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The car drove for thirty minutes before the men pulled up to a nondescript building. Meanwhile, Andrew remained dispassionate and bored. I tried to talk to him several times, but he seemed happier pretending I wasn’t there.  

“It’s alright,” I told the young boy, just a twinge of panic in my voice.  

Andrew turned to me. “Of course it will be; my dad always comes, just not when I need him.”  

The men pulled us out of the car and ushered us into the building. Without the vampire venom, trying to resist them was pointless. Andrew didn’t care to put up a fight either. Within minutes, the men shoved the pair of us into a small walk-in closet. I turned and began banging on the door and shouting. Even if no one heard me, at least I could annoy the guards. That gave me some comfort.  

“Will you stop it already? You’re irritating,” Andrew snapped, sitting on a blanket that they had chucked into the room behind us.  

I turned back to him in annoyance. “Aren’t you afraid at all? Don’t you care?”  

Andrew shrugged. “I’m just a political figure’s son. This is just something that happens. Besides, dad only cares about me because it makes him look like a family man.” 

“I am sure he cares about you more than that,” I defended.  

“Yeah, I’m sure. So much so he’s sending me away…”  


“My dad is sending me to Earth to grow up among humans as soon as I hit high school. It’s a political stunt; he’s trying to earn sympathy votes.”  

I moved over to the floor, sitting across from him. “What about your mom?”  

“What mom? She died in childbirth.”  

I shook my head; Andrew had never told me any of these things. Maybe I didn’t know Andrew as well as I thought I did.  

“I’m sure she loved you very much.”  

“Why would you think that?” Andrew snapped in annoyance.  

“Because… she’s your mom.”  

Andrew snorted, turning his head away from me. I realized he was done talking. His mental walls were back. We ended up sitting in the darkness and, for the first time, I began to worry. Daltom hadn’t told me what to do next. I was vulnerable, imprisoned, and in danger. Six decades in the past and no one knew I was here.  

The events that had occurred over the last month came crashing home. The boys that I considered my friends could not help. They won’t know what happened. One day, Andrew might figure it out. By then, I’d be a memory of a person he once knew. Tears began to flow down my cheeks, and I cried. Andrew watched me out of the corner of his eye but didn’t bother to comfort me. I had spent the last few weeks trying to be free from all these boys. Now, I felt the loneliest I had ever felt.  

The door clicked open and I looked up as a familiar face entered the room. While the face was familiar, it was not welcome. It was the face of the werewolf, Stine. He wore a nasty grin and he glared down at us with a cruel look on his face.  

“Well, look at that.” He laughed. “Janine’s pet human, alone and crying. The look is good for you.”  

He pushed himself into the room, coming up to me in two short steps and grabbing me. I tried to push him away; his breath reeked of meat.  

“You’re part of the cult? Why would you want a war between the demons and the angels?” I tried to deflect. 

Stine chuckled. “Profit, pet, you can’t make a profit as a warrior without a war. My werewolf family line are warriors. I seek battle. Soon, a battle like no other will break across every dimension. I will become a general, and I will lead an army of werewolves into a glorious battle.”  

“If you’re such a great warrior, then how did Janine’s husband beat you?” I snarled back.  

He slapped me, but his other hand gripped my shirt, keeping me standing. His face now wore an open snarl, half changed into a werewolf-like form.  

“That bastard is nothing but a show horse. He is a werewolf by name only. He won because he cheated. The bastard cheated me out of my love! So, I will take you, my little pet. I’m going to make you my mate. When I’m done teaching you to beg on command, I’ll put you to sleep like I’d do with any other pet!”  

My eyes widened, but my anger was explosive. “Like any other pet? So, you have sex with animals? That’s messed up.”  

Stine bellowed in rage, pulling back his hand, this time in the form of a fist. I winced, preparing myself for the blow. A sudden shout and he stopped, letting go of me as I fell. Andrew had made his little fire knife appear and slammed it into the man’s thigh. He backhanded Andrew, causing him to fly to the side. The knife disappeared, leaving a sizzling wound in its place. The werewolf grabbed his leg, growling in agony before turning to Andrew, who was crawling away while cupping a bruise on his chin.  

Stine moved forward, a murderous gleam in his eye and, for the first time, Andrew looked terrified. Stine dropped on top of the boy, his arms grabbing Andrew’s neck as he tried to strangle the life out of him. I did the only thing I could think to do; I leaped on top of the angry werewolf’s back, trying to claw at his face. Stine tossed me up and over his shoulder, my body slamming into a shelf.  

Stine released the boy’s neck with one hand, reaching for his back pocket. He pulled out a large knife, raising it. Andrew’s eyes widened more, a look of pure despair on his face. My body ached; I couldn’t move. However, seeing Stine choking Andrew was too much. I had to do something. Why was I always so weak? Why was I always so human? Why couldn’t I do anything? 

I needed power, to change, to help my friend. Then it came to me; the vision of Andrew’s sword appeared in mind. I could pull from that power. The Archangel said the magic was within me. He said I was protected. What did that mean? I had to protect Andrew. I needed to do something. A noise resounded downstairs, a sudden booming sound. It distracted Stine for a second as he glanced back.  

I leaped forward at Stine. It was so sudden and so reckless that he reeled in surprise. My arm swung in a full arc. For a second, just a single second, it appeared. It was Andrew’s sword. The full-length sword. The one I remembered from the future. However, instead of being orange and bright, the sword was sheathed in Rune’s purple flame. The flame sucked in light around it. Stine brought his knife up to block my blow. It struck the knife head on, which shattered into a thousand pieces. The force of the collision threw me back. I struck the far wall of the closet.  

Stine flew in the other direction, blasting out the open door of the closet and slamming into the wall beyond. He fell to the ground, his eyes rolling up in his head as he slouched to the ground. I tried to stand up, but I had trouble moving. That was okay; Andrew was safe.  

He ran at me, throwing his arms around me. “Why did you do that? Humans can’t do that. You stupid, stupid, stupid…”  

I realized the boy was crying. Why was he crying? We were safe now, weren’t we? I reached up to touch his hands, then noticed my fingers were covered in blood. I looked at my hand and frowned. There was a giant hole in my abdomen. Blood seeped out. I couldn’t understand what I was seeing. There was no pain. Just peace.  

Andrew looked up at me with tears in his eyes and I gave him a smile. “I just… wanted to make sure you were okay.”  

Andrew shook his head. “I’m not; I’m not okay. I tried to save you. I couldn’t save you. Why are you so stubborn?” 

“Girl’s… are always this stubborn.”  

The boy held me tighter, breaking into more tears. “I’m not strong enough.”  

“You’ll just have to be stronger then, for next time.”  

Andrew shook his head in disbelief. My body was numb. My eyelids were getting heavy. Andrew looked me in the eyes. Those eyes contained compassion, determination, and care. Those eyes were kind and concerned; Andrew’s eyes.  

With difficulty, I lifted my hand up to little Andrew’s cheek. “There’s my Andrew.”  

“Son,” a voice came from the entrance, causing Andrew to look back. It was the Archangel. “Oh, you worried me so much. The bastards downstairs said they had sent someone up here to kill you.”  

Andrew ran to his dad in a panic. “Can you save her? Please say you can save her?”  

The Archangel looked over at me, then back at Stine’s unconscious body. “It looks like she gave her life to protect you. I am sorry, but I felt the surge of energy from downstairs. A human body can’t handle that. There is nothing I can do.” 

Andrew’s eyes turned angry, then he raced out of the room, pushing past his father. The Archangel had a look of pity on his face. He knew what I had guessed. There was no saving me now.  

“Perhaps I could help,” a skeletal voice came from behind the Archangel, causing him to turn.  

The cloaked Necromancer pushed in past the man and knelt beside me. He began muttering to himself as he glanced over my body.  

“Well, how interesting. A time traveler, a werewolf, a vampire, a demon, and an angel? You are just bursting with magic. Bursting with potential. I could bring you back. Once you die, I can resurrect you. The cost is not cheap.”  

My eyelids were so heavy. I struggled to understand what he was saying. I remembered Stephan then. The life he led of loneliness. I remembered the others too. Andrew, Rune, Daniel, Christopher, Alex, Daltom, and even Victor. That wasn’t the life they wanted for me. That wasn’t the person I was.  

“I’m sorry, no.”  

The Necromancer frowned at me with tight lips. “Are you sure? I don’t offer these chances often.”  

“I think… I’ll just be me for a while longer.”  

“Very well.” the man appeared annoyed, standing up and turning away from me. “It looks like I’ve done all that I can do. It would be best if we left. The police will show up soon to clean up the mess you left downstairs.”  

The Necromancer stormed out of the room. Andrew’s dad looked back at me, a look of regret still in his eyes. He was a strong, confident, powerful man. He looked so much like his son. I imagined that when Andrew became an adult one day, he would look much like that. It wasn’t a bad last sight to have before you died. It wasn’t bad at all. My eyes slipped shut.

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