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“Is there anything I can do for you, Mr. Guy?”

“Can I get some ice for my balls? They’re a bit sore.” Guy offered.

“Eh… of course…” A young woman with a rigged nose and horns on her head looked toward Mr. Dresdon and then back at Guy before turning and leaving the room.

Clothing had been chucked at Guy’s head, and no sooner had he gotten dressed than they grabbed him and pulled him out of the room. The twins begged for Guy to stay as he was pulled away, but he wasn’t given much choice in the matter. Vienna and the girls were taken another direction, and Guy was dragged up an elevator and into this fancy-looking office. The secretary had some drink and food on the table, so Guy helped himself since he was a bit famished.

Of course, the man glaring at him was getting a bit distracting, but so far, he hadn’t said anything. As the secretary walked away to get an ice pack, Guy leaned back comfortably with a warm glass of something that he hoped was tea. He took a sip. It was not tea, but it wasn’t terrible so he took a second sip before putting it down.

“Those girls went all out. I haven’t jackhammered a puss that hard in-”

“You’ve irreparably damaged those girls.” Mr. Dresdon started speaking, causing Guy to straighten. “Whether I’ll even be able to continue to use them as torturers is suspect. Right now, they’re lost in their lust and scissoring each other for sexual gratification.”


“Not hot!” he slammed his hand on the desk. “At the very least, I’ll have to send them back to their home planet so someone can figure out what is wrong with them! You’ve cost me a lot of money, Mr. Guy.”

“Um, it’s just Guy.” Guy corrected him.

“If you insist, Jusguy.”

“I knew these translators were bullshit.”

“Do you plan on explaining yourself?” He frowned, ignoring Guy’s muttering. “How are you going to compensate me?”

Guy frowned as he finally glanced at Mr. Dresdon. “That depends, why were you trying to have me tortured.”

He wasn’t a complete idiot. Although he had treated it as a good time, he had had a general idea that the girls weren’t there to just show him a good time. All of their talk of torturing him and making him talk wasn’t lost on him. Since this elf guy before him said that they were torturers, that meant that they were probably there to torture him. They were just really bad at it. Guy didn’t have any complaints though. To the victim, a useless torturer earned top marks.

“Hmph… the only reason you’re alive is that I was asked to keep you alive. My daughter, for some reason, thinks that you’re a decent alien being. There is also the matter of the prisoner ship and the girls there. In some cases, I would just ignore the wants of a guest and risk offending them. However, in this particular case, I’m inclined to listen.”

Guy noticed that he seemingly sidestepped the question, but he didn’t think there would be any advantage to forcing the issue. Instead, he focused on the main point of Mr. Dresdon’s musings.

“If you were going to kill me, you would have already killed me. Since you’re not going to kill me, and you haven’t let me go, it means you want something from me, right?”

“Heh…” The man’s expression didn’t change. “Maybe you’re not as dumb as all of the girls have been saying.”

“They’ve been saying I’m dumb?”

He shook his head and sighed, leaning back in his large, intimidating chair. “What do you know about this station?”

“This station? It’s the Dresdon station. I’m guessing you’re Dresdon.” When the man in front of him didn’t deny or confirm it, Guy continued. “It’s anti-alliance. It’s a station outside of their control where people come to do nefarious business. Sex, trafficking, contraband, smuggling… it’s a dangerous place.”

“Mm…” he nodded. “That it is.”

The door opened up and the secretary returned. She was holding a small little waterproof bag that seemed to be filled with a liquid and something that looked like ice. She walked up to Guy and held it out. Guy smiled and lifted his crotch slightly. She frowned, and then brought it over his crotch, dropping the pouch two feet down.

“Geh! Easy on the goods!” Guy cried out.

She rolled her eyes, but she had a slightly pleased expression on her face as she turned and walked away. Mr. Dresdon watched as she walked away, a small frown on his face. When she reached the door, he cleared his throat. The girl stiffened, and then spun around.

“Will there be anything else, Boss?” Her voice sounded slightly off, and there was a look of panic on her face that was quickly covered up.

“Yes. That will be it.” He responded darkly, watching her leave the room before turning back to Guy. “My secretary has been loyal to me for five hundred years. She’s impeccable. That’s the first time she’s forgotten to ask my permission to leave my presence.”

Guy blinked, not sure where he was going with this. “Interesting…”

“No, not interesting.” He growled. “Aggravating… it’s you!”


“Heh… I’ve already had a doctor look at you while you were sedated. Your anatomy is definitely interesting. Adaptable, strong, and dangerous… however, I’ve found nothing that would give you any special powers of seduction.”

“Huh?” Guy repeated it a second time.

Mr. Dresdon shot him a glare. “You have a way with women. Perhaps they can just feel your potential strength. It gets their hormones going. I don’t know. It just pisses me off, that’s all.”

“Ah… okay…” It seemed like Mr. Dresdon was speaking nonsense to Guy at that point, so he was just agreeing to get along.

“Well, there is no point in wasting any more breath. I plan to make use of you.”

I leaned forward as he was finally getting to business. “What are you asking me to do?”

“I’m not asking you to do anything. You will do what I want, or you will not leave the Dresdon station alive!”

“What about your daughter?” Guy asked, feeling slightly taken aback.

“Heh, no one can make me do anything. I’ve spared your life because you might be able to help me. That doesn’t mean that I won’t change my mind if the situation suits me.”

“Alright. Then, spill it. What do you want me to do?”

Guy wasn’t the kind of person who begs or makes a scene. If Mr. Dresdon wanted him to do something for his freedom, then he would just do it. There was no point in crying over it, especially when Guy wasn’t in a position to bargain.

Mr. Dresdon eyed Guy for a few more moments before nodding to himself and continuing. “Despite the belief that I am the sole proprietor of the Dresdon station, this is only something spread around. If I truly was the power behind this station, then the Galactic Alliance wouldn’t have any trouble. After all, you cut off the head, and the snake dies.”

“So, you’re not the boss?”

“I’m the boss, alright.” He glared, before shrugging. “There are just several other bosses as well. There are four major crime families in this station. I happen to be in charge, but that’s only because the security protocols for the station are locked to me, and I can utilize the entire station to suppress anyone’s attempt to usurp my authority.

“Of course, this doesn’t stop the other families from trying. My mainframe is under attack from hackers nearly daily. If I fell, one of the other families would sprout up so quickly it’d make your head spin. At that point, my daughter… I’m not sure if she’d be safe anymore.”

“You want me to take your daughter.” Guy predicted.

“Do you want to die!” He shouted, raising from his seat, before straightening his coat and sitting back down. “Whether I’m sending my daughter away or not is none of your concern, but it certainly wouldn’t be you I discussed it with.”

“Oh, then what do you want?”

He shot Guy a glare for asking too many questions, but eventually sighed and continued. “Two of the families have started to form an alliance. Despite my best efforts, they’ve been uniting their power. Once their alliance is finalized, I will be at a distinct disadvantage. As much as Bobo’s trafficking was problematic, the real reason I moved against him was that he was planning to support them. Killing him was a means of cutting off their power before it was too late.”

“I-” Guy clicked his mouth shut as Mr. Dresdon shot him another glare as soon as he tried to speak.

“It may not be too late to break up their little alliance. Their consolidation of power is dependent upon the marriage of one family’s daughter to the other family’s son. The wedding is occurring tomorrow night. That gives us until then to cause their engagement to collapse.”

“I’m sorry…” Guy ignored his sharp look. “But I still don’t get where I come in.”

Mr. Dresdon shot Guy a look of disbelief. To be fair, Guy did have an idea of what he wanted, but the very notion was silly. Mr. Dresdon seemed to be implying that Guy was to break up this wedding somehow. Given the context of the conversation, he wanted Guy to seduce the girl. Guy may have had some success with women, but that was situational. He didn’t see himself as a player. He wasn’t the kind of Guy who went out to clubs to pick up chicks or use cheesy pickup lines.

He went to the bar to drink and have fun. Whether he picked up a girl or not wasn’t part of it. So, the idea of him seeking out a girl, especially to do her and her family harm, was something foreign to him. He hadn’t even met this woman before. Heck, she was an alien, so he didn’t even know if she was compatible with him. What if she was some kind of blob monster or something? Guy was hoping that he was misreading things again and that Mr. Dresdon had more to say.

“You will get her to cheat on her fiancé, with visual evidence, and cause the entire wedding to fall apart.” Mr. Dresdon explained.

Guy sighed. It was as he had predicted. He didn’t know what to say. Mr. Dresdon had the wrong idea about him. The girls weren’t that into him. They had their own interest. If it came between not dying and dying, he thought most of them would select not dying, but asking on his behalf didn’t mean some deep or meaningful relationship. Half of those girls only wanted him alive so they could kill him themselves!

“I’m sorry, that’s not something I can do,” Guy admitted.

It wasn’t like he had never banged married women before. However, those women had been begging for it. As hard as it was to believe, he didn’t go out of his way to sleep with women who already had a man. If this girl was getting married tomorrow, she probably wasn’t at the lonely housewife stage. Her husband hadn’t even had a chance to be an asshole yet.

Guy’s refusal caused Mr. Dresdon’s expression to immediately darken. “You don’t seem to understand your situation. Your life is under my hands.”

Guy shrugged. “If it’s something else, I’ll do it. However, I’m not going to be a homewrecker for you. Sorry, Boss. I don’t want to die, so if you try to kill me, I’m going to do my best to stay alive. That’s about it though.”

Mr. Dresdon slowly smiled, but the darkness in his eyes didn’t leave, causing him to have a malevolent expression. “Heh, not many men have had the guts to refuse a request from me. Even the Galactic Alliance would have to think twice before refusing a direct request.”

“I’m sorry…”

“You will be.” Mr. Dresdon turned to his side, reaching into a drawer and pulling out a computerized pad.

He clicked on it a few times, seemingly ignoring Guy for the moment. Guy kept his mouth shut at this point. He had already given his answer, so it was better if he stayed quiet. Mr. Dresdon put the pad down in front of Guy and then sat back, waiting. Guy gave a small frown as he leaned over, looking at the pad.

The pad showed an image of a girl. She appeared to be in a cell. She didn’t look in particularly good shape. It looked like she had been roughed up a bit, with several bruises on her face. Guy recognized her, and his heart dropped.


“You brought a Galactic Alliance operative onto my station. That alone would be worthy of death. In normal circumstances, I would kill her immediately. Can you guess why she is still alive?”

Guy stared at the screen for another moment before finally looking up at this guy. At first, he thought that with the ears this guy looked like an elf. However, the more he looked, the more he realized these features were like a devil! He was only missing the horns.

“If I break up that wedding, you’ll let her go?” Guy asked.

“Yes, and no.” He responded. “If you work for me, I won’t kill her. However, letting her go is out of the question.”

“So, what? Her choice is to rot in a cell the rest of her life?”

“You come from a prison ship.” He shrugged. “As I understand it, she was in a cell until you chose to try to help her escape. As long as she returns to that cell, then I would be fine.”

“I could just let her out of the cell again once we leave,” Guy responded.

“Heh… that’s between you and the crew of your ship. Frankly, once they learn that you allowed her to escape, I’m wondering if they’ll allow you to give it a second chance.”

Guy grit his teeth. This was a bad situation. He had to get involved in something he didn’t want to get involved in, all so that a girl he barely knew would stay in jail. Helping her escape had ultimately been for nothing.

Guy fought over this mentally. He’d seen her naked, but they hadn’t even fucked. Their parts touched for a bit, but it wasn’t like they had a relationship. He helped her because he felt sorry for her being trapped in a cell and also because he liked cats. Yeah, Guy was a cat person. He didn’t like seeing animals abused, and if those animals were people, well, that was why he had helped her escape.

Part of him considered that he had already saved her once. The fact that she got captured was her own problem. She had her chance. She blew it. He owed her nothing. For some reason he couldn’t explain, he imagined the mess he had got in with Bobo and Xara. He had found himself not willing to leave her to her fate either. Damn it! Guy wasn’t some hero. He just reacted impulsively and did what he thought was right. Shaking his head, he realized he had made his decision. Mr. Dresdon had him by the balls. It didn’t mean he had to like it.

“What is the plan?” he asked.

Mr. Dresdon chuckled. “I knew you would see reason. The two families that are uniting are the Cherbyll family and the Obsidian family. Other than the Dresdon group, there is one other family on this station. They are the Priscilla family. Other than breaking off the wedding, I’ve also reached out to the Priscilla family to initiate our own alliance.

“The Cherbyll and Obsidian families will regret going against me! Once I destroy their alliance, Priscilla and I will work together to wipe them out.” He snarled, a flash of anger on his face that he quickly recovered. “You likely aren’t aware of this, but the Priscilla family is known for handling the brothels.”


Dresdon made a face. “Priscilla would likely be furious if you compared her to Bobo. Her girls are higher-class courtesans. They don’t just work on the station. They go out across the Galactic Alliance. All deals are done here for legal reasons, but these girls nudge elbows with dignitaries, politicians, and the elite. Even if they’d make a move on me, the two families would never dare to make a move on her. She’s a deterrent for the Galactic Alliance. She has too much dirt on them.”

“I take it by you talking about her, I’m going to meet her?”

“The other families don’t know that Priscilla and I have been in negotiations. She’s a creature of habit. She wants to maintain the status quo. They don’t understand that. As a result, she has access to the bride-to-be. Other than courtesans, she also has her fingers deep in the textile industry. She’s making the wedding dress.” He explained.

“I see…”

“Priscilla is extremely selective about match-ups. Before you can get to the bride, you need to meet her approval. She will likely test you thoroughly. She is quite skilled in that manner if you get my drift.”

Guy’s eyebrows raised. “Seriously?”

“Well, I won’t spoil things.” He handed a sheet of paper. “Study this. This is everything you need to know. You can’t take it with you and once you leave, I will pretend that I’ve never met you.”

It was cutting things close. The prison ship’s departure was slated for the following morning after the wedding. He’d need to wrap things up here, or even if he failed, somehow get to the ship and get off this station. He looked through the directions. He didn’t have that great a memory though so he focused on the parts he thought mattered. Finally, he got up, bid this demon farewell, and left.

As the door closed, Mr. Dresdon leaned back with a grin on his face. A cloaked figure appeared although it was anyone’s guess where she had been hiding.

“Shouldn’t you have warned him about Madame Priscilla? She has seduced many young men.”

“Is that relevant?” Mr. Dresdon asked.

“I meant the other thing.”

“Oh? That her species is hermaphroditic and have a penis.”

“That’s not it either.” The cloaked figure said. “I meant, shouldn’t you tell him that mentioning her penis will cause her to fly into a violent rage.”

This time, he broke into a smile. “No, It’s more fun this way. I look forward to see what this guy does.”

The two bosses incidentally acted a lot alike. Like father, like daughter.

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