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“I’m not really sure about this, Jane. This kind of thing makes me a little nervous.” Mr. Xavier whispered over at me. “I mean, I’m your teacher. I’m the responsible one. For us to… you know… do this. It’s a crime, I could be fired!”

“Please, Mr. Xavier? No… Christopher. I just want you to do it once, and then we’ll see what happens.”

“Jane. Once we do it, there is no going back.”

“Please, Chris, I want you inside me.”

“V-very well.” Mr. Xavier finally lowered his head, defeated. “Let’s go somewhere quiet.”

“The hell I’d let you after a conversation like that!” Rune snapped.

The pair of you turn to Rune with a confused look, but I speak up. “Huh? What are you talking about?”

“Sneaking into the werewolf prison compound?” Rune growled. “What else would I be talking about?”

“We need to find out what happened!” I insisted.

“And what does Mr. Xavier have to do with it?”

“I need back up, right? Mr. Xavier can possess people. If I allow him to possess my body…”

“See, I’m already against this.” Rune threw up his hands.

“If he possesses my body,” I continued on, ignoring Rune, “Then I will be able to sneak both of us in. While I’m distracting the guards, he can go talk to Daniel and get some answers!”

“If that’s the case, can’t he just float in there anyway?” Stephan asked.

Katrina shook her head. “No, regrettably. Werewolves can sense the supernatural. All of you boys smell strange, but they’ll most certainly be able to sniff out a ghost. The only plus side is that there are not very many guards right now with the bowl starting. You’ll need to sneak past the guards.”

“But why does Jane need to be the one making the distraction?” Rune demanded.

“Most of you are simply too powerful for me to possess.” Mr. Xavier shrugged. “In truth, I’ve always found it easier to possess women. That’s part of the reason I targeted Alex so long ago.”

“That’s right!” Rune’s eyes brightened. “You could take over Alex!”

As he turned to Alex, the look on Alex’s face caused him to freeze a bit. Alex was in his male form right now, his head lowered and a hesitant look on his face. I instinctually took out my hand and patted his knee. Alex started and looked up, giving a forced smile, even though his eyes looked strained.

“I want to help… but, I can’t be possessed again. I’m sorry.” Alex lowered his head.

The other guys looked around awkwardly. At the time, Alex had been forced by Christopher’s ghost to throw himself on me like a fratboy. He had been quite desperate, and thus a bit forceful at the time. It was something that still bothered Alex to this day.

“Either way, the guards likely recognize my face. Compared to anyone else, I have more face as Daniel’s… ahem… girlfriend.” Saying those words in front of everyone seemed to be tough.

Once again, the boys all looked around awkwardly, not quite sure how to address the pretend situation. Katrina was right there, looking around at the boy’s expressions with a furrowed brow.

“It looks like my son has some steep competition.” Katrina muttered to herself.

“Look, we don’t have much time left before the first tournament. This is our last chance to possibly turn things around. Do you guys want me competing against a bunch of werewolves? If not, then let me do this.”

None of the guys present seemed to be able to come up with a proper argument. Finally, it was Mr. Xavier who broke the silence by standing up and walking over to me. His eyes, which usually held a childish and mischievous look, came off as extremely serious. The handsome 20-something he was inhabited was very attractive, and when he watched me so deeply, I found it difficult to maintain his gaze.

“Jane, if we’re going to do this, we might as well get it over with.” Mr. Xavier finally broke from my line of sight and turned to the other boys. “Please, take care of my body.”

“Of course.” Andrew nodded.

“Then, Jane, loosen yourself up. Blank your mind. Do not fight back, even if it feels uncomfortable. You’ll be able to see what I do, but you won’t be able to act. As soon as you try to move against my will, you’ll expel me from your body.”

“Jane has a rather strange mixture of scents, it’s unlikely other werewolves will be able to smell Chris as long as he possesses you.” Katrina explained. “But if you expel him in front of a werewolf, they’ll know instantly, and it may threaten both of your lives.”

“You ready for this?” Mr. Xavier asked.

I gave a curt nod, and a few seconds later his body suddenly collapsed, only to be caught by Andrew and Stephan’s quick movements. I couldn’t see any spectre leave his body or float towards me. There was no mist or anything that gave me the feeling of a ghost. However, after a few brief moments of silence, something cold suddenly touched me. My initial response was to tighten up and resist, but I quickly forced those thoughts away as I relaxed. The coolness intensified until the point it was almost painful, but then a warm sensation began to spread out from my gut.  

The feeling continued to grow until my body started to feel numb, like I wasn’t personally in control of it again. I started to fight back and panic as the feeling of helplessness set in. However, just as I was fighting against it, a voice sounded in my ear.

“It’s okay, Jane, relax. I’m in control.”

I started to breath easier, letting his voice lull me. Finally, my eyes snapped open, but I had the realization that I wasn’t in control of my body in the slightest. I saw myself looking at all of the boys one at a time. I then felt myself take a deep breath.

“I’m not interested in any of you! Please find someone else!” I suddenly declared.

All of the boys gasped, and then shot me angry glares.

“Damn it, Xavier! Do you want your ass kicked?” Rune shouted.

Seeing all of the boys suddenly look at me with disdain or hostility hurt my heart a bit, even though I knew they were talking to the ghost inside me. Was this what it was like being Xavier all the time?

I found myself crossing my arms and chuckling. “Hehe… sorry… I had to say that at least once. I think I might make it her ring tone.”

He was speaking in my voice, but the tones all sounded wrong. I sounded a lot more arrogant and also just a bit deeper in tone.

“Don’t you dare!” I screamed at him.

He raised his finger to his ear. “Ah… Jane… it’s cool. I’m not going to do anything. Besides, you’re watching everything right?”

“You better not!” Andrew growled. “You don’t any part of your own body!”

“Oh, you mean like this?” my hand reached up and pinched my nipple.

Without a thought, my free hand flew up and slapped myself.

“Ow!” Xavior cried, rubbing my cheek.

“Ow…” I moaned in his head, feeling the same pain.

“You bastard, I’ll kill you!” Flames exploded from Rune’s hands.

“St-stop!” The other boys grabbed Rune, preventing him from attacking. “She can feel everything you idiot!”

Rune finally let his fire out, but he stared helplessly as Xavier started humming to himself while stretching.

“Okay… stop that…” I said, as he bent over, stretching his legs.

“Oh, What now?” Xavier demanded, “I’m just stretching and getting acclimated to your body. You don’t want me to trip and break your nose, do you?”

“No, that’s not the problem!” I growled. “You’re bending over in front of the boys, the boys!”

“Eh?” He turned over and looked at the guys.

Every one of them had their eyes on my behind. Xavier made a disgusted face using my body.

“This actually really creeps me out really badly.” He stood up and took several steps away.

Realizing they were caught, the boys all looked away, trying to act innocent despite their clear looks a moment ago.

“Are you familiar with my body enough yet?” I asked.

“Yes, yes…” My lips said.

“I still don’t get why it’s this way.” Andrew crossed his arms.

“We need to get in and check on Daniel. I’m his… um… his… so I can get in to talk to him. You’re the ones insisting I need some kind of protection. Xavier is the only one who can sneak in without being seen. More than that, he might have some abilities that can help out.”

“Jane… no one can hear you but me…” My body sighed.

“You! Say that earlier!” I cried out.

“Ah!” He grabbed my ear again and then shot the other boys a look. “She says this is way it is because shut up.”

“That does sound like Jane.” Rune nodded.

“Hey, shut up!” I screamed.

“Alright, alright…” Stephan raised his hands. “You don’t have a lot of time until the next match. Just get in to see Daniel and try to get his side of things. Maybe it can help. They’re being very suspicious about things. I have a feeling there is some kind of conspiracy going on. Jane… please be careful.”

I felt my head nodding, and then I turned away, heading off toward the direction where they had locked up Daniel. As I walked, I noticed my feet falling a bit hard. Xavier appeared to be walking strangely.

“Wait… you’re walking like a dude. Stop that!”

“I am a dude!” Xavier hissed, “I’m doing the best I can!

“Okay… okay… but try to put your feet like this. Don’t walk so mannish!”

“We’re surrounded by werewolves, I think a woman here can look a little mannish!”

“No, they’re definitely going to be able to tell you’re not me.

The pair of us were still bickering still when we finally found ourselves in front of the building. Next, we’d need to deal with the guards. Well, that was what we had planned, but when we reached the building, the guards were completely absent. Furthermore, the door was open slightly.

“Jane… I have a bad feeling about this.” Xavier said nervously.

“We need to go in.” I said sternly.

Xavier sighed. “Don’t blame me if I get your body killed.”

“Don’t worry…” I said. “I trust you. You’ll keep me safe.”

My body suddenly froze for a bit, and I could feel heat on my cheeks. “Th-thanks.”

The pair of us pushed forward into the jail where Daniel was stationed and there were no guards.  

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