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After they agreed, Bobo gestured with his hands. It wasn’t long until a line of women were escorted out. Guy didn’t know what to say looking down at the group. This brothel certainly catered to the tastes of all types. There were a few busty beauties that looked attractive to a human-like Guy, but there were just as many that he could barely classify as a woman.

There was a muscle woman who had green skin like Vienna, but otherwise had treetrunk thick arms and a body like a linebacker. There was an orange blob-like if Cerisa didn’t maintain her shape in the slightest. There was a robot that looked like a box on wheels with a hole you could stick your dick in. There was also a catgirl. This wasn’t a girl like Harmony. This girl had full feline looks, and fur from her head to her toes. Guy thought Harmony was pretty cute, but he realized that there was such a thing as too much pussy, and this was it.

There was probably a guy on Earth who would be into any given one of these women. Guy wasn’t the type to judge, but he only liked the normal kind of women. Ultimately, that left him with three choices.

The first woman had pink skin and solid black eyes, with horns on her head. She had a long black tail with a spade on it and gave the impression of a devil girl or something like that. Ultimately, those solid black eyes made her look too much like a bug, so Guy moved on. The second girl was a bit older. She had a lizard-like tail and parts of her skin almost seemed like translucent scales. She also had a carapace on her head and no hair. Guy got a dangerous vibe from her.

The final girl reminded him very much of Harmony. She was a catgirl too. Guy wondered if that meant that she had once belonged to the Galactic Alliance, or if the species weren’t so well defined as that. Either way, unlike the somewhat cold and analytical Harmony who even when showing her naked body barely reacted, this girl seemed very demure. Since he would never have a shot with Harmony, he thought he might taste this girl instead.

After making his selection, he was surprised to find that Bobo was eager to get on with it. He stood up, only to sit down again in some kind of hovering chair. The entourage moved around them and they ended up moving to the back of the club. Bobo’s chair floated up a stairway. Guy and Xara had no choice but to follow along, being ushered by the men with guns behind them. As they were walking up the stairway, they were once again nearby.

Xara leaned closed to me. “You’re honestly telling me I must service that fat pig?”

“Is that a problem for you?” Guy raised an eyebrow. “What happened to all that previous adventurous spirit?”

“Hmph… you don’t even care if a defenseless virgin is ravaged.”

“You’re a virgin?” Guy’s eyes widened, and then he broke into a cough at her glare. “I mean… in another circumstance, I would happily show you how it’s done. Low and behold I usually prefer to be the one doing the ravaging, but alas, it just wasn’t meant to work out between us.”

She rolled her eyes. “Fine, do whatever you want, but don’t blame me when I do what I must as well.”

“Oi, you’re not going to be starting trouble, are you?” Guy asked worriedly.

“My actions won’t reflect on you.” She responded haughtily. “Do as you will.”

Guy watched her out of the corner of his eye, but she didn’t say anything else. As they rose the rest of the way up the stairs. He went to follow Bobo, but a hand fell on his shoulder and guided him to walk in the opposite direction. While Xara was led forward following Bobo into one room, Guy was shoved into the next room over. The door closed, and he found himself alone with his pick.

Guy turned to the door and frowned a bit. She would probably be fine, right?

“Sir, would you like to begin.” The girl asked, her head lowered, her ears down, and her tail limp.

How much of a cat was she? Guy had seen cats act similarly, and that usually wasn’t the sign of a cat who was happy, eager, and willing.

“What’s your name?” I asked.

“Sir, we are not allowed names. My name is Three.”

For some reason, Guy thought of Ten. If Three was named such because she was an unwilling slave, was that how Ten got her name too? He wasn’t sure if he’d have the guts to ask her about it. She was someone who always wore a mask hiding her face, so it was clear she was a woman who didn’t want to speak about such things. He had originally thought the mask was for breathing the atmosphere, but after learning about the allgas or whatever it was called, he wasn’t so sure.

“I see…” he responded, realizing that the girl was waiting on him.

She seemed to take that as a confirmation, and she began to strip. Her movements weren’t grand or sexy, but the movements of a woman performing a task she had completed countless times.

Guy wasn’t the kind of person who was against brothels. He was a strong believer that people should be allowed to use whatever they had to make money. If someone wanted to sell their body for profit, this is something that should be supported. All the talk about exploitation, trafficking, and stuff, wasn’t that exactly because it wasn’t regulated? If people stopped turning away or flat-out denying things, then they could stop more atrocities.

However, this wasn’t a place with any kind of government. This was a lawless station and a lawless brothel. It was possible that a brothel here could have had happy women who were present because they wanted to be, but after everything Guy had seen, how could he believe that? It was clear to him that this place was a shitty Brothel that used women who were being forced against their will to perform. This wasn’t the same as Xara, who was getting what she wanted by giving her body. They were getting nothing out of the experience, except to help Bobo be fatter and richer.

When her naked body was finally exposed, he was able to see the reality of this. She was too skinny, having not been fed enough. She also had bruising on her body, and scars that looked like she might have been whipped at some point.

“Did Bobo do this to you?” Guy asked.

“How could that fat bastard do it? He gets one of his men-” Guy had asked so naturally, that the girl had spoken without thinking.

As soon as she realized what she was saying, her hand slapped over her mouth, but before Guy could reassure her, her eyes turned to horror and she let out a scream. She collapsed to her knees, clawing at the back of her skull. Since she had feline claws instead of human fingernails, she was gouging into the back of her neck.

“Sorry… sorry… sorry…” She panted as pain shot through her body.

Guy had kneeled next to her, although he was helpless to figure out what to do. That’s when he saw some kind of computer-like chip in the back of her neck. It was usually hidden by her hair, but he could see that it was red. After a few moments, the red ended and it started flashing green again. It was only at this time that her screaming and clawing had stopped.

“What the hell was that?” Guy demanded, no longer feeling at all like he wanted to have sex.

“Nothing… it’s nothing… Cici is good… Cici is- no I mean Three… ahhh!”

The light turned red again and she started shaking on the floor. Guy wasn’t the smartest person around, but even he could get the gist of it. Any time a slave slipped, the chip would punish them with pain. They didn’t have something bulky like collars in this world, but that didn’t mean they weren’t controlling people. A thought suddenly came to Guy.

“Tell me, this Bobo. Will he keep his word, or will he try to chip the girl I was with?”

The girl on the floor looked up at him, her eyes empty. “He already haaaaaaahhhh…”

She collapsed to the floor, shaking. When the chip finally turned green again. She was no longer moving. Guy touched her neck, but he could not feel a beat. She didn’t have to answer that last time. If she had said nothing, she might have lived. However, in that final moment, she had given her life to warn Guy. Bobo was a liar. It had nothing to do with him wanting to taste Xara. That was at least something Guy could relate with. He wanted to enslave her and sell her. That was something that Guy couldn’t tolerate.

At that moment, he made a decision. He had screwed up this time. He didn’t want to admit his mistake, so he went along with it. If some girl lost her virginity in a way she didn’t want to, so what? That kind of action happened a thousand times a day all over the world. However, Guy did have his bottom line. He was willing to back down when the danger was high, but when a certain line was crossed, his life was no longer a factor. He would act regardless. He had reached such a state once before recently. That was what ultimately left him half-dead on that bug world.

He swung open the door and looked outside. He had predicted right in finding three guards placed in the hallway immediately outside. The one who was situated in front of his door was a bouncer-looking guy with a weapon in his hands. He glanced at Guy with a questioning look.

“Something happened to the catgirl. A light turned red on the back of her neck and then she collapsed.” Guy didn’t even have to make up a lie.

The alien grunted and then walked into the room. He kneeled to check the woman on the floor. It looked like, other than dying to help him out, she was helping him in another way. If he ever got a chance, he would pay it forward and help out another catgirl. Hadn’t he already done that with Harmony? Well, that didn’t count.

Allowing the door to swing shut he took two steps forward. The alien noticed him approaching and looked up just in time for a fist to slam into his face. Guy was surprised at how effective his strike was. The bouncer was downed in a single hit. He immediately went for the weapon, ripping it off the guy. Instead of leaving the room, he walked to behind the door. It was only ten seconds later when one of the other men walked into the room, likely wondering what was holding up the other guy from saying something.

Guy was hidden behind the door as he opened it. As soon as he saw the body on the floor, he became alert, but Guy moved first. He slammed into the guy from the side. This time, his fist didn’t connect as smoothly as the last time. There was also another guy in the hallway who had still been walking to the door. As he saw his partner get shoved, he stumbled back in surprise. This hesitation cost him, as Guy pulled the gun and fired.

He was relieved that there wasn’t a loud sound. A little laser shot out with a swoosh sound, and it struck the man in the eye, seemingly killing him instantly. The thing that made the most noise was him stumbling back and falling on his ass. It seemed like a perfect shot, but Guy had been aiming dead center, so hitting the head was a mistake. He had jerked the weapon too high. The other man Guy had pushed aside was trying to pull his laser out, but Guy turned and shot him nearly point-blank. He pressed twice, hitting him in the chest. His eyes went wide, and he barely let out a groan as he died as well.

Guy didn’t wait. He rushed out into the hallway. The falling man had been enough to alert the guards on the floor below, and one of them was at the base of the stairway calling up. Guy appeared in front of him, lifted his gun, and shot again. This time, his aim wasn’t so lucky, and it hit a wall, causing the man to stumble back and pull out his gun. Guy didn’t wait around to be shot. Instead, he went to the room that he saw Xara enter.

As soon as he walked into the room with his gun up ready to shoot, he stumbled on a body. He looked down to see a dead guard. There were two others on the floor, and as he looked up, he saw Bobo butt naked and tied up in what appeared to be a sex swing. He was bound so he could barely move, face down. He was looking up, his face red with anger. Xara was holding a rope that seemed to be suspending him.

Guy raised an eyebrow. “Kinky.”

“What are you doing here?” she demanded.

“I was rescuing you,” Guy responded awkwardly. “I’m sorry, I made a mistake.”

Xara seemed taken aback. She opened her mouth to speak, but it was Bobo who shouted. He had managed to get the gag on his mouth off.

“You bastards! Do you have any idea who I am? I’ll kill you! I’ll kill all of you!” He screeched with spittle flying everywhere.

“Not if you’re dead!” Guy raised his gun to the man’s head and pulled the trigger.

The fat man didn’t even have time to regret it as he was shot. Xara stared at him, her expression unhappy.

“You idiot.” She growled.

“What? He deserved death!” Guy protested.

“I had a lot of wonderful ways I was going to torture him. You let him off easy.” She declared, letting go of the rope.

The fat man collapsed to the floor with a resounding thud. If anyone hadn’t known something was going on upstairs before, they did now. The music playing downstairs had been turned off, and there was a lot of shouting. The only reason that no one was already on top of them is that they had been afraid of getting shot going up the stairway. They had been advancing slowly as a result.

“We don’t have time for that.” Guy declared.  

“Now we don’t! You alerted everyone to our presence.”

As she said that, Guy recalled that when he killed the hallway guards, they had seemingly been unaware of the fate of their boss or the three dead men, and had only noticed him. Xara likely would have been free to do whatever she wanted. Even if there were any noises, they might have assumed they were the noises of whatever Bobo had planned for Xara.

“Well, it’s too late for that, so we’re getting out of here.”

“How do you suggest that?” Xara demanded, throwing her cloak back on and covering her head.

“The only way I know-how. Shoot our way out!”

Guy looked out into the hallway just as the first man-made it to the top of the stairway. He shot the man immediately. He managed to get a shot of his own off, but it went wide. Guy immediately took several quick steps to the stairway, he crouched down and without looking, he put his arm around the corner with the gun and started pressing the trigger wildly.

There were cries and curses. Someone fell and he could hear thudding as people were falling down the stairway. Xara walked out into the hallways, crossing her arms and watching him like she was expecting him to save her. Wait, didn’t she knock out three guards and tie up Bobo? She couldn’t be a slouch at all, right? Yet, she was watching him carefully, and the look on her face seemed slightly bemused.

When he looked back at her, she merely chuckled while shaking her head. She hadn’t even grabbed a gun. Feeling annoyed that not only was he saving her, but she hadn’t even really needed it, he turned back to the issue at hand. Peaking down the stairway, he was surprised to see two bodies at the bottom, and no one else.

“Come on! Let’s go!”

He rounded the corner and stormed down the stairway with his gun raised. He prepared to find a room filled with more guys. He’d have to find a place to hide first. Then, he’d take them out one at a time. Xara could wait in the stairway until he cleared a path. Then, they could get out the door and run. That’s what he thought, but as soon as he reached the bottom, he found a crowd of twenty men. Every single one of them had a gun lifted and pointed at him. Guy dropped his gun immediately, lifting his hands. There was no chance to find cover. He was screwed.

At first, he thought they were Bobo’s men, but then he noticed that it looked like there had been a gunfight down here too. All of the bouncers were dead and the bar was filled with gun holes. Anyone who might have been a patron was long gone. Two men parted, allowing a third to walk up. He was wearing a fine suit, but the most catching thing was that he had elf ears just like Xara. He was an extremely attractive man, a beauty just like her. His eyes turned to over Guy’s shoulders.

“There you are. I’ve been expecting you.” The man narrowed his eyes.

“Hello… father,” Xara responded.

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