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“Tie it tighter. Tighter I say!”

Guy was tying the Madame of the Cherbyll family to a bed frame using some rope. She was panting excitedly while she eagerly encouraged him to do it faster and rougher. It occurred to him that given the situation if someone walked in on them, Madame Cherbyll could easily declare herself an innocent victim. Women liked to give the “I like it rough” only to pull the rug out from under you by claiming assault later. It had never happened to Guy, but he had the friend of a friend that it had happened to once.

When it came to someone like Madam Cherbyll who had such a reputation and background, one could easily believe she’d throw Guy out an airlock to keep from facing the responsibility of her actions. Unfortunately, Guy was in a bit of a hard place here. If he didn’t satisfy the madame, she would likely become furious with him. There was also the matter of his mission. He was stuck in the room with this woman when he was supposed to be working his magic on the daughter.

If he failed in his mission, he’d have that guy Dresdon to answer to. This was all a major pain. Why did Guy have to get caught up in all of this? Well, since he had no choice, he might as well have fun. Guy was no sadist, but he had a feeling that this girl wasn’t really into BDSM either. A little light slapping and maybe a few derogatory terms were probably all she could handle. At least, that’s all Guy would dare deliver.

After securing her restraints so that her arms were restrained at each end of the headboard, Madam Cherbyll was partially sitting up, looking at Guy like a judge waiting for the final verdict. Guy gulped and then grabbed his dick, stroking it until it hardened up in front of her. Her eyes started to watch his dick as it began to grow, a perverted look in her eyes. Once he was erect, he reached out and grabbed the knife. He wasn’t going to use it to cut her, but if he didn’t involve the knife at all, she’d probably get angry. Thus, he started to cut the clothing off her.

Her eyes were filled with lewd excitement and she even made erotic noises whenever the cold skill touched her skin. Guy cut off her blouse first, exposing her large, round breasts. As much fun as Guy had on the ship with the girls, it was a bit nice to find a woman whose skin was a normal color. Green, red, and orange tits were all nice, but there was nothing that beat a pair of pale pink breasts, with the occasional dark brown to vary things up.

If her skin was different from a human, it might have been slightly pinker, as if she was permanently flushed with arousal. That might just be the lewd girl herself. As soon as Guy cut away her skirt, there was nearly a waft of steam. Her underwear was drenched wet, and there was a thick smell of sex that spoke of just how badly this little slut wanted it. Guy was torn between wanting to finish this up quickly and return to the bachelorette party so he could do his job, and providing this girl the satisfaction she desired so that his life wouldn’t be in jeopardy.

Perhaps it was too hopeful to think that once he slept with her that she’d allow him back down below. Didn’t that mean that his only choice was to fuck her into a coma? He had to bang her until she passed out, and only then would he be free to go back down once she was unconscious. As for how Guy was planning to do that, there was a certain secret weapon. He had that aphrodisiac that Madame Priscilla had given him.

It was supposed to make an honest girl into a dick slut. So, what would happen if you gave it to a dick slut? Guy hoped it made her so thirsty that she’d tire herself out and collapse. As for Guy’s stamina, as she was working herself, he was confident he could keep up with some old MILF. If Guy could keep up with an eighteen-year-old who just took a hit of cocaine laced with ecstasy, then he could handle grandma here.

He was being a bit unfair. This woman was extremely sexy and if her alien species did wrinkle, she didn’t have any signs of it. However, she was an older woman, and keeping that heavily in his mind kept his excitement from growing out of control. As for the story about the girl, Guy only knew she had taken a hit after they had a three-hour sex marathon.

Eventually, Guy had removed every strip of her party outfit except her soaking underwear and her veil. Since Guy was a little curious, and also because he was planning to save the best for last, he reached and cut off her veil. It fell harmlessly to the side, but as soon as it did, her lewd expression turned to one of shock. Guy had already been moving in though, and before she could get a word out his lips met hers.

“Mmm!” She cried out.

Her body jerked as she tried to move her arms, but she was bound to the bed and unable to resist. Guy was surprised by her sudden act, but not knowing what else to do, he kissed her harder, putting his tongue in her mouth. He thought that maybe taking the veil off was some kind of taboo or something. He had honestly been worried that she was extremely unfortunate looking and that her mouth was in some way disfigured our monstrous. That’s why he had gone for it so suddenly without warning. He didn’t want to find out after her mouth was all teeth or some kind of horror story thing.

However, she was just as beautiful as the rest of her. Her lips were big, pink, and quite delicious to kiss. Guy had been so happy that she wasn’t in some way malformed, especially knowing he still had to have sex with her, that he had just kissed her. Now that their lips were together, he was a bit afraid to pull away. After all, she could scream for help, or declare rape. With her tied to the bed, no one would believe Guy was innocent!

Whatever great taboo he violated, he decided that once he jumped on that tiger, he couldn’t let go. His tongue invaded her mouth and started to taste her fully. Her tongue tried to fight back at first, pushing his out of her mouth. As this happened, her body thrashed and she made all kinds of loud noises. However, it only lasted for about fifteen seconds before her eyes closed, and she started kissing him back. She started moaning in arousal instead.

“Mmmnnn… mmm… mmm!” She liked the kiss.

In particular, as his tongue danced around hers, her whole body seemed to shiver in delight. He kissed her for about a minute when her body started to fight against its restraints. He feared she had regained her strength and was going to fight again, but a moment later she let out a loud moan into his mouth. His hand had been on her inner thigh while he kissed her, so when he felt a gush of warm liquid strike his hand, he was surprised. He pulled away and looked down to see her underwear drenched her abdomen clenching, and liquid squirting out.

As soon as he pulled away, she let out moaning sounds of a woman in full orgasm. She reached orgasm just by him kiss her? He looked in disbelief as he wiped the spit off his mouth. She was a fairly wet kisser too. It seemed to she was wet from both sides.

“You… how dare you.” She declared as she regained her breath, her chest heaving. “Only my husband has ever seen my mouth.”

“It’s a very cute mouth.” Guy didn’t know what to say, so he decided to go with teasing.

To land home his playful nature, he leaned in and then carefully licked the outside of her plump lips. Her body shook as did this, and she let out cute noises.

“D-defilement…” She breathed out. “So naughty… you’re really bad. So bad.”

“Isn’t that what you want?” Guy asked, raising an eyebrow.

Still panting, she tilted her head for a second and then sighed. “Fine, you may kiss me. J-just, be gentle. That level of stimulation is too much.”

So, her lips were stimulating? Guy thought about it for a bit, and then a dark thought came to him.

“Okay, I’ll kiss you. Close your eyes first.”

“Y-you… who do you think you are telling me what to do?”

“I could tie up your eyes with the underwear I cut off you if you’d rather!”

“F-fine… but you better give me something good.” She responded, her snobbish side returning.

Oh, Guy planned to give her something good. Since he had already gone this far, he might as well go the rest of the way. He very carefully moved so that Madame Cherbyll couldn’t tell what he was doing while her eyes were closed. She tilted her head forward in anticipation, her lips parting slightly as she waited for a sweet kiss.

“Well?” She demanded.

“I’m ready.”

Her eyes opened to see the head of Guy’s cock right in front of her. As her mouth opened to likely yell at Guy, he grabbed the back of her head and shoved his cock into her mouth.

“Mmmm!” She let out a cry, but once again, she couldn’t do anything about it.

Guy wasn’t sure why he had decided to go this route. She had messed up his plans earlier and singled him out several times. Then she dragged him up here and decided to treat him like her own little sex toy. He couldn’t say he wasn’t a bit annoyed. Since her mouth was some precious thing only her husband could touch, then Guy wanted to defile it completely.

After all, she had told him to ruin her. Ultimately, he was doing what she had requested, and also getting a little vindication of his own. Next time she had such qualms like no mouth stuff, then maybe she should have said something before a man tied her up! This was a woman used to getting everything she wanted without a setback, so it never occurred to her that things would go wrong. She probably thought Guy was sufficiently cowed, and all she’d need to do is tell him where to put it and how fast and he’d just be a toy.

Well, Guy decided to enjoy her mouth to the fullest! Of course, there was a fear that she’d bite him. He anticipated the slut in her wouldn’t do something like that. She had wanted to be defiled, after all. Thus, he started to thrust into her face. If he felt teeth, he’d abandon real quick. It surprised him a bit that he didn’t feel teeth at all. Her tongue and mouth felt incredible. From the moment he stuck it in deep, her throat was great.

He started by trying to embarrass and get back at her, but after a minute of her struggling and him gagging her with his cock, it started to feel good. Madame Cherbyll was a blowjob queen! No wonder her husband kept her around even though she was a cheating whore. She managed to keep her teeth from touching his cock completely. Her throat sucked down on it perfectly, like a vacuum. Meanwhile, her tongue undulating on the bottom of his shaft with precision.

Her lips were godly, and her throat was tight. Guy, who had great stamina when he wanted to, was quickly finding it difficult to keep his knees standing. Madame Cherbyll had stopped fighting it too. She was bobbing her head up and down on his cock. Every minute or so, her throat would tighten like a vice, and suck hard on his cock until he felt like he’d collapse. She also let out muffled moans so loud that it was like there was a subwoofer under his cock. That only led to even more pleasure.

Guy tried to last as long as he could, but he reached his limit. “I’m cumming!”

“Mm…mmm! Mm….Mmm!” Madame Cherbyll shook her head, a look of panic in her eyes.

Guy couldn’t hold back though. It all felt too good. Grabbing the headboard, he thrust his cock as deep into her throat as he could, and a moment later cock erupted. He could feel her suction increase as he blasted his hot load down her throat. For a girl who didn’t want it, wasn’t she swallowing it with vigor?

Guy came buckets, and Madam Cherbyll swallowed it all down, sucking Guy’s cock so hard that even if he tried to pull it out, it wouldn’t go. Only when he was flaccid did he finally manage to slide it out of her lips. He took a few steps back, and his feet felt wet squishiness. Frowning, he looked down to find that the entire bed was soaked through a giant puddle as if she had pissed herself. Guy frowned, looking up at the Madame, waiting for a tongue lashing.

A second later, her eyes rolled up into her head, and then her head fell to the side. A single strand of cum leaked out of her lips as she made a groaning noise. Wait, what just happened? She was passed out? Guy had gotten sucked so good that he had felt like he came two times worth into her mouth. He didn’t know if he could get it up again to pleasure her pussy. However, that didn’t seem to be necessary, as she was already passed out. Did he take too much air? She was the one sucking down. He felt her mouth and could feel she was still breathing. He didn’t know what to make of it.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

Guy nearly fell out of the bed. Looking around in a panic, he grabbed a blanket, and then tossed it over the unconscious Madame Cherbyll. Then, he checking himself, he opened the door just a crack. The person on the other end wasn’t one of the servants or bodyguards checking up on her, it was one of the bride’s maids. In particular, it was the girl who had tried to grab Guy earlier and then got yelled at. When she saw Guy, she let out a breath of relief.

“Are you done with that old hag?” She whispered.


“We all knew what she came here to do! She can barely handle anything. She always goes to sleep after sex.”


“Come on… my turn!” She grabbed Guy and pulled him out of the room, closing it without a care for Madame Cherbyll at all.

Guy wasn’t taken far. A room over and he was pulled into this girl’s room. She shut the door, and then immediately started taking off her clothing.


She looked up at me. “Hey, we got to do this fast. I told the girls I have to go take a piss. Once the main party is over, all those old slut friends of Cherbylls are going to be coming for your cock, and I’m not going to get your dick after it’s been in a dozen old sluts. I don’t even like that you’ve been inside Cherbyll’s cobwebbed cooch. Hey, what’s your name?”

Although she was an alien girl with a ridged forehead and baby blue skin, she talked just like a lot of young women Guy knew. Whenever Guy went to clubs, the young women liked to mock the older women as gross for daring to try to look sexy while over twenty-five. Meanwhile, the older ladies would mock the younger for their inexperience and expecting to have everything handed to them, even orgasms. As someone who had pursued both types, Guy always found it funny. To see such a thing even here in space gave Guy a complicated feeling.

“It’s Guy. I didn’t… um… in her…” He hadn’t made it that far, after all.

“Seriously? You just touched her down there and she passed out? Hilarious!” She suddenly leaned forward, her shirt she had just taken off still in her hands. “You didn’t lift her veil, did you?”


“I mean when she passed out, did you look?” Guy couldn’t keep his expression perfect, and the girl immediately jumped to her conclusions. “That’s hilarious! What species are you anyway?”

“I’m, um… human.” I shook my head. “Her husband was the only man who could see that, she said.”

“I bet she showed you… that little slut. What did it look like?” She laughed as she pulled down her skirt.

“Huh? Her mouth? It was a mouth?”

“Oh… don’t tell me you don’t know.”

“Know what?” Guy was trying to follow this girl, but her mind seemed to be going a mile a minute.

“She’s a driscillon. You haven’t heard about driscillons?” I shook my head, and she giggled. “Driscillons have two sexual organs. The one between their legs is just for show. Yeah, it gets them off, but it’s only so good. That’s why Cherbyll cheats so shamelessly. As long as it’s with her fake organ, it’s not truly cheating. It’s designed to keep driscillon women pure, or something. You see, that’s because a driscillon woman’s true sex organ is her mouth!”

“What?” Guy stared at her in disbelief.

“Their tongue is a clitoris. Supposedly, it’s like a hundred times more sensitive than their vaginas. Only driscillon men realize their true sex organ, so only driscillon men can get them pregnant!”


“Oh, yeah, their mouths are super fertile and super sensitive. That’s why they wear the veils all the time. Even the slightest breeze can make them orgasm, and if they use that hole, it’s almost a guaranteed pregnancy! Hey, what planet are you from?”

“I… I don’t even know how to respond to that… ah, I mean Earth. Earth girls… aren’t like that.” Guy muttered as he looked up, only to see the girl had finished stripping and was looking at him with sultry eyes.

“Well, don’t worry, my pussy works like any normal girl!” The woman turned around and then and bent over the bed, using her hands to spread her light blue butt cheeks and give him a full sight of her dark blue pussy lips. “Now, do me like you do your Earth girls!”

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