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Slapping his hand on the wall, Guy blocked Ferrin’s ability to reach the light switch. He reached around and grabbed Ferrin from behind, pulling her body over to him. She let out a surprised noise as he grabbed her, but didn’t resist much at all. He immediately pulled out the special drug and poked her with the needle, injecting the sexual hormones into her. Guy knew from personal experience that the needle didn’t feel like anything. He wasn’t sure if it was some alien technology or what, but she didn’t feel the injection. Since this was the route that Xara had set out for Guy, he had to go all in. He had to seduce Ferrin completely.

“Ever since I tasted you, I can’t stop thinking about you,” Guy whispered in her ear.

She stopped struggling, freezing in Guy’s grip, but otherwise didn’t respond. In some ways, her lack of response was a response. He decided to keep going. He didn’t just have to sexually excite her, which was now a guarantee with the pheromone drugs in her system, but he had to make her obsessed with him.

“You’re really amazing. That’s why I can’t hold myself back anymore. I’m going to have you here.”

It wasn’t just Guy’s desire to seduce her that was spilling out at this moment. After breathing in her pheromones for some time, he had reached a point where he couldn’t handle himself. Since she was injected with a dose of that miraculous drug, he had a feeling her own sense was quickly leaving her as well. He barely waited for her to nod before he started sucking on her neck.

He probably should have been more careful, but wasn’t it better if her neck was covered in hickies? It’d definitely help interrupt the wedding and ultimately achieve his goals.

“Mmmm… haaah… mmm…” She immediately began to moan, reaching back and grabbing Guy’s hair as he continued to tease the supple skin.

The drug was working, since she didn’t resist at all as Guy embraced her entirely. Instead, she allowed him to wrap his arms around her and begin to grind his cock against her ass. He was already completely erect again. The smell of her familiar perfume was enough to drive him wild. It seemed like her pheromone scent had seemingly increased his arousal and sensitivity. Damn Madame Priscilla for tricking him in such a manner. However, since getting a deep whiff of her, his insides were only growing more and more heated.

Guy’s hands found her breasts and began to squeeze them. His hands kneaded and molded them teasingly. They were a bit bigger than he thought they would be based on when he had seen her last. Maybe that was part of Madame Priscilla’s magic too. While sucking on her ear, he reached into her dress and finally popped out her breasts from the top. She let out a gasp as he found her nipples in the dark and started to pinch them.

“Gaaah… haaah… aaahn…” She let out moans, her butt now shaking back and forth, grinding against his hard cock with extreme desire.

Guy understood it was already too late for both of them. As long as the door remained locked and no one interrupted them, neither of them would be stopping what was about to happen next. That’s when he remembered the other part of Madame Priscilla’s plan. There was the recorder. He needed evidence of her misdeed. In an ideal world, she’d call off the wedding, but just in case she didn’t, it might depend on something more nefarious like blackmail.

Guy had hated and resisted the idea at first, but now that he was under the influence of Ferrin’s pheromones, he suddenly felt like recording it all was kind of hot. This was naturally the fall of thousands of women back home, who would become aroused enough to allow themselves to be recorded, only for all of their misdeeds to end up on the internet later.

Well, this wasn’t the same situation. Guy didn’t understand the principles behind this device. That wasn’t saying much. He didn’t understand the principles around a camera either. The short of it was that supposedly this device took a 3D image of the area around it. This did not depend on angles or lighting. Madame Priscilla had made that clear. So, as long as it was active, a realistic projection of their sexual encounter could be displayed. From the moment he started recording, it was merely up to Guy to get Ferrin to act as shamelessly as possible.

Given that he had already injected her with the pheromone drug, he didn’t think there would be a problem with that. His greatest worry was maintaining his own lucidity so that he didn’t become a shameless animal that made it look like she was a victim. The more lewdly she acted, the fewer things would fall on him. Then again, his ultimate goal was to not have to use the blackmail at all.

He didn’t know if Xara had given him this chance expecting he would use the drug and record or not. Perhaps Ferrin had mentioned to Xara that she was into Guy, and thus she saw the opportunity and gave it to him. He did suspect that if it came to blackmail, or worst of all, exposing the sex scene to the groom, that Ferrin would come to hate Xara.

It would ultimately be Guy’s fault that this happened. This is why he wanted to avoid it at all costs. It wasn’t just that it would put his butt on the line, but it would also feel like a betrayal to Xara too. It made him feel a tinge of guilt. He just didn’t have the confidence. Confidence to fuck her? Easily. Confidence to win her heart? How could such a thing be so easy to obtain?

That’s why he focused heavily on the foreplay, even though his body was screaming at him to just push her down and fuck her already. While he sucked her from the side, one hand fondled her breast, and the other couldn’t help but run down her back and touch her round, voluptuous ass. He couldn’t stop himself from squeezing the soft, succulent meat, a bit harder than her breasts, but just as fun to fondle.

“Ahhhn… Haaah… nnnhhh… please…” Her voice sounded so weak and off Guy could barely hear it.

However, the tone said all he needed to hear. It said that she couldn’t wait any longer. Guy was in the same state, so it didn’t take anything for him to start pulling up her dress. This wasn’t the first time Guy had played with a woman in a wedding dress. Well, that other time, the dress wasn’t nearly as elaborate as this one. Even though he had partially witnessed Madame Priscilla putting the dress on Ferrin, he couldn’t figure out how to take it off.

He quickly realized that there was no need to take it off. He tossed Ferrin over the bench, forcing her to bend over. He pushed the many folds of her dress up and over. Her erotic underwear that left little to the imagination was revealed. This outfit was almost perfect for banging her like this. It was assuredly a deliberate design choice.

Ferrin was like a splayed-out flower, her dress becoming the petals that obscured the upper part of her body. All that was on display was her ass, and the vertical split of her aroused pussy. The underwear she wore existed in a way where it could also be used as straps to a harness. In short, Guy could mount and ride Ferrin for all she was worth.

Practically drooling with desire, he unsnapped the material covering her vagina. It was a single snap that allowed her privates to be on display. Guy reached out hungrily and grabbed her ass, one hand per cheek. She shivered slightly but otherwise didn’t react to his groping her ass. Using his hands, he spread her own, enjoying the sight of her on display.

It was still dark, so it wasn’t like he had a clear view of everything. She released a smell that was a bit different from the pheromone from before. It wasn’t any less arousing, but Guy didn’t vaguely wonder why she smelled different down there. Maybe she cleaned down there before coming in, afraid that she’d be seducing Guy with her pheromones. It was also possible since Guy didn’t know anything about her species, that their scent changed between attracting a male and then preparing to have sex. Once she attracted him, she’d naturally start releasing other hormones.

It wasn’t like Guy spent a lot of time dwelling on it. There were only a few moments before his cock was in his hand. Even after a night of sex that nearly killed him, Guy’s cock was just as ready to go as always. In fact, after a long night of sex, Guy found himself more like an addict who hadn’t gotten his fix. He had been teased all morning under Ferrin’s dress, having to smell and see her naughty bits, but unable to satisfy himself with them. Now, he had full discretion, and he planned to take it. He shoved his dick in her roughly, sparing no restraint.

“Ahhhn…s-so big…” She panted, her voice muffled and hard to hear under all of the white clothing over her head.

Ferrin would have been a virgin at this point, so this must have been her first time. It was too late to do it more elegantly. It went in surprisingly easily. Her pussy was tight, warm, and wet. Thankfully, it wasn’t a cloaca in disguise or some three-chambered thing. It was just a rather normal sex organ. Guy was already so aroused that he couldn’t stop himself from starting to thrust into her.

Since Guy was supposed to be seducing her, he might have wanted this to be a bit more romantic. He could kiss her and hug her and whisper sweet nothings into her ear. That was what he was best at, the seduction game. Impersonally plowing her from behind didn’t offer the same satisfaction. However, he wasn’t going to risk getting her out of that dress, only to have to help her somehow get back in it.

Thus, Guy decided to substitute romance with roughness. He began to penetrate her with long and rough thrusts. He grabbed onto her strap-like underwear, using it to give himself momentum with each thrust. He pulled out until the tip of his cock was just barely inside her waiting pussy, and then he would push forward, thrusting the entire mass deep into her cunt. Her pussy took all of his cock with each thrust, and indecent juices began to leak out. Ferrin was quite the naughty girl and seemed to love his cock.

“Nnn… hhaahn… nhaaa…” She moaned muffled noises as he gave her rough thrust after rough thrust.

Guy was expecting an uncorrupted virgin, but Ferrin turned out to be quite lewd. She started to gyrate her hips in time with his thrusts, using her own body to make it harder and rougher even. It was like she couldn’t get enough of his cock. That was just fine with Guy. Given how aroused he was at the moment, he preferred a lewd slut like Ferrin.

Virgins could be troublesome. They hurt, they bled, they cried, and they sometimes changed their minds. As long as they could appear outwardly innocent, then a true slut who would go longer and enjoy all of it was much more desirable. There was no better way to hide the appearance of a complete slut than under a wedding dress. Guy thought he started to understand Madame Priscilla’s intent with this dress. A virgin on the outside, but a lewd girl on the inside. Maybe she wasn’t so bad after all, even if she did have a dick.

Guy decided that since Ferrin was enjoying this so much, he wouldn’t hold back either. Wrapping his hands tightly around her straps, he got a good hold of her then began to go all out. He thrust with all his might, pounding into her cervix like he was trying to reach her womb. Actually, he might be hitting her womb. They were aliens, so who knew how his dick compared with the others.

“Ahhn! Ahhhn! Cumming!”

He could feel her pussy tightening up on his cock. They wanted to suck his cock in and gobble it up. The suction was incredible, and her pussy also started to squirt out liquids down her legs. Rather than slowing down, Guy used the added lubricant to thrust even harder. Loud thwacking sounds could be heard as his dick plunged into her.

Thwack. Thwack. Tchwack!

He was fucking her so hard that her butt deformed every time he shoved it in.

“Guy! Ahhhnn… I love you! Don’t stop! Don’t stop!”

She was moaning lewdly and loudly, but so was I. Was this dressing room soundproof? It was far too late to think about that. The only thing Guy could do was hold on until he finished. Whatever happened after that, he wasn’t sure he cared. The sound of our skin slapping together, the room filling up with her lewd smells, and the heated and desperate panting had made this our own little sex paradise in the dark.

It was probably the pheromones talking, but this was probably the most arousing sexual experience I had ever had. I raised my hand and smacked her ass, no longer caring about any propriety as I tore her up with my dick. I was using my complete strength to slam my dick deep into her. It was so hard and fast that every time I slid in, her pussy would spill out liquid like a piece of ice being shoved into a cup that was already too full.

“Ahhhh! Ahhhh! I’m going crazy! You’re crushing my womb! I’m cumming again.”

Her pussy began to climax again, the muscles clamping down on my cock hungrily. When some girls came, their pussy would just gush. When others came, they would twitch. When it came to Ferrin, her pussy was like a vice grip, wanting to swallow Guy’s dick whole.

“I’m going to cum.” He panted.


He was surprised to see her react so excitedly to his words. He supposed it would be a bit bad if he came in her cunt. Actually, for the sake of the film, it’d be more shocking to see her swallowing it down like a good little slut. Maybe Guy would have had such logical thoughts, but at that moment his cock was swelling and he felt like he was about to explode. Even waiting for Ferrin to get on her knees, and lift her veil was more than he could take. He grabbed her head and shoved his dick into her mouth. He had barely gotten it in when it swelled up and exploded.

“Ggghmmmm!” Her throat made such a noise as his cock began to shoot out gob after gob of hot seed.

Even after having her pussy dirty his cock, she didn’t hesitate to suck it down and swallow everything that came out. Guy’s eyes rolled up in his head and he rolled back as she sucked him down. She kept swallowing it all, just like the little lewd slut he knew she could be. He felt like he exploded buckets, cumming in her mouth over and over again, but she kept on drinking it with long gulps.

Finally, his orgasm diminished, and his legs felt like jelly. Ferrin was still sucking on his cock dutifully though as if she didn’t want to miss a single drop. He finally turned away, sitting back onto the bench next to where Ferrin was kneeling. He was still panting for breath, but he felt extremely relaxed and happy. Ferrin was a hot piece of ass. Her pussy was great, and her mouth wasn’t bad either. She remained on her knees, in the same position as she had been when she was sucking him off. Her veil had fallen back down her face, and her head was still away from him.

He realized that at a time like this, he should say something. Ferrin had just cheated on her husband-to-be and was probably feeling a bit lost and confused. At the moment, she was trying to decide if she wanted to remain with him or not. This was the point where Guy needed to strike right at her heart. He had to do it for his sake, and for Harmony’s sake too. He was sorry he needed to play with her emotions but had to.

“You’re my woman now.” Guy declared, reaching out and grabbing her shoulders.

“B-but, the wedding.”

Her voice still sounded off, but it was probably because she had just downed his cock. After having something big shoved down your throat and filled with sticky white stuff, talking in the usually bright and cheery voice was probably impossible.

“I don’t care about the wedding. You’re all that matters to me.”

“My… husband.”

“I don’t care about him. All I care about is you. As long as you end the wedding, we can be together forever.”

“You want me to e-end it?”

“Yes. We can’t be together unless the marriage is ended. That’s what Madame Priscilla said.” Guy felt that throwing her name into it might add some strength to the argument.

Maybe she’d go to Madame Priscilla first, and she could do her magic toward getting her to cancel. At the very least, my part of it was done.

“I… will think on this.” She said before standing up. “Stay here. I will have you brought away from here safely in a bit.”

With those words, she dusted herself off and then unlocked and left the room. Guy decided he didn’t want any more surprises, so he went and locked the room. Whenever they came back, they’d need to knock first. The sexual high from his pheromones started to wear off, Guy reflected on what happened. He began to notice that there was something off about their encounter. Guy couldn’t put his finger on it though. It was probably nothing.

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