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Priscilla’s hands went for Guy’s pants. Just as she was about to grab his member, his hands came out and grabbed her wrists. He pulled her to him, his hands like vices. She resisted slightly but was shocked to find out strong Guy was. Anger caused her face to flush, and she was just about to berate him. Vienna was even waiting for it, the grin on her face growing. However, when Priscilla’s eyes landed on Guy’s, he had such a serious expression on his face that it caused her to lose her words. That was something that rarely ever happened to Priscilla.

“No.” He responded simply, his voice uncharacteristically commanding.

She shook slightly, feeling a strange thumping in her heart. Few men dared to ever tell her no, so the absolutely firm answer struck her in her heart.

“Wh-why not?” She whispered, immediately realizing just how flustered she’d become.

She was to the top madame! She ruled her escorts with an iron fist! She had seduced hundreds of men and women. Everyone wanted her, and she could take anyone’s heart. So, how could this strange alien from a species she had never seen before so easily force her off-balance? She tried to regain her sexual demeanor quickly, but before she could, Guy answered in a way that shocked her even more.

“Do you think that putting out like this will make me like you more?” He asked, his voice slightly saddened.

Those simple words struck Priscilla to her core. It was as if Guy had looked into her very soul and seen a part of herself that even she denied. She found herself remembering a time in her distant past when she was just a young child sitting on her parent’s knee. It was a memory she had all but forgotten.

“Papa… I just want to be a woman. Why can’t our species be dioecious like the other species?”

“My baby girl, you can be anything you want to be.” The parent that gave their seed, denoting them as the father, stated. “But never feel like you have to adhere to some gender standard just to be accepted by the other races. Your special one will be someone who accepts everything that you are.”

“Does daddy accept everything that I am?” She asked.

“Of course!” He chuckled, kissing her cheek.

That was a happy time, but it was also fleeting. It was only a month later when the father found out that his companion, her mother, was having an affair. She wasn’t his child. He kicked them both out of the house and onto the street. She remembered the last words he had ever said to her. In tears, she had escaped her mother’s arms and ran up to him, tugging on his pants. She didn’t understand much at the time. She didn’t understand why her father was turning his back on her. Without looking back at her, he spoke some dreadful words.

“Get lost… you’re just a whore like your mother.”

His insult ended up becoming a reality. Her mother who had cheated ended up destitute and became a whore to pay for the bills. Her species made good whores, because they had both sexual organs and could satisfy a multitude of different client tastes. She watched as her parent fell into drugs and alcohol, was horrifically abused, and eventually sold out her own daughter to fuel her habits. Worst of all, there was no tragic misunderstanding. Her mother had cheated, and each of her bad choices had led to this fate.

Priscilla had started to move down the same path, becoming nothing but a whore. However, her desire to be seen as a woman didn’t diminish. This did cause her some trouble. After all, it seemed that homosexual women were more willing to accept her penis than heterosexual men. Her feminine features appealed to their lesbian tendencies, while her penis allowed them to become sexually satisfied. Meanwhile, most heterosexual men say her penis as an abomination. That wasn’t to say she didn’t function as a gateway for many men realizing their bisexual or homosexual nature, but her tendency to insist she was a woman and even become upset when people pointed it out, got her a reputation.

Either way, her popularity, cunning, and drive, not to mention a heavy dose of luck, caused her to climb out of that hole her mother had put them in and eventually become the Madame of an escort empire that even the Galactic Alliance feared.

Yet, no matter how powerful she became, she still had this desire to dominate men. She wanted to prove she was a woman, and that she was every bit as desirable and as sexy as any other woman. This led her to frequently play such games, seducing every man she came across. If they even dared mention her penis, she would send them to a brutal death. Then, she met Guy, who before she could even take the first step of seducing him, had rejected her in such a way.

He spoke words that caused her life to flash before her eyes, leaving her out of breath and startled. The thing was, he was still looking down at her with those cold, unforgiving eyes. They were eyes just like her father’s eyes. She suddenly felt like she was back there, being rejected all over again. Was she just a whore? Was that all she was?

“A-am I not good enough?” She responded quietly, tears welling in her eyes.

It was a pathetic display and something that she had never shown any man in years, but under his gaze, she felt completely helpless and alone.

“You are.” He declared, causing her heart to miss a beat. “You’re bold and beautiful. You’re a sexy woman. I believe it. I don’t doubt that sex with you would be amazing. I don’t doubt that your tongue could drive me to powerful sexual heights. I don’t doubt your skill or your ability. I don’t doubt you can do anything.”

His words, so much like what she had heard all that time ago, caused her heart to beat faster and faster. She felt like a little girl again.

“Th-then, why?”

Guy closed his eyes and then opened them again. “Some things are meant to be, and others are not. My mind must be focused on the job at hand. There is a woman I must seduce. How could I seduce her if you’ve stolen my heart.”

“H-heart…” She gasped.

“Priscilla, I can’t fall in love with you. Do you understand?”

“I-I… understand.” She responded, her heart only starting to calm down.

Still, her face was bright and flushed, and even Vienna was hiding a somewhat jealous expression. She had wanted to see Guy make an ass of himself. Yet, what was with this strange mood? Vienna didn’t like it at all!

Guy let go of Priscilla, and she felt a moment of regret as he let go of her. The feeling of his powerful body pressed against hers made her feel hot in a way she had never felt before. She believed Guy’s words completely. Some manipulative men knew how to seduce a woman through rejection and teasing, but this was completely different. It was like he knew her personally, and understood her on an emotional level. There was no way he could have known her past. She had burned those bridges a long time ago, and there was no one still alive that would be able to connect her to that family. Who could have guessed that the illustrious Madame, who was once a prostitute, had daddy issues?

“I suppose we should focus on the target then.” Madame Priscilla tried to focus on the mission to keep from revealing her true feelings. “You’re going to try to get the Obsidian family’s precious little princess to make a mistake and destroy the relationship between Cherbyll and Obsidian.”

Vienna’s mouth fell open with this, but she quickly closed it. She hadn’t known the details of my mission until that moment. Now that she knew how high the stakes were and how severe the consequences of failure, she rather regretted being in this room. She was an accomplice in a conspiracy that could bring down top families. A nothing like her could be wiped out in an instant!

“What do you know about this girl?” Guy asked, happy to focus on what was important now.

“Ferrin Obsidian is the precious daughter of the Obsidian family.” Madame Priscilla sat down in her chair, crossing her legs deliberately. “Her family mostly deals in weapons.”

“And assassinations!” Vienna spoke up. “Don’t forget that! If you piss them off, there will be a hundred assassins breathing down our necks! The second they learn Guy has been fondling their precious daughter, they won’t spare a cent killing him off!”

Priscilla smirked at Vienna, who flushed at her predatory gaze. “Your kind make wonderful escorts. Usually so prim and proper, but when you can finally tear down their walls, they become quite the animals in bed.”

“What was that?” Vienna grew visibly angry.

“I presume you’ve figured out a method to keep me from getting killed?” Guy cut in before the argument could grow.

Priscilla turned away from Vienna like her provocation was meaningless, shooting Guy a glowing smile and leaving Vienna to fume. “That depends on you, doesn’t it?”

Guy raised an eyebrow. “What do you mean?”

“There are two methods to break apart this wedding. The first is naturally to put the princess in a compromising position, record it, and then release it to the other side. This will assuredly drive both families into a rage. The problem with this method is that even if it’s successful, both sides will immediately know that the wedding was tampered with. As clever as Dresdon is, he likes to play god too much. He enjoys kicking the insect’s hive and watching them swarm. In this case, you’re the one who would face that swarm, and he wouldn’t have to bear any of the responsibility.”

“Method two?” Guy asked, watching Priscilla carefully.

“Option two would be to get the princess to break the wedding off on her own. Rather than getting her to fornicate, you would get her to fall in love. When her heart belongs to another, she’ll realize that there is no possibility that she could marry the young master of Cherbyll. She would create the upset herself.”

“Why would that protect me? Once they learn why she broke up the agreement, they would suspect me immediately.”

“That’s why I say it is up to you. If the young princess is enamored with you enough, then she would know that she could never speak about her love. If the Cherbyll family found out, you’d be killed, and if the Obsidian family knew, it could cause other problems. You’d have to get her to love you so much, that she would sacrifice herself for your love.

“The Obsidian wouldn’t be able to come up with the reason that the wedding was broken, but they wouldn’t dare force their valuable princess to relent. The Cherbyll family would grow furious. Ultimately, neither side would ever know the truth.”

“And what happens to the princess?” Guy asked.

“Maybe, she runs away to pursue her love. Maybe, when she comes to realize he used her, she’ll find another man. Maybe, she lives the rest of her days a loveless spinster, never knowing that her one true love was a lie. She might even come to me, and I’ll turn her into a lady of the night and my eventual successor. The future is the future.”

“That sounds… rather cruel.”

“The life of crime is always cruel. Her family is cruel. If you wanted a happily ever after, such a thing doesn’t exist. Ultimately, whether this all comes to failure or success depends on your skill. At the minimum, you must get her the cheat on her fiancé. Where it goes from there depends on your skills.”

Guy didn’t know what to say. He could talk most women out of their panties given enough time. Pushing that to a single day was already stretching it. Now, she was talking about turning himself into her lifelong love. This wasn’t a fairy tale. That kind of devotion just didn’t happen overnight.

“Alright, then, I guess we need to talk about first contact, right?”

“She’ll be coming in to get her fitting.” Priscilla declared. “That will be your chance to encounter her. Right after her fitting, she will go downstairs to party the night away. My entire club has been shut down for her bachelorette party. The guards and subsequently her father’s spies won’t be present, as the place will be sealed up. This is naturally to seal up and hide their debauchery from prying eyes. This is strictly a female-only affair.”

“Debauchery? I’m a bit surprised. This might be easier than I thought.”

If she was having a bachelorette party, wouldn’t it be extremely easy to put her in a compromising position? These kinds of women were notoriously horny and slutty.

“This wasn’t the bride’s idea. This was the mother-in-law’s. It is well known that Mrs. Cherbyll is quite a harlot. I’ve been known to secretly provide her an attractive man on days her husband is out. This is why she trusts me so much. If I had wanted to, I could destroy her marriage in an instant. Unfortunately, while that would be upsetting to the Cherbyll family, it wouldn’t undermine their power for long, while it would completely remove my advantages. Naturally, she wishes to use this opportunity to live out her own sexual vices with her sisters.

“If this is a female-only affair, then how am I supposed to be involved?”

“Naturally, it’s only a female-only affair on the surface. Once the doors are locked, Mrs. Cherbyll has set it up so a variety of male entertainment is available. You will be one of the entertainers. That will be your time to strike. The women will all be distracted by their male of choice, and even plan to take their favorite pick to bed. The only one who isn’t allowed is the bride herself. Mrs. Cherbyll was explicit in the instruction that her new daughter-in-law remains pure.

“So, your task will be to catch the princess’s eye, while avoiding the eye of the other women. Once they each pick their man of choice and retire for the evening, that’s when you can make your move on her. You’ll have til the morning to not only keep her there, but convince her you’re the one for her, or at the least, get her to do something that would break off the wedding.”

Guy leaned back, letting out a long, low breath that sounded almost like a hiss. That was asking for too much. If Guy had such an ability as all of that, it’d be something.

“Is there anything else you can tell me?”

Priscilla gave a pouty smirk. “It was my original intention to test you thoroughly, and perhaps even give you some personal instruction. However, I’ve decided to forgo doing that for the moment. You have already convinced me you will succeed.”

“I have? Really?” Guy wasn’t convinced himself.

“I don’t think my heart could take any more.” She responded. “And then blushed, if I went any farther, I also might fall in love.”

“Wh-what are you saying?” Vienna cried out again after remaining quiet for such a time.

“Although it seems with you girl, it might already be too late.” Priscilla chuckled. “Be careful, I might just take him for myself.”

“Don’t be ridiculous!” Vienna cried out. “You can have him for all I care!”

Priscilla tapped her cheek thoughtfully. “Although, since you’re already here, I suppose you would be as good a wait staff as any.”

“What? I didn’t sign up for that!” Vienna cried out, looking down at Aza for support only to find she was still sleeping on the couch oblivious to the conversation.

“It’s too late. I’ve decided!” She slapped her hands together, and a guard came walking in from the outside.

Even as Vienna protested, they grabbed her and pulled her from the room, while another guard picked up Aza and tossed her over his shoulder. Guy stood up to join him.

“Guy…” As he reached the door, Madame Priscilla called out to him, so he turned back and raised an eyebrow. “You’re lucky we didn’t go all the way.”

She pulled down her pants, showing her naked lower half. She wasn’t sure why she did it. She liked to see the moment of shock, surprise, and dismay on a man’s face when he saw it there. However, that was usually when she was in the middle of seducing them, and they were sexually aroused to the state they couldn’t stop. She wanted to see that expression on Guy, to remind herself she still had the power. Guy’s expression didn’t flicker much at all. He gave a gentle smile.

“All I see is a beautiful woman from head-to-toe. Every part of you is perfect just the way it is.” He turned away and walked out of the room.

Priscilla’s hand went to her chest, and for a moment she felt faint. He really got her. How did she know that he could make the young princess fall in love in a single night? Because he had already done it to her in only a few minutes. As she reached down to pull her pants back up, it took her a long while to get her heart to slow down. When this was all over, she might just have to take Guy for herself after all.

Guy didn’t know these thoughts. He was relaxedly following the guards, who rather than taking them back to the club area, seemed to be taking them into a back employee area, where they assuredly would blend in with the servants. Vienna had stopped struggling and finally started walking alongside Guy, resigned to her fate.

After a few moments of silence, she leaned over to Guy with a questioning look. “How come you didn’t succumb to Mrs. Priscilla?”

“Huh? I don’t fuck dudes.” Guy blinked.

“D-dudes… she… is a hermaphrodite! Her species is both genders!”

“Really? Whatever, I could see that penis bulge a mile away.” Guy shrugged.

“What about all of that talk about her being bold and beautiful?”

“Have you ever met a transgendered woman? Those bitches are scary. God forbid you misgender one of them or tell her she’s anything but the prettiest girl who ever existed. In my world, if you call one of them sir instead of ma’am, your life is over! I have enough experience with the alphabet community that I know when to keep my mouth shut and give lip service.”

Vienna didn’t understand half of what he was talking about, but she understood enough to realize this was all a misunderstanding. Incidentally, he had slid right past Dresdon’s trap, because Guy had cultivated a life of avoiding such traps.

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