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“What?” Guy spoke in a low voice, his expression devoid of the usually relaxed humor he carried on his face.

Since they witnessed the ship exploding, the entire atmosphere on the shuttle had grown dark. The newcomer Xara’s expression was angry and silent, like an animal backed into a corner with its hair raised. You had a feeling if you approached too fast, she’d lash out at you. Harmony wanted to avoid her. Yet, when her behavior was compared to Guy, he made her far more uneasy. For Xara, she had lost a sister she had never known. Guy had lost an assortment of people he considered friends. Some of them he might have even considered lovers.

His anger didn’t display on his face. Rather, there was a coldness that was far more unnerving, as if no one could guess what he was about to do next. The person most affected by this attitude was Harmony. She had known Guy longer than Xara and had even been in several close calls with him. If she was asked to describe her relationship with him, it would be complicated. When it came time to kill him, she wasn’t able to, even knowing he was just as much a criminal according to the Galactic Alliance law as any of them, especially after that senseless slaughter on that aligned planet. Somewhere, deep down, she wasn’t willing to hurt him.

She had also met many of the women who had perished in that explosion. When it came to them, they were all prisoners. They hadn’t specifically abused her, but they had left her for dead in a cell. She didn’t have any love for them, and their death meant nothing to her. Yet, she felt extremely uncomfortable with the atmosphere. They might not have meant anything to her, but they did mean something to Guy, and that seemed to bother her, even if she couldn’t understand why.

“I’m sorry about your friends,” Harmony said.

“Mm.” He gave a mumbled response.

His response didn’t make her feel any better. It made it feel even more awkward for her. Harmony had seemingly given up everything because of him, and then there was the demand made by Dresdon before they left which unsettled her further. She absolutely wouldn’t be paired like that! Yet, would it be so bad? Her mind had worked through that a dozen times.

Harmony had no choice but to look away and continue piloting. The shuttle docking stuff was all done automatically with the computers. She sent a request to the cruiser, and then someone there would accept the request. The computers would then sync up and the ship would be landed with the help of both ships. She was a bit confused when she put in the request and then received no response. The request timed out two more times. She had wanted to tell Guy about it, but given his dark mood, she decided to give it one last time.

If the cruiser already knew that it wasn’t the general’s crew but traitors, then they would be in serious trouble. Already, this plan felt like a complete suicide mission. Taking over a cruiser, even one with a skeleton crew, was nearly impossible. To do so when they knew you were coming? It was just walking toward death.

Also, regardless of how much she helped from there on, Harmony was already doomed to be a traitor. Her only choice was to pick up a weapon and help them, but neither Guy nor Xara felt like handing her one, instead loading up on everything available for themselves. She didn’t blame them after she had already turned on them once. She wished she could have shown her sincerity, but it was likely too late for that.

There was a beep as the cruiser accepted them for landing. Harmony let out a breath of relief, but it only lasted a moment before she thought more about it. If they had known that the shuttle was compromised, those first couple of delays could have been them confirming their orders and preparing for their arrival. They could land to a hundred guards with weapons trained on them. This could be a trap.

“There is a chance this is a trap.” She decided to warn.

“Why? Did you report us?” Xara shot Harmony a glare.

Harmony couldn’t help but turn away, her ears twitching. “I wouldn’t.”

“Leave her alone.” Guy suddenly spoke up, causing her heart to flutter until he continued. “Whether she did or didn’t, it doesn’t matter. We’ll take them all out.”

Harmony couldn’t help but feel a bit dismayed that Guy wasn’t defending her. Rather, it was almost like he didn’t care about anything. He must have truly known their chances. Maybe, this was a suicide run for him. Did he hope to survive?

Guy lifted his helmet and then put it on his head. The suit looked a bit small on him, but he managed to just fit into it, and anyone who saw him from a distance would think he was part of the Galactic Alliance. Of course, Xara was a perfect fit for her armor, and it molded over her body, making her curves even more scandalous. Harmony never thought her body was ugly, but Xara had a certain something that made her particularly alluring, and Harmony didn’t like it.

There were only two sets of armor on the shuttle, and all of the weapons were taken by them. Harmony could only twiddle her thumbs and wait while they landed. She would follow behind them, and if an enemy dropped a weapon, she’d obtain it. This wasn’t much different than the time that she was trapped on the station. No, this was better, because she was in her element. Unlike the prison ship, she had served on various cruisers and knew the layout well. She could reach a weapon’s locker with ease, although it was anyone’s guess if her codes would work.

The ship entered the maw of the docking bay, and the windows that allowed her to see outside the ship closed, limiting her to internal censors. This shuttle wasn’t so advanced as to allow her to see who was in the docking bay or anything like that, so until they opened the doors, they’d be completely blind. There was a thud, and then a few noises as the ship quickly decompressed and normalized to the environment of the dock.

Guy stood up, a rifle in his hand. Xara stood right next to him. They were staring at the unloading ramp. As soon as Harmony lowered it, whatever happened would happen. They could all be dead in the next few minutes. Her hand reached out to flick the switch, but then she froze there. Guy shot her a look.

“What’s the hold-up?”

She closed her eyes and then flipped it. A loud noise sounded out as the door opened and the ramp lowered. Guy kept the weapon up, and then slowly walked out, trying to resemble a soldier march based on what he had seen them do on the station. Beside him, Xara walked in line. Harmony got out of the driver’s seat, and then crouched low to get a look outside of the ship too. The dock was shockingly empty. This gave her the feeling once again that this must be a trap.

“Is Commander Dirik on board?” A shout cried out from an area hidden in the shadows.

“He is!” Guy yelled back, trying to disguise his voice for some reason. “What is the meaning of this?”

“Where is he? Bring him out!” They ordered.

Harmony frowned. Guy and Xara were likely thinking they were found out. She could tell by their movements that they were agitated. Harmony was worried as well, but for a different reason. The procedure the Galactic Alliance people were using was extremely off. Why would they remain hidden? What were they doing? Guy and Xara wouldn’t have known they were acting suspicious and would have thought the enemy was suspicious of them. They glanced at each other before turning back.

“Why don’t you show yourself!” Guy called back.

There was a moment of quiet, and then a group of four women sprung out around them. Both Xara and Guy reacted differently. Xara immediately jumped to the side, hiding behind the landing platform. Guy, on the other hand, was as completely stunned as Harmony. The four women were all women they knew. They were the girls from the prison ship. They must have somehow sent the prison ship out on remote and then took over the cruiser. That was the only thing she could think. Of course, Xara didn’t recognize them and only saw people with weapons, so she hid.  

“It’s you!” He cried out, grabbing his helmet and yanking it off.

Harmony had a sudden bad premonition and so she yelled out. “Watch out!”

Her words came at the same time the woman named Rex cried out. “Shoot!

Just as his helmet was off, the larger woman, she believed her name was Trinity, shot first. The hit struck Guy clear in the chest. The momentary smile on his chest dissipated as he flew back onto the boarding platform with a plop. There was a moment of quiet.

“Guy?” Ten was the first one to speak.

“You shot Guy!” Vienna cried out.

“Ahhh! No!” Trinity screamed.

All four women abandoned their places and ran over to the platform. Immediately grabbing Guy.

“You killed him. He’s dead.” Rex declared.

“No! I didn’t mean it! Oh, no!” Trinity broke into tears. “Guy, stay with us!”

She grabbed Guy and started shaking him, but he didn’t wake up.

“Will you stop shaking him, idiot!” Vienna snapped.

“Cerisa is not going to be happy about this.” Dixi sighed.

“That’s right! Cerisa! We have to take him to Cerisa!” Trinity cried out.

“Why, so he can continue to satisfy his lust for little girls!” Vienna huffed.

“Now’s not the time!” Rex sighed. “Trinity, go take him.”

“Y-yes!” She grabbed Guy and picked him up, but then stopped. “Eh… where is she?”

“Who knows? Where is the medical in this damn place? I thought the prison ship was confusing.” Rex growled.

“Cerisa probably isn’t in the medical, but the bridge.”

“Dixi! Alert the bridge to send Cerisa to meet us in medical.” Vienna ordered.

“That still doesn’t tell me where medical is!” Trinity cried. “Is he breathing!”

“Why don’t you breath for him just in case?” Dixi offered, smirking slightly.

“What? How?”

“Oh, it’s simple, you just need to put your lips on his lips… and blow…” She pursed her lips and blew out air in a sensual way.

Trinity’s face turned red. “L-l-lips?”

“If anyone is going to put their lips on him, it’s me!” Vienna declared, and when everyone looked over at her, she turned yellow. “I mean… just get him to medical, okay?”

“I don’t know where it is!”

“Excuse me…” A light voice caused all four girls to look up into the shuttle at Harmony who they had been ignoring. “I know how to get to medical.”

“Oh, it’s that cathari?” Dixi spoke up first.

“She’s alive?” Vienna inquired.

“Wasn’t she still on the ship we blew up?” Rex asked.

“You left her there on purpose?” Trinity cried out.

“Well, did you go fetch her? I didn’t…” Rex chuckled.

“It was Guy who took her,” Vienna responded bitterly. “He clearly wanted to rape her some more!”

“He-he didn’t rape me, nya! It doesn’t count because there was no penetration!” Harmony cried out. “Are we going to save him or not?”

“Fine, lead Trinity to the medical, and if you try anything, we don’t have a prison so we’re just going to kill you.”

“I won’t! I’m wanted now too, thanks to you all.”

“Are you?” Trinity asked.

“Well, she’s on the ship… so probably…” Dixi considered.

“Who are you people?” Someone else finally cut in, Xara, who came out the side but still had her weapon drawn. “You’re the girls from the prison ship, right? I saw some of you.”

“There is another one?” Dixi asked. “Aren’t there enough women for Guy, he has to find more?”

“Men are the worst! Clearly, they have no limit!” Vienna cried out.

“That’s rich coming from the one who has enjoyed his time the most.”

“I absolutely don’t!”

“Where is my sister? Um… you call her Boss?” Xara demanded.

Everyone was still arguing went silent with that name, turning to Xara.

“B-Boss? She’s at the bridge. Trinity mumbled.

“Did you say sister? Does Boss have a sister? But you’re cute!”

Xara’s face turned flush. “I’m not that cute. J-just take me to her!”

The group finally managed to pull themselves together, and the dock was abandoned. They continued to bicker as they went, but it seemed like everyone was travelling together, so Harmony led the way to the medical center. She was hopeful that this Cerisa person would be there when they arrived, and she became dismayed when all she saw was this little simolian. Simolians had no biological organs, so how could they be considered decent doctors?

Yet, the little simolian did end up being the doctor, and after placing him on a bed, she looked over him with her scanners.

“He’s alive.” She announced, causing everyone to let out a breath of relief. “The armor he was wearing was top-shelf Galactic Alliance stuff. It’s trash now, but it protected him. He also has my… well, let’s just say his healing is very powerful. He should be back on his feet in a few hours. He was just knocked unconscious. Perhaps, he was exhausted.”

Thinking back to everything that had happened that day, they all had a right to be exhausted.

“I will watch over him.” Cerisa declared. “You all must go to the bridge. Boss has asked you to bring the cathari and her sister.”

“Boss knows they’re here?” Trinity asked.

“Boss knows everything.” Vienna sighed.

“You really are her sister, huh?” Dixi glanced at Xara.

“I’m a little disappointed to find that Boss is merely a ravish.” Rex sighed.

Xara gasped. “You know my species?”

“I know of the ravish. They are one of the species the Galactic Alliance tried to wipe out. It was because their species favored diverse multi-species harems, and this ran counter to their politics. Rather, some ravish men ravished the women of several higher-ups in the Galactic Alliance. Feeling their manhood threatened, they wiped the species out rather than competing with them. I made it a point of digging up every evil deed of the Galactic Alliance.”

Harmony stiffened, but she didn’t say anything. The Galactic Alliance participated in genocide? No, she knew this was true… but in every case that it happened they were always given a clear reason. It had always seemed so reasonable at the time. It wasn’t until that moment that Harmony started to realize just how bad such things really were. Guy had once asked her if they were the good guys, and she had emphatically believed they were. A lot of things could change in a short period.

“He told everyone we’re half-sisters, but I’m not certain. Father didn’t believe in harems like others of his species. He told me he had only been with my mother. I suppose we may be half-sisters, but I believe that she was adopted. I’ve never met my sister before to confirm the truth of it.”

“How about her name?” Dixi asked curiously.

“I’m sorry… I don’t know…” Xara shook her head, suddenly feeling awkward.

The other girls let out sighs. They had thought they had finally found the answer to unlocking the mystery of Boss. However, her sister didn’t know her any more than anyone else. At best, they could say that she was raised by Dresdon, a ravish. However, who was he if not a mysterious crime lord? The last time they were together would have been before Dresdon station was built. Boss’s past was still firmly unknown.

“I’m not sure if that makes me feel better or worse.” Rex chuckled. “It’d be nice to know something about her, even what she looks like, but finding out she was just as ravish angry at the Galactic Alliance felt a bit boring.”

The group departed the medical center, leaving Guy behind with Cerisa. Cerisa wasn’t crawling on top of Guy when they left, was she? Harmony must have been mistaken. She had only seen it out of the corner of her eye as the door shut. The group of six women went up to the bridge. Harmony didn’t need to lead them this time, so she kept her head down and followed. Xara seemed lost in thought. The other girls were extremely talkative, and it didn’t feel at all like they had just taken over a cruiser that was still outside the Dresdon station that was now under Galactic Alliance control. They were acting too calm for people who were still in a very precarious and dangerous situation.

They found themselves on the bridge where another six women were waiting for them. Harmony didn’t recognize them all as clearly as Guy did, but she had seen a few in passing. The one called Boss was the one that she focused on immediately. As much as the others seemed to do what they wanted, Boss ruled them completely, and they all answered to her.

The woman was completely cloaked, her face hidden by some kind of device or racial trait that blocked people from peering into her hood. Even though her eyes couldn’t be made out, there was never a doubt who she was looking at. You could just feel her looking at you.

“You’ve made it here properly,” Boss said, her eyes seemingly on Xara.

“Y-yes… but father remained behind.” Xara declared. “We have to help them!”

“Dresdon is no longer a concern,” Boss responded, turning forward. “Fire all weapons. Blow up the Dresdon station!”

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