Ding Dong. Ding Dong.

The doorbell rings. You open your frontdoor to see a girl with long silver hair, green eyes, and a lollipop in her mouth. She’s wearing mummy wrappings on her body, but they’re barely enough to cover up her large chest. She’s wearing the skimpiest shorts you’ve ever seen, and you question whether they aren’t just a thong she thought she could get away with in public. She’s also wearing long knee-high black and orange socks, and black heels on her feet.

“Trick of Treat.” She purrs, her long animal ears from a species you can’t quite figure out twitch.

“Aren’t you too old to go out and get candy?” You ask.

“Maybe…” She says thoughtfully. “But on the other side, I’m now old enough to do a trick.”

You cross your arms. “A trick, you say? What kind of trick?”

She blushes. “I can’t show you out here.”

You grin, opening the door and letting her inside. As soon as she steps into your house, she falls down to her knees, looking up at you innocently.

“What trick is this?” You ask.

“Well, I do know this one… with my mouth.” She pants.

She pulls her lollipop out of her mouth, and then tosses it away. She then pulls your Blow Pop from your pants. Licking her lips, she puts your Kit Kat in her mouth, sucking on it carefully. Her hands gently cup your Goobers, while she also strokes your Wunderbar, trying to keep her long nails from touching the skin by using the flat of her palms instead.

“Mister, this candy is too big for my mouth.” She whimpers. “I keep sucking and sucking, but it only gets bigger!”

“What can I say? It’s King-sized. Heh, if you want it to shrink, you’ll have to suck out the gooey center.”

“I-if you say so.” She licked her lips, looking focused as she carefully put her lips back around your Airhead.

“Ah… yeah…” You moan, you’re now at full thickness as she licks and sucks the Warhead, her palms still playfully stroking your Chick-o-stick.

Her head starts to bounce up and down faster and faster as her mouth makes lewd noises. You never thought you were a Slo Poke, but you’re going to lose your Sno caps if she keeps it up. You grab her hair, pulling her mouth from your Clark Bar. Looking down at her naughty, mischievous face, you don’t know what to say without coming off like a Nerd.

“Mister, do you know any tricks you can teach me?” She asks, her green eyes flashing coyly as she throws you a Lifesaver.

You take a breath and your grin returns. “Heh… I do know one trick, but I don’t know if I should show you.”

“Please, I’m a fast learner. Just give it to me.”

You hesitate, looking like you’ll think about it. “Okay, stand up. Turn around.

She gets up as commanded. As she spins, you admire her tight, firm body with all the right curves in all the right places. Her Bun is practically sticking out of those tiny panties. You pushed her over a nearby counter, knocking the bowl of candy on the floor. Pulling the flimsy cloth protecting her Raisinets aside, you expose her wet, waiting red licorice.

“Ah, don’t put it in my Hershey Kiss!”

“No, I’d rather take your Mound, I can see it is fun-sized, for my pleasure.”

You then shove your Tootsie-pop inside her. She cries out in pleasure. You wrap an arm around her and rub her Lemonhead, your fingers playing with her Sour Patch, causing her body to shiver in pleasure.

“Ahhh…. Ahhh… it’s so big. Mister… it barely fits.”

“Don’t worry, your Laffy Taffy will stretch to the size of my Snickers Bar.” You laugh.

“Yes, stretch me! I want it! I want it so bad!”

As you pound her from behind, you enjoy the sight of her Dubble Bubble bouncing with each thrust. She lets out moan after moan, her body shuttering in delight as she is unable to take your Almond Joy for much longer.

At this moment, the doorbell rings. You grumble, not wanting to ruin the mood by stopping now. However, you decide to pull out after you look through the peephole and see a bunch of children in costumes outside.

“Pick up the bowl. You wouldn’t want the kids to go without candy, would you?”

“N-no!” She reached down and picked up the bowl, grabbing a few handfuls before turning and opening the door. “H-hey, kids!”

She smiled, hiding her bare Caremello behind the door as she addresses them. As for you, you get a full view of her Bubble Yum.

“Trick or Treat!” The kids all shouted at once.

“You’re all so cute. I could just eat you up!” Wawchan said. “Here is some… Ahhh! My Milk Dud!”

As she reaches into the bowl, you slid your Baby Ruth into her tight Hershey. You start to pound her in the Starburst while her upper half is still hanging outside the door. To make things worse, you reach around her leg and do a Fun Dip with your Butter Fingers.

She bites her lips, desperately trying to hold off from moaning as you thrust violently into her Nougat. Her Mamba bounce in a lewd way, and she can barely keep it in as she desperately hands the candy out to the confused children.

While you pound her Dove, you give her Sweet Tart several Whoppers. It’s enough that she can’t stop herself from experiencing a Caramel Cream. As soon as she is finished with the trick-or-treaters outside, she slams the door, and then her body collapses against it as you continue to violate her Rolo.

Her legs were Cotton Candy. She couldn’t believe that she just had a Buttercream in front of children. She hoped there weren’t any Smarties in that group that realized what happened. They looked like Dum Dums, right? Either way, Wawchan couldn’t take it anymore.

“Please, I need your Mr. GoodBar in my Swedish Fish.” She begs, her body felt like a Hot Tamales.

“Hehe… aren’t you worried you’ll get Cadbury Crème Eggs?”

“I don’t care! I want your Runts!”

“If you insist!”

You pull your Twix out of her and then toss her down on the floor. Among the scattered candy, you jump on top of her, you quickly clean your M&Ms, and then jam your Big Hunk inside her.  With her long legs on your shoulders and her heels on either side of your head, you give her your Mars Bar Now and Later.

“Mister… Ahhhn! I want it! Please, fill me up Good & Plenty.”

You can’t stand it anymore. Your Atomic Fireball begins to constrict. The feel of her Junior Mints is just too much. With a roar, you release your Goo Goo Cluster deep inside her, filling her Hubba Bubba until it bursts, becoming a Fruit Gusher.

“Ahhh… Ahhh… its inside me! I feel your Reese’s Pieces inside me! I’ll definitely have your Sugar Babies now!”

You finish inside of her and then Take 5. Your Candy Cane softens before you pull out. The gasping Wawchan lies on the floor, a twitching mess. Her legs sit wide open, giving you a full view of her Bit-O-Honey. You can see that her Juicy Drop has turned into a Milky Way.

“So, which is better? Trick or Treat?” Wawchan asks, looking up at you with arousal.

“How about both?” You laugh.