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“Who’d have imagined that Mr. Xavier is scared of heights?” Stephan pushed Mr. Xavier’s head off of his shoulder.

The body didn’t twitch at all as it flopped over to the other side. If anyone was paying attention, they would realize that the body didn’t move at all. It did none of the common things a sleeping person would do. It wouldn’t be surprising if someone even wondered if he was breathing.

“That’s not going to start smelling, is it?” Victor asked with distaste as he peered over at the unconscious man across the aisle.

“Well, he’s not dead, just in a comma, at least without that ghost dragging him around.”

“We’re not going to have to Weekend at Bernie’s this corpse all of spring break, are we?” Rune demanded.

“I’m hoping the ghost is hiding somewhere on the plane,” Stephan explained, “If not, we’ll just have to stick him in a closet or something.”

“Somehow, this feels very illegal,” Andrew sighed.

No sooner had the plane started moving than Mr. Xavier gone rigid. I asked him if he was doing fine, but he barely seemed to hear me. As soon as the wheels left the ground, he sudden slouched over. As his soul abandoned his body, there was a ghostly noise and the lights in the cabin flickered. This freaked out a lot of people and the pilot told everyone that this was normal for the flight. It turned out he was lying and was just as freaked out as everyone else. If Victor hadn’t used some vampiric voodoo to keep the flight running, we would have turned right back around and landed on grounds of electronic interference.

If that was the case, I definitely would have kicked Mr. Xavier’s body until he was covered in bruises. If that ghost was going to return, he would be in for a world of pain. Fortunately, things worked out and the flight was smooth.

I was sandwiched between Samantha and Alex. All of the guys wanted to sit next to me, but I put my foot down. Daniel, Rune, Andrew were all way too muscular! I wanted my arm space, so naturally I picked the girls who I had a chance with. Samantha gave me dark looks the entire flight since I got the arm rest, but I say she just didn’t want it badly enough.

Thus, I spent the plan ride in relative comfort. I used the time to catch up with my sleep, since the flight left early in the morning and I was still tired. Even though I had a pillow around my neck, a blindfold across my eyes, and two arms firmly in my armrests, Samantha nudged me after a little bit. When I ignored her, she nudged me even harder.

“What?” I growled.

“Who’s the other girl?” she asked, nodding over at Alex.

That was right, I hadn’t introduced Samantha to girl Alex before. Alex always went to school as a boy, so she only knew him as a boy. As to why he was a girl now? Well, she murmured something about girls getting to wear cuter outfits on the beach. I thought that it was more dangerous, especially if she changed suddenly. Then I realized if the situation was reversed, boy Alex in a boy’s swimsuit suddenly changing into a girl, it’d be much more dangerous.

I tried to play it off as something obvious so that I didn’t raise any of Samantha’s suspicions, “My cousin, she came to town and mom said I should bring her.”


“You can’t tell? She looks like me!”

Samantha twisted her mouth as she looked Alex up and down. Her eyes lingered on Alex’s body for a moment, which was slightly curvier than her own. If it came to which woman would look better in a swimsuit, Alex would probably win. Even though she wore my face, she still had a hot body. It irked me to no end that she wore everything I wore better. I’d refuse to let her wear my clothing, but then she’d wear things that were dangerous and embarrassing which I couldn’t allow.

“She does look like you, I guess.” Samantha finally said, looking somewhat doubtful.

“You guess?” I glared at her in disbelief; Alex looked exactly like me!

Alex turned and winked at us. Maybe saying she was like me wasn’t true anymore. It seemed like the more Alex wore that form, the more she made it her own. Her hair wasn’t done like mine. Her makeup was different. So was her style. By all accounts, simply calling her a replica of myself wouldn’t do her justice. Her body certainly had the succubus flair to it.

“What lipstick is that?” Alex suddenly asked. “It really goes with your eyes!”

It was a typical Alex line, but coming from her female form, the flirtation was lost completely. Samantha instead took the complement happily and started explaining her makeup routine. Being able to change her face, Alex of course had a unique perspective on makeup, and could offer advice to help Samantha. The girls managed to quickly get over their oddness and turned towards each other, talking excitedly while I was in the middle.

As they spoke, they leaned forward, and suddenly I had giant boobs pushing on either arm as the two women grew more and more enthusiastic as their talk moved to clothing and boys. Meanwhile, I was trapped in the middle, getting shoved back and forth as their impromptu titty pillows trapped in the middle. Not only had my sleep been ruined, but somehow, I found myself in a living hell, and its name was DD.

When the flight began to end, I could only let out a breath of relief. The plane vibrated and began lowering, the pilot giving a short landing announcement. After their conversation ended, Samantha gave a yawn and said she was tired, shifting herself away, abd finally giving my sweaty arms a break. She actually closed her eyes and went to sleep, using the thirty-minute decent to get the shuteye she had denied me. Alex on the other side instead held me tighter, squeezing my arm between her breasts with a happy and lewd expression on her face. I ended up pinching her until she let go.

I strapped myself in as the plane landed at a nearby airport. Once we landed and I was able to stand up and stretch, I noticed that Victor was still sitting in his seat and not moving. I walked over to him, tapping his side with one of my bags. He looked up from a book he was reading and gave me an apologetic smile.

“I am sorry,” Victor said, “I would have loved the chance to see you having some fun on the beach, even if it means braving that treacherous sun. Unfortunately, I have a gig scheduled tonight, and then I am immediately flying out for another gig in Italy. It’s the life of a popstar, I’m afraid. Although, you could always come with me?”

My heart skipped a beat for a second. Spend a week in Italy with a millionaire popstar? It was Italy for cripes sake, a once in a lifetime opportunity! I glanced over at my friends filing down the plane corridor and down a stairway. It looked like both Samantha and Mr. Xavier had woken and were joining them. I couldn’t do that to my other friends. As fabulous as that opportunity would be, I’d have to settle for working on my tan on a beach in Miami. I shook my head and gave my saddest look.

He chuckled rising and giving me a hug. “You couldn’t blame me for trying. Have fun. And if you change your mine, the offer is always there, even if I don’t have a gig.”

I hugged him back, smelling a wiff of his popstar cologne and cool touch before turning and following after my other friends.

“I’ll miss you.” I cried out.

“Have fun,” he waved as I left the plane.

After I caught up with the group, one privilege of riding a private jet was no baggage claim, we ended up outside as an old beater van drove up in front of us. A fat, balding man in a tropical shirt and flip-flops got out of the driver side.

“Uncle Max,” Samantha shouted, running up to the man and giving him a hug.

I eyed his dilapidated van up and down. It was the very essence of a 1970s shag van. To be honest, it was the exact kind of vehicle I would believe Samantha would drive if she had been born a guy. Thankfully she wasn’t, as if I needed another male friend in my life. I’d rather turn into a guy myself and date Samantha.

A massive surge of screams caused me to look over to my side where I saw Victor being led to a long limousine. There was a large retinue of people shielding him, while an even larger retinue of teenage girls crowded around trying to touch him. I could have been walking alongside him and leaving in that vehicle. Sure, I’d be murdered the very next day by a psychotic fan girl, but what a ride.

Stephan patted me on the back, “Don’t look so glum, Jane, we still have the beach waiting for us.”

I gave him a smile back. Of course, he was right. I was just being spoiled. I tossed my bags into the back of the van and got in. Mr. Xavier got in behind me next to Samantha.

“You sleep like the dead, teach.” Samantha shook her head.

“Yes, well,” Mr. Xavier gave her a tight smile. “It’s just that flights always make me… drowsy.”

“Yeah,” Samantha yawned and stretched, “I’m right there with you.”

The drive out to the beach was a pretty crazy one. Everyone was talking among themselves. Stephan, Andrew, and Daniel were laughing and telling jokes. In a rare instance, Rune was talking to Alex and almost seemed to be enjoying himself. It was nice to see the two of them talking.

After my trip to the past, I had figured out that it was Rune that Alex had been in love with. That was the reason she had ended up looking like me. Of course, that also meant Rune must be attracted to my appearance. We rarely talked alone though, so I didn’t really know how he felt about me as a person.

He had told me he cared about me at the werewolf tournament though. That had to mean something. It seemed like he had given up on competing for my affection at least. He had only been trying to piss off Andrew. I didn’t think he thought of me that way. I mean, every once in a while, I caught him looking at me when he didn’t think I was looking. It was probably nothing.

“What are you up to Allan?” Samantha turned to Allan, still wiping sleep from her eyes.

“Research,” Allan responded as he erased something on a notebook and wrote something else.

“Research? What kind of research? You talking about the discussion we had not too long ago?”

A blush formed on Allan’s cheeks and he readjusted his glasses, “No, nothing like that. Spring break seems to be a fairly eccentric time for hum- for people. I’m curious to observe firsthand accounts of the effects of alcohol on young adults.”

“Is that so? Well, if you want, I can-“

“No!” Allan interrupted, then blushed again, “I’d rather make my observations from a distance from now on.”

I frowned at the pair of them. What exactly did Samantha do to him? At least Allan had the good sense not to tell her he was an alien. It had never been expressly stated that we not tell Samantha anything, but the boys had managed to not use their powers in front of her. As far as I knew, she was clueless. That was probably for the best.

However, this was a trip to the beach. The boys were going to be exposing themselves quite a bit. I wondered how long their secrets were going to hold.  

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