Harym is a card game that can be played solo or with a partner. You only need one deck. The size of the deck is entirely up to you. A solo deck is 40 cards. To start, you will need to divide the Resource cards with the Waifu cards. Shuffle each deck up and then place them on the table.

If you find the game too hard, you can add more Resources or take away Waifus. If you find the game too easy, you take away Resources, or add more Waifus.

There are five different colors. Each color denotes a type of Waifu or Resource.

Card Types

Black – These are seductive and erotic waifus. Their Resources are often lewd gifts and sexual gestures.

Red – These are romantic waifus. They often like romantic gestures and sentimental gifts.

Green – These are physically fit waifus. They like sports gifts and getting physical.

Blue – These are luxurous and wealthy waifus. They prefer expensive gifts and flashy dates.

Brown – These are intelligent waifus. They prefer smart gifts and shows of intellect.

There are three different criteria. Each Resource awards certain amounts from each criteria, and each Waifu demands certain amounts from each criteria be met.

Love, Entertainment, Wealth

When a Resource type matches a Waifu type, the Resource card is doubled when effecting her.

Playing Solo

Draw 5 Resource Cards.

Turn over the top Waifu card and put it down.

You may expend any Resource card, or multiple Resource cards on any one girl. Subtract the criteria of the Resource card from the Waifu’s criteria. When you’re done, you may draw more Resource cards back to 5.

Keep dropping Resource cards until all three of the Waifu’s criteria reach 0. Resources can exceed Waifu’s criteria, but they are merely lost. Once Waifu’s criteria are all 0, as long as the Waifu’s Harem Conditions does not prevent her from being drawn, you may pull her into your harem.

Once you pull a Waifu into your Harem, you may draw the next Waifu.

If you spend 5 resources on a single girl without her being “won”, you may draw another Waifu. Every 5 turns after your last Waifu was drawn, a new Waifu may be drawn.

Make sure to keep note of Harem Conditions. Some girls will change the demands of joining the Harem. Make sure they join in a way that it won’t prevent others from joining.

Your goal is to ultimately put every girl from the Waifu deck into the harem before running out of Resources. If you run out of Resources, game over, you lose. If every girl ends up in your Harem, congratulations your the winner!

*You can also change things up by playing three girls at a time.

Playing Competitive

Each Player draws 5 Resources. 3 Waifu are put on the table at once. Then, the Players take turns. Each turn, a Player may drop as many resources as they want on any one Waifu. If they don’t have enough to win any Waifu currently with their hand, their turn is skipped. Once meeting a Waifu’s criteria, she joins the Player’s Harem.

If the other Player wish to take a Waifu already in their opponent’s harem, it costs double the original criteria cost. It then doubles again if the opponent wish to take the girl back.

When all the resources are expended, the Player with the most Waifu cards wins.