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I emerged into a room. It was much smaller than the throne room, looking like it might be there to act as a bedroom, although it had very little furniture in it. Lilith was on the other side of the room, panting. Her makeup was more smeared than it had been before, and she looked far less proper and orderly. Ryan sat on his knees in front of her, that ridiculous maid outfit barely covering his body.

“I never expected someone as ordinary as you making it this far,” Lilith answer smoothly, “Then again, I never expected a plain girl to have so many… companions. This is as far as you go though. Ryan! I order you to kill her.”

Ryan moved to his feet smoothly, and began to approach me. His eyes held terror. I could see it, even if his face wouldn’t betray the emotions underneath. The way he was being forced against his will was wrong. I knew that within every ounce of my being. At that moment, the magic buried deep inside seemed to come to me again. There was a familiar warmth inside me that was bursting to come out. It was familiar, and comforting, and it reminded me of all of the boys who had fought to get me this far. 

I could feel the moon and see the heavens and stars, even while underground. A fire burned within me. I knew I could let it out. I charged forward. Ryan moved to intercept me. I reeled back my hands, ready to move to the side. Ryan switched his movement to follow. Then his eyes opened in surprise as I continued to move forward. My body slammed into his, and before he could move, my lips pressed up against his.

Ryan’s body fell back under mine and the pair of us fell to the ground with me on top. Our lips parted and could taste his lips. It wasn’t metallic or oily. Instead, it was surprisingly sweet and tangy. When I finally pulled away I gave him a hug, my mouth pressing up against his ear.

“I order you to do whatever you want. Make your own choices, forge your own path, and follow your own destiny. Never let anyone take that away from you again.”

Those were words I had wanted to say to him for some time, before I had even came to Italy. If nothing else, I was glad I could say that to him. I stood back up, pulling away. I had done it, I had succeeded in saving Ryan. Ryan’s eyes seemed to hold a bit of surprise, but the fear and sadness were gone. In their place was a feeling of happiness. I couldn’t help but give him a smile. As he followed me to his feet, he returned a smile.

A force slammed into me and I flew back a few feet. Ryan gasped as he was spun around and kissed by the sorceress on the lips forcibly. She turned back to me and glared. Just at that moment, the clock began to ding and I looked at a clock on the wall. It read midnight. How could it be midnight already? 

“No… that’s not possible. I couldn’t have been here for two hours,” I said in disbelief. 

“I never said I played fair. I slowed down time relative to the outside world. That wretched vampire may have stolen most of my power, but I still had enough. So remind me of the rules again? Whoever is Ryan’s master, stays his master? Ryan? Kill her.”

Ryan began moving forward again in an aggressive manner. I only felt numb and shocked. I had made it all the way here. It wasn’t fair. I had done everything I could, hadn’t I? How could I lose like this? My eyes finally glanced up at the approaching Ryan and then I immediately froze like ice. His eyes didn’t hold fear. They didn’t hold anger, or sadness. I couldn’t make myself run from those eyes.

Ryan moved directly up to me. I could smell his pleasant lemon scent, even over the ridiculous perfumes Lilith seemed to spray on everything. He leaned over, and then lightly kissed me on the forehead before turning around.

“What are you doing, Ryan? I am your master! Kill her!”

“I am sorry, but you are not my master.”

“What do you mean? I kissed you! I’m your master.”

Ryan shook his head sadly, “My last master ordered me to make my own choices indefinitely. In order to follow her order, I had to rewrite the master subroutines.”

“That’s… that’s impossible.”

“Sometimes, you must do the impossible, especially when asked by your love.”

I frowned, feeling he had a word off there, “You mean, when you are asked by your current master, right?”

“Yes, mistress.”

“No, I’m not your mistress, you’re free.”

“I am free to choose my own destiny, and I choose to serve you.”


“Enough!” Lilith shouted, her body sparking with power, “How dare you take my things away from me, I’ll kill you!”

Lilith threw her hand forward, and lightning arced out towards me. Ryan jumped in front of me, throwing his arms around me protectively as the lightning struck him in the back. He collapsed to the floor next to me, his eyes shut. Watching him collapse to the ground after taking a potshot for me, anger began to well in my chest. 

My power that had been bubbling to the surface burst forth once again. I surged forward as power exploded throughout my body. I moved as fast as a werewolf, as deadly as a demon, and as steadfast as an angel. I was next to Lilith in a heartbeat. I put out my hand and thought about the sword I swore I summoned once before.

I willed the sword into existence, and it appeared. Lilith’s eyes widened as I held the sword up to her neck. Andrew was right, it took every effort to keep it in existence. I had no chance of even moving the thing. However, Lilith didn’t know that.

“The… the Demonsword Gemini?” Lilith gasped, “That isn’t possible. What are you?”

“The name’s Jane. Jane freaking Averygail.” I let the sword disappear, reeled back my hand, and slapped her across the face with all of my force.

Lilith collapsed to the ground in a heap, clutching at her cheek. I hoped it hurt, my hand was certainly throbbing from the strike. I turned back to Ryan and walked over to him. I had seen the boys pop back up way too many times to expect he was dead. I moved my arms under Ryan and his eyes snapped open.

“I am currently self-repairing. In about ten minutes, I should be able to walk again.”

“Naw,” I smiled, lifting him up in my arms, the ripped strap of his maid outfit falling to the side and revealing his bear shoulder. “This place gives me the creeps. I’ll carry you out of here.”

The strange power was still flowing through me. I wanted to get going before it started weakening. We were already stepping out the door to the hallway when a noise stopped me.

“Wait!” shouted Lilith’s voice from behind, “Ryan, please. I’ll give you anything! Don’t leave me.”

I turned so Ryan could look at her. Lilith was on the floor; her hair and makeup were a mess. She looked like she was crying, giant crocodile tears falling down her face. Victor called it the moment he saw her; she was a bitch.

“Please,” Lilith begged, reaching out towards us, “We can start over. Just you and me. I don’t need anyone else. We can live somewhere, just the two of us.”

Ryan gave Lilith a sad smile, “I’m sorry; I’m choosing a different path.”

“With her?” Lilith snarled, “What does she have that I don’t? She’s just some plain-looking biological freak!”

“You’re a smart girl,” Ryan responded, “Why don’t you spend some of your existence and think on that. Maybe one day you’ll figure it out.”

The door slammed behind us, cutting off a long wailing cry. 

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