Yurtdışı Yatırım

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“Alright… so this is a schematic of the ship?” Guy asked, looking at the document that was slapped in front of him.

“It is!” Trinity nodded excitedly, seeming to enjoy this whole thing like a game.

“This is a waste of time. This is all just a bunch of unreadable trash!” Vienna responded, standing back with her arms crossed.

“Hmmm… I see… so we’re here…” Guy randomly mumbled to himself.

Vienna’s arms dropped. “You can read it!”

“Ah… actually, I spent two years in college. I had a desire to be an aerospace engineer, if you’d believe that. I imagined I’d be building… well… this. I failed out hard. Never realized how much math was involved in engineering. Who’d have thought. However, I always had a fondness for schematics, and I also built a lot of models as a kid. So, I have a pretty good knack for this kind of thing.”

As Guy spoke, his eyes traveled down the page with a fair amount of interest. The entire image was like a dream come true. Seeing the schematics of an actual working spaceship was the ultimate dream of an air jockey like Guy. What air pilot didn’t dream of flying into space? He had been too stressed and distracted before, but he really was in space. He was on a spaceship! This was definitely a dream come true, even if it didn’t come with a group of beautiful alien women.

Guy had failed out of most things in life, and had only managed to reach the state of being a crop duster. He had barely even made that, and he even found away to get in trouble with that more often than not.

“I think it is here!”

“Why would you say that?” Vienna immediately challenged him, but Guy was getting the feeling she’d challenge him no matter what he said.

“It’s just a hunch.” Guy responded awkwardly.

“Hmph! No reason? Wasting our time!”

“Well, I said it was a hunch, not that it was baseless. This room is detached from the prison area, not allowing prisoners to even get a whiff. The last thing a guard on break would want is to think about the prisoners he has to watch. As for the prisoners, if they saw what the guards got, it may cause unrest. Furthermore, this is a central point, easily accessible for all four prison wings. Finally, it’s along the same line as the cafeteria. See here, it’s almost right above it.”

“Why does that matter?” Vienna had leaned close, her big chest moving close enough to Guy that it nearly touched him without her realizing it.

“Shit falls down the ladder. They probably have a dumbwaiter or something, and just drop their dirty dishes down here. You guys probably were being forced to wash the officer’s dishes.”

“Those bastards!” Trinity smacked her hands together. “I’ll kill them!”

“We already did kill them.” Ten responded helplessly.

“Ah! That’s right! Well, good!”

“Shall we take a look?” Guy asked.

“Yes!” Trinity made a guts pose.

“It’s worth checking.” Dixi added.

“I believe procuring better sustenance is a task worth pursuit.” Cerisa nodded.

The group started to walk to the door, but just as Guy turned to follow, Vienna grabbed his shoulder to stop him. She immediately pulled it away like she had been burned, a horrified look on her face.

“Y-you won’t be going with them!”

“Huh? Why?” Guy asked in confusion.

“What’s wrong with him coming?” Trinity demanded.

“You think you’re part of our crew? You’re just a stow away! We don’t know if we can trust you! Letting you out of the prison blocks and bringing you just a short distance away from the bridge? How could I ever allow that?”

The other girls glanced at each other awkwardly. It wasn’t clear if they thought Vienna was overreacting, or if they had realized they had genuinely forgotten that Guy wasn’t an ally. As for Guy, he didn’t react much to accusations. If he got worked up over every woman that wanted to make his life a bitch, then he wasn’t Guy. He casually put his hands behind his head and yawned.

“Alright then, where are we going then?”

“That’s for me to know, and you to follow!” Vienna’s expression turned slightly sadistic.

“Come on, Vee, he’s not so bad.” Trinity said, “I’d like him to eat me… ah…I mean it with me!”

“Yeah, Vee, don’t be such a bitch.” Dixi chuckled.

Vienna’s expression soured. “The name is Vienna! I am first mate, just under Boss, and you should all learn to respect that! This was done by Bosses order explicitly! Do you understand?”

“Whatever, Vee…”

“Fuck off.”


The four women left without showing Vienna even an ounce of respect. She could only glower as they left the mess hall with their shoulders to her. Her dark expression turned to Guy, and he could only sigh. Women taking out their female issues on men, a story as old as time itself.

Guy looked on longingly as the other women left to go find food. He had only had a few bites of that awful tasting nutrient crap. His stomach grumbled and he still felt extremely hungry. However, Vienna sent him walking in the opposite direction.

She gestured angrily, forcing him to walk in front of her even though he had no clue where she wanted to take him. Any time he looked back; it was clear by her expression that she wouldn’t answer him if he talked. Only when he went the wrong direction did she correct his course with an angry word. Guy had a feeling like if she had a whip, she’d be using it on him at that moment.

Thankfully, the direction he was taken wasn’t too far away. He ended up in one of the cell blocks, and before he realized what was happening, he was closed into one of the cells.

“What gives? I already have a room? If you want to confine me there, I don’t mind, but why throw me in a cell?”

“Because this is where a man like you belongs!” She said angrily as she locked the cell.

These cells didn’t have bars, but rather a kind of plexiglass see-through surface. The floor was metallic and flat, and so where the walls. It gave the entire place a very cold feel. Guy would have much rather been back in the room he had taken earlier.

“Vienna… I respect you. You’re a strong, beautiful, empowered woman.” Guy tossed out some cheap flattery.

“Th-that…” Her face turned bright yellow, and her previously angry expression disappeared.

She was surprisingly weak to flattery and flirting. Guy had detected the anti-male sentiment from her from the get-go and thus kept his mouth shut and tried not to trigger her. Had he known she was unexpectedly susceptible to such techniques, he would have been using them from the beginning.

“Yeah… I mean, you’re incredible. All of the women on this ship are bad bitches, but you… you’re second only to Boss! I mean, the BOSS. That makes you the baddest bitch on board!”

Her eyes brightened, and she smiled for the first time Guy had ever seen. He was stunned for a second, because she was incredibly beautiful when she smiled. In fact, her entire face seemed to transform, and Guy couldn’t help but be hypnotized.

Her excitement only seemed to grow, and she hit the door opening it, taking a few steps right up to guy. “You really mean it? I’m the best, right?”

“Damn, you are…” Guy said, and at that moment he meant it.

Seeing her right there, looking so beautiful and tempting, his urges completely overtook them.

“That’s wonderful!” She beamed.

Guy grabbed her and pulled her into his embrace, kissing her. His tongue darted into her mouth, and he took the beautiful green woman right then and there.

“Mm?” Her brain seemed to have turned into molasses as he embraced, and they were kissing for nearly half a minute before she finally realized what was happening.

Guy wasn’t a slow guy who took his time, and in the thirty seconds of kissing, her had already popped a boob out of her skimpy outfit and was playing with the nipple. Her skin was soft, and it didn’t feel quite like human skin. Guy didn’t know if it was because her skin was green, but it had a slightly fluffy feel to it. It was like she wasn’t just touching skin, but velvet laced skin. It was somehow even more alluring.

Her tongue was small, and her mouth had a gentle, natural taste that wasn’t at all displeasing. Overall, her body felt amazing, and with each touch, it only fired up Guy’s desire and impulses even more. She was the green alien that every man fantasized about. Even if she had some issues, what man wouldn’t take his chances with her.

“Mmm! Mmmmm!” Vienna started flailing helplessly as Guy pressed his growing erection against her own erogenous zone.

She let out a scream, kicking him away with all of her force as she stumbled out of the prison cell. She slammed and locked the door before Guy could even recover.

“What? I thought we had a thing going?” Guy shrugged helplessly.

“You… pig!” She screamed, her eyes dancing wildly as she gasped for breath. “My purity… my chastity… you’ve taken it… you’ve taken everything!”

“You’re being melodramatic…”

“I have… I have to kill myself.” She ignored Guy, seeming to speak to herself. “No… I’ll kill him… I’ll kill us both. We both must die.”

“Wow… calm down. This isn’t that big of a deal.”

“I need to prepare for death!” Vienna spun and ran down the hallway.

“Hey! Let’s not overreact!” He yelled, but she was already out of sight.

Guy leaned back against the wall and shook his head. He really hoped that she figured her shit out before she came back with a knife. Crazy fucking bitch.

“Well, that’s not something you see every day, nya.”

Guy jumped, and then looked at the bed he had previously not noticed. A girl was lying in that bed. No, it wasn’t just any girl, but the girl I had met when I first ended up on this ship. She looked human, except she had cat ears and a long cat tail that lashed back and forth. She was wearing a one-piece suit that looked a bit like a flight suit. At least, she was out of that thick armor she was in before.

Now that Guy could get a better look at her, he could see that she was a beautiful girl with a pretty fit body. Her breasts were average sized, and she had a butt that looked nice in her current outfit. Her hair was black and grey striped, as was her tail. It gave her the impression of a grey tabby cat. Her eyes had a slightly feline appearance as well. Thankfully, her nose and the rest of her facial features were distinctly human. Whiskers would have definitely ruined her look.

“Haha… it was just a misunderstanding!” Guy laughed it off. “We’re fine… everything’s fine. Nothing to see here.”

She sat up on the side of the bed, watching me with a slightly amused look. “Her species is extremely chaste. They execute extreme censorship. What you did to her just now was… how do I say this, nya? It was the equivalent of tying a woman up and raping and torturing her for a week solid.”

“Some girls like that kind of thing,” Guy mumbled to himself.

“So, you can understand me now. You couldn’t before…”

“I was injected with those… robo… nano… thingamajiggers. I guess that makes me understand your languages now,” Guy explained. “Ever since, I’ve been around. It’s been an interesting two days on this ship, I’ll say that much.”

“I’m surprised you’ve even managed to stay alive for so long. The women on this ship are the worst the United Galactic Alliance has to offer. They also haven’t had contact with a man, for some of them, in their entire lives.”

“I see, and you? You sound normal?”

“I am, nya.”

“Ah… except that.”

“What? Nya.”


“Well, I’m a pilot form the Unite Galactic Alliance. We’re the good guys, nya. Your planet was supposed to be uninhabited. I never would have expected to see another flying vessel. I’m sorry, it seems like my vessel crashed with yours, and we ended up stuck on this prison ship together.”

“No hard feelings.” Guy waved his hand dismissively. “Actually, it’s been kind of a fun experience. For a guy like me, this is a chance of a lifetime. I’ve already broken so many human firsts, that if I ever returned home, I’d be a hero.”

“Your species is a strange one. Once I report things, they’d definitely be offered a place in the Galactic Alliance.”

“The… good guys, right?’

“Of course! The entire known galaxy is controlled by the Galactic Alliance. All of the planets under us work together peacefully for the betterment of all of our species.”

“What about planets that don’t fall under you?” Guy asked out of curiosity.

“They don’t exist.” She smiled slightly.

Did they not exist because everyone joined the alliance, or did they not exist because anyone who didn’t join the alliance was destroyed? That seemed like a rather important and ominous question, but it wasn’t one that Guy wanted an answered to.

“The prisoners here don’t seem so bad to me.” Guy said offhandedly. “I mean, you’re all alien, so who am I to judge the cultures of other people.”

“If you’re planning to depend on these prisoners, you’ll never see your home again. In fact, you’re going to die out here. I can promise you this fate.”

“That’s pretty pessimistic. I’d like to think I at least had a chance.”

“You might. If you helped me escape, nya.”

Guy glanced over at her. “I don’t even know your name.”

“My name is Harmony.”

“Hello, Harmony, I’m Guy.”

“Hello, Guy, it’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“You seem pretty calm for someone who is in prison.” Guy offered.

Harmony was certainly much more polite than the previous women he met. However, the way she watched him, almost predatorially, left him feeling just a bit uncomfortable. Furthermore, he had a good feel on women, and he had this feeling that her interactions were rather shallow. The other alien women he met might be crazy, neurotic, and dangerous, but he felt like he was talking to their true selves. They spoke with their emotions and intents on the surface, while this girl felt like a murky pool whose depth Guy couldn’t see.

“One could say the same about you.” She responded flippantly.

“I just don’t see an advantage to getting worked up about things I can’t help.” Guy responded.

Harmony nodded slowly, and then shrugged. “I’m a trained soldier. My training ensures that I will do whatever is necessary to survive.”

“Whatever, hmm?”

She nodded. “What is most important to me now is to escape this cell, and alert my superiors to the location of this ship. The women on board must be apprehended or if not, then killed outright. If you assist in this, I can help you return to your home, or even find you a position within the alliance if you’d rather.”

“A position?”

“A man who is cool on his feet in a situation like this is someone the alliance would value, nya. What do you say? Will you help me escape?” she asked. “Then again, you can wait for her to come back with a weapon and kill you. I can guarantee you that she will be coming back soon.”

“R-really?” Guy’s expression turned just a bit sour. “Are you certain?

“As certain as my tail, nya.”

“Then, we can work together.” Guy finally nodded. “Do you have a plan for escape?”

“There are two of us inside this cell, and that Ogen is nearly mad with anger. When she enters the cell, we must both work together to overpower her.”

“That’s all you’ve got?” Guy raised an eyebrow.”

She cocked her head. “What else is there?”

“You said you’d be willing to do anything, right?”

She frowned suspiciously. “I did.”

“Then… I have a plan.”

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