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There was an explosion, and the entire station shook. The emergency lights turned on, filling them room with a menacing red light. Many people were shouting or already flooding to the doors. Guy took that as his moment to escape. However, he couldn’t escape alone. He ran up to Xara and Ferrin, grabbing each of their arms. Xara was still stunned, while Ferrin’s eyes were locked on her. When I grabbed her, she shot me a glare.

“Ladies, we need to go now.”

“O-okay.” Xara agreed.

“Go? Why would we go?” Ferrin demanded.

“The station is under attack. If you haven’t noticed, this place is going to be Galactic Alliance property in short order.” Guy explained quickly. “Plus, given the results of this wedding, the families are probably going to be furious.”

Xara’s eyes widened, but Ferrin looked unconvinced, waving her hand dismissively, shrugging my hand off of her. “Daddy will handle it. He has many connections. He’ll cut some deal with the Galactic Alliance and we’ll be right back in power, whether or not we’re under the Galactic Alliance.”

Guy didn’t have time to argue with her. “That might be so for you, but what about you, Xara?”

“Dad… I don’t know…” Xara shook her head, looking slightly scared.

“Naturally, I will take care of Xara!” Ferrin’s expression turned ugly. “When she’s my woman, she’ll be part of my family, and daddy will keep us both safe. We can be together forever.”

“Ferrin, I’m not into women!” Xara shot back and then moved toward Guy. “I think we should go with Guy.”

Ferrin’s eyes grew wide staring at my hand still holding Xara. She took a step back, her eyes becoming slightly unhinged. “Oh, I see how it is…”

“Ferrin, come with us.” Xara still looked confused.

“You’re… choosing this male over me?” She said the word male in a way that immediately caused Guy’s spine to tingle.

That was the kind of talk he had heard from man-hating feminists. Guy had been under her skirt, so he thought they were becoming intimate, but she had done it all for Xara. If his time in the dressing room had been with Madame Cherbyll and not Ferrin, then he had no attachment to her at all other than Xara. She was starting to come off like one of those blue-haired lesbians. She was blue-haired. Her entire body was blue! She was also a lesbian! Ahhh, crap!

“Ferrin, it’s not like that. We need to go.”

“You…” She shook her head, her eyes staring intently. “You won’t leave me for him. He won’t love you as I do!”

“L-love?” Xara stiffened at that, finally starting to grasp what was going on. “I think you’re misunderstanding something. I don’t l-love… I mean…”

She looked up at Guy, her cheeks turning slightly pink. Normally, Guy would happily see a girl looking at him that way. However, with alarms blazing, the station shaking, and people fighting in the stands, this was not the time! To make matters worse, the ship took a big hit, and she stumbled. As she lost her footing, she reached out, grabbing Guy’s hand. Now, they were holding hands!

“No… I understand everything!” Ferrin hissed and then yelled at full volume. “Daaaaaddddy! This bastard is trying to run off with my happiness!”

“Who is it?” A voice that was still struggling in the crowd called out. “Guards, get him!”

At that exact moment, Madame Cherbyll broke from the crowd. Her eyes immediately landed on the pair of us standing there holding hands. Her face broke into a fury, and she threw out a long finger as if condemning us to death.

“Guards! Seize that man! He’s mine! In fact, seize them both!”

“The woman is mine!” Ferrin spun, shouting angrily at Madame Cherbyll.

Madame Cherbyll glared back. “Ridiculous. She has tried to take what is rightfully mine. She should pay.”

“Her? It’s that filthy man who has his hands all over my woman! If anyone gets in my way, I’ll kill them!”

“I see we are in an impasse.” Madame Cherbyll thought about it for a second and then smirked. “I suggest a truce. We capture them. You get the woman, and I claim the man.”

“And then we force them to marry us.” Her vicious face suddenly turned shy and she touched her fingers together. “A-and then can enjoy our honeymoon.”

“I like the way you think!” Madame Cherbyll laughed. “I wish we had gotten along this well when you were my daughter-in-law. Let’s get them.”


Both women ended up turning to Guy and Xara. Their conversation had been so quick and sudden, that Guy and Xara were still standing there with dumbfounded expressions on their faces. Ferrin had seemed like such a nice and innocent girl. Who would have guessed that she was a complete snake? She was a lot like her former mother-in-law. At least, she was just as vicious with bad morals. One could expect someone to grow up this way when being the daughter of a criminal family, but for Xara who had been her childhood friend, this was all too sudden.

When the two ladies started taking steps toward Guy and Xara like they intended to tackle them and wrestle them apart, Guy finally recovered at about the same time Xara did.

“We need to run.” Guy declared.

“I agree.” Xara immediately agreed.

The pair turned, but they only made it a dozen steps before a line of guards appeared. Since they were on the main stage where the bride and groom were supposed to be, there was a gap between them and the crowds of people racing for the doors. The line of guards had formed between them, locking the pair at the front of the hall. Behind them, the bride and her mother-in-law were slowly stepping toward them with crazed, hungry glares.

What were the chances that Guy and Xara both had a crazy psychopathic bitch after them? Guy was certain if he ended up in Madame Cherbyll’s hands, he wouldn’t remain alive for much longer. Even if he wasn’t dubious about their chances during this hostile take over by the Galactic Alliance, she would probably grow bored with him in a few weeks and decide to kill him off. She certainly hadn’t hesitated to chuck her husband of untold years out an airlock a short time ago.

As for Xara, the situation wasn’t as dire, but that depended on the point of view. Xara had been looking to escape this station of low lives and find her place in the universe. Her freedom had been restricted for years, and she and Guy had only crossed paths because she was looking to free herself. If Xara was caught, by the crazy look in Ferrin’s eyes, it wouldn’t be surprising if she remained locked up for the remainder of her life as Ferrin’s love doll. After Guy inadvertently opened her heart with his ill-timed speech, she didn’t seem to care about her husband-to-be in the slightest.

Speaking of which, the groom had disappeared shortly after the lights went out. If there was some secret escape in the back, the position Guy and Xara were in at that moment prevented them from reaching it. They were surrounded. Armed security men with guns created a half-circle around them, and the girls were getting closer every second. Xara’s hand tightened on Guy’s, while Guy was considering whether he should bum-rush the guards or the girls.

There was a sudden shout, and several of the guards were knocked away, stumbling to the ground at Guy and Xara’s feet. The two looked up in stunned silence as a man stood there. His cloak had been removed and his white shirt had been rolled up the arms, bearing some decent arms. One of the men lifted a gun at him. He spun, doing a kick that sent the gun flying. Then, he reached out and grabbed the guy by the neck.

“You dare point a gun at me in my station?” Mr. Dresdon roared.

He lifted the man by his neck and then threw him at another guy. Another guy had the sense to point and shoot. A bolt of light came out, but Dresdon’s head moved far faster than it should, dodging the bolt. A second later, he appeared like lightning. He crushed the man’s throat with a single thrust of his hand. As the man collapsed choking, he did another kick, sending three guards flying off.



Ferrin and Madame Cherbyll had slowed their approach as they saw Mr. Dresdon there. He had no bodyguards around him, but it appeared like he didn’t need them. Single-handedly, he was taking down the entire combined guard of the Cherbyll and Obsidian families. If anyone wondered why his family, despite being the smallest, had remained at the top for so many years, they wouldn’t wonder after seeing such a display.

“Dad…” Xara cried out, her eyes looking slightly teary and lost.

She wanted to escape, but with her father there, it was clear she loved him. Of course, Mr. Dresdon’s eyes fell to her holding Guy’s hand and his lips grimaced slightly.

“Daughter, go!” He ordered.

“But…” She still looked reluctant.

His eyes turned to Guy, putting his daughter to the side. “You will take her and keep her safe.”

Guy nodded, his hand squeezing hers. “I will.”

“Also… if you touch either of my daughters, I’ll kill you!”

“Either?” Xara blinked.

“R-right!” Guy didn’t know what he meant either, but he had affirmed no daughter of Dresdon would be defiled.

“Get to the Prison ship, her s- the one named Boss will know what to do.”

Guy gave a nod and then turned to Xara. “Let’s go.”

As they started to run through the crowd, a scream came from behind them. “You’re not going to get away that easily.” Madame Cherbyll shouted.

She had pulled out a laser pistol and leveled it at Guy and Xara. She pulled the trigger.

“Don’t hit my Xara!” Ferrin shoved her to the side.

He was a bit too late. Dresdon seemed distracted by two guards, and the bolt flew at the fleeing pair. However, just before hitting them, it seemed to strike some kind of energy shield. Both of them stumbled forward, shooting a look back in surprise. Madame Priscilla was standing there, and she had some kind of device on her arm she was playing with.

“I’m afraid our play will have to end here, my sweet boy.” Madame Priscilla pursed her lips in my direction.

“Madame Priscilla, you will stand in my way too?” Madame Cherbyll put on an ugly look.

“Oh, my… aren’t you two acting a bit un-ladylike?” She chuckled.

“Shut it! If you give me Xara now, I’ll tell daddy to forgive you!” Ferrin snarled.

“Tsk… tsk… you ladies don’t seem to understand who’s the mistress in this relationship.” Madame Priscilla spoke teasingly. “As a word of advice, never threaten the woman whose dresses you’re wearing.”

She touched a button, and suddenly both dresses tightened. Like a zipper being pulled, they became completely tight and took on the appearance of bondage. Both ladies were squeezed tightly. One of Madame Cherbyll’s boobs popped out as she was squeezed so hard. Both girls collapsed to the ground.

“Ahhhn… this…”


Both girls were writhing on the ground, completely bound up to the point they couldn’t move. Madame Priscilla raised an eye to Xara and Guy.

“Shouldn’t you be escaping, love?”

That was enough to snap Guy out of it. “Thanks, and you’re as sexy as ever!”

He grabbed Xara and fled the room. Madame Priscilla watched them go, and then pursed her lips.

“Tssk… cocktease.” She sighed. “By the time I heard you were banging all those ladies into sex comas and came to join in the fun, you were already tuckered out. I guess we’ll just have to have fun next time.”

Guy didn’t hear this, as he was busy pulling Xara out of the wedding reception hall. Most of the guests had already dispersed. There were a few bodies on the ground, but by their dress, they were Galactic Alliance. They must have been a first-strike team that got wiped out by the fleeing aliens. That meant that the station was already being boarded. Guy could hear the screams of people and the sound of firing weapons from every hallway. There were a few places that had shown signs of a recent fight.

As they raced toward the docking bay, Xara making sure that Guy took the correct turns, they ran into more and more bodies. As they reached the next corner, Guy spotted a group of people. He grabbed Xara who was paying more attention to where she was going than her surroundings. Covering her mouth, he pulled her behind a pile of fallen debris. He peaked over to see a group of twenty armed men. They looked like they were Galactic Alliance soldiers.

There was a man who was clearly at the head, and the rest were armored men. The man was a cathari, while the aliens varied. None of them were bug people that Guy had run into before. Guy wasn’t sure if these guys would be as easy to take down as the bug people. He doubted it, and he didn’t have a weapon either way.

That’s when he noticed a man walking down the hallway toward the group. He hid his head until the guy passed. He recognized him as the groom. This was the original informant who had seemingly planned all of this. The young master of the Cherbyll had a hatred of this station and its people, leading to his betrayal. He had a grin on his face and he lifted his hands and waved.

“Hey, it’s me!”

The men all turned to him, lifting their weapons. The leader lifted his hand, stopping them. The young groom didn’t seem to be worried though.

“Hello. I presume you’re Commander Dirik, right? I’m the one who sent you all of the information.” He declared. “It was pretty useful, right?”

“You did allow us to bypass the weapons defense grid.” Commander Dirik nodded. “Without that, we never could have gotten close. With the shield array dropping at a convenient time, we were able to board the station with minimal life lost.”

The groom grinned, a pleased look on his face. “I’m sorry, I was a bit caught up in a wedding so I couldn’t help with the array. You seemed to have found someone though, so it all worked. I’m ready for my award.”

Commander Dirik nodded. “You have done the Galactic Alliance a great service. It’s a bit surprising that it came from the son of a galactic criminal.”

“I hate my father and my mother.” He made a face. “I don’t care about them at all. I’ll be happy to see them dead. You will kill them, right?”

He nodded. “Yes, it is the Galactic Alliance military’s policy that all galactic criminals be executed on sight.”

“Great! Ah… so my reward?”

Commander Dirik dropped his hand and turned away. “Give him his reward, boys.”

The soldiers stepped forward in a line and raised their weapons.

“No! Wait!”

That was all the groom could say before a dozen bolts struck him. He fell back to the ground a fried corpse, very much dead. Xara’s eyes were wide, while Guy merely stared at where the body had fallen.

“Commander!” Another man in armor ran up to the commander and saluted. “Many criminals are trying to escape from the docks. There are a few pockets of resistance still holding the line on their docks, probably hoping their comrades can still meet them.”

The commander nodded. “Focus all forces on the docks. Block off all forms of retreat. Above all else, that prison ship cannot be allowed to leave.”

“Yes sir!” He turned to leave, but the commander put up his hand to stop him.

“Oh, yes… and if you see a young cathari woman, Galactic Alliance, goes by the name of Harmony, she’s a defect. Eliminate her.”

“As you command!”

The commander and his group began to walk on, soon leaving Guy’s sight. However, he had already heard enough.

“We need to go. One of those pockets of resistance is probably that prison ship. I don’t know why he’s gunning for you guys, but we need to leave immediately.” Xara grabbed Guy’s hand and stood, but he didn’t move from his spot. “Come on!”

“Go on without me.” Guys declared.


“Go to the ship. Tell them to leave.” Guy declared.

“What are you saying? You’re coming with me!”

“No… I have something I have to do first.”

“Guy, you heard them. Shoot to kill! You can’t go back, my fath… all of them… they are in trouble. Why?”

“Harmony.” Guy declared. “She’s in trouble.”


Guy bit his lip. “She was in the power relay above the wedding. She took out the shields. I might be able to head her off before she encounters any men who have gotten the commander’s order. She’s probably already… but I have to try. I have to!”

Guy had grown surprisingly fervent and had even grabbed Xara as he spoke. She blinked in surprise, but then lowered her head.

“You’d sacrifice everything for her?”

“I want everyone to be safe. I’m hoping I don’t have to sacrifice anything.” Guy declared. “She’d probably be heading for the bridge or the main control room, or somewhere she thinks she can find people.”


“Xara, I’m not going to argue-“

“No! I’m saying she not there. She’s still in the power relay.”

“What? How?”

“The power relay’s here have a special feedback system. When they shut down, they shoot out a wave of energy. It would knock anyone unconscious unless they were wearing a protective shield like the one Madame Priscilla had. If she tried to take out the power without something like that, she’s probably still in the room, unconscious.”

“That’s great!” Guy stood up. “Then, I can go get her!”

“I’m going with you.” Xara wore a stubborn look on her face.

Guy blinked, looking over at her. “Your father said…”

“Father doesn’t control me!” Xara declared. “I’m going! Are you coming with me?”

She stood up and began marching away from the docks. Guy had to just hope the prison ship could hold out on their own. He got up and followed Xara.

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