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With Guy’s head stuck between her legs, there was very little he could do. He did his best just to keep from being noticed. He was thankful that this wedding dress was so extravagant. It was so puffy and wide-rimmed that even sitting down his entire form was hidden inside. He tried his best to turn his head to get a look beyond her thighs and get a feel for his bearings. If he noticed anyone looking her way, he’d make sure not to move in an obvious way. This caused his nose to rub against something wet.

“A-aahnnn…” Ferrin put her arm down, pushing his head down to keep him from moving like that, but it only served to shove him back into her crotch.

“Ma’am, are you okay?” Asked the alien who was tasked with doing Ferrin’s nails.

“Y-yes… I’m just… it’s okay.” Ferrin was panting slightly, and where she was pushing down on her dress was very clear.

The manicurist was a bit confused, but she had a job to do so she shrugged it off. However, Madame Cherbyll noticed, staring slightly from the side. She had taken the seat next to Ferrin, putting both of them at even more risk. She had her hand out, and a second manicurist who looked to be the same species as the first reached to grab her hand. She moved her hand away and then slapped the manicurist.

“Doing my nails now? That can’t be! I need to be wearing my dress first.” She declared.

“Huh? Madame?”

“How can you properly decide the right color for my nails or the proper style for my hair unless you can see the entire package!” She declared as if this was obvious. “Send someone to Madame Priscilla immediately!”

“I’m sorry, ma’am, but it’s usually easier without the dress on.”

“Easier? Easier! How dare you! I am the mother-in-law and wife of Mr. Cherbyll. I won’t have my beauty compromised by laziness! If styling in the dress will bring out the best in my precious daughter, then it will bring out the best in me as well!”

It appeared that a combination of seeing Ferrin writhe in pleasure, and jealousy of Madame Priscilla’s made-up claims of enhancing beauty, was completely accepted by Madame Cherbyll. She was so convinced that now she wanted a similar dress. The entire point of a wedding was that no one would outshine the bride. It was her day. However, who was Madame Cherbyll? She would make sure she wasn’t outdone by the bride even a little.

“A-are you sure you want to do this?” The manicurist offered one last chance.

Ferrin might have tried to smooth things over, but she was distracted. With her arm on Guy’s head, his face was buried into her crotch. He did need to breathe, but the way she had pushed him into her made that impossible. Thus, he could only think of one way to get her to let off. He stuck his tongue out. Her underwear was quite thin and scandalous, and getting past it was rather easy.

“Oh, my… ahhhn!” Ferrin grabbed the head of her chair as she was suddenly stimulated more than she could take, her foot kicking out.

The lewdness of the scene was very clear. Ferrin had just orgasmed. When she kicked out, the manicurist had her foot and was kicked away. The nail polish ended up streaking across her foot. It was luck that it didn’t get on her dress. The manicurist shot Ferrin a glare.

“S-sorry…” Ferrin bit her lip, still panting with flushed cheeks.

Madame Cherbyll turned back to her manicurist. “I’ll have what she’s having!”

That perverted old MILF! Well, Guy wasn’t going to complain about it. If Madame Cherbyll was distracted by her vices, it meant that he was less likely to be caught.

He managed to shift so that his cheek was pressed against her wet stuff. As long as she didn’t tighten her legs and smother him with her thigh, he could breathe for the moment. He could feel her insides contracting slightly. He only stuck it in a little. How could she orgasm so quickly? Was it possible that the dress did do what Madame Priscilla had claimed and enhanced sexual performance?

He wouldn’t put it past her. Why rely on Guy doing his job when she could just weigh everything in her favor? This was a futuristic world and Ferrin was a species he didn’t even know. Why couldn’t she be aroused by the slightest touch and slowly be turned into a cock hungry slut by a particular wedding dress?

“Madame Cherbyll, I will send someone to Madame Priscilla immediately with your request. However, she’s currently dressing the bride’s maids, so it may be a while. I’m worried if we wait too long, you won’t be able to have time for yours to dry-” The manicurist tried to plead with her using a different method only to be cut off.

“Forget it!” Madame Cherbyll stood up.

“Ah… m-mother?” Ferrin asked worriedly.

“I’m going to Madame Priscilla to get my dress. If you have fewer maids of honor, who cares. They shouldn’t have waited until the last moment to get their dresses fitted.”

“Mother wasn’t it you who demanded this all be done the day of because you didn’t want a maid to gain five pounds and look frumpy-” Ferrin was saying when Madame Cherbyll sent her a severe look. “Ah! N-nevermind!”

Madame Cherbyll sniffed and then stormed away as quickly as she came. Ferrin couldn’t help but let out a breath of relief seeing the other woman leave. Guy did as well, but his breath ended up striking Ferrin’s thigh.

“Ahh..ah…” As Ferrin gasped, the manicurist grabbed her foot to keep it from moving, and then shot her a severe look. “S-sorry…”

She looked down at Guy and shot him a glare. He’d have shrugged if he could move his shoulders in his current position. It wasn’t like he could help it. It was really hot down here, and since Ferrin came it was humid. Her smell was kind of erotic, and it was causing him to stiffen. He was getting turned on by her. She was supposed to be the one being turned on, but the longer he was next to her, the more aroused he became.

There was something extremely tempting about her pussy. It was like it had some kind of enchanting allure. He found himself more and more tempted to smell it, taste it, and violate it.


The familiar name snapped him out of his daze for a second. He looked to the side and saw Xara there. Her appearance was rather stunning. She was wearing a dress that matched Ferrin’s dress. It was a bit less fancy, but they went together.

“I’m glad I finished up early. I saw Madame Cherbyll charging down the hallway as I left Madame Priscilla. She looked like she was on a warpath.”

Ferrin giggled. “Mother-in-law is being a bit much today. You’d think it was her day, huh?”

Xara chuckled too. “I know it’s your day. You’re looking beautiful.”

She grabbed Ferrin’s hand and then moved to kiss her on the cheek. Ferrin was flushing, but when she noticed Xara leaning in she panicked.

“Wait! Stop!”

“Hmm?” Xara stepped back, looking slightly hurt.

Xara had almost pushed Guy back into Ferrin’s crotch. She definitely would have felt his head between her legs too.

“I- I just don’t want anything ruined.”

Xara looked a bit uncertain. “You’re starting to sound like Madame Cherbyll.”

“I-it’s not that!” Ferrin’s eyes looked wet, clearly not liking to lie to Xara. “You’re my maid-of-honor, Xara. I love you more than anything. You know that.”

Xara blushed. “Ah… that… I care about you too. If it’s important to you, then it’s important to me.”

Xara sat in the chair that had previously been taken by Madame Cherbyll. Ferrin closed her eyes and let out a sigh. Guy, on the other hand, was back to staring at Ferrin’s delicious and beautiful blue slit. He wasn’t to taste her again. He wanted to stick his tongue in her and eat her completely. No! What was he doing? He was going to get caught if he tried it at this moment. There was no way Ferrin wouldn’t make a noise.

That’s when he noticed that Xara and Ferrin’s dresses were so similar that when they sat together it was difficult to tell where one ended and the other began. Xara’s dress was a little smaller and there was less room, but she also could go wherever she wanted. Maybe, if he could slide under her dress instead of Ferrin’s dress, he could find a way to escape! At the very least, he could use Xara to help him get out of this mess.

“Do you know what happened to that dancer from last night?” Xara suddenly asked, giving Ferrin a side look.

Ferrin stiffened slightly. “Wh-which dancer? There were so many. I didn’t even look.”

“You know, the one I told you about, the one that was punished by Madame Cherbyll. I hope she didn’t punish him too badly. How did he end up working as a gigolo for Madame Priscilla? That guy knows how to get around. It’s almost impressive the places he ends up.”

“R-really?” Ferrin started sweating, making it even more humid under her dress.

Guy took in a deep breath. Her scent was hot and spicy. He wanted another taste. He had only stuck his tongue in for a second. He just wanted to get a thorough taste of her.

“Oh? Is that the gigolo who died?” Another woman spoke up.

The pair looked across the room to see one of Madame Priscilla’s friends, and also one of the women that had been pleasured by Guy the previous night.

“D-died?” Xara’s voice raised an octave.

“Oh… I never knew a man could die from so much pleasure, but he had a heart attack and died.” She chuckled. “It’s a shame too. He was a real animal in bed. Ah! So, I heard…”

She tried to cover up her slip as soon as she remembered she wasn’t gossiping with her click. Xara’s face had turned completely white though.

“H-he died… Guy? His name was Guy?”

“Oh, my… I never caught his name. It was the one who Madame Priscilla insisted on ‘punishing’. Of course, we all know what she was doing with him. Maybe, she gave him something that caused him to die. I wouldn’t put it past the woman. Uh, you didn’t hear anything from me.”

Xara shook violently. Her eyes were filled with unshed tears. Guy broke from his trance again as he noticed Xara looking extremely pained. With her cute, elvish-like features, her upset was both saddening and a bit erotic. Knowing the truth, Ferrin looked at her worriedly. She opened and closed her mouth several times. She wanted to tell Xara the truth, but if she spoke now, she didn’t know who would overhear. After a minute, Xara waved her manicurist off and stood up.


“I need to…. I need to go to the changing room. Just a moment.”

At this point, Ferrin’s nails were done and she was just waiting for them to dry. As Xara got up, she walked past Ferrin, and Guy realized this was his only chance. He pinched Ferrin on the thigh.

“Ahh!” She cried out, causing Xara to stop and turn to her.


“I-I… Um…” Ferrin froze.

Feeling irritated that she wasn’t coming up with something, Guy reached from under her dress to under Xara’s dress and grabbed her ankle.

“Ah!” She cried out, lifting her foot.

If she pulled back any more, Guy’s arm would be revealed. In a panic, Ferrin stood up and threw her arms around Xara. Guy lifted their dresses and moved from under one girl’s skirt to the other. As Xara felt someone grasp onto her, her mouth opened, but Ferrin’s lips met hers before she could say a thing.

“Mmm! Mmm!” Xara struggled slightly as Ferrin kissed her.

Ferrin finally pulled back slowly, trying to say everything with her eyes. She gave the slightest of nods, urging Xara on. After a moment, Xara calmed down and nodded back.

“I’ll be right back,” Xara responded shakily.

“Mm!” Ferrin’s face was blue, unable to come up with any words to say as she sat back down.

Xara shuffled awkwardly to the nearest changing room, which wasn’t too far away. Guy did his best to come with her. He couldn’t see outside of her dress like Ferrin’s. It appeared the one-way nature of her dress was unique to her dress, so he was in total darkness. Thus, he could only follow her legs. Squeezing her thighs, he moved with her. Thankfully, after practicing so much with Ferrin, they were able to get into the changing room without being too obvious.

As soon as the door closed, Xara ripped up her dress and looked down, a face of both shock and confusion. “G-Guy?”

“Hey, baby.” Guy winked.

“H-How? What?” Xara didn’t even know how to speak.

“Your underwear isn’t as erotic as the brides, but I still want a taste.” He reached out and peeled open her underwear.

She let out a squeal but managed to cover her face. A moment later, Guy felt a hand slap across his face. He stumbled back to the ground, blinking slightly.

“What is wrong with you?” She snapped in a whisper.

“I-I’m sorry.” Guy shook his head. “I don’t… I don’t know what came over me.”

He really didn’t. He usually could read a scene well. He wasn’t the type of guy to act like a pervert or a creep. Ever since he was under her dress, it was like his brain was on drugs.

“I think I might know…” Xara declared. “Ferrin Obsidian’s species releases a… aphrodisiac when their lower parts are stimulated. If you were under her dress, then it’s likely you were being influenced by such a thing. It… happened to me once… and we… never mind! That was a long time ago! The question is, how did you get under her dress in the first place!”

Xara’s expression was livid. She had crossed her arms and was glaring at him. After a moment, he decided to just come clean.

“After I was captured by your dad, he gave me an ultimatum…”

Guy didn’t mention his time with the Blooden sisters, and he skimmed over the long night of sex with the random MILF, although the woman from before had already made it pretty apparent that was what had happened. He explained Madame Priscilla’s and her father’s plan to ruin the wedding, and how it had been interrupted the night before when he was caught by Madame Cherbyll. He explained how he had to fake his death, and the only way he could make it out of there without becoming a target was by hiding under her dress.

That had likely been Madame Priscilla’s plan all along. Guy would slowly succumb to Ferrin’s pheromones and eventually be unable to help himself. He then would attack her, possibly using the injection to make her just as susceptible. Once the deed was done, the wedding would be ruined. When he finished, he glanced over at Xara, who wore an expressionless face.

“Are you mad?”

“Mad that my father conspired to ruin the wedding of my best friend?” Xara asked.

Guy coughed awkwardly. “Well… yeah?”

After a second, she sighed. “It’s not like I don’t expect these things from dad at this point. I know my family aren’t exactly good people. My mom passed away when I was young, my dad isn’t a good person, and I even have a sister I’ve never met who is supposedly in jail for countless evils, although dad barely mentions her. I suppose that’s why I became friends with Ferrin. She was the only kind and pure person in my life. It was nice seeing her have some semblance of normal. Now, I know that this is impossible.”

“I’m sorry…” Guy sympathized.

She shook her head. “This is why I tried to escape this station. I’m just so tired of all of this crap. The backstabbing, the betrayal, and the manipulation. It was all getting to me. I suppose that’s why I liked you too. You’re an asshole, but at least your honest about it.”

“Is that supposed to be a compliment?”

She giggled slightly. “Alright… I’ve decided.”


“I’ll help you.”


She nodded. “That cat lady might be federation, but that doesn’t mean she deserves whatever dad will do to her. I’ll help you and her get off this station.”


“However, there is one condition!” She raised a finger in Guy’s direction. “You need to take me with you.”

“Fine, but I’ll need to talk to my crew first.”

Guy put out his hand, and after looking at it for a moment, Xara took it and shook it. It felt good having someone else to help. He immediately described the servants from the night before, and how they were more or less aware of things and might be able to help as well. Xara listened and gave a nod. Guy wasn’t sure if getting Vienna and Aza or any of the other girls involved would help, but Guy was a bit desperate at this point.

“Alright, just wait here,” Xara instructed, turning to the door.

“Wait! What’s the plan?”

“I’ll come up with something. You’ll know it when you see it.” She nodded, and with that, she left the room.

Guy shook his head and sat down. He hoped her plan was a good one. He didn’t know what else to do. The pheromones had infected his system, and now he was hiding a major boner. He wasn’t out of control, but he was incredibly horny. Waiting in that room was torture. Just as he was thinking of whipping it out, he heard some talking.

“Xara, are you okay now?” He heard a voice approaching the door, causing him to duck in the corner and flicked the lights out.

“Yeah… I’m much better.” A voice that sounded like Xara spoke up.

“And the thing?”

“Don’t worry, I’m going to take care of it. You can help me with that.”


“Ah! Not this door. Go in this one.”


Guy waited, and a few moments later the door opened and Ferrin’s billowy dress entered. Guy was confused for a second. What was Xara’s plan? Did she decide to send Ferrin in here? Wasn’t this the best place for him to make his move on her? Did she decide to sell out her pure friend for this? Fine, Guy got the sign. He’d do things the hard way.

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