Yurtdışı Yatırım

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Shadows and distorted noises assaulted my tired brain. I could hear distorted words. People were talking.  

“…Venom isn’t working. It might be too late to save…”  

“…I’ll have to take her to the future, we have better medicine there. You’ve done enough, Victor…” 

“…She’s in bad shape; give me 20 cc’s of….”  

My eyes opened; I was lying in the bed of a sterile, white room. My body still felt more or less numb from head to toe. Feeling at my chest, I found bandages wrapped around it. At least I still had a chest. Breasts as well; I checked. They were still there.  

“Ahem,” a voice spoke up, causing me to turn, one hand still squeezing my right breast.  

A man was sitting in the chair nearby. The room didn’t have any lights on, making it too dark to see anything specific. The man’s features were obscured by the shadows cast throughout the room. 

“Is there anything else you’re concerned you might be missing? I can assure you; it’s all still there,” the man had a strong, masculine voice.  

I snatched my hand away from my breast, blushing just a bit as I glanced around the darkened room more. There was no furniture or decorations; the room was sterile. The only light came from cracks in the blinds.  

Chuckling to himself, the man leaned back. “You know, I can’t tell you how surprising it was when my nephew came barging in with your beaten-up body. My wife almost fainted. You’d think after all the things I’ve done, I would be less prone to surprise.” 

“Where- where am I?”  

“Safe. You’re in a hospital right now. In the future; your future.” 

“Where’s Daltom?”  

“Probably having a mental breakdown right now. That poor kid. Grew up with so many dangerous uncles that he’s scared of hi… well, he’s taken with you though. I’ve never seen him be so assertive, at least, not in a good way.” He gave a thoughtful chuckle. “As he tells it, he dragged your body back to Victor’s place while dodging cops. Then he got more venom out of Victor to keep you alive until he could bring you here. I didn’t know the boy had it in him until I saw it myself.”  

“Is he going to be okay?”  

“Well, that depends on whether he survives my wife. She’s livid with him, even though she’s aware it had to happen. I don’t know where he got the time machine. He has been playing with those Gallifreyan kids again. They are bad influences.”  

I squeezed the bridge of my nose. This whole journey happened; that was the hardest part to swallow. “What happened at the summit?”  

“History. Nothing that hasn’t already happened. A peace treaty was signed; everyone went their separate ways. Well, until what came after that.” 

I frowned. “What came after that?” 

“Well, you’ll go back and find out. You’ve still got many adventures ahead of you. This is just the start.” The man stood. “I think it best right now if I leave you to your rest. You’ll be heading back to your time real soon and it’s easier if you are well-rested. Before I go, I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind taking Daltom with you. I’d like to see him straighten out. I think you are a good influence on him.” 

“Won’t that break the time-space continuum?”  

The man shrugged. “It’s already happened. I remember him going back and spending time with us. We knew it was one day going to happen. The question was always when.”  

“What is he to me? He said his grandpa’s name was Dalton.”  

The man chuckled. “Oh, I wouldn’t worry about that. He’s adopted, sort of… no direct relation, but If you had to name him, I guess he’s kind of a half-brother? So, make sure you’re a good big sister to him.” He turned and began moving toward the exit.  

“Who are you?” I asked as he approached the door.  

He turned back to me. I couldn’t make out any features on his face. His eye color and his hair color, the only identifiable traits someone can easily make, were obscured in the darkness.  

I could see the faintest outline of a smile though, “It’s been an interesting opportunity to see my wife when she was a young girl once again. I’m not saying you didn’t age well. You’re as beautiful today as you were back then. I just couldn’t let the opportunity pass me up.”  

The man opened the door, light spraying into the room, blinding me. His dark silhouette turned in my direction. “Have fun; this is only the beginning. Your future is going to be a roller coaster ride for all of you.”  

The door shut behind him, leaving me in silence. That was my husband? No… I couldn’t even entertain the thought. I scratched my head. The whole thing was a big, confusing mess. I lay my head back and fell asleep.

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