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Every eye was on Guy, and he was standing there in the middle of a club wearing nothing but his loincloth, basically exposed. Furthermore, these were all the women of dangerous crime families that ran this space station. Guy didn’t know who was who specifically, but he could guess a few of the names in the audience. If he offended these women. he could suffer more than just some embarrassment. He could end up dead.

“Well?” The woman with the veil across her face demanded.

Xara looked like she was about to speak up. She would likely try to do something to protect Guy or at least give him an out. If this happened, Guy’s disguise would be completely ruined, and he’d be pressed into an even worse situation. It wasn’t just a matter of appeasing these women, but a matter of the mission Dresdon had given him. If he didn’t complete this mission, even if he could keep his life, he had a feeling things would only become more difficult for him.

The previous song had come to an end, and the other guys had stopped dancing as well. They all had turned to Guy and were looking at him. Some were looking with worry, afraid that Guy’s failures would end up costing them as well. Others were looking at him with scorn, eager to see him fall into despair. Guy closed his eyes for a moment, reached down, and then with a single pull ripped off his loincloth. As it turned out, at the moment he ripped off the loin cloth, another song came on.

Revealing his naked body, there was an audible gasp from the crowd. Vienna dropped the tray she was holding, but no one seemed to notice. Guy took a deep breath, and then recalled his past. In particular, he recalled that summer job he had taken when he first turned eighteen. That’s right, Guy had once been a male dancer. In particular, he danced at bachelorette parties and the such. The money was really good, but Guy hadn’t done it for long. The problem was that there weren’t too many women hiring male strippers at the time, and so while he made good money for the hours he worked, he didn’t make enough overall to support himself.

The point was that Guy wasn’t completely unfamiliar with this situation in the least. When it came to exotic dancing, Guy had the moves. He jumped forward at the woman who had been pointing at and cursing him. She had a shocked expression on her face, gasping as he lunged at her, and even falling back in her seat. Guy jumped up onto the couch, his feet landing on either side of her. He began to gyrate his hips, his thing flopping back and forth only inches from her face.

“Oh, my!” She gasped.

All of the other women were looking in shock. Wasn’t this the matriarch of the Cherbyll family? She was a lofty presence and elegant woman who with the twerk of a finger could send a hundred people to death! Now, a man was standing on top of her, flopping his thing right in her face. Of course, the penis in this world wasn’t completely foreign. Most of these women were humanoid, so they all understood the lewdness of such a phallic-shaped item of the male anatomy.

The matriarch who should have been deeply offended was staring at the dancing thing flopping in front of her face, but she neither pushed him away nor demanded he stopped. If anything, her eyes seemed to be completely enraptured by the sight, unable to look away from the big thing so close to her veil.

The other girls stared at the sight too, completely flummoxed about what to make of the scene. Xara had lifted her hands to her face and was covering a bright pink blush that even went to her pointy ears. The bride of the Obsidian family, Ferrin, seemed to notice the other girl’s expression of embarrassment. She remained a bit cooler but also was a bit uncomfortable.

That’s when the matriarchs gloved hands slowly moved up. The other girls watching showed various stages of shock. Her hands were going for his naked butt! She wasn’t going to grab him right now!

It was true that this was a bachelorette party, and it had been the intention of many of the older and married women to take one of these strippers upstairs to play with, but that was after they were good and drunk, and it would be done rather secretly. After the men gave their dance, the women would dance, party, and talk with the men. When everything was settled, the women would silently grab a man and bring him upstairs for some discrete debauchery. Comparatively, this was completely devoid of any class.

These were the thoughts of the other dancers too. They had all been prepared to entice and ultimately pleasure these women, but these were the ladies of powerful families. There was a set way of doing things, a sort of delicate dance. The men had to show their fitness through feats of acrobatics and sexual enticement. First, they showed their physical prowess, and then they showed the women their mental prowess. Only then might the women wish to see their dicks closely.

Yet, Guy showed absolutely no class at all. He went straight to ripping off his loincloth, and then began flapping his dick right in their faces. Where was the skill in that? Where was the finesse? How could such women be remotely attracted to such a crude animal? That was what those men were thinking. However, when the matriarch reached for his ass, everyone held their breath. If she grabbed him, then all bets were off!

Just as her hand was about to grab, there was a smack. Her hand was slapped away by Guy himself. He didn’t just jump on her and then wildly and aggressively wag his thing at her, but when she sought to take what she wanted, he struck her! He denied the matriarch access to his ass! Any of the other men wouldn’t hesitate to let these women touch him however they wanted, but Guy had slapped her roaming hand away. She looked stunned, but just as a flash of anger appeared in her face, Guy jumped off the couch, spinning around.

He bent over, giving her a full view of his ass! What was he doing? He was taunting her? Who would have the guts to taunt Madame Cherbyll? As she looked at his behind on full display, she could see his head from between his legs. Upside down, he had looked back at her. He raised a single finger, and then shook it, telling her ‘no’.

The other girls on the couches turned pale. This was flat-out humiliation! They were waiting for the moment the madame exploded. Her eyes were locked on him, a seemingly terrifying intensity in them. She lunged out this time as if she planned to grab his ass and make it hers no matter what he wanted. Just as her hands were about to reach, he stood up and spun around. His dick ended up slapping her hands away.

The sight of it was too much, and another woman suddenly broke into laughter. She was one of Madame Cherbyll’s friends, but she was now laughing at her failed attempt to fondle this alien man. Madame Cherbyll shot her a glare. The friend stiffened, and then a light gleamed in her eyes. She lunged toward Guy’s dick! Guy spun again, causing her to slam into his back. Then he bent over, hit her with his butt. She stumbled back onto the couch.

Madame Cherbyll exploded into laugher. Although her mouth was hidden, her eyes were filled with excitement and happiness. Seeing her laughing, the other girls broke into laughter too. Guy used this opportunity to back up a few steps. He then jumped down and started doing the worm. He was afraid all of the girls would start trying to play a game of grab ass, so he did a move that would keep them from touching either his ass or his dick.

Watching him starting to do something else, all of the girls started screaming. It was like all of the tension had been cut in an instant. The girls were all screaming and reaching out. The other men who had been looking down on Guy were staring on in complete shock. In just a few minutes, he had not only gained the attention of every girl there, but they had already lost all propriety, and were now desperately reaching out for him like his body was some kind of temple!

All he had done was reject Madame Cherbyll and tease her and her friend! How would teasing a girl a little turn her into such a loose woman? Right now, he was just doing a couple of silly dance movies, and they were going nuts. Not every girl in the party was completely lost on Guy. Madame Priscilla had leaned back in her chair and was looking at him with consideration. Xara still had her face covered in shock. Although Ferrin acted with the other girls, it was clear she was just getting along, and not nearly as excited as her other friends.

Guy was conscious of this as well. His original plan had been to catch Ferrin’s interest and no one else. Now, it seemed like it was in reverse. Of the twelve women present, Ferrin was the only one who didn’t seem too into it. Perhaps she was still too enamored with her wedding tomorrow that the thought of another man didn’t excite her. This was going to be trickier than Guy thought.

“One of the girls, a younger girl who looked to be about Xara’s age, suddenly dived out. Madame Cherbyll stiffened at the sight. The woman tried to grab Guy, keeping low. She only made it three steps before a bellow caused everything to stop.

“You dare!” Madame Cherbyll snapped.

The girl froze, looking back at Cherbyll like she was caught keying her car. Despite her previous naughty actions, her iciness had returned, or perhaps it was rather that Guy had become her meat, and another girl was trying to grab what was hers, she would naturally react negatively. Given the disastrous results her friend had, she was willing to overlook it, but this girl was younger, and also part of her family. Guy didn’t know this, but she was a niece and cousin to the groom. She had allowed herself to get too excited, and after seeing the Madame attempt to touch him, she had decided to try to grab him herself.

Regrettably, she wasn’t in a position to do such a thing, and Madame Cherbyll didn’t react as kindly this time. If thing continued, not only would she be chastised, but the entire mood of the room would be ruined. The girl had fallen to her knees in Madame Cherbyll’s direction, beginning an apology. Guy thought quickly, and her begging for forgiveness and idea struck him. He pulled his foot out of his sandal and then jumped between Madame Cherbyll and the girl.

The girl looked up to see a cock swinging in front of her eyes, and Madame Cherbyll’s displeased vision was suddenly filled with that ass she had been admiring. Guy lifted his foot, and then put it on the girl’s face. Then, he pushed, kicking her away. Although she was just a cousin, she was still a member of a large crime family. Could a mere stripper step on her and kick her like that? It was done in a way that didn’t hurt her at all! In fact, she seemed slightly happy. Was that okay?

Before such a scene was resolved, Madame Cherbyll made a move. When Guy had kicked, he had taken a step back, and now his butt was right in Madame Cherbyll’s lap. Although she didn’t want anyone else to touch him, she naturally couldn’t resist herself. No sooner had he kicked away the other girl, Madame Cherbyll’s hands reached around. She was making a grab for Guy’s cock. Without thinking, he grabbed her hands and pulled.

“Ah!” That was the only cry before Madame Cherbyll’s face was buried into Guy’s butt.

Vienna who was watching this nearly collapsed. All of the other girls were staring with wide-eyed wonder. Madame Cherbyll might have been wearing a veil, but it only protected her mouth. Her nose, on the other hand, had just plunged into the crack of his bottom. Was such a position allowed?

What the girls didn’t know was that her veil had been knocked aside slightly in that push. Furthermore, after a few tense seconds of shock, Guy felt a tongue suddenly come out and touch his…

Guy leaped to the side, escaping Madame Cherbyll. This caused him to collapse on the bride-to-be, Ferrin. He had moved quickly and ended up grabbed Ferrin as he flopped to the side. She ended up falling into Xara’s lap, and Guy ended up mounted on top of her. His hands had ended up grabbing her wrists, holding them up over her head and against the armrest of the chair. She looked up at him with wide eyed. Guy heard teeth grinding, and he turned his head slightly to see Xara glaring at him, her teeth clenched.

“What are you doing here?” She hissed quietly.

“Long story?” Guy shrugged.

Guy felt his arm grabbed, and he was yanked off of Ferrin. He turned to see Madame Cherbyll. Her face was red, and she looked furious.

“Enough of this!” She shouted, causing the music to stop. “This animal has gone too far!”

“Ah… it was an accident…” It was Ferrin who spoke up.

“I don’t care! This man’s life is forfeit!”

“Madame Cherbyll…” Madame Priscilla spoke up, trying to fix the situation.

“Give this man’s life to me, so I may punish him properly!”

“We can worry about that later… I’ll get a proper torturer… maybe the Blooden sisters are available…”

“No! I will take care of it myself. Guards!”

“Y-yes… as you wish.” Madame Priscilla shot Guy a worried look, but it didn’t seem like she was going to fight for his protection anymore.

She couldn’t. If she tried, she’d only be revealing their plot. Two men came out and grabbed Guy. He was somewhat confused. He thought things were going well, but apparently, he had been treading the line too closely. Madame Cherbyll was a thorny woman, and he had somehow offended her.

“Take him to one of the chambers upstairs. Bring restraints, a whip, and a knife.”

“Mother, please, my party…” Ferrin tried to intervene again.

“Just continue to enjoy your party. Once this brute has been shown his place, I will return.” She snapped, and Guy was pulled away.

He saw Vienna reach out for him, but Aza held her back. Xara also looked like she wanted to do something, but Ferrin whispered to her, and all she did was look on anxiously. I was dragged up the stairs. This time, he only went to the second level. The men tossed him into a room. Madame Cherbyll followed behind. A man came in and put down a whip, a knife, and the restraints she asked for.

“I can handle it from here! Wait outside!” She demanded, and so the door was closed leaving me there naked against this woman.

After a few moments of silence, she finally turned to him, a glare in her eyes. “You have some nerve.”

“I-I’m sorry…” Guy tried to defend.

“You’re an animal.” She harumphed. “Your apologies mean nothing. Everything you did was obscene. Showing me that naughty thing. Attacking me, embarrassing me, insulting me!”

“Ah… it wasn’t intentional…”

“Intentional?” She snorted, reaching out and picking up the torture items in her hands. “No one has ever treated me this way. You stuck your ass in my face like I was some kind of toilet paper! You even slapped me with your dick! I can’t stand this treatment anymore! It was so…”

“S-sorry…” Guy spoke weakly.

“So… so… so…” She looked down on Guy, her eyes filled with intensity. “Sexy!”


“No man has ever made me feel this aroused before! I couldn’t wait any longer! I want you so bad! If I let the other girls know how worked up I was, they would laugh at me. Thus, I had to act that way so that I could be alone with you!”

“Y-you want to have sex?”

She tossed the items on the bed. “I want you to treat me like trash!”

“… what?”

“Tie me up! Rub your dick on me! Use me like a toilet! Call me a whore! Whip me! Cut me!” her voice let out a moan. “I can’t take it anymore. I want your humiliation! A disgusting little monkey creature that flaps its dick around! I want you to rub your disgusting body all over me. I want to be filthy! No, I want to be ruined! Ruin me, monkey man! Ruin me!”

She grabbed her shirt, and then ripped it open, bearing her impressive chest.

Guy stared at the veiled woman who still had her mouth hidden, but her very nice and robust tits hanging out while she heaved her chest in a lewd way. He then glanced at the rope, whip, and knives. He picked them up.


She did ask, after all.

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