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Guy was strapped naked to a bed, and two dominatrix-looking twins had just entered the room talking about punishments. How could Guy call himself a man without getting at least a little excited? As his penis went erect, the two women let out shocked gasps.

“What is this man doing?” The first sister pointed at his cock accusingly.

“It’s getting bigger!” The other frowned.

“This must be some kind of tentacle, or middle appendage. We can’t have him using it against us. This man has the wrong idea about us.”

“Do I, though?” Guy asked, not convinced he wasn’t in for some fun.

The two girls seemingly ignore him. The girls were identical, although one girl had her tentacle-like hair in one braid and the other had her hair in two braids. Since that was the case, Guy decided to call them Sister One and Sister Two in his mind.

“Agreed, sister. What should we do to properly punish him?” Sister One asked.

“We should perhaps start with that?” The second sister offered.

Sister One smirked darkly. “You truly are malicious, sister. Do you think he can bear it? This kind of torture was outlawed by the Galactic War Conference as inhumane.”

“This is true, but this station is outside of any government jurisdiction. This is why we can do whatever we want with this man.”

“If you accidentally kill him, then we’ll get no answers out of him. Boss will not be happy if this is the case.”

“I’ll be careful.” Sister Two reassured her twin before turning to Guy. “I’ll have you know we are the Blooden Sisters. Prepare to face hell!”

Guy frowned as he heard the two girls talking about some kind of torture. The girl with two pigtails took a step onto the bed, rising above Guy. She walked up to the head of the bed and put her legs over him. This gave him a pretty clear view right up her V line, and the sight was pretty hot. He felt a bit anxious though. Was she going to piss on him? I mean, officially, he wasn’t into it, but when you’re on an alien space station, you do as the aliens do, right?  

Then a second thought hit him. What if these aliens peed acid or something? He had seen the movies. Well, not those movies, but movies with acid blood, so why not piss? He didn’t want his face to melt off. As she started squatting down, he became convinced and started struggling against his restraints. His legs and arms were completely immobilized.

Seeing him struggling the girl who had made it on the end of the bed between his legs, sitting in a relaxed position, let out a laugh. “You can’t stop what is about to happen! We’ll see if you talk if you survive!”

A moment later, the girl sat on his face. Huh? That was it. He was between her thighs, with her leather-clad cunt pressed against his face. He could smell the leather, but also a sweet scent of pussy. He feared for a second she’d come out with vagina dentata and his nose would be taken off or something, but she just remained sitting on his face. Dully between her thighs which covered his ears, he could hear the other woman speaking.

“Behold! The Tyrannical Face Sitting Technique! Slowly suffocate under the thighs of your enemy!”

Suffocating? He was pretty good. This was quite comfortable. Maybe this was like waterboarding? Guy reasoned that these girls must get super wet and squirted tons, essentially drowning a guy in her pussy cum. In that case, was he supposed to start licking her? He cautiously stuck out his tongue. Admittedly, it was a dumb idea to help your torturer torture you, but he couldn’t help but be a bit curious about it.

Of course, what Guy didn’t know was that this was just a difference within species. Most aliens didn’t have lungs that were as resilient and as adaptive as a human. They had developed to eat and breathe out of two different holes. While humans could either breathe out of their mouth or nose, the woman on top of him could only breathe out of her nostrils, and the thought of the two holes being connected would seem weird.

That’s not to say that there weren’t any aliens that were immune to the Tyrannical Face Sitting Technique, but they had all lived hearing the evil and violent natures of the Blooden Sisters. Most were so frightened and panicked that when the girls did sit on their faces, they really were out of breath and nearly died. The remainder knew that future torture would be even worse, so they acted like it was the worst torture in the world. The mind was a funny thing, and simply implying something was torturous was usually enough to convince someone it was.

For Guy, who always had sex on the brain though, a pair of sexy leather-clad twins walked in, and his mind went in a completely different direction.

“He’s grown quiet. He’s realizing his place now.” Sister One declared triumphantly.

“R-right, s-s-sist… ahhh!” The girl sitting on Guy’s face sat up straighter, her eyes widening as she let out a cry.”

“Sister? Are you okay?” Sister One looked on worriedly.

“Y-yes… it’s just… there is… pre—ahhhn!” She shook like she was enduring some kind of torture of her own.

Sister One’s eyes narrowed as she looked down at Guy. She couldn’t see anything above the bottom of his chin, but it was moving up and down slightly like he was doing something with his mouth. Sister One immediately understood what was happening.

“He’s trying to resist! Sister, you can’t allow him to win!”

“R-resist? Is that what these feelings are?” Sister Two’s eyes were growing teary. “I don’t think I can hold on. I feel… funny…”

“You have to!” Sister One reached out and grabbed her sister’s shoulders. “I’ve heard of some who can resist such torturous techniques. He must be such a creature. If you allow him to win, it will make getting information out of him later more difficult.”

“I-I see… sis-sister… is so… wis—ahhh… hah… hah…”

“Do as I order,” Sister One declared. “Begin to rock your hips, thrust your pelvis against his face. Use your full weight to block out all air!”

“O-okay…” She started rocking her hips, but she only moved a little bit before her mouth opened and she let out a moan. “Ahhh… his… it’s passed the leather now… inside…”

“Keep rocking!”

“Yes, sister… ahh… if I keep… if I do this… I’ll explode!”

Explode? This was truly bad! Just what kind of strange powers did this alien have? Even though it was in a passive position, it was causing her sister great distress. Her cheeks were glowing blood red, shades darker than the normal healthy red. She was panting like she was the one out of breath. As she rocked her hips back and forth, it was almost like she was falling into some kind of trance. It was up to Sister One to save the day!

As she pulled back from her sister to assess the situation, she felt a hard thing press against her stomach, smearing a clear substance in a streak up her body, leaving a streak of slime between her stomach and the tip of the middle appendage. Her eyes narrowed on this thing. This all began when that thing went hard. That meant that this was the issue! Once she slew this beast, her sister would assuredly recover. She looked down on the thing with disdain, a look that if Guy could see, probably would have only made him more aroused.

She didn’t want to risk touching such a thing. It had already been proven from her sister that this creature was dangerous. She didn’t have a lot of time to think things over though. The panicked noises of her sister were growing louder and more frantic. This explosion was imminent! She felt great sympathy for her sister.

She was giving it her all and doing her best to hold on. She was rocking her hips against his face aggressively, breathing so hard she was practically hyperventilating. Her hair was rising, the two braids of tentacles lifting, a sign she was in an extreme mental state. She was extremely focused on the job at hand, her face twisted in pure agony as she tried to keep going, not even sparing her sister a glance as she did her best to smother the creature under her. She had even pulled her breasts out of her bodice and started squeezing her nipples, trying to distract herself.

Since Sister Two was working so hard, Sister One would have to work twice as hard! She ripped off her shoes and then brought out her delicate, red feet. Other than only being able to breathe out of her nose, another trait of her species were rather delicate feet. To a human, these would be the kind of feet used as a model. They were very sensitive to stimuli. Their home planet had extremely soft moss ground over most of it, and they wouldn’t be able to walk over stones or even wood chips without becoming pained and breaking into blisters. They required special shoes to walk on anything except carpet, and in fact, her species had a very low ability to walking long distances.

Sister One had heard of a forbidden torture technique. It was called the Evil Foot Stomp Torture. It could only be used on men, and it involved squashing his middle appendage with her foot. Of course, Sister One only has a vague understanding of such a technique, but for the sake of her sister, she would sacrifice her feet, deciding to use them to attack Guy’s tentacle. He would no longer be able to counterattack her if he had to face yet another torture down below.

Thus, she put out her dainty feet and pushed them against his rod. As soon as her foot touched that warm, hard thing, it twitched. She pulled her foot back. It felt really strange, and kind of good? She pushed back down on it, using both feet and wrapping the arches around the shaft. She began to move her feet carefully and slowly. Sudden movements might cause her to hurt her own feet, and besides, she didn’t know what kind of tricks this guy could still pull.

When he felt soft and smooth skin touch his dick, Guy was naturally delighted. This wasn’t his first foot job, so he immediately recognized the feeling of a pair of feet playing with his erection. However, while a normal girl walked on her feet all day and they were usually calloused with their rough parts, these feet were so soft and dainty that even hands wouldn’t feel so nice. This was probably the best foot job he ever got. This girl was truly a pro! He had thought that mafia guy who Xara called daddy wasn’t so bad after all. He must have realized that Guy got the shaft on his sexcapades and thus sent him a pair of fine dominatrix twins as appreciation.

It wasn’t like Sister One wasn’t trying. She took her heel and pushed it into Guy’s balls just like the technique asked for. However, she didn’t use any force on it. She was sitting between his legs, leaning on her hands while her legs were spread with her feet together. This was a position that had no leverage. Plus, had she remembered the technique, it’d have involved wearing sharp heels. Her soft foot which she put no strength into might have pushed into Guy’s balls a few times, causing them to ache… but who fucked a dominatrix and didn’t expect a little pain? It didn’t cause his boner to waiver even a little.

However, the pleasure was enough that he couldn’t help but be distracted as he ate the other girl’s pussy. It should be noted that her pussy was hairless. There weren’t any tentacles of anything. If their anatomy was different from humans at all, it was that the spot they peed from was actually higher up on the pelvis and completely separate from the vagina. This meant that their pussy tasted a bit cleaner, and true to Guy’s prediction, these girls did get far wetter. Since incontinence wouldn’t lubricate those parts, they came buckets of female cum instead.  

Guy probably guzzled down a liter of cum as the girl creamed herself again and again. Creaming was an accurate description. Her cum was a bit thicker than a human woman, and it had a milky white appearance, much like heavy cream. It tasted rather sweet too. There was sugar in it, not salt, so it had a very creamy taste like sweet breast milk. As a guy who had done more than one beer keg in the past, this was nothing.

Either way, distracted by his foot job, cum started to splatter on his face and he pulled his tongue out of her. Sister Two who was lost in her aroused lust kept humping his face, rubbing her hot, wet cunt on his nose to keep stimulating herself. Guy reacted accordingly, trying to gain control of the situation. However, Sister One saw him struggling against his bonds and trying to move his head, and this only ended up proving to her that her strategy was working.

She started to use the arches of her feet to stroke his rod up and down. Using all of her strength to suppress him and save her sister, she jacked off his member with her feet as aggressively as she could. As she worked it, his hips rose and he started thrusting between her feet. She could hear him gasping and panting under her sister’s crotch too. He was truly losing it! He was now desperately trying to escape! Success!

While Sister Two rode his face, fucking him for all she was worth, he had started to trust up, fucking Sister One’s feet. Guy was in complete bliss, gasping and moaning. Her feet were so soft, it was like getting a handjob from a woman who lotioned her hand every day and never once did work. The aggressiveness that he pounded her feet was also starting to affect Sister One.

Some human women could cum just by playing with their nipples. It stood to reason that a species who had sensitive feet could come just by someone playing with them. In this case, the warmth and friction of that hard rod sliding between her feet started to make her feel funny. At first, she worried her feet were being stressed too much, but seeing her sister holding on even as she looked like she was about to break, Sister One couldn’t back down.

She had started panting herself without realizing it, the physical exertion exhausting her, but also a strange thrill arising in her groin area. She grew more and more aroused, and by the time Guy started taking over and thrusting up, she was barely holding on. Of course, no one was as stimulated as Guy, who only lasted as long as he did because his balls were sore. First, it was because he had gotten shafted earlier at the brothel. Then, Sister One had held it by pushed her heel against his balls, allowing him to keep going a bit longer. In reality, she had ended up being the instrument of her demise.

“I’m losing it!” Sister Two cried out as she started to experience her most powerful orgasm.

“H-hold… ahhh… I-I’m cumming!” Sister One couldn’t resist as white stuff spurted out the sides of the part of her leather bodice that covered her pussy.

“Mmmmmnnnn!” Guy had reached his limit as well.

His cock was pointing straight up, held that way by Sister One’s feet. Thus, when it swelled and exploded, it shot straight up in the air. A stream erupted three feet high, but since his cock was slightly tilted down, it fell on top of Sister One. She immediately reacted to the warm stuff falling on her by pushing the cock away with her foot. She didn’t realize until it was too late that this pointed it at her sister. The next shot of cum hit her sister’s bare chest.

She didn’t seem to realize it. She seemed to like it. Even as she shivered and moaned, she rubbed the white stuff against her chest while she continued to play with her nipples. Her look of agony had calmed down, and she now had an aroused and comfortable expression on her face. Sister One, who had only climaxed a single time through her feet, was more confused than satisfied.

“Wh-what just happened?” She asked.

“S-sister… I don’t know.” Sister Two answered once she got her breath under control. “I think… we should further experiment with this specimen before drawing any conclusions.”

Sister One nodded thoughtfully and then pointed at Guy’s deflating rod. “We seem to have destroyed his thing. He should be submissive now. Untie him, and we will begin the next phase of the torture.”

“Which one is that, sister? Whipping?”

“Yes, we will whip him. However, I have determined that this thing is dangerous. It must not be allowed to get hard again. Thus… I will sit on it while Sister whips him! It’s the only way to keep it from attacking us!”

Sister Two suddenly made a strange face. “Are you sure that is a good idea?”

Sister One grew flushed. Having only experienced the pleasure of her feet, she wasn’t willing to use them again. However, her pussy was feeling strange, like something needed to be there. By sitting on it, she’d accomplish three things at once. She’d be giving her feet a rest, she’d be putting something between her legs, and she’d be keeping the dangerous tentacle between Guy’s legs restrained. This was a plan that couldn’t go wrong!

“We shall begin with the whipping!”

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