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“Ahhhhn! Fuck! Fuck! I’m cumming! Your alien dick is amazing!” She moaned out, collapsing to the bed, her body twitching in pleasure.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

The door opened and a woman’s head poked in. “Are you finished yet? It’s my turn!”

Guy would have liked to say he had just finished taming that dark blue pussy from before, and that this was the second girl who just happened to show up. Unfortunately, that wasn’t farther from the case. This was girl number four, and he had already banged two previous alien pussies. He had already cum again, and he just finished his third time with this woman, who was one of the older ‘friends’ of Madame Cherbyll.

At this point, Guy was quite tired, but he was already accosted by woman after woman. These thirsty alien sluts were far too much! The older woman who was still convulsing from a power orgasm didn’t respond, so this woman pushed her way in, grabbed Guy, and then dragged him out of the room. When he reached the hallways, he found nearly six women all standing there.

None of these were the bride that he had hoped to seduce, or even Xara he had a lingering hope might help him in his time of need. At least three of the women grabbed onto him, preventing the girl that fetched him from the last room from pulling him away.

“Danoxy, who said you get next?”

“I want to taste him.”

“I’m the oldest.”

“Your old pussy is too dry, why don’t you go hump a droxy.”

“You bitch!”


The girls were nearly coming to blows. The girls were starting to pull on Guy, and in his exhausted state he was afraid he might fall apart.

“Girls… girls… girls…” Guy lifted his hands, causing all of the women to glare at him. “There is enough Guy to go around! Just draw straws. I promise I’ll satisfy all of you. If you still ready after a second-round, just get back in line.”

That was the only thing he could think of to say. If he told them he was done, they would go crazy and tear him apart! Plus, his chance at getting the princess would be gone! The way he saw it, his only choice was to power through it all.

The girls ended up drawing straws as he suggested, and it wasn’t long before he was in a room with a girl who might have been part fish.

“Um… where do I…

“Just rubbing it against my cloaca! I’ll like it!” She demanded.


Of course, Guy wasn’t even erect at this point. He thought about just trying to do it softly, especially given her particular anatomy, but he had a feeling she’d be able to tell immediately. Since he had committed to this, and in a way, it was kind of an emergency, he had only one choice. He pulled out the syringe that Madame Priscilla had handed him. This was the aphrodisiac that supposedly would turn a woman into a slut.

It had been intended for the bride if she was being stubborn, but at the moment, the biggest problem was Guy’s ability to keep up. The fact he was already able to pound third sluts back-to-back into submission was already a compliment to his sexual prowess, especially when one considers these were alien chicks, and who knew what felt good for them. However, he needed to keep up. As for where he kept the syringe while he was butt naked with the last three girls, that was a secret.

He recalled that men who didn’t have problems took Viagra just to stay more sexually active longer. He needed such a magical blue pill now. He had heard that this drug was slightly dangerous, but he didn’t have another way out of it. While she was getting into the bed and assuming a position he assumed would help him reach her cloaca, he quickly injected himself, stabbing the needle into his butt and pressing the trigger.

“Hooooo…” He could practically feel the blood rushing into his dick as reached full stiffness in a moment.

The woman hadn’t seen him inject himself, but she had seen his dick suddenly blow up like a balloon. Her eyes were bright with excitement.

“Oh, wow… your species is really interesting.

“If you think that’s interesting, try this!” Guy felt a rush of arousal and adrenaline, so he leaped on the fish girl and tried his luck, hoping to just figure it out along the way.

She was a screamer, and he had no clue if they were screams of pain or screams of pleasure. He had banged girls like that before. Normally, even though they would scream and cry more like they were being murdered than having a good time, he at least knew in those situations he was doing the right thing. With the fish girl, he had no clue. When she finally based out, he still wasn’t sure if she had the best sex of her life and was fucked into a coma, or if he had somehow broken her.

He didn’t have time to dwell on it, and the thirsty girls were already knocking on the door, having heard her orgasms cease and accurately predicted Guy was ready for the next. Thankfully, while he was a bit more exhausted, his heart was still beating rapidly and his dick was still full cocked. As he left this room and went with the next girl, his dick was still stiff. The girls remarked admirably at it, lewdly looking at the thing they’d get to play with on their turn.

Wait a second, weren’t their seven girls waiting in the hallway? There had previously been six, and he had taken one in and finished her off. That meant there were five remaining, but he counted seven this time! They were growing. They weren’t just growing, they were growing faster than he was banging them. He wasn’t just running a marathon, he was trying to win the race. His only choice was too out fuck the sluts. It was war.

“Hello there, ahhh!”

The girl tried to greet him, but he didn’t have time for pleasantries. He stripped off her clothing and then banged her hard. He didn’t know what species she was, but he didn’t have time to dwell on it either. She had normal colored skin, but ridges on her head. Had he banged someone like her before, or were their ridges different? He didn’t even know.

He brought her to climax in record time and didn’t even have to wait for them to knock to come out and grab the next girl. Like the previous, he just tore her clothes off and started banging her. When he shoved it in her, she let out a cry.

“Wrong hole! That’s my butt! In my species, the holes are reversed!”

“Too late now!”

Guy had already shoved it in, and switching holes now would be unhygienic. Guy pounded her in the front butt. She acted like she was in pain at first, but she didn’t try to stop him. After a bit, she started creaming herself just like the others.

He did clean his dick before coming out and grabbing the next girl. He grabbed girl after girl, and eventually, they ran out of rooms. All of the rooms had already been taken, either by the other men and their women or by women he had banged and still hadn’t recovered. Thus, he did the only thing he could. He grabbed one of the women, lifted her dress, bent her over, and started taking her in the hallway.

She cried out in embarrassment at first but soon got into it. The other remaining girls watched with eager eyes, unperturbed to see one of their own getting taken like this. A few of the girls had recovered and came to their doors to watch the show as well. Guy’s previous private doings had become an impromptu voyeur show in the middle of the hallway. At this point, Guy had already needed to inject a second dose.

His brain had turned to mush, and he had lost count of the number of times he came. He did know that almost nothing came out. He was shooting clear liquid that likely barely had a single sperm in it. Yet, he had committed himself to bang them all, and bang them all he did, even though his hips ached and his dick was numb. He could barely think. All he could do was thrust. Thrust. Thrust.

Therefore, he pounded hole after hole until he lost consciousness. He didn’t remember losing consciousness, but he felt a hand on his shoulder and he jerked up. Instinctively, he reached out and grabbed the person, pulling them onto the bed. He was just about to rip off their clothing and stick it in when he heard a shout and the woman shoved against him.


Guy blinked, his eyes regaining focus. He had a horrible headache like he was experiencing a hangover, but the room was dark so it was manageable. As for how many shots he had taken, he recalled that he had injected himself four times. He was sore all over, and as he woke up, all of those pains caused him to let out a groan. He collapsed on top of the girl under him. As for who it was, it was the bride herself, Obsidian. He had waited the entire night to get her into this position, and through some lug, huck, he had just ended up there. Yet, his arms were jelly and he couldn’t lift anything even if he wanted. She pushed against him, trying to push him off of her, but his muscular body was a bit too heavy for her.

“Sorry…” Guy whispered after a few moments of helpless struggling.

With all of his might, he pushed up and rolled off of her. He let out a groan of pain, but he was successful at flopping to the side like a fish. With her under him, it was probably the best position he could have her in considering, but at the moment, even the thought of sex didn’t appeal to him.

“It’s okay…” Her voice sounded slightly breathy, but also somewhat kind.

“Why are you here?” Guy asked.

“I… know a bit about my mother-in-law.”

“Huh? The vagina-faced woman?”

She snorted slightly in a cute way, unable to hold back a light laugh. “I’ve never heard her described that way, but yes, the veiled woman will regrettably become my mother-in-law by the end of today.”

Guy closed his eyes and rubbed his temples as he tried to settle his mind. “What does she have to do with anything?”

Ferrin looked slightly uncertain. “Xara is a good friend of mine. When she saw you there, she was shocked and worried. However, she was mostly worried about you. I don’t know your relationship with the Dresdon family, but I know Xara is a good person, and if she thinks something of you, then you can’t be bad either.”

Guy’s mouth twitched as he recalled his mission. He was there to ruin this girl, and it was Xara’s father who made the commands. How would she feel if she knew that? Better yet, how would Xara feel?

“Xara and I met for a bit. I wouldn’t say we’re close, but I guess I can call her a friend.”

Ferrin nodded like that was as much as she expected. “Mother-in-law’s promiscuity is well-known. Despite everyone knowing about it, her husband is completely clueless. If he did know, he would go on a rampage. Do you know how she’s managed to keep such a well-known secret from him… how she’s managed to cheat on him for years without ever facing consequences?”

“What?” Guy had a bad feeling about what she was going to say next.

“She kills all of the men she’s laid with. Since no one can ever prove she slept with someone who no longer exists… then she never has to be held accountable, even if someone tattles. Plus, she puts the fear in her friends, that they might also be offed if they push her bottom line. She’s really a horrible woman.”

Guy’s spine tingled but based on his single experience with the woman it wasn’t that surprising to think she’d be the praying mantis type. Guy was suddenly very glad that he hadn’t gone all-in with her. He had no clue when she’d wake up and come for him. Actually, he had no clue how long he had been out. He started trying to move in a rush, but Ferrin reached down and pushed his chest down. Her hand seemed to linger there for a moment before she pulled away with a blush. He wasn’t sweaty with sex anymore, but he still was naked.

“You don’t need to worry.” She spoke shyly. “Those old bags will be asleep for at least a few more hours. That’s why I felt I had to move now.”

“Why?” Guy asked simply.

“I don’t want you to become another victim. This was my wedding, and even if she is the one doing it, I would feel responsible. I don’t want to kill someone. I know the Cherbyll family are the most violent of the families. It’s only a matter of time before they corrupt me, but at least my last act as a free woman can be to spare someone.”

“I see…”

She looked away. “It’s also a matter of Xara. I really care about her. If you died, she’d probably be sad, so that’s why okay?”

“Okay.” Guy held up his hands, feeling like she was unyielding in all of this. “In that case, how am I going to sneak out?”

“Th-that…might be a bit difficult.”

“How so?” Guy’s expression fell.

“Mother Cherbyll is relentless. Even if you tried to flee, she would hunt you down and find you. Madame Priscilla’s club is under close surveillance. These rooms are the only area of the club that isn’t covered. This means the second I try to sneak you out, you’ll be seen. If you’re seen, then that means Mother Cherbyll will find you. Priscilla will not be able to refuse her if she demands the recordings, and a fake wouldn’t work for her.”

“That sounds pretty serious.”

She nodded. “It is. Ultimately, we’d need to do two things. First, we need to convince them you’re already dead. The easiest way would be to get a body that replaces you. The second thing we need to do is sneak you out of here without being seen. With another body and no one to report seeing you leaving, you should be able to leave the station safely without setting her off.”

“Can you do that?”

She sighed. “I don’t have the ability.”


“Which is why I found someone who will.” She looked up just as the door clicked open and a familiar face stepped in.

Madame Priscilla eyed Guy up and down, pursing her lips. “Well, look at you.”

“It’s okay!” Ferrin declared. “You can trust her. Madame Priscilla is a good person.”

“Dear, don’t speak so, you’ll make me blush.” Madame Priscilla was acting flustered, but Guy had a flat expression.

That’s because he knew the truth about Madame Priscilla. She was rather duplicitous and was plotting against Ferrin. Since Guy had failed to get into Ferrin’s pants earlier, clearly she had put herself into this escape plan as a means of making sure Guy gets a second shot. She gave him a look that seemed to tell him to just play along, and the truth was that unless he wanted to die shortly, he had to keep playing along.

“Madame Priscilla, thank you so much.” Ferrin looked at the Madame with completely innocent eyes.

It was almost hard for Guy to watch, given how pure and innocent Ferrin’s motivation next to the Madame’s evil intentions. Priscilla was eyeing Guy quite provocatively. He was covered with a sheet, but her eyes felt like they could peer right through the fabric and see everything.

“I must say… your performance last night was quite the show. I think you’ll be talked about for months, maybe even years in this station.” Priscilla grinned.

“Is that so?” Guy coughed awkwardly. “Thank you for your assistance.” 

“I’m helping you for a couple of reasons,” she smirked. “Some of them, you should know. Ferrin is almost like a daughter to me.”

“Is that so…” Guy looked away. “What is the plan then?”

“I’ve already taken care of your death. The official story is that you sexed yourself to death. As for your escape, the wedding will be held tonight, but I still must put the final touches on her dress this morning. Her dress has a rather wide skirt. Simply put, you will escape under the bride’s skirt.”

As she said this Ferrin gave a blush. Madame Priscilla snuck Guy another look, and unfortunately, he understood what she was implying. While under Ferrin’s dress, he’d have access to Ferrin’s body. If she didn’t want him to die, she’d need to maintain the illusion that she was alone. Thus, there would be a period where he could do anything to her body, and she wouldn’t be able to retaliate. Madame Priscilla had engineered a situation where Guy had to violate this princess’s purity right in the open and do it without getting caught! 

This was truly a bad situation, but Guy had no choice. Madame Priscilla coopted the room as the bride’s room. She brought in the dress and then had Ferrin put it on. She was so shy that Guy had to turn away as she dressed. When she was finally done, her face was red.

“M-m-madame? C-can’t I wear more than this under the dress…especially while Guy is under there?”

“You cannot! This dress is very particular. It has lairs of meaning. A pure snowflake on the surface, but a wild beast of lust beneath! When your husband unwraps you after the wedding, it will be his greatest present!”

“O-okay…” She was reluctant, but she agreed.

Madame Priscilla walked to me and put her hand on my shoulder. Guy was still naked, and he had to slide under her dress where she was wearing practically nothing herself. It was an opportunity. A mischievous look appeared in her eyes, and the Madame leaned and whispered in Guy’s ear.

“You already messed up once. I might be upset, but how could I be after last night? You were wonderful. How could I not help you a bit more?” As she pulled away, her finger seductively traced down his chest.

Guy blinked, and then slowly a look of horror covered his face. He had gone blurry-eyed and just kept grabbing girls and shoving it in any alien hole they had! He didn’t… they didn’t…Madame Priscilla let out a little laugh as she walked away.

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