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“Ain’t there some concern about me being a biohazard or something? War of the world’s death by my germs. Like, can I even breathe your atmosphere?” Guy strained his brain to remember anything he had ever heard about aliens.

“Are you breathing?”

“Um, yeah…”

“Then you can breathe our atmosphere.” The woman who was escorting Guy shrugged nonchalantly.

“I see…”

“As for germs, your germs are too alien. Any species that grew up on another planet would have bacteria so foreign that the chance of it mutating and harming a species from another planet is near zero.”

“Yet, all our genitals fit together?”

“Almost makes you believe in the divine goddess, doesn’t it?”

“There is only one God. He’s got my back.”

“You think your God is a man? How silly.”

Guy decided to shut up about it. He may have grown up Catholic, but he hadn’t gone to church in ten years. As for having an argument with an actual space alien about God, they definitely didn’t have a chapter about that in the bible.

“I think some scientists have a theory about this.” The three-boobed alien chick explained. “Something about the conditions needed for social animals to gather. Simply put, it isn’t that life doesn’t take many forms, it’s that by the nature of our species type, the forms we happen to interact with have many things in common with us.”

Guy supposed that kind of made sense. Humans didn’t exactly go out of their way to try to interact with an insect. I guess most species weren’t interested in each other unless they could bone, so those that have social things like this Galactic Alliance or whatever it was called were the type who were similar enough to communicate. Communication wasn’t just by words, but body movement. It was natural selection on a galactic scale, where only humanoids reigned supreme, sort of like Earth.

Guy was a little happy his species won the galactic lottery. It’d suck to survive your own planet, gain sentience, and then venture out in the world only to find out that every other race were giant psychic spiders that enjoyed the taste of your brains. A species like that probably didn’t get very far before being wiped out. What? He believed in that science stuff. Guy was Catholic, not an idiot.

As he thought about these things and engaged the three-boobed woman in light conversation, he was also looking around the ship. It had less of a Star Trek vibe. They were walking on metal grates and there were tubes and wires running along the ceiling right above them. It sort of looked like a battleship on Earth, with thick bulkheads and utilitarian appearances. One thing the ship wasn’t light on was light. The hallways had very bright light. It wasn’t too bad, but if he had a hangover, it’d probably give him a headache.

“I’m sorry miss, I never got your name.”

“Diatome, you can call me Dia.”

“Okay, Dia, can you perhaps give me any clues on how things are going to go from here on out?”

She gave a gentle smile and shrugged. “I assume you mean about your presence on board. We are currently fleeing from the Galactic Alliance, so you will be brought with us. If you make yourself useful, you will be kept. The more women on board who find you useful, the less likely you’ll be tossed out an airlock.”

“Useful… you mean like by triggering your um… egg laying?”

“That’s right… if your semen does in fact trigger it as I believe it will, then I would owe you a great deal of debt. I will naturally suggest they keep you on board. It’d be best if you spend the next few weeks endearing yourself to the crew and proving you are useful. Ultimately, the person you have to convince is boss.”

“Who is boss? Why do you call them that?”

“Boss has been in prison longer than most of us have lived. Her species is extremely long-lived. Some say that she was part of the civil war that started the Galactic Alliance. Mind you, the Alliance is over 1000 years old.”

“So, she’s some old broad.”

“You best not call her that to her face. She has killed for less. Her species is unknown. Her name is also unknown. She usually has a cool head. I don’t think anyone has seen her angry. That’s because, the last time she grew angry, she slaughtered everyone in the prison. That event happened twenty years before I ended up being brought to the rebuilt prison.”

“If she’s so strong, why didn’t she escape?”

“Why indeed… but you’d be better off asking her personally, not that you’ll receive answers. She is an enigma. That is why she’s boss.”

“Okay…” I decided that I’d definitely step lightly around this old broad. “Anyone else I need to worry about?”

“Tifa may try to eat you. Her species in cannibalistic, although I guess it is not cannibalism if they come from another species.”

“There is only one part of my body she can put in her mouth, but I’ll give her as much as she wants.”

“Ah, you’re speaking of your Semen. Cerisa already determined it isn’t a good source of food.”

“Cerisa is that blue bitch?”

“Mm… apt name. Her crime was that she melded with a Prince she had fallen in love with.”

“That doesn’t sound so bad. I take it this was an affair?”

“No, but the Prince also wasn’t a shapeshifter, but a mammal like you or me. She used copious amounts of acid while he was still alive. She wanted to become one with him. She succeeded, but he didn’t survive it.”

“Holy fuck!” Guy cursed, nearly tripping over his foot.

That was a woman he had stuck his dick inside. Of course, she hadn’t seen the action as sex, but extracting food. She had mentioned melding, but he was thankful that she didn’t have any affection for him.

“Is this every woman on this ship?” Guy demanded.

“We are prisoners of a Maximum-Security Galactic prison. Cerisa’s actions were possibly the tamest. You wouldn’t believe it if I told you what I was in for. Would you like to know?” She raised her eyebrows teasingly.

“Ah… maybe we can keep that until after we fuck.”

“Very well. It doesn’t matter to me. You are just a tool for my satisfaction.”

“Funny, I felt the same way.”

She stopped at a door and then hit a button, causing it to open. “Then, shall we stop wasting time with idle chatter, and get on to the matter at hand? You have had sufficient time to recover, yes?”

“Just let me play with your three titties, and I’ll be ready to fuck in a moment.”

She smirked. “Then come into my nest.”

Her wording worried me a bit, so I was very relieved when I entered the room to find something that looked like your standard quarters aboard a ship. The room’s size wasn’t bad. If this was a prison escort ship, this must have been where the high-ranking officers slept. The bed looked big and comfy, and there were dressers, art, and other recognizable things that made me feel better.

If I had walked in only to realize her room was a mass of webs or goo, I might have ended up being unable to perform. I mean, I’d have made an attempt, but there was no guarantee I would have been able to seal the deal. She closed the door behind me and pressed a button which turned red. My assumption was that this meant it was locked. She casually pulled off her top, revealing her three breasts.

Her skin wasn’t quite the same color as my own skin, but it was similar enough that it didn’t feel odd. Well, if she was green or purple or something, that would have been exciting in its own ways. Since there was nothing more to it, I dived right in. Well, I meant to dive in her cleavage, but for a girl like her, you had to ask left or right. For an indecisive guy like me, how I could I choose, so I ended up attacking the middle breast, putting it in my mouth and sucking on it.

“Fufu, so you like the middle one.” She laughed gently. “You know, they say you can tell a lot about a man by which breast he targets.”

“Oh?” Guy lifted my head as I swirled my tongue around her orange nipple. “And what does the middle one say?”

“That you’re focused and know what you want.” She mused.

“No, that’s not it.” Guy snorted.

“Oh, then pleased educate me.”

“It means it’s a guy who likes to have it all!” Guy bit her nipple while reaching out and grabbing the other two, sucking one tit while fondling the other two on either side.

“Ah… Ahn… so rough… You’re going to make them bruise.”

“What’s the point if they aren’t!” Guy continued to grope her tits without restraint.

“Y-you…” She moaned, “You know… bruising for my species can be dangerous without treatment.”

“Then, I’ll tell you what I told that girl I fucked without a rubber.” Guy laughed. “After we’re done, you might want to get checked!”

“Ag… ggge… ahhh!” She panted. “Amazing, I’ve never been stimulated this much, I never realized how much pleasure there was in the pain.”

“Don’t even waste you mouth on such things until you taste my cock!” Guy pulled her down on the bed.

After he had his fill with her tits, rubbing the rough stubble of his 5 o’clock shadow all over them until they were red and irritated, he finally abandoned them and went down to her cunt. Guy didn’t know if it was an alien thing or a personal choice, but she didn’t have one landing strip, but three! Three separate black-haired lines pointed down to her cunt. One went straight down, with two others at perfect 45-degree angles.

As to its appearance, other than the color being more on the orange spectrum than the pink, it looked like your typical pussy. That was until I slid my fingers inside. I quickly found what she meant. She had three holes in there, each separated by a bridge of skin. It was all technically inside her, wet and slippery. If it was easy to slip your dick into a girl’s ass during sex, it was downright impossible not to end up fucking a different hole with each stroke.

“C-careful, that skin is tender!” She hissed.

Guy had been fingering the wet skin between two of her holes. The most interesting thing about her pussy was that it wasn’t much bigger than a normal woman’s vagina. That meant any given hole was about 1/3rd, the size of a normal woman’s cunt. Guy’s big cock was bursting at the seams, but he was seriously worried he might actually hurt her. There wouldn’t just be bruising, but maybe tearing as well.

Well, there was only one way to truly find out. He reached into his pants and pulled out his cock. The thing bounced up and down right in front of Dia’s wide eyes.

“S-so big!”

“You’ve already seen it before.”

“Then… it was still soft…” She gave a pouty expression. “I’m just warning you to be careful.”

“Of course, careful is my middle name!”

“Interesting, does your species usually take descriptive adjectives for your middle name?”

Guy had already had enough talk. He had been sucking and playing with her tits, and now his fingers were wet with alien pussy juice. He couldn’t hold back anymore. Grabbing her legs, he pulled them to straighten her out and then spread them roughly. She let out a cry of surprise. But when Guy’s dick was out, it was going to get used. He grabbed his thick meat in his hands and then pushed it up against her orange cunt. He shoved in, not really caring which hole he took. He’d leave that up to fate.

“Ahhhn!” She let out a cry. “That’s my tightest hole! You animal!”

“You’re right about that, damn, it doesn’t want to go in. Brace yourself.”

“Wh-wha- Ahhhhh…. Ahhhh… Cretact! Deract Tick Fruct Check!”

“Are you cursing me?” Guy laughed as he pinned her down, shoving it in and making it fit without any mercy.

“Ahhhhh… gaaaa…. The translators won’t translate certain obscene words! You’re breaking me a part, you Doct Chock!”

“Ah, so I can’t say Fuck… ah! I just did, do you know what that means?”

“Is that the most obscene word your language has?” She growled through clenched teeth, her body shaking in agony. “How laughable! On my home world I’d be impaled on a spike just for whispering some of those words. Your brain would bleed if you knew what they meant!”

“Well, to be fair, you are being impaled!” Guy laughed. “And one last go! Fuck, that’s a tight pussy!”

“Geeaaaahhh… you’re going to crush my egg sack!”

“Well, it’s all in. It looks like your pussy is accommodating. So tight, though. Stop twitching or it’ll pop right out. Then, I’ll just have to do it all again.”

“Are you sure you’re not the one who should be on a prison ship?” She responded coyly.

“Hehe… what are you saying, you’re the one who is so wet, you’re leaking in the bed.” I chuckled.

“Eh? I-it’s not supposed to do that! You definitely broke something!”

“Or maybe you’re just a bigger slut than you thought? I better test your other holes to find out!”

“Ahhhnn! Ahhhhhn! A-amazing!”

Guy began to fuck her holes. He thrust into her with full force, giving it his all with each thrust. He made sure to fill her tight pussy up with his cock, while his hands returned to playing with her three melons, which were started to look a bit like bruised melons. He might have felt bad, but Dia never told him to stop either. She was likely a major masochist who enjoyed this kind of thing. It was painful for cats to have sex too, that didn’t mean pussies didn’t lift their ass in the air whenever they sniffed some dick, nor did it mean that the act of having sex was dangerous.

Thus, Guy just listened to his instincts, and had fun getting his aggressions out on her. After being knocked out, strapped to an examination table, and used as a slime’s fucktoy, he had quite a bit of aggression to get out, and she had four holes for him to enjoy. What? Her pussy had three? Well, she had an asshole just like any girl, and if he could slip it in any three, he could definitely put it in the forth.

“Ahhhn! Not in there!” She cried out.

However, her tongue was sticking out and she was moaning like any slut in a porn movie, so Guy enjoyed whatever hole he damn well pleased. Each one was a different experience. The middle one was the stretchiest. The thin layer around it made it feel elastic, kind of like fucking a pussy rubberband. The upper and lower each had a solid fleshy wall to rub his cock against, but if he picked the top hole, it rubbed up top of his shaft, and if he picked the bottom hole, it rubbed on the bottom. Either one was a completely different experience, although he had to admit he liked the bottom hole the most. As for Dia, he was pretty certain she enjoyed the top hole the most, despite initially being coy about which.

So, he fucked her lower hole, and then jammed two fingers in the top and a thumb in the middle. He then began to fuck her roughly while working his fingers. If he gripped her insides just right, he could use her two top holes like a leverage so he could slam her bottom hole hard. That seemed to stimulate her the most because she went nuts when he took her that way. Obscene words be damned, he had her speaking tongues!

That was when his dick ended up in her ass. At that point, he used his hands to finger all three holes. Her ass just felt like a standard ass to him. However, that wasn’t displeasurable at all. In fact, he finally reached his limit.

“I’m going to cum!” He moaned.

“Cum! Cum in me! Cum! Cum!” She sang in ecstasy.

Guy fucked her so good, she didn’t even seem to realize that his dick was in her ass, not her pussy. The entire point was to fertilize her eggsack, but he was pretty sure he was in the wrong place for that. Of course, that didn’t stop him. As she came, squirting pungent fluids all over his hands, he released his load deep in her alien asshole. He buried his dick deep into her digestive tract and then released his entire load.

“Ahhhh….” She moaned in pleasure, completely delirious. “Cum… cum… cum… I feel it inside…”

He pulled out when he was done, shaking her juices off his hand. “Hey, you do have bathrooms in space where I can clean up, right?”

“C-cum…” She moaned, in no state to answer.

He shrugged and started looking around the room. He had feared that everything would be too alien to recognize, but the beds, furniture, and even the bathroom were roughly what he expected. The sinks put out water too. He cleaned up his hands and face and walked out. There, Dia was already dressed. Her previously sex broken appearance had disappeared, and she now had a cold demeanor, the friendly smiles from before completely gone.

“Your room is down the hall, 16. It’s already coded for your DNA. Go!” She responded like she was angry at me.

“I won’t be staying in your room? Hey, if it’s about your ass…”

“That won’t be necessary.” She snorted. “As for how you chose to… deposit it… I was in prison… the things I’ve had to do to get by. You think expelling and putting it in the right place is something a woman like me wouldn’t do? Simply, I’ve obtained what I needed from you, now get lost.”

Guy had to remind himself that these were aliens, and also prisoners. Perhaps her nice attitude had been entirely a show to get what she wanted. Well, whatever, it wasn’t like Guy cared that much. She got what she wanted, and he got what he wanted, so it was all fine.

“Whatever, bitch… see you later.”

Since she suddenly wanted to turn into a Diva Bitch now that she had her cum, Guy wasn’t the type to stick around. He waved her a single hand and left. Guy quickly found his room. A scanner came out and scanned him, and then the door opened. He was afraid he’d have to do something that he couldn’t figure out and have to crawl back to the 2nd bitch he had met on this ship. Thankfully, it was all automatic.

Guy entered his quarters, found his bed, and lay down on it. He shook his head in amazement. What a crazy day. Hopefully, the rest of the women on this ship weren’t also bitches.

Oh… Guy had no idea.

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