Yurtdışı Yatırım

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Harmony had spoken the truth. It had only been another fifteen minutes, but Vienna hadn’t relaxed at all. She returned, brandishing a scary-looking blade and muttering to herself.

“Ahhh… Ahhh… Ahhh…”

As she approached the cell, she was granted to these kinds of sounds. She slowed down, somewhat confused as to what she heard. She approached the cell cautiously, but just as she got close, two soft things slammed against the glass. She looked on in horror as a stripped naked Cathari was being bent over and taken from behind by the human.

“Wh-what are you doing?”

“Ah… shit… she came already? I’m about to cum!” Guy moaned.

“H-help! He-he’s raping me!” Harmony said although the tone of her voice was so robotic that it was hard to believe.

“R-r-r-rape!” Vienna’s eyes widened. “I-I’ll save you!”

Somehow, all sense of reason had fled her, and without restraint, she clicked open the cell door and flung it open. This caused Harmony, whose tits were pressed against the glass, to stumble to the side, and land on the bed. Guy’s dick flew free bouncing up and down in free view. Vienna looked down at the thing like a vicious snake. Letting out a cry.

“I-I-I’ll kill you!” She shrieked.

“Harmony… ahh… shit!” Guy was backing up in worry, but perhaps the sudden fear had ended up turning to arousal because, at that moment, he came quite strongly.

White stuff shot out explosive, striking Vienna in the stomach and pelvic region. Nearly three loads came out with enough force to reach her before his dick finally started to calm down.

“Hah… Hah… damn… I didn’t even stick it in and it felt that good.”

Vienna had frozen in complete shock, standing in the room with the knife in her hand. Guy shot Harmony a look. While Vienna was focused on him, she was supposed to knock Vienna out. Unless she was planning on having Vienna kill him and only then take her down. Guy had been duped! He had thought she was the good guy, but it turned out even she was going to betray him. This plan he thought of turned out to not be very bright at all.

However, Vienna didn’t move and advance on him, and with the knife in her hand, blocking the entrance, Harmony couldn’t dare attack her. She reached down and touched the white fluid that was now leaking down her stomach and legs in a somewhat erotic matter.

“Y-y-y-y-y-you…” She said as she brought up some white stuff stuck to her finger to her eyes.

A moment later, her eyes rolled up in her head, and she collapsed in a heap on the floor.

“Well, that worked out easily.” Harmony declared.

“Were you planning to let me get stabbed and only knock her out after?” I demanded.

She paused for a second. “Of course not.”

“Why did you pause there?”

She paused for another second. “I didn’t.”

“Whatever, it seemed to work out for the best anyway. Who’d think she’d just pass out like that.”

“Who’d think you’d suddenly spray cum all over her? Is that defensive ability of your species?”

“What are you saying? Isn’t it because your body is too erotic? I was just rubbing it between your legs, and you were already so wet.”

“Don’t be ridiculous. I have no interest in doing it with some alien.” She disregarded my words immediately.

The plan had been to cause her to go nuts so that she went after me. Then, Harmony would take her out while her attention was on me. The thing that would set her off would naturally be sex. We hadn’t agreed on her telling Vienna that she was being raped, but the rest of it worked to plan. Well, there was the problem that her pussy was wet and begging to be fucked, and her cat tail kept switching back and forth. I struggled to hold my nut with just that stimulation, and in the end, I lost it as Vienna barged in.

As for the woman herself, she gave no reaction to me rubbing her pussy with my dick sliding in between her legs for the last ten minutes, but I could have sworn she was very wet and willing. Since she didn’t show any reaction, I didn’t push the issue. I had already cum, and while it wasn’t my finest cum, it was actually pretty good given the danger, and I had a clear mind now.

Harmony quickly put her clothing back on, and then grabbed the knife and stepped out. For a second, Guy was worried she’d go at him with the knife, but she continued to walk down the corridor, so he relaxed a bit.

“What about her?” Guy called after her.

“I’ll cut her throat.” She turned back to him.

“You’re the good guy, right?”


“How about we just lock her in her cell?”  Guy offered.

“Suit yourself. She’s already decided to kill you. What do you think she’ll do after she finds out about this?”

“I’ll worry about that later,” Guy responded. “I’m not the kind of person to hurt unconscious women. Uh… just to be certain, let’s tie her up.”

The pair of us tied her to the bed, and then just to add insult to injury, Guy took her clothing. She wore immodest clothing, but he had a feeling that the little bit of clothing she had was extremely important to her. Upon losing it, she likely wouldn’t be a problem for a while. Once the door was shut, Guy nodded to the catgirl and the pair of them began to move.

The prison barge was pretty large compared to the number of prisoners on it, so it was pretty easy to navigate without running into anyone else. The pair moved through the hallways for quite a bit when Guy suddenly veered off in a direction that Harmony wasn’t going. She stopped and called out to him.

“Where are you going? I’m pretty sure that the communication is this direction!” She called out.

“I’m not going to communication,” Guy responded with a shrug. “I have something more pressing that I need to attend to.”

Harmony blinked. “More pressing than contacting the government?”

“Hmph… my very life depends on it!” Guy crossed his arms. “Don’t worry, you don’t have to go with me. Go do whatever you want.”

Harmony watched guy suspiciously, then looked back to where she wanted to go and let out a sigh. “We need to stick together. If this is so important, then I will join you.”

“Suit yourself.” Guy shrugs, taking the lead.

As he led the way, rather than heading down toward the ship facilities, he seemed to be heading up toward the bridge and the crew quarters. He wasn’t going to do what she thought he was going to do, was he? Was he going to try to take out the entire ship? That might work! The bridge probably only had 3-4 of them on it. There just weren’t enough prisoners to run this ship properly. That was one of the reasons that when transporting the United Federations most dangerous, that they were carrying so few. It was exactly to prevent the situation that had transpired.

If the two of them could overwhelm those on the bridge, they could lower the oxygen levels for the rest of the ship. Everyone would pass out, and they’d become the heroes who single-handedly brought all of the prisoners to justice. All of that credit would go to Harmony. As for Guy, she could incapacitate him while he wasn’t looking. It wasn’t evil, it was just doing whatever to get ahead.

The United Federation was a cutthroat organization. You had to be willing to do whatever it took to achieve success in the mission. As it was, Harmony’s capture was a mark of shame. She’d only be able to write it off if her contribution led to the capture of these prisoners. However, if she captured them herself, entirely on her own, then her failure would be overwritten and she might even get a promotion.

As Harmony was having such plans in her mind, she wasn’t paying close attention as she blindly followed Guy. That’s why, when he finally opened and door and wandered inside, she followed him without hesitation, only to come face to face with four prisoners. They were in a small kitchen, and the three were sitting at a table seemingly eating whatever they could find.

“Ah!” Guy nodded. “So, I was right, it was a break room after all.”

“Oh, hey Guy! You managed to shake off Vienna, huh?” Trinity asked.

“Yeah… she was such a pain. I didn’t even get to eat. I’m starving. What do we have?”

“Much better than they feed the prisoners,” Ten said, although, with her mask on, I wasn’t sure how she was eating.

“My nutrient needs have been met.” Cerisa nodded.

“She’s using a mouth to talk and eat,” Trinity said. “She says you encouraged her to do this. Good job!”

Trinity gave Guy a thumbs up.

“If you were bothered by this, you should have just said something.” Dixi sighed.

“Dixi? You’re eating too? I thought you were a robot?”

“I said I am a cyborg, as I have human parts. I require food to run the bioreactor in my stomach as well.” Dixi shrugged.

“I see…” Guy was talking to the girls casually as he pulled out and put back things, looking for anything that looked edible for his species. “Where is Faratite?”

“She felt the room was too crowded and decided to head back to her room to eat. What is with your friend here?” Trinity pointed at Harmony, who was staring in disbelief, her mouth still open.

“Isn’t she the pilot from the Universal Federation?” Dixi offered.

Guy sat down between Trinity and Cerisa with a box containing something that sort of looked like cereal which he poured into a bowl. “Don’t worry about her. Her name’s Harmony. She helped me escape Vienna when she came at me with a knife.”

“Hello, Harmony.”

“Hi… Harmony…”

Harmony barely reacted, still frozen.

“Did you touch her?” Ten returned to Guy when Harmony didn’t say anything. “We should have warned you not to touch her.”

“Yeah, what’s with that? She dresses with all her skin exposed but then she tries to stab you if you just slip a little tongue. Frankly, that’s overkill.”

“That’s what you get from an Ogen.”

“Y-you gave her tongue?” Trinity blushed. “Th-th-that’s ki-k-k-k-“



“That’s not what I thought you’d say…”

“It was just kissing!” Guy waved his spoon after taking a crunchy bite. “Mm! This isn’t bad… It’s like cereal meatballs. Wait! Isn’t that just dogfood! Well, it tastes okay so I’m not gonna complain.”

“Yes, those are called Cruck Kernals. They come from the-“ Cerisa began to explain.

“I’d rather not know where they came from,” Guy replied.

“I forget how odd humanoids can be when it comes to eating. They are happy to put anything in their mouth, but then get squeamish upon hearing how it was made.”

“Hey, if you guys have never seen a human before, how come you have a word like humanoid.”

“That’s just your translator working. To us, it’s a different word with the same basic meaning.” Ten explained.

“Are there any cases where the translator gets it wrong?”

“While severity and intent can sometimes be lost, any word that has no true definition, translators have an algorithm to create a new previously not existing word. Since they all use the same algorithm everyone hears the same word.”

“I don’t get it, but I’ll take that as a no.”

“You should always be careful, certain people become very offended if you use the wrong words.”

“Ah! Like liberals.”

“See… there is no word in my language for this ‘liberals’. Can you define it?”

“Ah… some things are beyond description.” Guy looked around to try to get out of that conversation. “Ah! Harmony, why don’t you sit down and get something to eat.”

She snapped out of her stunned silence and then shot Guy a glare. “A-are you some kind of idiot! We’re supposed to be heading to the communication relay!”

“You’re the one saying that in front of a group of inmates,” Guy responded. “Who is the idiot here? Besides, I said go without me. You’re the one who decided to follow because you were too scared to walk around the ship on your own.”

“Y-you…” She sighed and then collapsed into a chair. “Just give me some Cruck Kernals!”

“So, it’s cat food after all!” Guy said excitedly as he passed her the bowl.

“Hey, we’re tossing her back in her cell after we’re done here, right,” Trinity whispered to Ten, but her booming voice naturally could be heard by everyone.

“Oh yeah, big time.” Ten nodded.


Vienna was strapped naked to a bed. She had been stripped naked by a man, tied to a bed, not to mention he had… done… things on her! When Vienna finally woke up, she naturally panicked, thrashing against her restraints as she yelled for help. However, it was useless. After all, they were prisoners who had just managed to free themselves, Why would they return to these hateful cells unless they had to?

Just as her voice grew hoarse and she stopped yelling, she could hear footsteps coming toward her cell. She felt a wave of relief, but it was quickly followed by a wave of fear. What if it was Guy again? What if he returned to finish raping her while she was tied to the bed! Just as she grew paralyzed with fear, a person appeared on the other side of the glass. It was a very familiar cloaked figure.

“Boss! Help! The human helped the Cathari escape! They’re working together to cause us all to pay. We should have killed them when we had the chance. Let me go, and I will make sure that they suffer the pain of a thousand deaths!”

“Let you go?” Boss’s voice came out extremely chilly, and Vienna started to think that maybe being rescued wasn’t such a good idea.

“B-boss? Th-this isn’t my fault! The human is cunning and treacherous!”


“Geh!” Vienna’s face turned yellow.

Guy was a complete idiot! Declaring him as someone cunning enough to trick her was the same as admitting she was even more of a moron. She hadn’t seen any men before, but now that she had, she hated his guts!

“So, you allowed my Cathari and my Human to escape, and you think I should just let you go?”

“I’m loyal to you, boss! I can make this right! I’ll hunt them down!”

“Don’t bother.” She waved her hand. “They have been recaptured in the crew kitchen.”  

“Crew… kitchen? It does exist?”

“My question is what I should do with a naughty girl who lets my things go?” Boss seemed to be half speaking to herself.

“B-b-boss! That… it wasn’t my fault! It was G… it was that Cathari! She’s clever!”

“The Cathari… huh?” Boss looked at her through the dark hood, revealing no expression.

Vienna nodded desperately. “It was! I’m innocent.”

“We’ll see…” She opened the cell door and took a step in.

Vienna didn’t feel relief though. Something about the way her boss was acting made her very worried. There seemed to be almost palpable malice emanating from her.


“The human is the one who helped in her recapture,” Boss explained in a slowly drawn voice.

“H-him? Impossible! He’s the one who helped her escape.”

“You’re the one who tried to kill him.” Boss’s voice grew even colder. “What did I say about killing him?”

Vienna’s expression finally froze. “B-b-boss… it was an accident! A momentary lapse in judgment! A mistake! Please… forgiveness boss! Forgiveness!”

“Oh, I’ll forgive you,” Boss said, her voice suddenly sounded alarmingly sweet.


“We’ll just play for a little bit, and then I’ll forgive everything.”

“P-p-play…” The light started to leave Vienna’s eyes as darkness started to fill the room and Boss’s silhouette continued to move closer and closer. “W-wait! No… Boss… please! Not there! Ahh! Ahhhhhhn!”

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