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“I dislike this outfit immensely.” Vienna complained, picking at the outfit.

“My buzz is wearing off…” Aza moaned, “Can we do this drunk?”

“That’s a lot more than you usually wear…” Guy pointed out, ignoring the moaning Aza.

All three were dressed in servant attire. This attire was pretty scandalous in its own right. Guy wasn’t wearing a top at all, and his bottoms weren’t much more than sandals and a loincloth. Meanwhile, the ladies were dressed in two-piece togas. With Aza’s childlike body, it actually just looked like something a kid would throw on, but it looked pretty sexy on Vienna. That said, it technically covered more skin than she usually had covered in her standard outfit.

“You don’t understand anything.” She snorted and shot me a glare. “My species the Ogen believes that to hide is akin to a lie. We don’t believe in covering the skin at all. Things like alluring clothing or makeup are pure deception. You’re trying to appear as something other than what you are.”

“You don’t wear makeup? You’re beautiful.”

“Of course not! My looks are natural!” She looked taken aback, her cheeks turning yellow for a second. “If a woman wants to look good, they should take care of themselves rather than depending on cheap tricks. That’s what I believe. Of course, when the Galactic Alliance came, we had to adopt some clothing, but it’s still best to wear as little as possible and to make sure it doesn’t change or appearance at all.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“For example, bras, or anything else that pushes or shifts the breasts is pure deception!” As she said this, she shifted her chest unhappily.

“I see…” Guy gave a noncommittal answer, his eyes turning to Aza. “What about you?”

“My species are exhibitionist perverts,” Aza answered weakly.

“We’re not!” Vienna cried out.

“You guys can read minds, right?” I tried to stop Vienna from derailing things.

“Yeah. I can hear the thoughts of every pervert. So, I’d hear every comment running through their mind. Ogen bitch about deception, but when it comes to the disgusting thoughts men and women have, that’s the true deception. The surface is always a disguise for what is lurking underneath.”

Despite looking like a child, her words were surprisingly thoughtful. Vienna had been going to argue with her, but the words had stunned her to silence. She was now thinking carefully about her words. A body is just a deception for the mind? Truth and lies made up a good part of Ogen culture, and Aza’s casually spoken words would set off a room of Ogen academics to write thousands of academic papers if they had heard them.

“I meant that your ability to read minds can give me the upper-hand here. Since I’m seducing this woman, you can tell me what she’s thinking and if my charms are working.”

She shot me a narrow look. “Why should I help you?”

“Aren’t we shipmates? Shouldn’t we work together? If I don’t succeed in this mission, they’ll kill me?”

“How is that my problem?” She asked.

Guy opened his mouth and then closed it again. He hadn’t thought a youthful girl like her would be so savage. He had to remind himself once again that these were prisoners he was dealing with. These weren’t the kind of people that would be moved by the pleas of humanity. They weren’t even human!

“If you don’t help, I’ll tell the rest of the girls how you turn into a horny slut when you’re drunk.” Vienna declared.

Aza opened her mouth and then closed it again. “F-fine… whatever… but I’ll still need a few hours to clear my head. My ability is only just starting to return and my head is throbbing. I can’t even hear a single thought from your head, although Vienna’s nagging thoughts are starting to get on my nerves!”

“N-nagging thoughts!” Vienna glared. “My thoughts are perfectly fine!”

“Hmph! You’re thinking about being praised by Guy since you bullied me into helping him! Why don’t you just fuck him already!”

“Ahhh! That’s not! I’m not!” Vienna’s face turned several shades of color as she was frozen solid.

Before the conversation could continue, the door opened and someone burst in.

“You three are dressed? Good. Ladies, come with me. You will be responsible for serving the guests. The drunker you can get them, the better.” An older woman with purple skin and three eyes who appeared to be a coordinator charged into the room like a bull. “Boy, you must go and blend in with the gigolos. You will be brought out once they’ve gotten a bit drunk.”

Guy let out a sigh. There was no use denying it. He was now basically a prostitute. Well, if he wanted to feel better, he could say he was a spy there to destroy a wedding, but that was just something else. He didn’t have the confidence to pull this off. He was going to be in a group with several other men. Any one of them could woo this daughter of the Obsidian family. Furthermore, there were other women too, and any one of them could have an interest in him, making his work that much more difficult.

Aza and Vienna were forced to leave reluctantly to begin their long shift of working as servants. Vienna was still protesting while Aza was ignoring her and holding her head like it hurt. At least, while Guy was doing this, he’d be able to see some familiar faces. He wasn’t sure how much help they’d be. Even if it came to Aza, the most she could do is confirm if his charm was working or not. If it was, her presence was meaningless, and if it wasn’t, Guy didn’t think he’d have enough time to turn the situation around.

If Vienna was giving him angry looks all night and Aza started drinking again, they’d probably make things more difficult for him, not better. In that case, it’d be better if he was alone. With a small sigh, he got up and followed the organizer lady out the door. Someone else led Vienna and Aza in a different direction. Guy followed her down the hallway. After they were alone for a bit, she stopped suddenly and turned back to him.

“Our Madame would like you to have these.” She held up two objects toward Guy.

He looked down at them. One appeared to be a shiny button and the other was a strange metal stick.

“What are they?”

“This…” She held up the button,” is a camera. Put it on your lapel, and it will record everything in the room.”

“Everything? Like… me too?”

“You don’t need to worry about pointing it, as it will take a 360 image of everything going on in the room. However, it’s designed to leave the wearer as anonymous. You’ll only appear as a black silhouette.”

“Alright.” Guy reached out and took the button, nodding in acceptance.

He was supposed to record her, but if he recorded himself, wouldn’t he just be creating something Madame Priscilla could use to exploit him? After all, if the unedited tape got to the Cherbyll or Obsidian families, he would be in a lot of trouble. That’s why he hesitated for a moment. Of course, he was also amazed at this level of technology. This was a 3D image! He imagined watching a sex scene being played in 3D. Guy would be the first human to ever make such a sex tape!

“Also, for an emergency, there is this.” She held the other item that Guy hadn’t taken.

He reached out to take it, but he still had to ask. “What is it?”

“This is only to be used in an emergency if you fail at seducing her any other way. The Madame doesn’t like to leave things up to chance. You press this end against the skin and then you press this button. It injects a dose without being felt. There are ten doses in this injector, and each click is a doze, but don’t use more than two on her.”

“On her?” I asked, as I took the item and looked at the injection point and the button to release.

“It’s a powerful aphrodisiac. It works on both men and women. Men with this drug can remain erect and active for hours. For women, it can cause them to become extremely sensitive. Even slight breezes will bring them to climax. If you can’t get her to perform otherwise, this is the final option.”

Madame Priscilla did think of everything. Naturally, she suggested some crap about making Ferrin fall in love with him or something. At best, he’d be able to trick her into a little hanky panky. If that didn’t happen, then he could make it happen. Actually, the thing made him feel a bit uncomfortable. Wasn’t it a date rape drug? Guy was definitely against that! He didn’t think he would depend on this even if he failed. At that point, he’d rather face the wrath of Dresdon.

“I won’t use it unless I have no other choice,” Guy reassured her.

“See that you do. At one dose, she’ll become desperate for a man’s touch and put out immediately. At two doses, she’ll become a cumslut, banging anything and everything.”

“What about three?” Guy asked awkwardly.

“At three, she’ll be dead.” She frowned. “The drug is extremely hard on the body, and it gives out after that much stimulation. Even one dose can be dangerous, so make sure it is an emergency only.”

“Absolutely!” Guy put it away carefully, afraid he might hit the button by accident.

After she was sure that Guy understood, she gave one last nod and started walking again. Guy followed, and the two ended up in a back room area. Guy was able to see five other men dressed in the same way that he was dressed. That was to say a loincloth and not much else. They were also all shirtless and had muscular bodies. It was a little strange that aliens had roughly the same beauty standard as Earth, but it suited Guy just fine.

These were all humanoids just like him, although they were a somewhat diverse lot. There was someone who had skin similar to his, but they had too big bulbs on their head making it look big. There was another cathari, what Guy guessed was a male ogen, a guy that looked like the red twins, and finally a lizard-like guy. He was the only one with a face that wasn’t human. Instead, it had a lizard shape, and he even had long ridges on the side of his neck that looked like a cobra.

The coordinator was busy, so she left quickly, saying she’d be back when it was time to call them out. At that point, they just had to wait in this room. It looked a bit like a reception room, with furniture to sit and even a place to get a drink.

“So, how are you guys doing?” Guy asked.

The five alien men looked at Guy and then looked away without saying a word. Guy took a breath. He should have spoken up earlier when he could have used the coordinator to break the ice.

“Look, I’m not trying to start anything, but leave the bride to me, okay? You guys can work on any of the other girls but her.”

Guy felt like this needed to be said. If he just left it to chance, things could go badly. Thus, he decided that making his claim now would be ideal.

“We do not dessside on who picksss ussssss… that issss for the women to dessside…” It was the snake guy who spoke, his forked tongue flicking on the ‘s’ quite a bit.

“Right… of course… I understand.” Guy nodded. “But, you know, if a woman comes up to you, and she’s the bride, just nudge her my direction, kay? Cool?”

The snake guy looked at Guy with his snake eyes for a bit and then turned his head as if to ignore him.

“Great talk…” Guy sighed, finding a corner and leaning into it.

If Madame Priscilla wanted to give him the best chance, she should have rigged the whole group. He should have been the best looking of the bunch, and they should all be his wingmen. Instead, they seemed to just be gigolos with their minds on their work. Fine then, Guy would focus on his work too.

Time passed, and Guy grew a bit tired of waiting. The other men didn’t say a thing and seemed quite happy sitting and staring at nothing as they waited for their job to start. Guy wasn’t an employee. He wasn’t even getting paid for this! He was just about to leave and find someone to complain to when the door opened and the coordinator appeared. He looked over at her hopefully.

“It’s time.” She spoke in a formal tone.

All of the men immediately stood and got in line. Guy looked around and then got behind. The woman turned and walked away, and they moved forward like a line of schoolchildren. They didn’t go far before arriving at a doorway that had a drape over it. The coordinator walked through, but the men stopped short. Guy nearly ran into the man in front of him, but just managed to stop himself.

“Ladies, are you having fun?” I could hear her call out her voice being projected with a microphone into the room beyond.

“Wooooooooo!” There was a reply that sounded like it was coming from a dozen different women.

Guy frowned slightly. He had been expecting no more than six women. After all, there were no more than six men. If there were six men to twelve women, wasn’t that a massive shortage?

“Then, let the party get started!” The coordinator shouted.

Before Guy could dwell on it any longer, the men suddenly went into a sprint.  He was a tad late, following behind. He emerged into a room with colored lights flashing everywhere and some weird techno music playing.

The men ran out the curtain, each one going in a different direction. Guy followed them, but he was confused. The men started doing flips. Some did acrobatics, while others started pulling off complicated dance routines. Guy squinted to get a better look at things. The party of women for this bachelorette party was sitting in front of him.

All of the tables had been pushed aside, and the dance room that had once been crowded was nearly empty. There were a few long couches that had been pushed into a semi-arch which is where a group of women were sitting. There were several alien women. He had been fearing they’d be hideous monstrosities, but he didn’t see a single woman in the group who stood out as repulsive or inhumane. They were wearing somewhat scandalous clothing, although still a step up from what the servants were wearing.

The bar was sitting at the side, and there was a bartender present behind. Standing next to the bar were five women who must have been the servants. This included Vienna and Aza. Vienna was looking nervously in my direction, while Aza was looking longingly at a bottle of booze in the bartender’s hand.

Guy tried to focus on his target. His eyes immediately found a woman who was wearing a bridal tiara. That had to be the bride. She was a pretty girl. Guy had been most worried about her. He had feared she’d be some blob monster or some toothy creature. She was a light blue color, with darker blue freckles in lines down her arms and legs. Her ears had a fin like quality to them, sharp and thin, coming out a bit like fans. She had big blue lips and large eyes. Her hair was purple, and her eyes were a deep aqua color. She had a modest rack, but a decent figure and also had a long tail that had small fins on the end. She looked youthful and quite cute.

“Wait… wait… wait!” A woman suddenly shouted, standing up. “What is this?”

The flashing lights that came when the men came running out stopped and the techno music ended as well. With the distractions gone, Guy was able to better see everything and thus realized that the woman was glaring at him with her finger outstretched. She appeared a bit older. She was still sexy, with an alluring body and big tits. She was orange and has piercingly beautiful eyes. Instead of hair, she had large thick tubules that framed her beautiful face, which was hidden behind a veil, giving her a dark and mysterious appearance. However, her eyes looked angry at the moment, and directly on Guy.

“Huh?” Guy blinked.

“You’re not doing anything, are you?” She snorted. “This is my daughter-in-law’s bachelorette party, and you come out and think you can just stand there? You’re supposed to be entertaining us! Madame Priscilla, I expected better!”

It wasn’t until she had turned that I realized Madame Priscilla was among the party guests. She had done her hair up a different way, was wearing a ton of makeup, and also had a different outfit on. That’s why I hadn’t noticed her with the flashing lights. She was still stunning and beautiful. Ahem, she was a knock-out hotty, but Guy would never be fooled.

“I apologize. He’s new.” Madame Priscilla smiled, although her eyes gave Guy a sharp look.

“It’s fine, Mother.” The girl spoke, her voice sounding like delicate chimes. “I’m sure this man has many talents.”

“I-I do!” Guy spoke before he could help himself, his eyes looking at the bride.

However, without the flashing lights, he noticed the woman sitting right next to the bride too. She was also staring at him, her mouth slightly agape. It was Xara! What the heck was she doing there? She was the daughter of Dresdon… so if there was a bachelorette party and the Dresdon family didn’t want to appear hostile, it’d make sense she’d be there, but Guy wasn’t thinking straight at that moment.

“Hmph!” The mother-in-law glared at Guy. “If you’ve got a skill, show it! Otherwise, get out of our bachelorette party! I won’t tolerate useless men!”

Guy’s night had just started, and he was already in hot water. This was bad.

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