” The blue bitch seemed to take the provocation of her peers as a personal challenge, and using both hands, she started giving him a relentlessly thorough hand job.

The speed of her wrist movements were unreal, considering she didn’t have anything Guy could define as tendons… or wrists. Her hand pumped his cock, and he felt intense pleasure. Being tied up like this and toyed with had its own kinky pleasure that Guy was getting a rude awakening in.

 “Ah…ah… shit, I’m cumming!” he cried out.

“Ready your weapons!” One of the girl’s shout. “He’s initiating some kind of attack!”

“No, he’s discharging some kind of fluid!”

“It must be acid! Cerisa, dodge!”

“It’s… tasty…” Cerisa responded, ignoring the other girl’s conversations.

As he came in her hands, the cum splattered all over her. However, any place it touched, rather than dirtying her gelatin skin, it instead got absorbed inside her. By the time he collapsed on the table, feeling completely spent, not a single drop had escaped her clutches. He could see the white stuff floating inside her among the blue. However, a moment later, the bubbles started to amplify like something was boiling, and then the spooge disappeared.

“Mmm… thanks for the treat.”

“Cerisa! Report!” The woman in charge demanded with a flustered voice.

“It appears to be some kind of nutritional discharge. It is full of protein and various other resources. It appears like this species can be milked for sustenance.”

“That’s a use then…”

“We already have the nutritional blocks generated by the bioreactor.”

“This definitely tastes better than the nutritional blocks!” Cerisa snorts. “In fact, it appears to be nutritionally better for his species as well.”

“Ah, can we try some as well?”

“I’d like to taste.”

Guy could only shake his head in wonder. What the heck was with these women. They really were dumb. They spoke as if they had never seen a man before, and knew nothing about the birds and the bees. The only reason he hadn’t said anything was that he was still a little worried this crazy blue bitch would actually start cutting as she said, and not start with his hair.

“I’d like to continue to experiment with this… Guy… for a bit longer.” Cerisa said. “Don’t you girls have better things to do, like repairing the ship from the damage after the last attack.”

“O-of course… we weren’t procrastinating because we were curious!”

“Cerisa, continue to look into this organism as a source of food. Report your findings to me tonight.”

“Very well…”

The door opened, but he could only vaguely make out the shapes of three women leaving the room before it snapped shut and he was alone with the crazy bitch. She turned back to him and put her hand on his crotch.

“Creature… what is the secret to releasing this nutrient discharge?”

It was actually the first real question this bitch finally asked him. She had already jacked him off, and they had barely exchanged names!

“That nutrient discharge is called semen! It makes babies?”

Cerisa cocked her head. “So, your species Is born from that goo? Interesting. My species is also born from a sort of goo. Once a year, we lose our physical forms and combine in a massive lake. It’s called Unity. During Unity, more of our species is produced by swapping genetic information. The larger the lake, the more genetically diverse the offspring. If you were to release your semen into Unity, I wonder if we could incorporate your genetic code into our offspring.”

“Wh-what? Our offspring!” Guy tried to sit up, but naturally couldn’t.

“Relax creature. It is neither the time for Unity nor am I interested in breeding with you. I’d need a bathtub full of your semen to even consider multiplying, and a Unity between only two individuals is considered blasphemy on my planet. We’d need to include at least a dozen more partners to consider it.”

“I see…”

“You still have not answered the question! How is this semen released?”

“Ah… well… my penis needs to be stimulated…” he felt a little shy explaining this, especially as the faceless goo bitch stared at him without expression.

“You mean, as I did with my hands? Is this the only way?”

“Well, that’s a hand job. Usually, I need to be aroused, and then I need to stick it in… um… a woman.”

With her face completely blank, her staring at him gave him no indication of what she was thinking. She’d be really good at poker, actually.

“Very well…” She finally started talking. “I wish to consume more of this semen, so if I put your penis inside and then stroke it with my innards, it’ll produce more semen?”

“Y-yeah… I mean, if you want to eat it, you usually do it with your mouth, right?”

“I do not have a mouth, but most other species I know do, so I understand what you mean. Fortunately, my body lacks a solid tensile structure. In short, with enough pressure, I can be penetrated anywhere.”

“A-anywhere?” His eyes widened.

No, his thoughts weren’t somewhere weird. Actually, he wanted to stick it in her ass. Given his size, most girls turned him down for anal. This girl probably didn’t even have a butthole. Still, sliding it between those blue cheeks sounded fun.

“Then, I shall try to extract more semen.”


Before Guy could even talk her into butt sex, she headbutted his cock. No… actually, despite there being no mouth, after a momentary pressure, his dick slid right in. He could see his dick sticking in the middle of her gelatinous head, floating in her bubbly innards. He didn’t even think. It was roughly where the mouth was, although his dick was closer to her nose, which was now deformed and turned into a hole.  Remembering how she boiled his semen, he desperately hoped she didn’t do the same to his cock.

“Allowing an object inside me like this, it feels funny.” She spoke as if she didn’t even have a cock in her mouth, although he supposed she didn’t. “I don’t find this sensation displeasing. I will begin the harvesting process.”

With those words, she began to bob her head up and down. Guy could only roll his eyes back and moan. Her hand job had been amazing, but as soon as his dick pierced passed the fleshy outside, the inside was even better. It had a strange vibrating quality to it like her entire insides were flowing around his dick. It was gushier, and there was a sliding pressure from where his dick ripped through the outer layer.

In truth, compared to her insides, her outsides had a slightly rubbery feel. It was like rubbing your dick against a plastic baggy full of warm mayonnaise versus sticking your dick right in the jar. Hey! He didn’t know what either felt like. That was just trying to come up with an analogy here because frankly, this felt like nothing he had ever experienced before. On top of that, she lacked of teeth, bone, or a vertebrate, which meant she could whip her head up and down on his cock as fast as she could. He was face-fucking this blue bitch, and it felt awesome!

“Fuck… ah… shit… shit… shit!” he let out a row of expletives as his cock slid in and out of her, um… head… as she essentially headbutted his crotch over and over again.

Well, her face was soft, and his balls took no more abuse than when he pounded a girl from behind, so honestly even that felt good. Naturally, he couldn’t last much longer. He ended up exploding inside her. He could see the eruption of white explode in the middle of her head. A sudden feeling of a sucking sensation pulled on his dick. She must have had some way to do this, and it caused him to cum buckets as she sucked it all up. She only pulled his dick out of her face hole after it had gone soft.

Guy was glad to see her face instantly snapped back to normal. He was afraid she’d have a gaping face vagina or something else unseemly, but that didn’t happen. He saw the bubbles inside her increase, and then white stuff started to dissolve.

“Mmm… good… but still, this was slightly less than the previous go.”

“Ah… that… well, I mean, if you want it all out, you got to romance me a little bit.”

She cocked her head curiously as the last bit of cum disappeared. “Explain…”

“Ah, well, I mean, hand jobs and blow jobs are great, but it’s cold on this table. I need the feel of a body wrapped around me. I need to be able to touch and play and move. How can I reach my maximum stimulation tied to a bed?”

“I see… very well.” She touched a few buttons on the panel and the restraints came undone.

Ah, finally! Guy rubbed his wrists. He had talked her into letting him out of the restraints. Now, he needed to sweet-talk her into letting him out of the room. Baby steps. He just needed to keep making small, reasonable requests, and eventually she would fold. He had been a little worried when he got on this ship, but he realized quickly that all women are alike, alien or otherwise.

“So…” he sat up only to have a weight suddenly jump on him.

The slime bitch jumped right on, mounting him cowgirl. Her warm thighs were now pressed against his outer thighs, and she had a hand on his chest, pushing him down. He would have fought her, but her other hand was on his dick. Even though it was soft, she was rubbing it between her legs. The warm jelly feeling went to him, and even though he tried to resist, he got hard again. Damn it, his penis betrayed him.

“Since you are cold, I will warm you with my body. Your penis can go into my primary body cavity.” As if to punctuate this point, she pushed the hardening thing between her legs, and then it made a hole and went inside her.

This part of her body felt a little thicker and different from the head. There was less movement, and more of a squeezing sensation like the pressure was higher down there. It felt like it was trying to push his dick out. It also felt a bit warmer. The fluids didn’t flow as quickly, but they felt heavier like they had more substance to them. It was like the jelly was much thicker.  

She flopped the rest of her body down on him. Her booblike funbags landed on his chest, pressing against it tightly. She started to rock her hips, letting his dick slide in and out of her tight hole. It would have been perfect, except that he was left staring at a faceless blue being with no expression.

“Ah… Cerisa, is it?”

“Is this not sufficient?” The voice asked, still with no emotion.

“Um… actually, could you have a face. It’s a little… I don’t know… offputting, when I can’t see your expression.

“Very well…” Her head suddenly changed and she formed a face,

“W-wait! That’s my face! You… no! I’m not a narcissist! Pick something else! Like, a hot girl!”

“Very well… I will pick a face of a prison guard I once knew. I was told she was very pretty, and the species looked similar to yours.”

Her face changed again. She was still completely transparent, with the eyeballs only being pupilless approximations, but it was still way better than before. In fact, she really was pretty. She even had hair… although it was just blue gel made in the shape of hair.

“is this adequate?”

“Yes… and… um, can you make your voice go through your mouth, which you move like other aliens?”

Having her talk without her lips moving was also weird. Hey! I was being raped for the third time here! I deserved to be a little picky.

“Very well…” She said, her mouth moving strangely. “Then, may we continue – mmmm!”

Guy kissed her, mostly just to shut her up. She looked confused at first, but she quickly got the hang of moving her tongue around. Actually, she kept snaking her tongue out, and if he wasn’t careful, she’d start sticking it down his throat! It actually felt like a battle, he was trying to keep her from sticking her tongue all the way down and choking him.

As she rocked on top of him, he fought for breath. She tasted rather sweet, but that didn’t matter when she was about to kill him! Of course, he didn’t worry, because he had already realized she was just another woman, and when a woman got out of line, there was only one thing a man could do.

Guy reached down and grabbed her buttocks. He squeezed and pulled it apart roughly. They were soft in his hands, and with an inner firmness that felt satisfying. He began to move his hips this time, thrusting up into her. He moved as roughly now as she did back then.

“Mmm…aahhh…” She finally broke her lips away, her body distracted as he pounded her pussy and fondled her ass. “This… feels weird… I don’t… hah… hah… this is making me feel strange all over.”

“Shut up, bitch. Take my cock. You wanted it. Then take it!” Guy fucked her fiercely, treating her fuck hole like his own personal toy.

“Ahhn… w-wait…” She gasped. “When you do it this hard… I can’t… I can’t…”

A moment later, some blue liquid gushed out and ran down his dick. It felt warm and sticky, but he didn’t care. He pulled her cheeks apart, spreading her open, and then banging her hole with his dick.

“My intravacuole liquid! It’s leaking!” Her expression looked horrified.

“Isn’t it natural? You made me squirt liquid; I’ll make you squirt too!”

“N-no… when you do it like this… I’m getting all warm and dizzy. I can’t keep it in. Ahhh… Ahhh… no!”

More blue stuff started squirting out. Her body began to spasm on top of him, but he didn’t stop relentlessly fucking her until he lost his load. He slammed his dick into her so hard that the balls might have even slid in a bit, and then he let go.

“Shit… cumming…”

“Ahn… I’m losing more liquid!” She cried, as more blue stuff gushed out of her while he injected her with white.

Guy finally collapsed back on the bed. As for Cerisa, she collapsed on top of him, gasping for breath. Although it wasn’t clear if she was really breathing, or just emulating it to look normal.

“That was… that was… amazing…” She murmured, half to herself.

“You’re not bad.” Guy reached down and pinched her bottom. “For a weird blue alien bitch.”

“Mm…” She stroked his chest. “Return locks.”

Click. The restraints seemed to find his arms and legs and tie them back to the table automatically.

“Hey! What the hell!”

Cerisa stood up and patted herself off. The hole he had made between her legs was already closed. However, blue stuff was emptied all over his dick and groin area. He looked like he fucked a smurf. He was blue from his knees to the abdomen. This put a whole new concept to the word blue-balling.

“The creature is definitely an odd one. Further study will be necessary.” Cerisa said, touching a platform and seemingly ignoring him. “I will request to perform more experiments with this creature tomorrow. However, I must be certain to keep it contained.”

She clicked a button and then turned to leave.

“Hey! You can’t leave me here!” he yelled. “I’m cold!” The door opened and then closed, and he was left in the room alone.

“Fucking blue bitch.”

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