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After we were done eating, Trinity and Cerisa grabbed Harmony to take her back to her room. For some reason, she was glaring at Guy specifically like it was his fault. He’s just wanted to get something to eat. It wasn’t his fault that she decided to follow him, and he wasn’t the one shoving her back in the cage either, so he didn’t understand why she had such an attitude.

Guy was a little surprised that none of the girls were seeking to shove him in a cage either. Ten and Dixi had stayed behind. They were stripping the stuff out of the kitchen, presumably to bring it down to the mess hall where there was more room to eat whatever they wanted. They had found a storage closet attached to this kitchen which had enough food for weeks. The trick for Guy was finding out what was on my menu compared to the tasteless mush that they fed the prisoners. He didn’t want to eat something that would be poisonous to his species.

Neither girl had mentioned doing anything with him, so he decided to ask.

“Am I going to be tossed in a cell too?”

“Maybe.” Dixi shrugged.

“Boss gave those orders to Vienna, not to any of us, so if she doesn’t come through, that’s on her. I don’t see any reason to imprison you, so unless Boss gives an order, I don’t care.” Ten added.

“So, I just need to avoid Vienna then,” Guy responded.

“After what you’ve done to Vienna, rather than looking at being imprisoned, I’d be worried more about my life,” Dixi claimed. “Plus, there is Dia. She also wants you dead.”

“That’s right… why does every woman I touch want to kill me?”

“If you touched me, I will not kill you,” Dixi explained. “As I said before, my original functions were designed to please a man. It’d be interesting.”

“My species only reveal our faces to our mates.” Ten explained. “If I showed it to someone who I didn’t spend the rest of my life with, then I would have to kill myself from the shame.”

“So, you’re off-limits then?” Guy said jokingly.

“Not at all.” She shook her head. “It is only our faces that are protected. The rest of our bodies are completely fine. As long as you’re fine not kissing, we can do it. Ah… perhaps doggy would be best so that there is no temptation to be more intimate.”

“You’re both okay with sleeping with me?”

“Cerisa told us about her experience after you left, so we’re both naturally curious. I’m not getting any younger, and you’re available and not completely displeasing to the eye.” Ten shrugged. “Sleeping with you would be an interesting way to pass the time. That is all.”

“Even Trinity is interested, although she’s the youngest in the crew and may not be emotionally ready. As for the rest of the crew, I’m sure most of them are interested in trying out a man.” Dixi added.

Guy couldn’t help having a grin on his face, but he tried to hide it and not let himself grow too excited. “There aren’t any more serial killers or crazy women amongst the crew, right? I mean, you girls wouldn’t kill me after sex, right? Wait, didn’t you say you’d kill me if I didn’t sexually satisfy you!”

“That was a long time ago,” Dixi said, waving her hand. “Besides, you will leave me satisfied, won’t you?”

The way she said that last part sounded almost like a threat. Guy decided he didn’t want to have that conversation anymore.

“Hey, Ten, you mind letting me know why you were imprisoned. Don’t tell me a guy saw your face so you gouged out his eyes.”

“If he didn’t want his eyes gouged out, he shouldn’t have looked.” She responded casually.

“Okay…” Guy sighed. “Then, if I want to be some woman’s bitch so that they can protect me from Vienna and Dia, then the best option would probably be Trinity?”

“Is that your aim?” Dixi cocked her head. “Even if we had sex, I wouldn’t protect you from the other women. One can only protect themselves. Besides, you are under Bosses protection, so I think you worry too much.”

“Boss isn’t around!” Guy cried defensively. “She can’t keep Vienna away if she comes at me with a knife. I need someone I can sleep in the same quarters with, someone who can look out for me at all times.”

“While it is true that Trinity has committed no crimes and compared to the rest of us, is a gentle soul, you must remember she is a Gurant. She isn’t just nine feet tall, but also very strong. She is young, and thus lacks a lot of self-control. If she loses restraint with you, she might be able to seriously harm you. Just climaxing alone, may cause those muscles to tear your dick right off.” Ten explained.

“Alright… Faratite?”

“Faratite? Defend someone?” Both girls started laughing.

She did seem to be the timid type. Guy couldn’t imagine her rising and fighting off someone with a knife either. He didn’t know why she had ended up in prison. Knowing his luck so far, it was probably for poisoning a guy. He decided to give up the idea that he could find a woman to protect him. Instead, he’d need to find a weapon to protect himself. He looked through the kitchen drawers, but there was a distinct lack of knives.

“We’ve already taken them all.” Dixi chuckled. “A girl can never protect herself too much.”

“S-seriously? Can’t I have a knife? Just one steak knife!”

“Find your own… or at least trade.”

“Come on… didn’t I help the pair of you find this place in the first place?”

“Isn’t it your fault you didn’t make any requests then? Working for free just makes you foolish.”

As Guy put on an angry expression, the girls only chuckled. “At least you’re a cute foolish man.”

Guy didn’t feel any better being called cute, but at least he was able to understand the situation he was in a little better. While he was on this spaceship, it was a dog eat dog world. He had no choice but to take what he wanted and fight for everything. He definitely couldn’t allow a bunch of women to push him around, even if they were aliens. At first, he thought the situation on this ship would be rather nice, like Star Trek, with replicators and transporters, and holodecks. Now, he realized it was more like an alien, with every woman a potential chest-burster.

He left the room, returning to the map he had used to navigate there and trying to get his bearings on the ship as a whole. He found he was able to find his quarters. He wondered if they were safe. If he could return there, he could at least lock the door and hold up until he needed to eat again. Were those girls going to share that food? Maybe they were going to store that just for themselves too. Guy decided not to think about it too much, since it’d give him a headache, although he felt a little bad that he hadn’t grabbed some food and pocketed it for himself if that was how things were going to be.

After finding out where his room was located and mapping out the route to get there, Guy started walking back. He had considered looking around the ship a bit more, perhaps finding something could use as a weapon, but as he thought about it, if Vienna escaped, she could be hunting Guy down at this exact moment. Then, there was also Dia. It was probably best if Guy just stayed in his room. It was probably safer than a cell.

That’s what he thought as he headed back to his room, but Guy had only walked for a few minutes when a door opened and he was grabbed and shoved into a room. Looking around, it appeared to be a linen closet. When he spun around to look and see who grabbed him, a familiar orange-skinned woman caught his eyes. She was exactly one of the two women he was trying to avoid.

“D-Dia?” Guy said, his voice shaking slightly.

His eyes immediately fell on the knife in her hand. She was also staring at him with clenched teeth. Her entire body was shaking, almost like she was having some kind of withdrawal.

“Shut up!” She screamed, taking a menacing step toward him.

“Look, Boss… you don’t want to get on boss’s bad side, right?”

With a knife in her hand, Guy wasn’t joking around. He had to admit, especially after the conversation he had just had with the other two girls, as well as Vienna attempting to kill him, he was seriously starting to realize how dangerous this ship was. At first, he had been taking things for granted, but Guy wasn’t stupid. He knew when things needed to be taken seriously.

 “B-boss…” Her unhinged eyes said the name, but she spoke like she had no clue who that was.

“Exactly…” Guy clung to the last thread of hope. “So, put the knife down, because no matter how much you hate me, you don’t want Boss to punish you, right?”

“H-hate…” Her eyes grew hazy for a second, but then snapped to a wild lucidity focused entirely on Guy. “You!”

“Uh oh.”

She took several steps forward and slashed her knife. Guy tried to back away, but his back hit the wall and he was powerless as she slashed at his gut. A moment later, he expected his guts to come falling out of his stomach, but instead, he felt a bit chilly. She slashed at him several more times, and even though she made smooth, uninterrupted movements, not a single cut caused any damage to his skin. As for his clothing, it fell off of him in heaps. That was his only outfit on this ship, and now he was wearing nothing.

She stumbled forward and then fell to her knees. A moment later, she fished out Guy’s cock. Was she that vicious? She was going to cut his dick off first? He tried to take his dick back away from her, but this time she did swing her knife, nicking the back of his hand and forcing him to withdraw.

“We can talk about this!” Guy exclaimed.

“No talking!” She shot back, and then opened her mouth and put his cock in it.

His eyes widened for a second as she sucked his cock down to the root. Of course, she could only get it all down because he was soft and small. However, with her sucking on it hungrily, how could it remain soft for long? His dick started to swell in her mouth, engorging with blood. He had a concern that she was doing this so that he bled out, making sure all the blood was in there so that it cut off cleanly. However, no matter how scared he was, her tongue and mouth worked spectacularly to bring his cock back to full mast.

He closed his eyes, letting out a moan as her head started to bob up and down on the thing. He could hear her rough breath as she tried to keep his dick in her mouth and breath through her nose at the same time. She ate his dick so hungrily it was like she was starving for it. Guy had tasted many skanks before, but few women sucked his dick with such exuberance, using every inch of her mouth to tease it out of him.

“Shit, you’re going to make me cum!” Guy panted.

Her eyes widened and she shot a look up at Guy filled with excitement and lust. Without wasting a second, she stood up and turned around, pulling down her pants. Then she reached behind her legs and bent over, spreading her pussy. Guy could see her three holes, although the middle one appeared to be gaping the most. He didn’t even have time to decide if he wanted to fuck her or not, because she backed her ass up, and like a key in a keyhole, his cock slid right inside her. She was so wet that it went right into her tight hole.

At that point, Guy would like to say he started fucking her, but he was still in a state of shock, and she had complete control of the situation. She started to bounce her butt forward and back. There were counters on either side of them, and she had grabbed onto the stabilizing poles as she leaned forward, and then pushed them to force her butt back. In short, even though she was bent over in front of Guy, he was the one getting fucked!

Her bouncy orange ass squished up against his hips as she plunged his dick into her cunt like a dagger before pulling forward and then pushing back again. Guy was against the wall, and she was shoving her ass against him so roughly that he had no means of moving or resisting. Guy could only stand there and let her ride his cock as roughly as she wanted.

She had no restraint either. Her butt slammed into his hips enough that they creaked, and she let out erotic moans and noises like a woman possessed. Guy’s eyes still fell on her right hand, which was clenching the knife. Did she plan to use it on Guy once she finished with him? Guy had no clue. All he knew was that she was tight and warm, and the smell of her cunt, the feel of her ass bouncing and jiggling against him, and her erotic moans were far too sexually exciting.

At the end of the day, he was just a guy, after all. He got lost in the pleasure, reaching out and grabbing her orange jiggling ass. The next time she shoved back against the frame, he thrust forward with his hips, sending his dick deep inside her tight cunt. She let out a moan of sexual agony as he pushed it deep inside her. He had already stretched it out once, but with three holes, they were all very tight. He didn’t take the time to satisfy them all though. He couldn’t even find a way to reposition and slid it into another hole, as she kept backing her ass up.

The second he tried to reposition or grew distracted for a second, her booty would slam into his hips and send him back into the wall. Finally, deciding to just enjoy it as it was. He timed his thrusts with her own, banging their parts together with a resounding slap. Their thrusts were so rough that her orange ass started to turn red. Guy hoped that was a normal thing.

He started to pick up the pace, fucking her fast and harder, and eventually, she wasn’t able to slam her butt back like before. Instead, Guy had managed to flip positions, and finally, lead the charge as he roughly fucked her from behind. She was now clinging on to the shelf posts to keep from falling forward and onto her face.

“Ahhhn… Ahhhn… Ahhh… cum… I want your cum!” She screamed.

Guy was beyond caring at that point. The room was filled with the wet sounds of her pussy and the slapping of her ass, and his dick was feeling incredible. Thus, he shoved himself deep inside her, and as his hand squeezed and massaged her ass, he let himself shoot a load deep inside her. After releasing gob after gob of it and pulling out, some cum came bursting out her middle hole and leaking out. It was only at that point that he had realized what he had done.

Her entire body was shaking, while all three holes were twitching in close succession, the middle one each time it tightened spurted out a little more cum. As her breath started to recover, Guy started to get a bad feeling. He hadn’t had much of a choice up until the end there, but he had cum inside her. For any normal girl, this was fine, but for Dia’s species, this was a hate hormone that caused her to dislike Guy to the point she wanted to kill him. Every time he came in her, she grew more hateful until she eventually tried to murder him.

He thought about just running away, but she was in front of him and the door was in front of her. Plus, that knife was still in her hand, although it was loose now. The tenseness in her body seemed to have dissipated after sex. Guy also considered wrestling the knife away from her, but with how she had stripped him of his clothing, he had a feeling she was much better with knives than he was.

She finally stood up, and then her head whipped around. Guy once again saw his life flash before him. He was pretty content with that life, but that didn’t mean he didn’t want to live more of it! She lifted her knife again and then pressed it against his throat.

“That’s the second time.” She said darkly.

“H-how many more times until you kill me?” Guy asked, trying to make it sound like a joke even with my voice shaking.

“We’ll see…” She responded, and then pulled away her knife.

Guy let out a gasp, and then touched his neck. There was a small nick, just enough that his fingers had red on it. The orange bitch turned around and walked out the door as she pulled up her pants. She left Guy standing in the closet butt naked.

“Still not the craziest bitch I fucked.” Guy admitted to himself.

He left the closet a few minutes later, running off to his quarters. Unfortunately, whoever had quarters in here before was a woman, so there was only female clothing. Thus, there was nothing for a man to wear. He had thought his time in space was going to be some kind of great adventure. It was an adventure alright, but one he wasn’t sure he was going to survive.

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