Yurtdışı Yatırım

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In short order, we drove to a nearby beach and parked. Uncle Max’s store was a small beach house located at the edge of the sand on a public beach. It had two massive front doors that took over the entire wall facing the beach. When they were peeled back, it opened to a small café lounge complete with a bar. Uncle Max had kept the shop closed for the winter, and this was the first day he was opening it up.

The result was that the place was very dusty. There were many things that needed to be done to get the shop up and running. Fortunately, with nine strong teenage boys, the tasks should be completed pretty quickly.

Samantha, Alex, and I were tasked with cleaning and dusting the shop. The boys were set out to unload a shipping truck, which was full of their stock. I ended up grabbing a broom and sweeping the floor. Samantha washed the counters, while Alex concentrated on bringing down the chairs and cleaning the tables.

“I could have helped carry in supplies…” Alex pouted. “This is discrimination!”

“You’re one to talk!” I retorted.

“Eh? Sister, don’t you see they have all the women working on cleaning? This is pure sexism! It’s just gratuitous!”

At this moment, the doors peeled back, causing light to flow into the bar space. I cover my eyes at the sudden influx of light, but a moment later I see Andrew walking in. He’s taken off his shirt, and his muscular body is now on complete display. Since it’s hot out, his body has a sheen of sweat on it. Furthermore, his arms a bulging, carrying a large box?

“Where do you want me to stick this package?”

“in me…” Samantha is eyeing him lewdly, practically drooling.

“Sam!” I toss a wet rag at her face.

“Ah! I mean, the freezer in the back!” At least Samantha had the decency to blush at her comment.

A moment later, Rune walks in carrying another box. His muscles are just as nice as Andrew’s, but he’s not sweating at all.

“Aren’t you hot?” I ask.

Samantha nodded excitedly in affirmation while biting on a clean rag to keep from saying anything she shouldn’t. I decided to ignore her for now, but if I don’t reel her in soon, she might embarrass both of us.

Rune lets out a snort. “Hot? Compared to hell, this is nothing!”

Alex nods, and I noticed she wasn’t sweating much either. In fact, her appearance is perfect. She looks downright sexy with her hair up. Meanwhile, I was sweating like a baboon. I probably had pit stains and everything! I was so jealous. These damn demons who don’t sweat can just… go to hell! Rune eyes me warily as I shoot him a hateful look, but he passes me and puts the package behind the counter.

As he bends over, I catch Samantha checking out his butt. She’s sucking on the towel now. She needed to cool it. They weren’t even in bathing suites yet! Our eyes met, and I shook my head, trying to admonish her. However, she only rolled her eyes exaggeratedly at me and then leaned forward to get a better look. At that moment, Rune suddenly stood up sharply, causing Samantha to shout and leap back in surprise. I couldn’t help but snicker at her.

“Did you guys hear something?”

The four of us quieted down, listening closely, a moment later we heard a noise coming from the back room.

“Wait a minute? Where is Andrew?”

We glanced at the room, and Rune quickly came over and opened it. Andrew burst out, a blush on his face. When his eyes fell on Rune, his expression soured.

“Saved by a demon, just my luck.”

“Were you stuck in there?” Rune asked, and then let out a laugh. “What a dumb ass!”

“You…” Andrew stiffened. “I couldn’t find a latch on the inside.”

“There isn’t one.” A voice came out from the front of the shop. “It fell off last year. I’ve been meaning to fix it. Just be careful with that door.”

It was Samantha’s uncle, who was carrying a box right next to Daniel, who was holding three. The two walked up the ramp into the shop and put down the boxes. Samantha wore a displeased expression.

“What is it?” I asked.

“I’ve already seen enough of him shirtless!” Samantha complained.

Her uncle mistook it for talking about him. He looked down at his belly, which was exposed out of his opened Hawaiian shirt. He let out a laugh.

“Ah, don’t say that your uncle has been trying to get in shape lately.” He then glanced at the ripped boys standing around him and winced. “Ah… maybe I should be hitting the gym a little harder.”

The boys headed back out, and the others came in too. Even Mr. Xavier was shirtless as he came in carrying a large box. Thankfully, even Samantha wasn’t bad enough to openly ogle her teacher. However, I found myself looking, surprised that he had some a toned body. When he noticed me looking, he gave a smirk.

“See something you like, Jane?” He smirked.

I crossed my arms. “Isn’t that just a body you borrowed? I might as well get turned on by a corpse!”

He looked down after I said that. He did look fine, but I wasn’t going to let him know that. If I did, he would assuredly never let me live it down. I already had to deal enough with his flirtatious jabs at school. If I seriously succumbed to them, we’d have a real scandal at school. That’s not to say I was interested! Well, it wasn’t like I wasn’t interested… Look, it was complicated!

With nine boys and three girls, this was quite a bit more help than Samantha’s uncle could possibly need. We finished cleaning the place quickly. It wasn’t really dirty. It was just dusty, so it didn’t take long. After that, Samantha got out a blender and made us virgin Strawberry Daiquiris using the supplies the boys were bringing in.

The three of us girls sat in lounge chairs in front of the store sipping our fruity concoctions while we watched the boy’s work.

“It’s just not fair…” Alex was complaining. “For women to be relegated to these ‘housekeeping’ roles.”

“I know I feel oppressed.” Samantha agreed, taking a sip from her drink.

“The sun’s oppressing me right now…” I muttered. “I need sunscreen on.”

“I’ll put it on!” Alex responded excitedly.


“What? I’m offended! I’m your sister! How could you accuse me of having nefarious purposes!”

“You said it…”

“Hey, let’s get one of the boys to do it!” Samantha responded with a grin.

“This is definite sexism!” Alex cried out, although when Samantha wanted to know what she meant, she fell into a sullen silence.

Poor Alex not only wasn’t being treated like one of the boys but now he lost his chance at applying sunscreen. Actually, that was for the best. Alex, in either form, didn’t have good personal space. I had her give me a massage once and things got heated to the point I was regretful she wasn’t in her boy form. Afterward, I put Alex on a light touch only gag order.

“Ryan!” Samantha called out as he came by, “Jane here says she wants you to put sunscreen on her!”

“Samantha, you bitch!”

Samantha stuck her tongue out at me. Of course, I knew she was too much of a coward to make the request for herself. However, she didn’t mind causing trouble for me. She took another drink of her daiquiri while winking at me.

Ryan cocked his head to the side but then nodded. “Very well. I do not mind. I am very familiar with Jane’s body at this point.”

Samantha ended up choking on her drink.

“He doesn’t mean it like that! He… um… did some sewing for me, so he knows my size. That’s all!”

Ryan nodded. “Of course.”

Samantha was still trying to clear her throat, but her eyes lost some excitement after hearing the mundane truth. True… he had been sewing a dress for me so that I could break into a dance on the moon, but Samantha couldn’t handle the truth.

Ryan still came over to me, taking the offer to apply sunscreen seriously. I gulped and turned around, blush on my cheeks. When his hands touched my back, they felt slightly cold to the touch. I let out a sound as I gasped.

“I’m sorry, I can increase the temperature before continuing…”

“N-No… it’s hot, so it feels good.” I said, suddenly feeling really shy.

I heard the squirt of the sunscreen, and then the cool feel of it touching my skin. Ryan’s hands moved perfectly. Well, he was a robot, and from what I understood, he had always been some sort of a servant bot. His actions were smooth and practiced as he applied the lotion under my shirt. I wasn’t in my swimsuit yet, so feeling a guy’s hand reach up my shirt felt weird.

When his hands reached the bra strap, they went under, and for a moment I felt completely naked. If he reached around, his hands would be cusped around my…

No, Jane! Bad thoughts! At some point, I realized I was panting, my cheeks glowing red. Samantha and Alex were both staring at the pair of us with longing looks.

“I’m done,” Ryan said lightly, his voice just as flat and emotionless as always.

It was over so quickly. I couldn’t even tell how long it lasted. Somehow, I wanted him to touch me more. I turned around and sat up, suddenly finding myself only a few inches away from him. If I leaned forward slightly, I’d kiss his cool, soft lips. His eyes were a deep blue that seemed easy to grow lost it.

“Me next!” Samantha cried out with a hint of desperation in her voice.

“No time!” Daniel declared, slamming a box down and causing us all to jump. “That’s the last box! We’re officially done for the moment! Do you know what that means? Swimming time!”

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