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Loud noise blared over the speakers as Guy looked into the club. There were neon lights flashing, although it was written in words that Guy couldn’t possibly understand. Whatever thing translated everything he heard into English didn’t seem to work for the language he saw. People were moving in and out of the club. There was a bouncer, but he didn’t seem to be vetting people very hard. A glance in the club showed that there was a second level, and this one was vetted more aggressively.

What were the chances that the woman that Guy needed to see would be on the second level? This was supposedly the main area of the illustrious Madame Priscilla. Well, according to Mr. Dresdon’s mission, he wouldn’t need to reach her directly. As long as he got the code words to an employee within this club, she would summon him shortly. Of course, that would be Guy’s plan, eventually, but how could he visit a club and not look around first?

On top of that, it was an alien club. All the girls and guys were of a variety of colors and shapes. The flashing lights inside made it harder to make out the details of those colors, but it was still rather exciting. Guy had to remind himself though, this Madame Priscilla was a courtesan. Many of the girls in this club were likely the type that would cost money, money that Guy didn’t have. That bum Mr. Dresdon didn’t give him a single cent. He had asked someone on the way out, and they had sent him on his way without a dime.

As he walked into the noisy club, his eyes were prowling for a solution. The solution he needed was naturally a drunk girl who just wanted to have fun. She had to be drunk enough that she didn’t realize she was the one paying for anything, or possibly one that didn’t care. Older women just looking for a young man to fawn over them for a few hours was another option. Unfortunately, it was difficult for Guy to recognize who was young and who was old. After all, everyone was a different species. Was there even a concept of age limit in this club?

“Hey, cutie. Care to show a girl a good time?”

Guy was in luck. While looking for the right girl to make a move on, a girl took the initiative to make a move on him. He felt his butt get squeezed and such seductive words. He turned around, ready to work his charm, but his eyes didn’t land on anyone. He lowered his eyes, and they finally fell on a girl. He blinked, staring at her.

She was extremely, short, but there was a reason for that. She didn’t look to be much older than ten. She had ridges on her nose, and a bottle of liquor in her hand, and by the red on her cheeks it was clear she had drunken several swallows. As she looked up at him with a happy smile, she blinked.

“H-hey… I know you… you’re that… you’re that guy, right?”

“We’ve never met.” Guy tried to keep a straight face.

She shook her head. “No… no we haven’t. I’m just… letting off, steam… or something… the ship all that time, heh… it’s your lucky day. You can show me a good time!”

Although she seemed to voice exactly what Guy had wanted, seeing a girl that young of an age left a bitter taste in his mouth. To be clear, while it was true Cerisa had recently become younger appearing as well, he had known and slept with her in her adult form. Furthermore, she still acted the same, a slightly frigid bitch with a hard on for experimenting with a solid being like Guy. He was depositing his load in her so she could rebuild her body. This girl, on the other hand, was just a child, any way you looked at it!

“Let’s got to the dance floor.” She grabbed Guy’s hand. “I’ll suck your cock!”

“What? Huh?” Guy was confused as she suddenly made such an offer.

He rarely had such ease with women, and this one was acting like she knew him personally. If he had ever seen a cute alien loli girl before, he would know it! It was true that she was pretty cute, and the wrinkles on her nose only made her cuter. She was wearing a loose shirt that exposed one of her shoulders, as well as these short shorts that exposed her ass. No! Those are jail bait thoughts! When he was thinking about age limits in this club, he wasn’t thinking about this!

“Um… isn’t it kind of public for that?” Guy tried to make an excuse as quickly as possible.

“What are you saying? Half the people on the dance floor are fucking right now. Plus, I’m just the right size, I can do it standing. Look, those two are going at it hard!”

She pointed out to two blobs. They were jiggling next to each other. Was that sex? Guy had absolutely no idea! It was true that plenty of people got nasty on the dance floor. Guy had certainly gotten hand jobs and slid it in from behind before, but this was another thing entirely.  

“I mean, we don’t know each other…”

She giggled. “I’m Aza… and you’re Guy.”

“You know my name?”

“Of course, I’m psychic.” She giggled. “Now give me that fat cock!”

She started fumbling with Guy’s belt. He tried to stop her, but she was extremely determined and managed to pull it out.

“Thank you for the meal! Ahhhh!”


“Guy!” A hand slapped on Guy’s shoulder, and another grabbed the head of the little girl about to put her mouth on his dick.

Guy turned to see Vienna there, a glare on her face.

“This isn’t what it looks like!” Guy declared as he desperately put his thing away.

“To think, you’d even go for Aza! Do you have no limits?” She hissed.

“You know her?” Guy asked.

“Aza is one of our crew, idiot!” She snapped.

“What’s the big idea?” Aza pouted. “All of you girls have fucked him, I just wanted a taste! I just want to know why you like him so much?”

“L-like!” Vienna’s face turned yellow. “I don’t like him at all! You’re just drunk! I almost forgot, your species is very weak toward alcohol. You’re completely different sober. You would regret everything come the morning.”

“She’s from the prison ship!” Guy cried out. “Ah, I never met her…”

“Aza doesn’t like to be around people. Her species can read minds, and so it makes things difficult for them.”

“Not when I’m drunk!” Aza grinned, lifting the bottle and taking a sip. “I don’t hear any noise at all!”

Vienna sighed. “That’s the problem with the Consedra. They can read minds, and grow to hate hearing people’s thoughts, especially when those thoughts are dishonest. So, they drink to dull the pain. The problem is, when they get sober again, they can read people’s thoughts, and thus know exactly what happened when they were drunk. Aza here must have thought no one from the crew would show up, so she wouldn’t have to face the memories from her night of debauchery.”

“I won’t regret anything… just let me fuck him. I haven’t had sex, ever!”

“Ever?” Guy blinked. “She a virgin?”

“D-don’t say that like it’s a bad thing!” Vienna raised her chin. “Just imagine a girl like her who can read minds? Any man of another species whose attracted to her, aren’t they a pervert?”

Guy couldn’t help but find himself nodding. It was true. The only guy who would want Aza was a guy who was attracted to banging little girls, and she’d be very aware of that fact. He definitely couldn’t say something like he really liked her for her mind, because at the end of the day, she would know the truth. It must be pretty hard for her species. It was a good thing Vienna showed up when she did. That could have been a difficult situation for Guy, especially if he was going to be on the same ship with her.

That caused him to have a realization. “What are you doing here?”

Vienna seemed like the last alien to go to a club. She was so uptight that it didn’t fit her character at all.

Vienna stiffened. “That… I naturally came to find Aza… it’s not like I saw you leaving Dresdon’s place and followed you or something!”

“I see…”

“The real question is what are you doing here?” She demanded while pulling Aza into her arms.

Aza struggled in Vienna’s grip, and as small and drunk as she was, she didn’t put up any fight.

“Mr. Dresdon instructed me to go here,” Guy responded, coughing awkwardly. “It’s a favor. Rather, I’m supposed to go visit some woman named Madame Priscilla.”

“You’re supposed to see the Madame?” Vienna gasped.

“Hah, hah… seriously? But the Madame is- Mmmm!” As Aza was speaking, Vienna covered her mouth forcefully.

She put on a smile that looked suspiciously sweet. “If you’re going to meet with a woman like her, I’m very interested in seeing what happens.”

Guy frowned. The way she had said that was suspicious. She had stopped Aza from saying something, and now she was grinning like a cat, her usually sour mood seemingly nonexistent. Aza struggled out of her grip, but once free, she only covered her arms and glowered at the taller woman.

“I need a drink first. If you want to join me, you’re paying.” Guy decided to get something out of this after all.

“Me?” Vienna’s mouth fell open indignantly. “Why do I have to pay? And it’s the boy’s responsibility to pay for the girl on a d-d-da- never mind!”

She spoke the second part too quietly to easily be understood over the loud music, so Guy decided to ignore it and answer her question instead.  

“I don’t have any money. No one gave me any when I left the ship.”

“Whose responsibility would it be to give you money?” Vienna scrunched up her face.

“Yeah, and where did you guys get your money?” Guy demanded.

“Hmph! We stole it fair and square from the rooms of the soldiers we killed!”

Guy’s mouth opened and then closed again. “Well, I didn’t do that.”

“That’s your problem for not thinking to do that?”

“Who would normally think to do that?”

 She shot him a side look. “Why is it my responsibility? Fine, whatever. Get whatever you want.”

When she said those words, her cheeks colored again, but she distinctly looked away. She started to walk to the closest bar, dragging Aza along with her. Aza followed, still taking sips of her drink. Guy followed the pair and they sat at a relatively empty section of the bar.

“What will it be?” A large, muscular woman asked.

Her biceps were as large as Guy’s waist, and she looked more intimidating than many of the bouncers. She had a long trunk running out her nose, and it went down her chest and then was slid into her cleavage. Guy didn’t know if this was supposed to be attractive or what. He just forced himself not to look at her fairly large chest, especially since he was guessing she could bench press him.

“Um…” Not able to read the menu, and pretty sure even if he did they wouldn’t have any alcohol he understood, he glanced at Vienna. “Recommendations?”

She rolled her eyes and lifted two fingers. “Give him Vrako Timblintine.”

She put some coin on the table and the woman nodded, turning around and getting some random bottles and mixing them up. When she was done, she put a glass in front of Guy and another in front of Vienna. Guy peered down at his glass suspiciously. It appeared to be smoking. It was bright blue and looked like it would make his pee radioactive. He poked it slightly.

“Just drink it. Based on what I’ve seen about your anatomy, you should be able to handle this much.” Vienna declared.

“Ah…” Guy lifted the drink. “To all, a day’s work is worth a thousand nights of luxury.”

The bartender jerked slightly, giving Guy a stiff look before turning away. However, he saw that she moved her hand under the bar and pressed some kind of button. That had been the saying he was supposed to give to summon his presence. Part of the reason he wanted the drink is that he felt it was going to be awkward saying such a line without one. He threw back the drink as he saw her acknowledge his words.

Vienna and Aza, at least, only thought he was saying something random and didn’t react as he drank. He nearly spat it up. The drink went down his throat with a tingling situation. Seeing him nearly cough, Vienna raised an eyebrow.


“No… it’s too sweet!” Guy stuck his tongue out.

The blue liquid was extremely sweet. Like, it was too sweet. It was so sweet that he felt his tongue going numb. Was that normal? Vienna gave him an indignant look, and then lifted her drink and sipped it down. Unlike him, she had a very pleased expression on her face. Although the glass it was served in was only the size of a long shot glass, she sipped it slowly. Maybe that was Guy’s mistake for drinking it all at once.

It was a few minutes later, and the numbness on Guy’s tongue was starting to go down when another girl tapped on his shoulder. She was yellow, and instead of her hair, she had a boney ridge that looked like a crown around her head. She smiled in an easy-going manner toward Guy.

“The Madame will see you now.” She declared.

“Ah… can my friends come?” Guy asked awkwardly.

“Of course.” She nodded without hesitating.

That reassured Guy that he wasn’t asking something incorrectly. If Mr. Dresdon trusted Guy, then he had to trust everyone else on the prison ship. At least, that’s how Guy saw it. There was a second reason he wanted the girls there as well. It was a buffer of protection. He didn’t know what to expect from a Madame. She could be a man-hater. In which case, having a woman present would be good. Something about the way Dresdon said she would test him thoroughly had put his guard up.

Vienna hastily downed the rest of her drink and then grabbed Aza, who let out a cry as she missed a grab for her bottle. She regrettably had to leave it behind as the two women followed Guy and the yellow chick toward the back of the club. The bouncer who was blocking this stairway moved aside for her, and Guy followed her up the stairway. The servant had a thong-like outfit, and it put her ass on display completely. She had a very nice ass, and he enjoyed the view on the way up until Vienna accidentally kicked him in the shin. Well, he was calling it an accident.

The second floor looked more elegant, and the music wasn’t nearly as loud, however, we didn’t stay on the second floor, and kept walking up until we reached the third floor. This floor was quiet, and there was only a single double-door with two guards standing at it. They opened the door as the yellow woman walked by, and the four of us entered a massive suite.

The yellow girl led us to a couch sitting in front of a fireplace. The décor was extremely decadent, and it was like walking into a completely different world. In this suite, it would be all too easy to forget that someone was on a space station. The servant gestured to the couch.

“You may sit and make yourself comfortable. The Madame will appear shortly.”

The woman turned and walked away, leaving the three of them alone. Aza didn’t hesitate to flop on the couch, taking up half of it. Before Guy could move, Vienna sat down as well, taking up the other half. There was a chair as well, but its position gave Guy a feeling like this was the Madame’s chair, so he decided to remain standing.

They didn’t have to wait long until there was a jingle sound. A fairy-like beauty stepped out into the room. She had long blonde hair and a nearly angelic face. Her skin was light red, and her features were extremely delicate. She had horns on her head, and a devil-like spade tail, which gave her the appearance of both an angel and a demon. Her dress was sheen, and nearly see-through except for the underwear underneath. She looked around the room, and when her eyes fell on Guy, a smile fell on her face that was enough to cause anyone’s heart to beat faster.

“Hello, Guy. I have heard you were coming.” She purred, walking over to Guy.

She immediately wrapped her arms around him, pressing her large chest against him, and then standing on her tippy-toes to kiss each cheek.

“Ah, are you Madame Priscilla?”

“I am.” She smiled. “While Mr. Dresdon mentioned you, he never said how attractive you were.”

Guy blushed, rubbing the back of his head. “Ah, well… that…”

“I must say, for my species, it is customary for a host to give a new guest a blowjob.” She licked her lips.

“I’m sorry, what?”

“Would you like a blowjob, Guy?” She asked, looking up at him innocently, her fingers dancing up his chest seductively.

“Finally, someone gets it!” Aza declared, her eyes half-closed like she was about to fall asleep on the couch.

Feeling slightly helpless, Guy turned to Vienna for support. He’d usually expect her to grow angry over such requests. However, she had a smile on her face.

“It’s a custom, Guy. You must follow through!” She gave Guy a thumbs up.

With Vienna’s permission, there was no reason Guy would have to say no.

“We can discuss business after I’ve tasted you.” Priscilla bit her lip. “And maybe after, you can return the favor?”

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