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“What is going on?” I asked inside my head.

“I don’t know…” Xavier said, looking around nervously using my body. “Only way to find out is to keep going”.

The building erected here was not a tent like most of the structures within the valley. This was a hard brick building. It looked like it had been some kind of power station or something in the past. It looked like the werewolves had repurposed it for their needs. Upon entering the building, we were greeted to a long hallway. The lighting wasn’t on, and light coming from the cracks of partially closed doors was the only light to go off of.

The entire place had an old feel, with a thin layer of dust over everything. When they had decided to toss Daniel in this place, it appeared to be done out of necessity. Calling the place a jail was giving it far too much credit. It felt a little earie to me. I wanted to grab on to Xavier’s arm and hold him closely. If he knew that, he’d probably be wearing that perverted smile. Unfortunately for both of us, Xavier and I were in the same body, so there was no way I could cling to myself.

“Daniel?” My voice called out.

I pinched myself.

“Oh, what was that for!” Xavier cried.

“Be quiet!” I snapped. “Do you want to get jumped or something?”

“Ah… sorry…” Xavier looked guilty for a second. “Being dead, I forget things like danger sometimes.”

“W-well, watch after my body better. Sneak in.”

Xavier nodded, and immediately crouched down. Moving to the side, he quickly found a spot keeping to the shadows. In fact, he seemed to really natural at it. His eyes were open and alert, and he moved with a smoothness I didn’t expect. As a ghost, he must be used to skulking in the shadows. Yeah, it was probably something like that.

As we moved down the hallway quietly, we began to hear voices at the end of the hall. Xavier paused, turning his head and listening for a bit. The voices were coming closer. Ahead of us was a T-intersection, and we could see a light coming from the right. Xavier smoothly grabbed a loose stone and threw it the other direction. The pebble made some noises as it skittered down the hallway.

“What’s that?” Two men walked right passed the T and continued on towards the sound of the pebble.

As for Xavier, he continued on passing behind the two men without making a noise. The men were only distracted for 15 seconds, but Xavier’s timing was perfect, and when they turned back, we were already hidden in a corner where the light didn’t show. I stared in amazement. When did he become so suave?

“It must have been a ghost.” One of the men said, turning to head toward the direction we had come from. “Let’s get back to the entrance before someone grows suspicious.”

Xavier wore a frown on my face. Well, they weren’t wrong. It was a ghost who made that noise.

“Suspicious of what?” I whispered in Xavier’s ear.

“Exactly.” Xavier nodded to himself, turning and continuing on the path the two had come from.

We didn’t have to walk far this time, as we heard noises. We quickly realized that the noises were of someone struggling. There were grunts and the sound of punches.

Xavier quickened his step until he reached a door that seemed to have light from more than just the sunlight through the window.

“Just confess to the crime!” a person with a werewolf face but otherwise still a human body punched Daniel in the gut.

I let out a cry of shock. Daniel was strapped up to the wall, both arms up. He was stripped naked, and he was currently getting worked over by two equally muscular men. I wanted to attack them with my sword, but there was just no way to do that. Xavier was in control.

“Can you take one of the men by possession?” I demanded, trying to come up with a plan.

“I didn’t kill him… I said…” Daniel coughed. “There is nothing to confess.”

“Oh, we know you didn’t kill him.” One of them laughed. “That’s why it’s even more vital you confess!”

“You… Guh!” The werewolf punched him in the face; Daniel was bleeding from his lip now.

“Confess to the crime, and then this will all be over.”

“You’ll let me go?”

“No… but we’ll make sure your execution is painless!”

“Gah!” He took several more punches.

I couldn’t watch this anymore. “Xavier!”

Xavier stood up straightened my watch and then casually walked into the room. When I said I wanted him to do something, getting captured here was not what I expected! He casually pulled out a cloth from my pocket and then grabbed the first man. He put the cloth over the man’s face, muffling the noise as he chocked him out. He did it just as smoothly as he had snuck in. I was floored.

He moved in my body like I was a ninja, and his behavior felt cold, cool, and professional. The Xavier I knew seemed to be replaced by someone I didn’t even recognize. He had done it smoothly and quietly, and the second guy, the one with the werewolf face currently punishing Daniel didn’t even hear it. In fact, he didn’t notice anything was up until the man fell to the ground, and then he only realized it because Daniel’s face had turned to shock.

The werewolf spun around. Fear shot through me. Xavier really was going to get me killed. It might have been easy for him to choke out a werewolf who hadn’t heard him coming, but what chance did he have against a man who was perfectly aware he was there. He was going to get me torn limb from limb, I knew it!

He grabbed something off the table and chucked it at the man. The werewolf went to leap forward, but with the object hurling at his face, he dodged instead. Xavier closed the distance in an instance, sending an elbow into the man’s nose. With a crunch, his nose was broken. This stunned the werewolf, and Xavier struck him three more times, causing the man to eventually fall over unconscious.

“Wow…: I said, unable to believe my body had just done that.

“Daniel.” Xavier said using my mouth, “How’s it hanging?”

I groaned, wanting to kick Xavier for his bad joke. Daniel didn’t seem to catch it and instead shook his head. “I didn’t murder anyone. Whoever these guys are working for, they’re trying to set me up! Jane, how were you able to do all that?”

“It wasn’t me!” I said and then sighed.

“Ah… I’m not Jane…” Xavier laughed. “I’m Xavier possessing her body. We weren’t expecting a fight, but we didn’t want to go by herself to meet you. Had we known it would have ended up like this, I might have no let Jane come along.”

“Xavier? How did you manage to do this?” Daniel asked, slightly bewildered.

Xavier paused, looking down at the two people he had knocked out in seconds, and coughed. “Ah… that. I don’t know. It was almost like… I was going off memory. Some kind of muscle memory or something.”

“My muscles don’t remember doing that?” I said in confusion.

“Not you!” Xavier shot back and then shook his head. “Xavier’s body. The real Xavier. Maybe he’s a kung fu expert or something. I usually have never possessed a human this long before.”

“Well, it doesn’t matter how. Let’s get Daniel out of here!”

“Right, your chains…” Xavier reached for the chains but Daniel pulled back.

“No! No…” Daniel shook his head. “I have to stay here. If I go now, they’ll definitely decide I’m guilty. I’d lose my place in this tribe.”

I stared at Daniel with a complicated frown that likely mirrored the one Xavier put on my real face.

“They’re trying to frame you, you said so yourself!”

“Someone is…” Daniel said, “But their plans already went belly up with you Jane. That’s why they’re so desperate to have me confess. They’re afraid you might be able to get be absolved of all crimes.”

“So, I really do have to win this thing after all?” I said, feeling a bit helpless.

“No, that’s the last resort. You need to trust in our methods. I will be found not guilty since I didn’t commit the crime.”

“You’re way to earnest!” Xavier stated. “You were seen with Jorgan’s body. What did he mean when he said he agreed with you?”

Daniel blinked. “We met to discuss the Alpha competition. As two of the most likely choices, I wanted to see if there was a way to choose an alpha and forgo this blood competition. A few werewolves die every time in it through accidents, and now isn’t a time to lose some of our strongest. I made a recommendation on who should be alpha, but Jorgan was hesitant. That was when he suddenly shoved me out of the way and took the attack. That attack was intended for me, but it was too quick and I didn’t see. So, Jorgan approved with my plans in the end. I am pleased.”

“Don’t be too pleased!” Xavier protested, “You’re in here!”

As Xavier said this, I could hear some people entering the jail. They appeared to be running, so they must have known we were in here.

Two half-changed werewolves entered the room. One of them lunged for me, or should I say, Xavier. Without hesitation, he dodged the man, grabbed his wrist, and then broke it. The creature let out a howl as Xavier kicked him off into the side of the room. Grabbing a sharp pick from the table, Xavier immediately struck at the next guy, aiming for his eye.

“Enough!” A voice cried out.

Xavier’s pick stopped a centimeter from a second werewolf’s eye. His eyes were open in complete shock. I was also surprised. Just who was Xavier, or rather the man Xavier had possessed? He attacked like that without inhibition. He would have killed that man if he had moved an inch farther. It was ruthless. Xavier seemed to realize this too. He grabbed his wrist and then dropped the pick, back up. He was sweating and breathing hard, and I could feel the fear and confusion in him, considering he was in me.

“You… his mate?” The man who yelled for us to stop was the elder from before.

“I have a right to be here,” Xavier responded, trying to sound like me. “As his mate!”

“What are you doing… attacking these men?” He demanded.

“They were trying to torture, Daniel,” Xavier responded. “Was forcing a fake confession what you had in mind?”

Hearing Xavier voice my own anger, it felt very relieving. As for the elder, he turned white as he looked at the tools on the table, the state Daniel was in, and the two men on the floor. It was little doubt what was going on in here. There was only one conclusion an educated person could come to.

“Ah! It’s not BDSM play!” Xavier waved his hands defensively.

I let out a shriek of embarrassment in Xavier’s ear, two possible conclusions an educated person could come to. The elder shook his head, wiping his forehead with the same cloth Xavier had discarded on the table after knocking out the two men.

“Of course… I’d never think something like tha-“

He suddenly pulled the cloth away and unfolded it. I suddenly realized what cloth Xavier had pulled form my pants. It was my underwear! This old man was wiping his forehead with my panties!

Xavier snatched the panties from his hand instantly.

“Not BDSM!” He reassured the elder, “Improve your security!”

“R-right…” The elder was still stunned but he nodded. “We’ll make sure Daniel is protected, and we’ll definitely question these guards and find out what happened here.”

“Sounds good!” My body turned and immediately began running away while squeezing my underwear tightly in my grip.

That’s because in my head I was screaming and fighting. “Get out! Get out of my body!”

“Jane! Be reasonable! The werewolves are going to suspect something if I pop out now. Wait until we’re outside!”

“Out! Out! OUT!”

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