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“Dad! What did you do with him? Let him go!” Xara burst through the door of the office.

After her dad got involved, everything happened so quickly. Guy was incapacitated, and Xara was put into custody.  Her father dragged her back to the part of the station controlled by him. The Dresdon Space Colony wasn’t run by any world government. Instead, the station was controlled by a family, the Dresdon family. As it so happened, Xara Dresdon was the daughter of the boss of that family.

She had been confined most of the night, but as soon as they let her out, she stormed her way into daddy’s office and made a demand. Her dad sat there with a cup of hot drink, casually sipping. Across from them was a strange person covered entirely in a cloak. They had their head down and their appearance completely hidden.

“Xara. Now is not the time.” Mr. Dresdon responded by giving her a severe look.

“You never have time!” She shouted defiantly. “The man you arrested. He’s someone important to me. Therefore, you must let him go.”

“Important to you? How?” Mr. Dresdon demanded.

She stiffened, not sure how to answer that question. Why was this man important to her? Although she had only been around Guy for a short period, she remembered him bursting into her room and trying to save her. He was even willing to fight his way through enemies to protect her. The image of his strong back seemed to become locked in her mind. No stranger had ever put themselves out for her like that before. It gave her complicated feelings. At the very least, she would feel bad if he was hurt because of her.

“He saved me from Bobo.” She responded.

It was only a half-truth, but she didn’t think her father would know that it was Guy who had put them in that situation in the first place. She knew that she had never been in any danger. If Guy had stayed in his room and continued to bang that prostitute, everything would have gone down and his door likely wouldn’t have even been disturbed. His connection to her would have been nonexistent. However, after sending an alarm to her father and incapacitating Bobo’s men. Guy suddenly burst into her room like some kind of hero. Who does that? Why did she feel funny every time she thought about him doing that for her?

Mr. Dresdon seemed to notice this look on her face, and he didn’t like it at all. His expression darkened.

“You’re talking about the one named Guy.” Mr. Dresdon asked.

The person in the cloak moved slightly, giving the appearance they were listening, but otherwise said nothing.

“You know about him?” Xara exclaimed.

“I know all about this punk.” He responded with a frown. “He came in on an Alliance prison ship.”

“H-he’s a guard?” Her eyes widened. “He’s Alliance? Alliance boarded the station?”

Any one of these things would have been a shock. This was a station that wasn’t friendly to any alliance personnel. The idea that the man who she had been traveling with was Alliance gave her a big fright. If he was, there would be no way she’d be able to protect him from her father. The only option for him would be death.

“He’s not.” Her dad deliberately hesitated on answering just so she could grow worried.

She pouted angrily. “You! Wait… did he help a prisoner escape?”

She remembered that he had been sneaking out of the ship with that girl. He immediately managed he was some kind of janitor or something that had tried to help a prisoner escape.

Mr. Dresdon tensed. “He allowed an Alliance operative lose on my station. They’ve been captured, but I hope you understand now.”

As he explained this, Xara turned white. That catgirl was Galactic Alliance? She knew their species happened to be part of the Alliance, but she never would have guessed. Xara didn’t understand how such a thing was possible. How could an Alliance operative escape from an Alliance ship? It would have been a mutiny then. That was the only thing that made sense. That also meant that Guy betrayed the other prisoners and had some connection to the Alliance. She was surprised to find that she felt somewhat hurt. It felt like Guy had betrayed her, not just the ship. She didn’t understand why she had such a heavy feeling in her chest.

“Is there nothing you can do to forgive him?” Xara asked helplessly, feeling like nothing was going her way.

She hadn’t lied earlier. It was her goal to leave the station and go on an adventure. Her father had her watched all the time. Living on the station felt suffocating. She did want to sneak onto Guy’s ship. She had picked that ship because it happened to be the largest ship docked at the moment. A large ship meant a large crew. It was easier for her to sneak on board and get lost. When the crew was small and tight knit, she’d be noticed immediately. Now she knew that this was because it was a prison transport ship.

“You really wish to protect this man? Why?” The one who asked the question wasn’t her dad, but the person sitting across from him.

She was surprised that someone else would speak up in front of her father. However, Mr. Dresdon sat back, putting his hands in front of his face showing he was content letting her ask questions. Xara was even more surprised when the stranger’s voice sounded female. There was something oddly comforting and familiar about her voice. It made Xara feel like she could answer the cloaked woman.

“Guy… is a good person!” Xara found herself responded. “H-he… if he saved an Alliance operative, then it was for a reason!”

She knew that her reasoning had no merit and was unfounded, but it was all she could say. She couldn’t see the expression of the cloaked woman, but her father’s expression was completely unconvinced. She felt like she was about to cry. She’d do it too. If she had to break down in tears, she was willing to do such a thing.

As Xara’s eyes began to tear up, Mr. Dresdon stiffened. He might be a lot of things. He was feared. It took a pretty impressive person to be able to even make the Alliance think twice. It wasn’t just that the station was out of the way that prevented them from attacking. They also feared this man and what he would do if they pushed his bottom line. Yet, despite all of that, he had one extreme weakness. That would be his daughters! So, what if he watched everything his daughter did and never let her go anywhere? She was his daughter!  He’d kill any man who even looked at her.

As a result, she didn’t have a lot of experience with men. All of her servants were female, and every man in the station knew to turn the other direction. The only reason Bobo had been tricked was that she wasn’t wearing her group’s colors, and had been traveling with a man. How could it be possible that the precious daughter of the Dresdon family be wandering around such a bad area of town attended by a man? That man would be asking for death, and such a thing would never happen.

So, the brutish Bobo ended up making a bad deal. In reality, although she had pressed an emergency alert her father had given her when taken up to Bobo’s room, nearby low-life’s had already sent a dozen reports up that she was sighted, and with a man. Dresdon was already crying tears of blood as he put out an army to annihilate that man. When they ended up at Bobo’s brothel, the annihilation of everyone present was merely an inevitability.

This honestly did him a favor, because Bobo’s trafficking had been growing too bold and was getting too much attention from the Alliance. Dresdon had been looking for a reason to wipe out the sex trafficker for months, and touching his bottom line was an excuse that he didn’t need to explain to anyone. That only left this guy who had been with her, who had chosen to protect her.

When he had one of his men knock the guy out, Xara had thrown herself over him to keep him safe. Of course, that wasn’t the only reason he didn’t kill this Guy immediately. The other was at this same time, he received a message that nearly scared him out of his wits. That message came from the person standing across from him, who similarly stated that Guy was not to be touched.

Although Dresdon was looking confident, he was sweating profusely. Being pressured by both sides, how could he take his vengeance on this man? Ultimately, he had come to a solution, and it was what he was explaining to the cloaked woman when Xara suddenly broke into his office in a huff.

“Regrettably, I can not release this man until I am certain of his intentions. If he is on the side of the Galactic Alliance, then he will die immediately. To ascertain the truth, I have sent in a pair of information specialists to ask some questions. Should he pass, he will be free to go.”

Xara took a breath, wiping the tear from her eyes. “I see… if that’s the case…”

“So, you can see, this has all been resolved, now, if you don’t mind.” Mr. Dresdon nodded to the other woman.

Xara jumped and then bowed. “I apologize for interrupting. I will go now!”

Xara still had many complaints in her heart, but she couldn’t find the guts to push any of them. Since her father said he would release Guy, then she would have to accept that. She turned and left the room. Once the door clicked, the cloaked woman turned back to Mr. Dresdon.

“She’s grown.” She responded.

“Yes… unfortunately, she’s growing willful.” Mr. Dresdon sighed before shooting the cloaked woman a piercing look. “Just like her big sister!”

“Let us hope her wilfulness doesn’t cause her to experience the same fate.”

A light and a beeping sound came from a device on Mr. Dresdon’s desk. He immediately pressed the button.

“What is it? I’m busy?”

“B-boss! Your appointment has arrived!” A voice came through the interspeaker.

“Let them in then!” He declared in a gruff voice.

Voices could be heard from the hallway as they approached the door. The cloaked woman jerked in surprise.

“You invited them?”

“Of course… did you think I would allow my precious daughter to leave without a proper investigation?” He demanded.

The door opened as three women walked in. They were none other than Vienna, Rex, and Ten. As soon as they saw the cloaked woman, they all let out cries of shock.


“She came!”

“Hmph… so these are your subordinates?” Mr. Dresdon looked at the group of women with a severe eye, causing all of them to shake.

To these girls, Dresdon station was the first time they had gotten to explore outside of the prison environment in countless years. Incidentally, that also meant this was their first experience with other men besides Guy. What they found on the dock were mostly ugly, grungy men who looked at them like they were pieces of meat. One man had even tried to touch some of them without permission. Those men were now in a med bay getting treatment.

Compared to the smiling and easy-going Guy, they put an extremely bad impression on men. Of course, these were smugglers, pirates, and traffickers… the worst of the worst, so when you were being compared against that, even basic manners would be considered like the epitome of gentlemen’s. Completely unintentionally, Guy’s place in their hearts had risen another notch, as all other men seemed to be scumbags of the worst order.

Mr. Dresdon was the first man they’d interacted with that was of a higher caliber, but being the station’s head, he gave off a terrifying aura. He seemed to make them feel somewhat similar to a boss. The pair of them staring at the girls together made it very difficult for Vienna to speak.

“I told you I would handle this. Why have you made an appointment with Mr. Dresdon?” Boss barked, causing the girls to all jump.

“B-boss! We heard… there were reports… it seems like Guy might have gotten into trouble. W-we came to negotiate on his behalf!”

“S-seriously? It’s just some guy.” Mr. Dresdon muttered under his breath.

It wasn’t just his daughters, but these beautiful women as well. He had seen the man earlier, and nothing about him seemed particularly impressive. Even his physical fitness, albeit better than most species, wasn’t much compared to Mr. Dresdon. Just because humans, on average, were fitter than other species, didn’t mean there weren’t outliers that would far outstrip a normal man.

“Did you truly think that I didn’t have this problem under control?” Boss demanded icily.

Vienna shook, but Rex nudged her forward like a coward, putting every eye on her and forcing her to speak. “It’s just, we know Boss is busy, and we were worried something might happen to him before boss could address… the… issue…”

Her voice faded out under the severe look of her Boss. It seemed foolish to make such an accusation at this point.

“I’ve been interrupted twice now, but I will just be frank.” Boss looked back to Mr. Dresdon, causing Vienna to nearly fall from relief. “You’ve stated that Guy will be questioned. Who are these questioners?”

Mr. Dresdon jerked. That was exactly the question he had been cleverly hiding. It was the thing he had deliberately avoided telling Xara. However, Xara was young and naïve. How could the woman her crew only knew as Boss be so easily deceived by such empty words? A lot could happen during a questioning. A person could get hurt, or even die. He intended to question this Guy who had caught the attention of his daughters as brutally and destructively possible.

Although Boss didn’t say anything, she stared at him, causing Mr. Dresdon to grow increasingly uncomfortable. He finally broke down and let out a sigh.

“It’s the Blooden Sisters.”

For the first time, Boss seemed surprised, immediately causing the other three women who had been watching to lean forward. Of course, they had no clue who these women were.


“It’s already done!” He fought back. “They’ve already been in there for thirty minutes.”

“Who are the Blooden Sisters?” Vienna asked.

“The Dresdon family employs a variety of highly skilled individuals. One such pair is the Blooden Sisters. They are brutal and sadistic torturers. Their specialty is brainwashing. They are particularly good at breaking people mentally. They use a cross of violence and reward to sway their victims, but the result is always the same. By the time they are done, the victim comes out as nothing more than a dullard.”

“W-wait! Guy is being interrogated by such people!” Vienna cried out.

“N-no!” Rex didn’t even notice that she grabbed Vienna’s arm.

Even Boss, who wouldn’t normally react to anything had her fist tighten. Mr. Dresdon usually did whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted. However, he felt something he seldom felt. He felt slightly regretful. Did he go a bit overboard? He just wanted revenge. If his daughter learned about this though, she’d cry.

“Take us to them,” Boss ordered.

Feeling guilty and with a lowered head, Mr. Dresdon did as she asked. The other girls were shocked that such a frightening man was doing what Boss asked, but then they figured that this was just the kind of person Boss was and didn’t think about it any further. The group left his office and then headed down several flights of stairs and took a lift that led to the underbelly of the Dresdon operation. As he walked down a cellblock, screams and cries could be heard from various rooms.

He finally arrived at a certain closed door. He didn’t want these young women to see the results of their broken friend, so he slid open the eye hole to look and see how bad things were. The sight beyond the door caused his brain to freeze. Staring at such an unbelievable sight, some time passed. Boss finally got annoyed with waiting on the old man, so she shoved him out of the way and undid the latch. As she was opening the door, he finally came out of his daze.

“Wait, no!”

The door opened up.

“Ahhhn! Ahhhn! Harder! Harder! Mr. Guy! I’m going crazy!”

Smack! Guy’s hand slapped a woman’s ass as he rode her doggy style. He then looked at another woman who was glancing shyly, and he grabbed her. She squealed excitedly as he threw her next to her identical twin sister.

“Who says you get to be spared!”

“B-be gentle!” She cried.

“As if, I’m going to destroy you!”

“Ahhh… oh my!”

The four women who had been full of regret and fear were now watching Guy have a threesome with some beautiful twins. He was naked and covered in sweat. He was having such a rowdy time with them that he wasn’t even aware he was being watched.

“H-how did this happen?” Mr. Dresdon asked hoarsely.

One hour earlier…

Guy’s eyes fluttered open. He had a throbbing headache. The last thing he could remember was someone pulling a trigger. He was struck, and then he lost all consciousness. That held a lot more of a punch than the weapons on that bug planet. Groaning slightly, he tried to get up only to find his hands and legs had been chained to the bed. On top of that, he was completely naked! What was it about space aliens that they kept taking off all of his clothing!

The door opened, and two women stepped in. They had red skin and snake-like green eyes. Their hair seemed to be a mass of tentacle-like tubes that moved around on their heads. They had DD-sized breasts which nearly popped out of the top of their leather-clad corsets. They wore extremely erotic clothing that revealed a lot of skin. It was just the corset and black leather garters. They were also identical in appearance. As they looked Guy up and down, they hissed, forked tongues flicking out of their mouths.

One of the women pulls out a whip and slaps it against her own butt. “I’ve heard you’ve been a bad boy, Mr. Guy.”

“We’re here to teach you a lesson.” The other purred.

Both of Guy’s eyebrows rose. This was about to get kinky.

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