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Once Guy was under Ferrin’s dress, he had to agree that the stuff under her gown was quite scandalous. It was a pair of thin see-through panties and a garter belt. The gown didn’t exactly offer a ton of space. Guy was basically between her legs, his face nearly pressed against the thin material that protected her special parts. Was that even her vagina? She had some fin-like qualities about her, so he wouldn’t be surprised if this was another girl with a cloaca, although she wasn’t the same species as the girl from last night. He shook his head, resisting the desire to check for himself. Even for someone as bold as him, that was far too much. He did find one aspect of her dress that was particularly shocking to him though.

The fabric seemed to exist like a one-way mirror. He could see the world outside of her dress through a thin fabric veneer, but no one could see him under the dress. Was this part of the so-called lairs of meaning, or did Madame Priscilla do this for Guy’s benefit? He could see the fact the outfit left her naked body to be exposed to the world, but the world couldn’t see it to be some kind of metaphor. However, she could have planned for him to be under her dress from the moment she picked that material.  He wouldn’t put either past her. She was a conniving person. He was sure Madame Priscilla’s plan was to have him stick her with the aphrodisiac. Then, as Ferrin slipped into degeneracy, he was in the perfect situation to embarrass or even destroy her.

Guy wasn’t the kind of person who liked humiliating or hurting women. He always preferred a girl left with a smile on her face. When it came Ferrin, he knew very little about her, but he did know that she was doing her best to save him, even willing to subject herself to such an embarrassing situation as this just so that he can escape alive. If for no other reason, this made him hesitant to want to do anything to hurt her.

However, the plan was in motion and Guy had no choice but to follow along or risk exposing everything. The person who would suffer the most if everything was exposed would be Guy himself. After all, that elf guy was sure to throw him under the bus, and the way Madame Priscilla manipulated the situation suggested she would do whatever she had to as well. There were already parties like Madame Cherbyll who would happily see Guy wiped off the space station.

After he got under her dress, they didn’t immediately leave the room. There still was a wedding to prepare for, and Madame Priscilla seemed to take her duties seriously, even if she was planning on destroying this wedding in a bit. It was a bit hot under her dress, and her hot thighs were nearly pressed against his ears. It was an awkward situation, and he was just about to demand that he wait outside of the dress until she was done when the door to the room suddenly opened and a certain woman stepped in.

“M-madame Cherbyll!” Ferrin’s voice was an octave higher than it should have been.

Madame Cherbyll looked rather refreshed. She must have had a chance to bathe and change her clothing since Guy had left her the previous night. Her veil was returned and her cold and slightly angry demeanor had been reestablished. She was a far stride away from the cock slut who had wanted to be tied up and violated the previous night. She looked Ferrin up and down thoroughly, her eyes passing over Guy, causing him to shiver. He could feel Ferrin’s legs tighten too. He seriously feared she could see him, but after a moment she did not indicate that she noticed such a scandalous scene.

“Is this the best you can do, Madame Priscilla?” Madame Cherbyll demanded.

“What are you suggesting?” Madame Priscilla responded, but there was a slight edge to her tone that suggested she knew exactly what Cherbyll meant and didn’t like it.

“Hmph… she’s supposed to be a bride. Her beauty should outshine everyone else in the room.”

“Patience. Her hair and makeup haven’t been finished yet. It will all come together.” Madame Priscilla tried to sound upbeat, but her mouth twitched a bit.

“Mr. Dresdon’s daughter has returned. I won’t have her outshining my daughter-in-law at her wedding?”

“Huh? What about Xara?” Ferrin asked.

Madame Cherbyll gave her a harsh look, but then smoothed her features. “Not Xara, Xara’s sister.”

“Xara has a sister?”

“Well, half-sister. You know how his species love their harems. Feel lucky you won’t end up marrying a man who keeps half a dozen wives.”

“I-I didn’t know that Xara had a sister visiting. She usually tells me everything.” Ferrin’s voice sounded a bit hurt.

Madame Cherbyll gave a malevolent grin that she seemed to wear when she gossiped. “It’s likely she doesn’t know. Their kind is long-lived. His daughter ended up in prison a long time before Xara was ever born, so the pair never met. She arrived at the station only recently. I only know of her presence because I’ve been forced to add her and her… crew as guests to the wedding. I swear Dresdon must think I have nothing better to do than cater to him. The man is truly a pig.”

“A pig?” Madame Priscilla raised an eyebrow. “I seemed to remember you once chasing after him, desperately wanting to join his harem before ultimately settling on your husband… after her rejected you, of course.”

Madame Cherbyll’s face turned ugly, but Madame Priscilla ignored it. That comment was likely given because of Madame Cherbyll’s previous insult toward Priscilla’s preparation of the bride. As Guy thought, Madame Priscilla could be quite vindictive. Thankfully, the two women were on the same level socially, and Cherbyll couldn’t bully her like she bullied her friends, and could only swallow the insult. Ferrin was still shaking silently, out of place among the two older and more manipulative women.

Guy had to wonder how a girl like Ferrin, who seemed to so innocent and good-natured, had come to be in the same place that was able to create the likes of the madams. In that respect, Xara seemed pretty okay as well. At the very least, she seemed like a good girl, and not catty or vindictive. That was probably why Xara and Ferrin were friends. It made Guy once again feel bad that he was abusing their goodwill to save his ass.

“Hmph…” Madame Cherbyll settled for crossing her arms. “Speaking of pigs, where is the young man that I took to my room to punish the previous night?”

“The man you punished?” Priscilla cocked a knowing eyebrow.

Cherbyll’s face glowed slightly, but that was the only indication she gave of embarrassment. “I still have some words I must share with this man. I don’t believe he properly learned his lesson.”

“Naturally, after such an embarrassment, I went to fire him immediately.” Madame Priscilla seemed to be able to lie just as well as make dresses. “However, it appears he took a drug overdose and died from a heart attack the previous night.”

“Is that so…” Madame Cherbyll’s expression faltered slightly. “In that case, I suppose I won’t have to bother you on the matter anymore.”

Guy felt a chill down his spine with those words. They sounded innocuous enough, but after hearing from Ferrin what Madame Cherbyll did with her lovers, it took on a very sinister tone to it. He had only managed to narrowly escape with his life. Had he not ducked into her dress when he did, or they had been fifteen minutes later, then he would be in her clutches.

Of course, Guy didn’t notice her hand clinch her dress slightly, and for someone like Priscilla who knew Cherbyll more intimately, she could tell that she was rather disturbed by the news. It was too hard to say what this meant though. It could be that Cherbyll had just wanted to personally take care of Guy, or it could mean something else entirely.

“Come… we have appointments all day. You can finish with the dress later. Remove it for now so we can get the rest of her care done.” Cherbyll barked.

Guy tensed as he imagined the dress being pulled up and his presence being exposed.

“Ah… this dress must remain on the entire day.” Madame Priscilla stepped forward.

“What? We must have her hair done, and makeup as well. The longer she wears the dress, the higher chance that it will become soiled.”

“Please…” Madame Priscilla rolled her eyes. “If a dress designed by me would be soiled so easily, how could I call myself a seamstress? You came to me because you wanted the best for Ferrin. To achieve this, her hair and nails must be done with the entire outfit in mind. Her dress is designed to take on the properties of her other preparations. She must have time to get used to the ensemble, or she might come out looking clumsy during the wedding. Do you wish for her to potentially trip or make a fool of herself? I should think not.”

Madame Priscilla came up with such an excuse on the spot. Guy didn’t know if any of it was remotely true, but it sounded convincing, and that was all that was important. Guy was glad she had thought about such things before coming up with this ridiculous plan. Thankfully, Madame Cherbyll was seemingly nodding in agreement.

“Very well… then come girl. Something needs to be done with your hair to start.” Madame Cherbyll walked out the door, but when she saw that Ferrin wasn’t following, she turned back and shot a commanding look. “Well?”

“Ah! Y-yes…”

The entire point of Guy being under the dress was for him to walk out of this place safely. However, he was supposed to be sneaked out, with Madame Priscilla leading the way. Yet, now he was under the gaze of Madame Cherbyll! Ferrin took a step forward, but Guy hadn’t been prepared and his face ended up right in her crotch.

“Ahhhn!” She cried out, her face turning colors.

“What are you doing, girl?” Cherbyll gazed at her suspiciously.

“Oh! It’ll take some getting used to.” Madame Priscilla stepped forward again, and then made a show of whispering into Madame Cherbyll’s ear, although she spoke loud enough everyone could hear. “I was originally going to keep this a secret, but just between you and me, I’ve specially designed this outfit so that it stimulates her in certain ways. By the time our pure bride reaches her marital bed, she’ll be so wet and eager that she’ll perform for your son with vigor!”

Even though she knew that the stimulation she was getting had nothing to do with some strange way the dress was made, and everything to do with a certain man currently clinging to her thighs, his hot breath teasing her with every exhalation, she couldn’t help but blush at such a scandalous thought. Madame Cherbyll’s eyes raised.

“Is such an outfit possible?” she asked.

She didn’t sound suspicious. Rather, she sounded extremely intrigued.

Mrs. Priscilla laughed. “I’ve naturally gone all out. It’s not every day a daughter and son from the four families marry. If you knew all the things I’ve put into that dress of hers, you’d go crazy.”

As Priscilla said this, her eyes fluttered to the area where Guy was crouched, and she winked ever so slightly. This woman was shameless!

“Oh… my…” Madame Cherbyll licked her lips, suddenly looking at the dress she had previously looked down on in a new light. “You wouldn’t by chance be designing any more dresses of this nature, would you?”

“If you’d like to be fitted for such a dress, then please come by any other day. For the moment, I will be working on the dresses for the bride’s maids.” Priscilla shot Ferrin a friendly look. “Do your best.”

She excused herself and left the room first. Guy had a feeling those last words were intended for him. They still had expectations that he would finish this crazy mission. At the moment, he was just trying to survive.

“Well, come on.” With Priscilla gone, Cherbyll’s sharp eyes locked onto Ferrin.

“R-right…” Ferrin said, but she seemed frozen, unable to move. “Ah!”

Realizing that he had no choice, Guy did the only thing he could think of. He straightened himself and grabbed onto her thigh. She let out a noise of surprise as she fell back slightly. Her legs were wrapped around Guy’s neck, and she ended up sitting on his shoulders. In short, she was riding his shoulders, except rather than standing, he was on his knees. She wasn’t a particularly heavy girl, so he could shoulder this burden. If anything, it was more surprising for Ferrin, as she didn’t expect Guy to be so strong as to be able to hold her entire weight like that.

Among aliens, there were no such rules as carrying a bride past the doorway to the home. Although it wasn’t like there weren’t strong men that could pick up a woman, overall every alien man on average was considered much weaker than Guy. Without working out or maintaining any exceptional fitness program, he was probably at the level of an alien strength trainer, if such a profession even existed. Mind you, every alien was different, but for the bride, whose species was amphibious and prone to spending parts of their lives submerged in water, it was especially alarming.

Seeing her strange stumbling, and even stranger noises, Madame Cherbyll raised an eyebrow. “Is it so stimulating?”

“Ah… it’s just… I’ve never had something… there… ah… I mean-” Ferrin was very flustered, as she almost gave away Guy’s presence.

“Of course, it’s merely because you’re a virgin. Once my son has broken you in and you’ve become a proper woman, this won’t be as big of a deal.” Madame Cherbyll waved the matter away.

“Yes, ma’am.” Ferrin quickly recovered as well.

Guy started to shuffle his knees, moving toward the door and taking Ferrin with him. She started unsteady, and the movements looked extremely awkward, but with Madame Cherbyll believing her behavior was part of some strange feature in the dress, they were just able to convince her. When they reached the stairway, they introduced new challenges, but very carefully Guy was able to shimmy down the stairway as he acted as Ferrin’s legs.

Since her movements were so slow and methodical, Madame Cherbyll waited with quite a bit of impatience. One would think that it was Madame Cherbyll’s big day instead of Ferrin’s given her sour look. They finally left the club, and Guy let out a slow breath. He was halfway to freedom. At least, he wanted to optimistically believe it. Madame Cherbyll believed him to be dead, and he had left the club without being seen. Now, he merely needed to escape from Ferrin’s dress unseen and he was completely free.

As for his promise to Dresdon, he had already dropped any notion of seducing Ferrin. Given the embarrassing situation they were both in, rather than fall in love with him, she would likely be mortified. He also had already decided he wasn’t going to abuse the situation to embarrass her and destroy her wedding. So, since he couldn’t seduce her to call off the wedding on her own, and he was unwilling to destroy it, that meant that he had failed his mission.

Guy’s only choice was to try to jailbreak Harmony. Once they escaped, they would sneak back onto their ship and remain hidden on the ship until it disembarked. Of course, he was also hoping to learn where Xara was from Ferrin, and use her seeming goodwill to help himself escape. He was confident that she hadn’t been dragged into this mess of her fathers, and would have no problem helping him escape her father’s wrath too.

As for what happened to the power dynamics between the four families, Guy had never cared about any of that. He had only been acting from the very beginning to save his hide. That had ended with him stuck between a fish girl’s legs. Interestingly enough, her nether regions did not smell of fish. It was quite a pleasant smell actually. Ahhh… he didn’t want to think about such things.

While looking for an opportunity to escape, he had the idea of the fish girl using the restroom. He pinched her twice, causing her to let out little cries, but seeing as he couldn’t speak without Madame Cherbyll overhearing, he found it difficult to get her to understand what he wanted. He would have walked to the bathroom himself, but it wasn’t like an alien space station had male and female signs. He didn’t know what constituted a bathroom in this place! If he just started walking her to random doors, it was sure to cause too much suspicion.

That’s why he wasn’t able to come up with a solution by the time the Madame lead the pair into a certain building. Although this was an alien environment, Guy didn’t have to look around too much until he realized what this place was. It was a hair and nail salon. The smell was a bit off compared to what he was used to from earth, but he could recognize enough to come to this conclusion, especially after the conversation earlier.

“Oh… is this the lovely bride?” A squat alien that had an elephant nose that seemed to run out of its forehead and between its large eyes spoke as it eagerly grabbed her hand.

“Yes, yes… we’ll each take the worst. Snap to it!” Madame Cherbyll declared.

Guy had to make shuffling steps to keep up as the creature, probably a woman led her to a chair. If Guy had any hopes of escaping, those were dashed as Madame Cherbyll seemed to be planning to get treated alongside her soon-to-be daughter-in-law.

“Now, sit down right here, and I’ll get your treatment started.” The creature announced.

“S-sit down?” Ferrin’s face paled.

No one said anything about sitting down! Guy put her down off his shoulders and then crouched up against the chair. Ferrin sat back in the chair with a flop. To keep his head from being seen, Guy had no choice but to dive headfirst into her crotch. She was sitting in a reclining chair, and Guy was sitting on his knees in front of it, his head firmly between her legs. It seemed like one way or the other, this girl was going to end up defiled.

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