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When my eyes opened back up, I was lying in my bed. Not the hospital bed, but the bed in my room; I was home. The familiar sights and sounds made everything else I had experienced feel like a dream.  

I was hoping that it was all a dream. Not just the journey to the past, but the naked werewolves, the sister, the demons, and the angels. At this point, that seemed like too much to hope for. At least here in my bed, I was safe from those horrifying realities.  

I stretched my body, letting my hands fall to their side. My right hand landed on something hard. I squeeze my hand feeling the form beside me. It was warm and rock hard. The form moaned. I shut my eyes, then opened them again, turning to my right. There was a boy in my bed.  

“Hey sweetie, if you want to get touchy and frisky this early in the morning, I’m up for it,” Alex winked at me.  

I leaped out of bed, turning back at the grinning boy. “Why are you in my bed, Alex?”  

“You disappeared last night. Everyone was looking for you. I had to jump out my window and re-enter the house pretending to be you just so your mom didn’t have a heart attack. Do you know how hard it is to pretend to have such flat features?” Alex looked me up and down with an amused look on her face.  

I growled at her. Just because my body wasn’t as voluptuous as hers was no reason to make fun of me. I glanced down at myself and, for the first time, realized that I wasn’t wearing any clothes. I was standing in the middle of the room next to a guy with no clothing on.  

“Where are my clothes, Alex?” I shrieked with a hoarse voice. 

“Don’t look at me. I didn’t take your clothes off.”  

“Honey? Did you say something?” a voice yelled from downstairs. Mom! 

“I’m fine, Mom!” I shouted, turning back to Alex. “This is not okay, Alex, this-” 

The window slipped open and a large muscular man peeked his head into my room.  

“Hey, Alex, have you seen-” Daniel’s eyes slipped to me, seeing my naked body as I tried to cover myself up with two arms. “Jane…”  

“Turn your eyes away, Daniel.”  

“I’m… trying.”  


“Would you be more comfortable if I took off my clothes?” Daniel offered.  

“No, Daniel! No, I wouldn’t. I swear to God, I’ll freaking neuter you!”  

Daniel whimpered, averting his eyes, but not leaving.  

“Honey? Are there people up there?” mom yelled up, the sound of thumping feet coming up the door. 

“My freaking room needs a freaking lock on it!” I snapped, scanning the room. “Alex, turn into me. Say you’re sick or something. I’ll hide in the closet.”  

“Yeah, yeah.” Alex waved his hand, already shimmering.  

I ran to the closet and flung open the door to see Daltom standing there in front of me.  

“Why are you in my closet, Daltom?”  

Daltom blushed. “I was scared when Alex showed up and, before I knew, it I was in the closet.”  


“It’s okay sister; there is enough room in here for you and me. It’s okay; you’re my sister so it won’t be weird.”  

“You have a brother?” Alex asked with a frown. 

“An adopted half-brother from the future.” 

“He’s cute.”  

“Alex, don’t you start!”  

I ran over to the window and shoved the still peering Daniel out the window, slamming it shut. I ignored the screaming and the crashing below. He’s a big werewolf; he’ll be fine. Then, I grabbed Daltom, turning to shove him back into the closet.  

“Ow, sister, you’re hurting me.”  

“Get your ass back in that closet!” I shrieked.  

Alex clapped her hands, “Hehe, this is so fun!”  

My foot caught on a piece of clothing left on the floor causing my leg to twist. Daltom went to protect me, but as I grabbed him, I ended up dragging his small body with me. The pair of us went tumbling to the floor. The door opened and mom peaked in.  

“Honey, I-” 

Alex was crouched in the bed, looking down at the pair of us with a big grin on her face. I was on the floor naked, my limbs sprawled in every direction. My adopted half-brother was on top of me. Daltom glanced up at my mom and smiled.  

“Hey, Mrs. Averygail; I’m your ex-husband’s other illegitimate child.” 

The emotions that poured over my mother’s face during that moment couldn’t be described in words. My future husband told me this was only the beginning. Tears began to pour down my eyes. My life freaking sucked.

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