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Max shot Daniel a look and shook his head. “You know, we need to unbox all of these too, right?”

“Ah? Still more?” Daniel whimpered.  

“Although…” He looked down at us girls and grinned. “With so many strong-able men, we’re going to be set up in no time. How about you girls put on your swim suits and go pass out some flyers? By the time you’re done, we should be set up here and then you guys can play the rest of the day.” 

“Wh-what? But I’m working on my-” Samantha started to protest, but I put my hand over her mouth. 

“Sure, we’ll do it!” I smiled, taking a handful of pamphlets he pulled out of one of his over-sized short pockets and dropping on Samantha’s lap.

She shot me a hateful look, but I stuck my tongue out at her in response. Honestly, her ogling the guys was starting to irk me for some reason, so I figured it’d be better if I kept her busy. 

Alex leaped up from her chair in excitement, “This is so awesome. My swimsuit is so cute; I can’t wait to wear it.”

“Alex, I haven’t asked this before. Your swimsuit? It’s decent, isn’t it?” I asked worriedly as I let go of Samantha’s mouth, wiping it on her shirt after she had licked my palm in retaliation. 

Alex glared at me, “You wound me, sister, er, cousin.”

Samantha had already stood up and was running back into the shop to find her bag, missing Alex’s slip. Alex blushed and lowered her head.

I sighed, “I’m sorry, Alex; I’ll tell her one day soon. It’s not like I’m ashamed of you or anything, you’re family.”

Alex’s mood lightened and she broke into a smile, turning and running to join Samantha. I watched her as she whispered something to Samantha and the two broke out in giggles. The way my life was now, I couldn’t imagine it without her. I shook my head; how much things have changed.

I joined the pair, throwing on a swimming suit. It was a floral designed two-piece tankini. Alex went for a pink bikini, although there was no surprise there. Samantha’s bikini was green with frills on the edges. I threw on some sunscreen and ran off to the beach, kicking up sand as I went.

It was very easy to hand out fliers. I preferred this over organizing the pantry or setting up the tables like some of the guys were doing. The sun felt nice; with all of my night activities lately, I wasn’t getting a whole lot of it. Samantha was busy finding the cutest boys on the beach to hand her pamphlets to.

Alex didn’t seem to have to do that. She had managed to gather a rather large group of guys around her. She didn’t seem to be doing anything except talking to them. Although, if I did see her being anything less than well-behaved I would have put an immediate stop to it. She did keep squeezing her arms together in a way that exemplified her already impressive cleavage. I tried to replicate her arm movements. It did seem to make them look a little bigger.

“What are you doing?” Daniel asked, walking up from behind.

A cold shiver shot up my spine. “Oh nothing, just handing out fliers!”

“It’s a nice day today. A lot of friendly people here at the beach.” Daniel smiled, not seeming to notice my embarrassment.

I glanced around the beach; there were a fairly significant number of girls that seemed to be looking at Daniel out of the corner of their eyes. More accurately, they were looking at his abs. A few of them shot me angry and jealous looks as Daniel reached forward and pulled a couple kernels of sand from my hair. Oh brother, if they were interested in him they should just talk to him. I was getting sick and tired of all the catty behavior. At school, most of the girls wouldn’t even talk to me anymore save for Samantha.

“So…” I said, trying to distract myself from the crowds. “How’s the clan doing?”

“The other werewolves seem to be following Treena and the elders have been put in their place.” Daniel nodded to himself, “Treena’s been asking about you. That reminds me. She asked me if you have come to any decision regarding her letter?”

A blush shot across my cheeks. She wouldn’t dare tell Daniel about it, would she?

“It seems like the other guys have finished up in the shop.”

I let out a deep breath of relief; I was saved from having to answer, but when I turned to look at my friends my mind went numb. Half the girls on the beach joined my stare as the group of seven boys walked out into the sand. It was everyone, except for Ryan and Victor. The sight might have made me feel feint once. Did that girl over there just pass out? She fell face first into the water, little bubbles floating up to the surface. Her friends were ignoring her, watching the boys descend onto the beach. She’ll be fine; I’m sure.

I almost laughed at Mr. Xavier’s outfit. It was a very old-fashioned striped shirt and shorts. I didn’t even know that you could buy those any more. My laugh caught as my sight caught Allan. My mouth fell open and my eyes fell down to the outline of his crotch.

As the boys approached, Allan looked at me askance, “What? Is this not acceptable?”

“Well, it’s certainly a speedo.”

“I was given the understanding that this was acceptable wear; even if it does feel very revealing.” Allan responded, picking at the edge of the fabric.

“No, it’s fine.” I held in the urge to laugh; the other boys seemed to be just avoiding looking at him too hard.

“The old man said we could take an hour or two to swim before we had to help him open the shop. Although, I don’t know why he wants us. Everything is already done. He said the hardest part was setting up and he can man the store himself after that.” Rune growled.

“We’re doing it because it’s nice,” Andrew interrupted, causing Rune to roll his eyes.

“He said we’d bring in customers…” Stephan chuckled. 

I had to agree. Eight gorgeous guys would certainly make the shop the place to be on the beach for any woman. Except, one of the guys was missing. 

“Well, were is Ryan?” I asked.

Andrew spoke up, “He said he is capable of swimming; but that he doesn’t own a swimsuit and didn’t think to bring one.”

“I had brought an extra, but he didn’t seem interested,” Allan explained.

I fought the urge to smile.

“I was assuming he’d just buy one,” Rune shook his head. “I don’t want any guy’s junk up in my swimsuit, even someone like him. However, if he’s not coming out, then maybe I should-”

“I’ve got one!” Samantha shouted, interrupting Rune as she ran up to the group of boys.

I could tell she was taking in more than an eyeful of each of the boys. She lingered longer on Allan than any of the others. Did the girl have no shame?

“I’ve got a swimsuit for him!” Samantha repeated.

“Why do you have a swimsuit for a guy?” I demanded.

“I just do,” a twinkle was in Samantha’s eye, but before I could respond, she was running off back up to her uncle’s stand.

I gave a sigh; I’d just have to trust her judgment on this.

“Well, I’m done waiting!” I declared, reaching out and grabbing the closest hands to me.

That turned out to be Daniel and Rune. Daniel gave me another one of his smiles. Rune seemed to be almost shy by the gesture. Either way, I immediately began pulling the two of them into the water with me. It almost worked until the back of my heel struck a sand dune and I fell backward into the water. I heard laughter from several of the boys, and then the splashing of feet as the rest ran head first into the waves to join me.

The next hour or so was a series of dives, splashes, and hot abs. I would splash around and play with one of the guys, then find myself in the middle of a volleyball game or Marco polo. One guy would grab me to do one thing, and then another would grab me to show me something else. It was quite exhausting having so many friends.

At one point, I heard a shout followed by the intense screaming of dozens of women of all ages. I turned towards the sound only to suddenly have two hands cover my eyes.

“What are you do-“

“Don’t look,” Andrew said in my ear, his vanilla breath causing my spine to tingle.


“Allan got hit by a big wave and lost his glasses. He’s running down the beach in half a speedo with a few dozen girls chasing after him.”

“That thing was barely on to begin with? How can he manage with half of one?”

Andrew shivered. “It’s not pretty.

After the threat passed, the screaming cutting off in the distance, Andrew removed his hands. I turned towards him, and realize we were standing very close to each other. I could just reach out and put my hand on his chest. Would that be okay? We were in the middle of the beach, hundreds of people all around us. Andrew leaned in closely.

“What I miss?” Samantha asked, slapping the pair of us on the back.

I fought the urge to groan. It was probably a douche bag thing to do right now anyway. At least the water was a little chilly. It wasn’t quite the same thing as a cold shower, but it’d have to do.

“So, you found Ryan a-“

My eyes bulked as I turned to look. Ryan was standing right next to Samantha. He was wearing a two piece swimsuit. It included a pair of shorts swim trunks and upper brassiere. My eyes rolled and I let out a growl.

“Why is Ryan wearing a girl’s swimsuit?”

“Because he looks adorable in it!” Samantha squealed.


“I am doing this world a service by showing Ryan in cute little swimsuits. His legs totally pull it off, do you see how smooth those things are?”

“A service? Yeah, sure, a fan service. We’re going to put you in normal clothing, Ryan.”

Ryan simply stood there. There were a few whispers and odd looks from passerbys, but he seemed to act oblivious to them. I noticed a few girls with a bit of a gleam in their eyes as well. I guess Samantha wasn’t the only one with some awkward tastes. Didn’t matter, Ryan’s not going to be forced to dress like a girl because of Samantha.

“Rune mentioned he had a second pair. He threw them into the room in the back of the kitchen. The one with the metal door, where I got locked in earlier.”

“That’s the walk-in freezer.” Samantha frowned.

“Well, it wasn’t on at the time.” Andrew sighed.

I shrugged, reaching out and grabbing Ryan’s hands and walking away. It wasn’t like he’d feel the cold, so no big deal. Samantha made a noise of protest but I ignored her. Samantha was my best friend, but sometimes she could get on my nerves.

We made our way back up into the shop. Business was booming; the small beach bar was very crowded. Samantha’s uncle was just as impressive as the crowd. He poured drinks, cooked food, and took orders without breaking a stride. It still looked like a lot of work. Some of us would have to go back and start helping soon. Samantha’s uncle was too busy to notice me, so I moved back into the kitchen and the freezer in the back.

If I hurried, maybe I could enjoy a little more swimming before we had to head back. I could hear the freezer humming as I took a step inside it. The temperature in it was only starting to get cold. I grabbed the nearby bags, searching to find which one was Rune’s. Ryan stepped into it with me, the freezer door shutting behind him.

“You don’t have to do all of this for me,” Ryan spoke up.

“It’s fine,” I said, finally recognizing Rune’s bag, “I just want you to be able to have fun and be free with us once in a while. I’m glad you were willing to come all the way down here.”

Ryan gave me a small smile, “I appreciate it. It is nice to feel wanted.”

I stopped looking for a second and glanced at him, “Your mistress, you mention her a lot but never really talk about her. Doesn’t she appreciate you?”

“Of course,” Ryan answered, but his smile seemed to slip a bit.

“Well, I found it,” I said, handing him some fairly ordinary swimming trunks. “Let’s get out of here and enjoy a little sun while we have the chance.”

I moved to the door and looked for a latch, but didn’t see one. I pushed the door. It remained firm. Oh crap, that was right. I had totally forgotten. This freezer locked and we couldn’t get out!  

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