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“Boss… the FTL drive is currently still broken. The ship is still running on low power mode to decrease our chances of being detected. Five of the fifteen floors are breached and currently sealed off.”

“How many girls made it?” The hooded figure asked, calmly lighting a stick of herb.

The other woman had green skin. She dressed wearing almost nothing in stark contrast to the robed figure who didn’t show any skin at all. Her pants were little more than a thong, and the covering on her chest barely covered 1/3 of her breasts. She had short, curly, bright purple hair. Furthermore, the drapes did not match the carpet. In fact, she was completely bald down below.

“We counted thirteen. Fifteen if you count the two stow-a-ways,” She paused for a second and then glanced uncertainly. “Ma’am… why are we keeping the Cathari? At least, I understand the other creature is an unknown variable, but the cat people are all part of the galactic alliance. She’s definitely part of the force that seeks to put us back in prison.”

“Leverage, girl.” The woman puffed on the stick, blowing smoke through her teeth. “Perhaps we can use her for trade. Or enemy information. Or maybe just a toy that girls can beat on to relieve stress. I’m not one to throw anything away if it can be used.”

“And… the creature?”

As if on cue, the door slid open, and a blue, transparent alien walked in.

“Cerisa, you’re done with the interrogation? What have you learned from the creature?” the woman behind the desk demanded.

“With some stimulation, the creature is capable of excreting semen. It is very nutritious. However, despite my best efforts, it appears to have diminishing returns. The first release had the greatest concentration of protein. The second was less. Although the third was more again, it required a technique that caused an overall loss of biomass. In short, as a substitute for food, this semen seems inadequate.”

“Semen, huh? Then it is a male after all.” The hooded woman sighed.

The green woman grimaced. “You were testing if semen was suitable as food? How disgusting! What a waste of research! 

“The semen has provided me with several missing chemicals that I wasn’t getting from the nutritional cubes,“ The blue woman responded emotionlessly. “If you see, my blue is much clearer and bright now that I have consumed his semen.”

“Most of the girls on this ship aren’t going to eat some kind of discharge that comes from a man’s… a man’s… you know… thingy!”

“You mean his penis?” The blue woman asked.

“Ah!” She blushed a yellow color and covered her ears. “Don’t say such vulgarity.”

“I always found it odd that despite how your species dress, you have no tolerance for sex. It truly is puzzling.”

“D-d—don’t say that word, or we all might get pregnant! In fact, you may already be! Don’t touch me! I’m not protected!”

“Don’t be ridiculous. I digested the semen. It will not make me pregnant. As I was explaining to the human, he’d need to cum over 5,000 times consecutively to produce enough that I could even think of combining-“

“Enough of this talk!” The women in the robe cut in. “The important thing is we know we’re dealing with a man here. All the girls onboard come from the Taigen All-Women’s Prison. Most are lifers. Some were even born in captivity. We need to figure out which women on board have any experience with a male before.”

“You can’t seriously be thinking about letting that lewd thing on board!” The green woman’s lips curled.

“Vienna, a male servant may be advantageous on board. We’ve already found it can provide a needed nutrient to serve our local Simolian.” The cloaked woman waved to Cerisa. “He may serve as a toy for other women on board.

“A-a-a-a toy! Do you mean… that… that… ‘s’ word!”


“Stop it! Did I not say that saying it might make you pregnant? In fact, leaving this man on board will make us all pregnant! I’m only 730 cycles old. I’m too young to have a baby!”

“Vienna… for the moment, we will not jettison the man. As I said, I don’t like to throw things out. However, we will need to put someone in charge of watching the creature for the night.”

“I will happily take the creature in,” Cerisa responded.

“I want to know more about it than just its semen production. What is its species name? Will it be dangerous to us? I don’t think you’ll be capable of meeting this creature’s immediate needs. I have a feeling if I left it with you for the night, I’d find it dead in the morning. Speaking of which, where is it now?”

“I’ve left it where it was restrained.” Cerisa frowned.

“Exactly…” The robed woman rubbed her forehead, “How many times do I need to tell you. Other species die of exposure. He’s already likely dead or dying.”

“Boss, this male seems to differ biologically from the women on board,” Cerisa said uncertainly. “At first, I just assumed it was because he was a different sex and I was inexperienced with it. However, it seems like he is abnormally resilient. He took a blow that should have knocked him out while barely flinching. Even the stun shot that should have knocked him out for an entire day only lasted a few hours. I suspect that his body will adapt to the temperature, and he will remain healthy despite the exposure.”

“In the future, Cerisa, consult me before you attempt such sloppy experiments putting lives on the line!” the hooded woman spoke darkly. “If you don’t… then I’ll have to punish you.”

“That won’t be necessary!” Cerisa lowered her head, shaking in terror. “Yes, Boss. Of course, Boss! We’ll find someone more suitable, Boss!”

The ship was full of prisoners. For everyone to call this woman Boss and listen to her orders like this, she had to be a pretty terrifying presence.

“Diatome mentioned to me once that she had children. That means she likely has experience with males. Have her fetch this man. Put him in one of the cells and feed him some nutrients. Tell her to find out everything she can about this creature.” The Boss spoke.


“Yes, boss!”

The two girls left the room immediately, fearing Boss might grow angry if they lingered. The cloaked and hooded woman sat in the darkroom, pondering things. Many of these women had been in jail for 120 cycles or longer. Putting a male on board was definitely like dropping a small animal in a carnivore pit. She was truly interested in seeing what would happen.


Guy sneezed. It was really freaking cold in this room. A moment later the door screeched open and someone walked in. Of course, the blinding lights on my table mixed with the darkness around it made it impossible for me to see who the person was. Guy squinted at the woman, hoping it wasn’t the crazy blue bitch coming back for another meal. Actually, she was soft and warm, so he probably wouldn’t hate that at all. He heard an annoyed tsk sound.

“Cerisa didn’t clean up her mess at all, what a bad girl.” A sensual, mature sexy voice came from the woman watching him.

She took a step forward, and I was able to finally make out her features. The thing that caught Guy immediately was the fact that she had three breasts! She was a woman, but rather than hair, she had thick tubes the same color as her skin that was combed back in an approximation of hair. Her skin was slightly orange, with just a hint of light blue mixed into her skin. She had wide hips, red lips, and a friendly-looking smile. She stood with her hands at her sides and a pleasant expression on her face. Compared to the cold Cerisa, she seemed almost friendly.

However, Guy had already crashed, been hit over the head, shot, tied up, raped, and then left on a cold examination table for an hour. He didn’t know what to expect next from these strange aliens. It was strange that no two of them were alike. Typically, you’d assume all the aliens were of the same species. Yet, there seemed to be no unifying species amongst the girls he had seen so far.

“You’re a guy, yes?”

She spoke with an accent, although Guy seemed to remember that blue bitch had mentioned something like translation microbes or something. So, he could understand their languages even though they were different from his own. In that case, this woman wasn’t speaking with an accent, but she was speaking some unintelligible alien words. He wondered why it sounded vaguely like a French accent then.

“My name is Guy,” Guy said, eyeing her suspiciously.

“Hello, Guy,” As she spoke, her eyes traveled up and down my body, lingering on a certain part longer. “Oh yes… that looks familiar.”

Guy let out a cough. “What’s with that, haven’t you ever seen a penis before?”

She giggled softly, her hand raised up to her lips, showing her lacquered fingernails, which came to points that looked a lot sharper than a human.

“I have… although it has been a while. Are you… normal for your species? In size?”

“What kind of question is that?” Guy growled, feeling annoyed. “It’s big enough to fuck you good!”

Her eyes twinkled. “I have no doubt of that. The men of my species actually have a smaller penis, about ½ the size of yours.”

“Hmph!” Guy responded cockily.

“But they have three of them.” She giggled again as his eyes widened in shock. “I’m not sure if you’d be able to trigger all three of my coitus slots at once. I need this to achieve orgasm.”

“Coitus slot? Is that your pussy?”

“No… I only have one sexual organ, but it is divided into three pouches. Although you are quite big, and it’d feel quite good, you could only hit one at a time. As I said, all three must be stimulated to achieve climax.”

“You… you’re quite forward. Girls usually blush when they talk about such things.” Guy finally said.

“Am I? Well, I’m not chaste like our local Ogen. My species are known as the Lizzar. Our views on sex are very… up front.”

“Ogen? Lizzar? I don’t…” Guy shook his head in confusion.

“The names of our species. What is your species called?”

“Um… human, I guess? Although, scientists call us… Homo sapiens….” He started to realize that these aliens might be just as curious about him as he is about them. “Um, where are we?”

“We are on the high-security transport vessel, Obsidian.” She responded, walking up to the table and then standing next to me. “How about, I ask a question and you answer, then you ask and I answer? Will that be okay?”

“Yeah… I can do that.”

“Then, tell me, do you find me attractive?” She asked, reaching out and touching my stomach with her nail.

“Huh? Why did you ask that question?”

“It’s my turn,” She responded. ”Just answer my question truthfully.”

Her nail was sharp, and she ran it up and down my chest seductively, her eyes seeming to be filled with a dangerous light in him. The peaceful feel he got from her before seemed to evaporate as he got a closer look. She actually looked to be quite volatile. Just something about the way, she held herself gave the impression of a guitar string stretched tightly and ready to snap. Her smile and gentle way of talking didn’t change though, so it could just be Guy not knowing her species or something.

“Um… yeah, you’re hot,” Guy responded. “I mean, three tits, what guy doesn’t fantasize about three tits?”

“You like these?” She pushed her three tits together curiously.

“Uh… it’s my turn.”

She smiled, “Very well…”

“Who are you, people?”

The smile on her face fell, and for a moment Guy was afraid he had asked the wrong question. However, after a brief bit of silence, she finally glanced up at him.

“This was a transport ship tasked with transporting a group of women from a maximum-security galactic prison. Those people… we escaped! We killed the guards, took over the ship, and then tried to escape. We ended up on your planet seemingly by accident. You should have never made it on our ship, but a malfunctioning launch bay opened and you and a galactic fighter seemed to crash onto our ship.”

“You’re… prisoners.”

“No longer…” She said, looking away. “This ship is being hunted by the galactic alliance. We have already jumped away from your planet. We’re now seven hundred light-years away. As for returning you home, that is an impossibility.”

“Wha-“ He stopped as she glanced back at him and he changed his words. “Your question next.”

That seemed to cause a trace of her smile to return. “Would you like to fuck me?”

“Huh? Didn’t you say I wouldn’t be able to get you off?”

Her smile fully returned and she chuckled. “Still, I can’t fight the temptation to have a male again. For most of the girls, they have never seen a male of any species before. The prison we come from was an all woman’s prison. The guards were exclusively women. It’s been 121 cycles since I had a man. This is actually detrimental to my species health. I must produce children.”

“Huh, children? You have kids?”

“A few thousand, yes…” She nodded, and when I made a noise, she chuckled softly. “You see, my species lay eggs. We fornicate, and then that generates the egg-laying. However, I haven’t been stimulated for a long time, and if I don’t soon, I could potentially die. My guards, of course, didn’t care at all if I died in prison. Now that I have escaped, I naturally seek to resolve my situation. Although you are not a Lizzar, you should still have male hormones. I believe if I am sufficiently stimulated by your male hormones, I can induce the egg-laying state. Even if I can’t reach climax, if I can reach that state and release my eggs, then my body will remain healthy. You understand, yes?”

“Um… I’m not ready to have children!” Guy responded with a grimace, not sure what else to say.

“Don’t be ridiculous. Genetically, our species are incompatible. The chances of your seed fertilizing my eggs are astronomical. I don’t wish to have children either. I just wish to release the clutch so that my biology is allowed to recover.

“You were brought on board by an accident, but since you have been placed in my charge, I plan to make use of you for my own benefits. Every girl on board is the same way. We’re not a crew. We’re just escaped prisoners. Our respect for boss is the only thing that keeps us from killing each other. As for you, unless the boss says otherwise, your life is dependent on how much you are able to keep us satisfied. Tonight, I will be enjoying your company.

She stopped for a second and then touched her lips. “If you had the impression, I was asking you to fuck me, that was a mistake. I actually don’t care what you honestly want. However, if you were willing, it would mean I could use fewer restraints.”

Damn, this woman wasn’t kindly at all! Guy wanted to take back every thought she ever had about her. She was actually just as savage as that blue bitch. She was now the three-boobed bitch. It also seemed like every woman on this ship was just as crazy as those two! Fortunately, if there was one thing that Guy knew how to deal with, it was women. This woman wanted to fuck? That was Guy’s specialty!

He grinned. “Okay then, I’ll give you a ride if you want one.”

“Good!” She clicked some buttons on the control panel and to Guy’s surprise, the restraints were taken off just like that.

For criminals, these girls sure were trusting. Well, it wasn’t like Guy knew what to do. He was trapped in a spaceship. If he believed them, and he did, he was already farther away from Earth than any human had ever traveled. Returning home was basically an impossibility unless he could overpower a dozen or so criminals, commandeer a ship, and then figure out how to take it home. Guy was a pilot, but he didn’t think he was that good.

Instead, he got up and swung his legs over the table, rubbing his wrists as he did. He noticed that the woman was looking him up and down, a surprised look on her face.

“What is it?” He asked after deciding he had enough of her visual examination.

“I’m just surprised. You have no bruising. No broken bones. Your body seems to be in perfect condition.”

“Why shouldn’t it be?” Guy demanded, jumping off the bed and onto his feet.

“You were in an accident and you weren’t even wearing an exosuit. You were slammed in the face by a Gantaro and then shot with a repulsion gun. Even now, you’ve been left naked in this table. Even I find it cold in here, and you’ve been lying for hours.”

“Eh?” Guy reached up and touched his nose. “Well, at least my nose ain’t broken. I guess she didn’t hit me as hard as I thought. As to the rest of it, it wasn’t that bad? I’ve had worse crashes than that. It’s just a few bumps and scratches.”

She frowned. “A few bumps and scratches would be fatal on one of our worlds.”


She shook her head and then looked down at his feet. “Can you walk, at least?”

Guy nodded, jumping slightly and realizing that he actually felt really light on his feet. He hadn’t felt this spry in ages. No, it was more than that. He really was lighter!

“Ah… actually, are you guys sure you have the gravity on right? It feels really light.”

“If I recall correctly, your planet is abnormally massive. It generates a gravity of nearly 25% greater than the galactic standard.”

“What does that mean?” Guy asked with a frown.

“It means that you are used to a greater force of gravity than most species. That must be why your muscle structure is so strange. It has adapted to handle the unique environment of your home.”

“Well, yeah, I guess.” Guy didn’t really know about such things. “So, everything is lighter, that’s probably why you have three tits.”

The woman glanced down at her tits and then chuckled. “How many do your women have?”

“Just the two.”

“That seems to be the usual amount for other species too. For my species, the average is 5. I’m actually the runt of the liter, so to speak.”

“Five tits! Naw… I’m good with three.” He made a face trying to imagine a five-tit woman.

She chuckled. “I’m glad you like them. They are fully functional.”

He didn’t know if that last part was a translation error or what. He didn’t know what functional breasts meant. She hadn’t had babies in a long time, so why would they produce milk? Then again, why did she need tits at all if her children were hatched? He had no clue, and he definitely wasn’t going to ask.

“Well, at the very least, you fared better than your Cathari friend.”

“Catha… what?” Guy blinked and tried to think back, you mean the catgirl?”

“Cat… girl? I don’t know what a cat is, but she is a female of her species. She is currently in a healing chamber. I would have presumed to kill her, but Boss ordered her healed. So, she’s being kept unconscious until we have a need for her.”

“She’s a… um… enemy?”

The woman nodded. “She’s from the Galactic Enforcement Bureau. Her squadron had caught us on a routine patrol before we had finished with repairing the ship. That’s why we were on your planet. What is the name?”


“Yes, Earth. We hid there because we believed it to be uninhabitable. While you were fine, that Cathari woman crashed in an environment with a 25% increase in gravity. She broke several bones and had a concussion. If she didn’t have an exosuit on, she might have even died.”

“Oh, well, it’s not like I know her or anything.”

He felt bad for the girl, but Guy had no attachment to her. If she ended up as a prisoner to these prisoners, well that was her own bad luck. While Guy was thinking this stuff, she had walked over to the door and pressed a button. It opened, letting in a wave of blinding light, causing Guy to shield his face.

“Very well, then, shall we go?” She gestured to the door, his exit from this strange examination room.

“Ah… first, do you have any clothing?”

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