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One might be surprised that the Blooden sisters were so inept when it came to sex, but there was a reason for this. From a young age, the two girls were taken in to be trained in the arts of torture. Their original trainer was an asexual being that neither considered nor cared about sex. They had the opinion that sex would get in the way of torture, and thus their trainer never once differentiated between the sexes.

The girls only grew up knowing the penis was a potentially dangerous but vulnerable extremity that could be exploited in the name of getting what they wanted. Perhaps, they had been lucky never to encounter a perverted man. Those they did encounter were scared of them, and as their reputation grew, so did the fear. Thus, they never encountered a sexual situation until this moment with Guy. Aroused, and slightly confused by their arousal, the Blooden sisters had no choice but to continue with the torture, even though one sister’s brain was turned into sex-filled mush, and the other was teased and aching for something she didn’t know how to articulate.

Sister Two finally got off of Guy’s face. He was a bit winded after cumming what felt like buckets, so he gasped as she got off him. This told the sisters that they had succeeded, causing them to smirk. Guy, on the other hand, was quite relaxed. He used the time to get a good look at the two sisters.

The girls were not wearing panties. They were wearing a one-piece leather bodice that just happened to wrap between their legs. The bodice came down in the front as a V, but once it reached a point it became just a thong strap that came up their butt cracks. The result was when you saw them from behind, their red bottoms were completely exposed.

He was surprised when Sister One, the girl who had given him the footjob, mounted on top of him and pressed her hot pussy against his cock. Her leather-protected pussy rubbing against his cock. He could tell she was turned on. First, it was because the leather was warm and there was practically steam coming from her loins. Also, there was creamy stuff that had dried on the outside of her leather bodice after she came, giving the leather a filthy used look.

The other sister went and got a towel, showing her round red ass as she walked sensually. Her thighs were quite a mess though, as she had cum countless times and it leaked all down her legs. She returned with a towel, which she used to clean off her sister and her cum. She focused on the little spurts I had done, but ignored the mess she made between her legs. This was pretty hot, and so blood started to flow into Guy’s nethers once again.

“Oh!” Sister One made a noise as she felt him attempt to use his weapon once again on them. “It won’t work this time, I won’t let you, sir!”

“The name is Guy.”

“Okay, then, Mr. Guy, it’s time I put you under my control!”  

She tightened her thighs and pushed her cunt down hard against his cock. It was slightly painful, but also hot. He could tell by the look in her eyes she wanted more. His cock wanted to rip through that thin material blocking them. Guy was kind of lost.


His focus went to the sister, who had pulled out a galley whip and snapped it in her hands. At some point, the bottom of her leather bodice had come undone giving him a look at her dark, untamed pussy folds, wet and waiting for sex. She didn’t appear to have any public hair, which given the tentacle-like hair on the top of her head, was just fine with Guy. Yet, what was she going to do with that whip?

She walked over to the side of the bed, kneeling next to Guy. Her hand immediately touched his chest, running up and down it seductively. Meanwhile, her sister was fidgeting on top, her pussy grinding against Guy’s lower region, causing him to feel a fair amount of pleasure. Of course, as she stimulated him, his member only grew larger and stiffer, giving Sister One a greater deal of pressure and making things more difficult for her as well.

Snap! Sister Two picked up the whip and slapped it down on Guy’s abdomen.

“Owww!” Guy growled. “Aren’t you doing that wrong?”

Guy’s voice came out with such conviction that Sister Two became uncertain for a moment, and after looking over at her other sister who was too distracted pushing her hips up against Guy’s erect cock, she looked back at Guy uncertainly.

“H-how so?”

“Aren’t you professionals?” Guy asked.

“Of course!” Sister Two declared pridefully.

Of course, when Guy asked, he had been asking if they were dominatrix, while the sisters were talking about being torturers.

“You’re supposed to whip my ass, right?” Guy declared

“Ah! That’s true… but you’re lying on your butt.” She responded, not willing to admit any fault in her torturing method so instead of making a flimsy excuse.

“Then, isn’t that because we’re in the wrong position.”

“Position?” Sister Two blinked.

“Yeah, how about I get up.” Guy moved as if to lift his hips.

This caused Sister One to panic. She had been growing lost in the funny feelings caused by rubbing herself against Guy. She wasn’t ready to give up such a feeling. Her thoughts of torture had been lost to her sexual satisfaction.

“I-I need to smothering this snake!” Sister One declared defiantly.

Guy rolled his eyes. “Fine… let’s do it like this.”

“Ahhh!” Sister One and Two both let out cries as he lifted Sister One off of him. “S-so strong!”

Most aliens at Guy’s size were much weaker in physical strength. Their weight would usually be enough to keep them from being able to resist. This was another reason that the face sitting technique executed earlier was so successful. Yet, Guy was able to easily lift her. As soon as they undid his restraints, they had become powerless to resist him. They just hadn’t realized that yet!

Guy tossed Sister One down on all fours. “Here, I’ll just slide it in here.”

He pulled the leather strap off, getting rid of the leather and exposing Sister One’s lewd pussy as well. He pushed his cock up between her thighs. Sister One immediately felt pressure from a large thing pressing up.

“W-wait… ahhhhn.. it’s… it’s inside!” Sister One barely realized what was happening before Guy shoved his snake into her.

“Sister! Are you okay?”

“Hah… hah… it… it fits… is the snake dealt with?”

Sister Two looked behind her. Guy’s third appendage had seemingly disappeared, the thing being completely smothered by Sister One. She admired her sister for going to such an extreme to deal with the threat. She immediately gave her a thumbs up.

“It is contained!”

“Then, please, take care of the punishment! Ahhhn, wh-why are you moving?”

“Isn’t it because it feels good?” Guy offered, starting to move his hips, causing his dick to slide in and out of her red pussy.

“G-good… r-ridicu… ahhhn… this… hah… it’s breaking me.”

“Sister! Hold on!” Sister Two cried out as she lifted her whip and slapped it on Guy’s ass.

“Ooo… easy baby.” Guy gave her a teasing look before reaching out with his arm and grabbing her.

“Ahh… wh-what are you doi- mmmm!”

While thrusting into her sister, Guy held her closely, his hand fondling her ass as his tongue attacked her mouth. Her eyes nearly popped open as his big fat tongue entered her mouth. Her forked tongue flickered out in confusion. Her species used the tongue to taste the air, but that tongue was now battling this big fat meaty thing. It caused her head to feel foggy and strange, and any thoughts of continuing to whip fell from her head.

“Ahhh… it’s too much… it’s so hot…” Sister One moaned as drool fell from her mouth, her snake tongue hanging out of her mouth like a dog. “It’s hitting so deep inside!”

She was barely able to handle such a big thing ripping into her. The feeling was indescribable. The more she got it, the more she wanted it. Guy’s dick was like a piston. Her pussy was a bit warmer than a normal girl’s, but not uncomfortable at all. It was also super tight and had a slightly ribbed feeling. Usually, you’d need to get a condom or a special sex toy to get this kind of feeling, but her insides did have a certain ribbed feeling like he was shoving it into a slinky pussy.

He took the girl he had been kissing and let his finger explore this anatomy further, but there wasn’t much else to it, except the incredible feeling that was unlike a human girl’s pussy, or even some of the space pussy he had previously tasted.

He had stopped kissing Sister Two, but she leaned against his arm, letting him do whatever he wanted to her pussy as her lips were partially opened and her eyes were closed. The whip that should have been smacking his ass just sat there, barely even remaining in her grip. Seeing her act so vulnerable around him turned Guy on, and he couldn’t help but act a bit more aggressively.  

“You’ve stopped, is it by chance that you’re submissive?” Guy teased the girl in his arms. “How about I show you girls how it’s done?”

Guy took the whip from Sister Two and then put her on her knees next to Sister One. His fingers began to explore her pussy again, and he could get even deeper in this new position. Having already experienced several orgasms, her body quickly succumbed to the sexual thrill and she came. When she came, her pussy actually didn’t just contract tighter, but it shortened and lengthened at well. In short, her orgasms creating a stroking feeling.

Sister One began to orgasm at this point, and he could feel his cock get milked by her hungry pussy. It felt incredible, causing Guy to grow even bolder and more dominant. While banging one girl and fingering the other, he used his free hand and smacked their asses with the whip. He was much lighter with his strikes than they had been, but it still left a little red mark on the tender skin as he whipped both girls.

She kept cumming, and every time, he would get that lengthening and shortening that jacked off his cock. It was far too much for him to take any longer. While holding the whip in his hand, he grabbed onto Sister One’s ass and shoved his dick as deep inside her as it would go, burying it to the balls. His cock swelled as he shot his seed deep into her pussy.

“Ahhhn! Mr. Guy… inside! It’s so hot!”

A ton of white stuff leaked out of her crotch, but her sister didn’t look much better. That was because of their natural lubricant and white color to it, which mixed with the cum that Guy churned with his cock inside her. Even after cumming, he continued to fuck her and whip them both, enjoying the moment. They let out lustful and aroused cries.

It turned out he had been right. These girls were pretty submissive. However, this wasn’t necessarily their fault. This submissiveness was built into their genetic code. While their species wasn’t asexual like their master, they only bred once every twenty years. Their species would all return to their home planet, and it would ignite in an aggressive orgy. The women would become submissive cock sluts and would continue to have sex until they became pregnant. The orgy would only end once every girl was pregnant.

As it turned out, these girls had only just hit twenty, but neither their master nor any of those on the station happened to know about this aspect of their anatomy.

This was the other reason they were caught completely off guard. His actions and mannerisms had triggered their primal breeding instinct causing them to lose their minds and indulge. In short, their biology indicated they would become cock sluts until they were able to become pregnant. Only then would their sexual drive diminish. However, how could a human sperm get an alien chick pregnant? Even if it was possible, it would take a great deal of sexual intercourse.

Thus, the more Guy fucked them, the hungrier they became, doing anything he asked exuberantly. They no longer cared about anything but dick.

As an interesting aside, there was one man on the station who knew about this quirk of the girl’s anatomy. Bobo, the human trafficker, had his eyes set on these twins. He knew that they were going to go into their sexualized state soon, and he intended to use the opportunity to capture and enslave them. As long as they never slept with any one of their species and get pregnant, they would become permanent cocksleeves willing to jump on anything, making them ideal sex slaves. Being twins only sweetened the deal. This was why he had set up shop on the station, as he was waiting for his moment to strike.

Of course, circumstances had caused Bobo to die prematurely, and for the girls to get their first sexual baptism on Guy’s dick. He fucked one girl, and then he fucked the other. They weren’t just submissive, but they seemed to like a little pain too. He slapped and whipped them, and that only made them cum harder. White stuff spurted out of their holes, and white stuff spurted out of Guy’s dick as well.

He found that they liked it when he pulled on their tentacles. He was apprehensive at first because they sort of had a wormy feel to them, but they had a better grip than hair, and once he got pulling on them, he could ride these women hard. They squirted so hard that they creamed the bed when he started fucking them that way. When he got bored of using one hand, he switched to the two-handed variety.

“Ahhhn! Ahhhn! Harder! Harder! Mr. Guy! I’m going crazy!” He was fucking Sister Two at this point, while Sister One was lying with white stuff leaking from her pussy.

Who says you get to be spared!”

“B-be gentle!” She cried.

“As if, I’m going to destroy you!”

“Ahhh… oh my!” She moaned.

“Y-y-y-you PIIIIIIG!”

“Huh?” Guy stopped in mid-stroke as he looked at the door.

There was a group of people was standing at the door seemingly watching Guy bang these women. The one who had suddenly shouted at him was Vienna. Rex and Ten appeared to be there as well. Rex had a complicated look on her face, while Ten’s face was always obscured by her visor. There was also a middle-aged man that Guy immediately recognized as the supposed father of Xara.

Vienna ran into the room snatching the whip off a table. “I’ll kill you!”

“Vienna… this isn’t what it looks like! Ahh! That hurts!”

Guy had to pull his cock out of the sisters as Vienna started chasing him around the room with the whip. Between the dominatrixes and Vienna, it seemed like Vienna was better with the whip. The two sisters, still convulsing from their orgasms, clung to each other as they continued to suffer the after-effects of their orgasms. Meanwhile, Guy had been forced into a corner and was holding up a lamp to stave off Vienna’s whip.

“Am I getting any help here?” Guy asked.

Ten and Rex looked at each other, shook their heads, and then turned and walked away. The middle-aged man looked down at the two convulsing sluts, then back to the naked Guy, and also shook his head.

“Where’d boss go?” Ten whispered to Rex.

“Who knows with boss.” Rex sighed.  

“This bastard is the one that has caught both of my daughter’s eyes?” He muttered.

Although he had made some promises, Mr. Dresdon still hadn’t decided if he was going to kill this human, just on principle.

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