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“Boss, you needed me?”

“Vienna, I received the report from Diatome on her interactions with the male named Guy.”

The two women were standing in the captain’s office. Vienna was standing up. She was wearing something that showed almost all of her green skin. It was essentially a silver bikini and top, with a transparent skirt that hid nothing. Her top only covered the nipples and still left about 80% of the boobs exposed. Comparatively, not a single part of the woman sitting could be seen. Even her hands were gloved in black.

Vienna’s expression dropped, and she took a breath as if she was waiting for bad news. “What does her report suggest?”

“She says he is disposable, and we should toss him out an airlock.”

A flicker of surprised appeared on Vienna’s face, and then a slight twitch of a smile. “I-is that so?”

“You don’t have to hide your pleasure.” The cloaked woman sighed. “I happen to know she copulated with… she said it identified itself as a human.”

“C-copulate!” Vienna’s face turned yellow, “Th-that beast!”

“Wasn’t he strapped to a table? I doubt he did anything to her that she didn’t desire.”

“E-even so! What kind of… male… will just stick it in any woman?”

The cloaked woman chuckled. “Based on my understanding of men, which I admit is flawed, I’d say most would do just that.”

“Then… all the more reason to throw him out an airlock!” Vienna announced excitedly.

The woman called Boss tapped her finger on the desk for a moment. “Do you know why, out of all the escaped prisoners, I assigned you as my first mate?”

Vienna frowned, scrunching up her nose. “Because I’m smarter than most of them. I think about the unit as a whole. I’m not going to betray the ship for personal gain. I understand we are stronger together!”

“I did it because you’re easy to read.”

“Y-you…” An indignant expression appeared on Vienna’s face.

“Don’t look so upset. That’s a compliment! It’s refreshing to talk to someone who isn’t deceptive. There is a charm to being straightforward.”

“B-boss…” Her cheeks turned yellow once again.

“Do you happen to know anything about the Lizzar mating habits?” The captain asked.

“How would I!?” Vienna responded in a flustered voice. “Th-that’s none of my business!”

“As expected of an Ogen…”

“A-are you making fun of me!” She demanded.

“Well, Lizzars are truly an interesting race. When the female accepts a male seed, a chemical is released in her brain which causes her to dislike him.”

“R-really?” Vienna calmed down and listened closer to the captain’s words.

“The more times she’s exposed to his seed, the more she comes to hate him. It’s actually not unusual for the female of the species to kill the male. They say this leads to better genetics. The men are driven out by the women and encouraged to spread their genes, and those that dip too much from the same source end up dead.”

“So… that’s why she advised us to end him? After only one go?”

“Most Lizzar are promiscuous. They sleep with many men and collect their seeds, then use them to fertilize their eggs, using different seed for each one. When they finally lay, the eggs might genetically belong to a hundred different fathers.”

“I don’t wish to hear of this!” Her face was glowing yellow now, and it was clear these words made her uncomfortable.

The captain sighed. “Anyway, I’ve managed to get passed some of the ship’s security measures and can look up some information. In particular, I can look up information about every inmate on the ship. I’ve been reading through everyone’s files and finding out why they were imprisoned. Not the reason they told people, but the true reason.”

“Ah! You don’t mean my…” Vienna’s expression turned aghast.

The captain smirked. “Yes, I know how you ended up on board. However, you’re not a matter of the current discussion. Rather, it is Diatome’s story that is more relevant at the moment.”

Vienna frowned. “Why did Diatome end up in jail?”

“On Lida, the Lizzar homeworld, it is considered expected that the woman eventually kills her husband.”

“H-husband? I thought you said they are… promiscuous.” She whispered that last word with her hand up like it was a dirty word.

“They are…” she chuckled. “But they do pick one to be the father, and they use them sexually until they can’t stand them anymore and then kill them.”

“Okay…” She shook her head. “But what does this have to do with Diatome?”

“She, apparently, preferred interspecies relationships. Of course, no alien sperm can impregnate her eggs, but it does trigger the other hormonal responses.”

“You’re not saying…” Vienna’s eyes widened and she covered her mouth.

“The galactic alliance called her a serial killer. She’d marry men of different species all across the galactic republic, and then murder them after. She’s addicted to that feeling of hate, and the pleasure she gets from killing a man she loathes. She was clever, though. She made it look like accidents. She killed seven men by the time the galactic alliance finally caught her.”

“And now that she’s free… she’s going right back to her old ways.” Vienna finished the thought.

“It’d seem so. Although, it has been a long time for her. I suspect she planned to play with him for a few weeks. After she hated him a ton, she’d kill him. However, she couldn’t wait and figured her best chance to kill him was by giving me a bad report.”

“I mean no offense… but whatever her reasons, isn’t it fine if we kill him?” Vienna asked, trying to look innocent.

“So easy to read…” the captain chuckled, causing her to blush again. “Actually, the shot of hormone was so great she kicked him out of the room to keep herself from killing him immediately and having to answer to me. Rather than watch him, she just sent him to another room.”

“He was unsupervised last night!” Vienna cried out.

The captain shrugged. “I had them watched. The male went to his room without doing anything suspicious. He went straight to sleep. He’s only just woke up. Right now, he’s trying to figure out how to get food. He seems to think a holo-emitter makes food and has been struggling to get it to work for the last hour while shouting at someone called ‘computer’.”

“What of it?” Vienna asked, suddenly feeling a bit worried about what she’d say next.

“I need you to collect him. Take him to the cafeteria and find out if he can eat the nutritional blocks.”

“Me! Why me!?” She cried out.

The captain chuckled. “Because you’re the only one I’m certain won’t try to fuck him.”

“I never would!”

“Good, then it’s settled!”

“Wait! No! He’ll get me pregnant! Just being in the same room! I’ll definitely end up pregnant! How can I travel around with a m-m-m-man!”

“You’ll figure it out.” The captain leaned forward and her voice suddenly turned eerily quiet. “This isn’t a suggestion. You will be the one doing this.”

Vienna froze and then lowered her head. “As Boss commands.”

“After you’re done, throw him into the cell with the Cathari. She should be waking up any moment.”

“The prisoner?” Vienna’s head snapped back up as she looked on in shock. “Why?”

“Why not? Are you planning on letting him stay the night in your bed?”

“I-impossible!” She gave a horrified look. “I would never-”

“Then, until I can either trust him on his own or find someone who will permanently babysit him without killing him, the cell is the safest place.”

“I see…” She still looked unhappy though. “But why with that Cathari woman? Together… in the same place, they could get up to anything!”

“That’s exactly what I want to see…”

“B-boss… I knew Cerisa and Diatome were both perverts, but…”

“Vienna!” The captain growled, causing her to snap to attention. “I want to know how he feels about the Galactic Alliance. He’s already dealt with some of the crew, now he will deal with opposition. If he tries to aid her in escaping, or shows a loyalty to the Galactic Alliance, then we’ll naturally kick him out the airlock.”

“Really?” Vienna once again couldn’t hide the excitement on her face. “You promise?”

“Unlike most of the girls on board, I’m a woman of my word.” She shrugged. “Now go, I think he’s going to hurt himself on that holo-emitter if you take much longer.”

“Y-yes, Boss!” Vienna left in a much better mood.

The reasoning for that was pretty clear. She had every expectation that this human would help the prisoner. They were found together, and he was helping her out then. However, he also didn’t understand their language then, so he was likely just being helpful in general. In Vienna’s mind, that didn’t matter. He was already with the Galactic Alliance. If they reported life on Earth, the Galactic Alliance would assuredly send ships and incorporate them into their government.

The Earth wouldn’t even be able to reject them. Besides being able to destroy such a small insignificant planet with ease, the Alliance also came with many tempting gifts. Few species who encountered them didn’t fall for their charm. It was only afterward that they realized that this sort of thing ground out their culture and identity.

There was a saying in the Galactic Empire. True harmony only came with homogeny. Some believed culture was like a salad, with each part being tossed in retaining itself while adding to the overall flavor of the salad. It turned out that culture was more like a soup. Anything that didn’t blend in properly became offensive and was tossed out. At least, that’s how she herself had ended up in prison.

When Vienna appeared at his door, the captain flicked her fingers carefully. Her view of the man in his apartment, kicking a machine, left through the doorway as Vienna walked through it. She didn’t notice it. The view then quickly headed back until it appeared right in front of her. The item couldn’t be seen, but with a wave of a hand, it appeared. Anyone who saw it would definitely give out a scream. It was an eyeball, except that it was seemingly floating in mid-air. She snatched it, and then carefully put it back in its proper spot, blinking a few times.

When she was done, she replayed some of the footage the eye had seen the previous night. In particular, she watched the scene of the human with his pants down, giving it to the moaning Lizzar. He seemed to have no concern that she was an alien. Most new species remained somewhat xenophobic, but for a guy who met aliens only a day ago, he didn’t hold back at all.

As she watched the scene, her fingers gently stroked the table unconsciously. A small smile formed on her lips, but anyone who had ever seen that smile would have run in terror.

“Now, don’t disappointment me, human.” She spoke softly to an empty room. “I plan to have a lot more fun with you.”

Thump! Thump! Thump!

“Damn it! Computer, just give me a damn cup of coffee!” Guy cursed.

“That is a holo-emitter. It’s there for entertainment. It doesn’t do food.” A female voice broke his attention.

With all of his kicking, Guy didn’t even hear the door open.

“Holo-emitter? Is that like a Hologram? Damn… this thing looked just like a replicator.” He said, still staring at the device.

“I don’t know what any of that means.”

“It means it is a 3D television? Right?” He looked up. “Ah! You’re green!”

Guy didn’t know how to turn the lights on in the room either, so the lighting was very low and he hadn’t seen her clearly at first. She made sure to keep her distance too, like he might suddenly lunge at her if she wasn’t careful enough. It turned out that she was a woman with green skin and a darker green hair. She was like a sexy female version of the Green Giant. Guy was pretty sure that was a Halloween costume. At least, he was pretty sure he banged a green girl once on Halloween. However, that was  all makeup, which smeared and got everywhere. This was the genuine article.

What guy hadn’t imagined fucking a green alien chick? Any guy who called himself a fan of old science fiction shows has jerked off at least once by imagining themselves fucking a green chick. He wondered if she had just one pussy that was normal, or if there were like those three vaginas he fucked last night. Of course, it wasn’t just because Guy was being lewd that his mind went straight to sex. She was dressed like she wanted to fuck his bones right now. Her tits, ass, and pussy were hanging out, and she practically had everything on display. Despite this, she blushed and covered her chest, trying to act shy despite the fact she clearly wanted to be eye candy.

“I’m Ogen,” she responded.

“Well, hello, Ogen.” Guy put on my best smile.

“No!” Her face flashed in a strange yellow color, which must be how she blushed. “My name is Vienna, my species is Ogen.”

“Oh…” Guy blinked. “Well, Vienna, am I right, does this play movies or something?”

Guy tapped the device sitting in his room. It really did look like replicator. There was a large kiosk with a bunch of buttons on top. Then, there was a box alcove a bit bigger than a microwave. Since no one had offered him food, and he was starving having not eaten since yesterday, he had figured that obtaining food must have been an easy thing and he was just too naïve to get it. The reality turned out that they were all prisoners, and didn’t really care about his well-being, In his mind, either way, he needed to become self-sufficient if he wanted to survive on this ship. Rule 1: Know your surroundings.

“I don’t know what a movie is,” She approached him very carefully, making sure to avoid any contact.

She stopped, ushering him step away from the holo-emitter three steps before she was willing to touch the buttons on the kiosk. After a few moments, a blue woman appeared in the image. Rather, it was just her head and shoulders. She also wasn’t blue like the slimegirl from yesterday, but blue legitimately. Her skin was a baby blue, and she had ridges on her face that gave her a slightly fishy look to her. Guy would still bang her.

“Hey… guys…” her voice came out over a speaker. “I miss you so much. Mommy will be home in just a week. As soon as we finish transporting these prisoners, I’ll be taking my leave. I’ll be home from then on. Just wait a little longer. I wish I could kiss you all. Bye!”

She waved and then the image cut out.

“So, as you can see, it has a variety of purposes. It can render things in 3D, and then those things can be manipulated within their virtual environment.” Vienna explained. “It’s the primary form of entertainment in the Galactic Alliance. You can play games with it, make calls, examine items, do science work, and more.”

 Basically the same thing Guy said, at least, as far as he was concerned.

However, Guy had a frown as he considered what he had just seen. “Who was that?”

“One of the former crew.” She responded.

“Where is she now?”

A vicious grin formed on her face as she eyed Guy. “Pushed out an airlock. You might very well be next.”

“I see…” Guy responded. “Hey, do you think I can get something to eat?”

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