Yurtdışı Yatırım

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“No, you’re doing it wrong.” Alex tsked.

“I’m trying,” I snapped, turning to glare at her.

“You need to walk with more of a swagger.” Rune added.

“I’m trying,” I growled again.           

“No, keep your chin up.”

“Spread your legs more.”

“Bob your head slightly.”

I spun, turning back to the group of former boys, “Will you all just shut up!”

The group of girls look away with blushes on their faces. They were all far too pretty as girls. It just wasn’t fair that girls could be that cute without wearing makeup or even trying. Girl Allan tinkered with the gender reallocation device, stopping to let out a sigh as if to inform us it wasn’t going well. Meanwhile, the rest tried to load me up with as much boy knowhow as possible.

Ryan had already left the place. It was his job to set up for Rune’s family visit. My mom would let him in. It turned out he could modulate his voice to sound normal regardless of his robot sex. Furthermore, Ryan as a girl didn’t look all that different from Ryan in a dress, an incident that even my mom had grown accustomed too.

Shortly after returning from spring break, Ryan had showed up in my mom’s kitchen, wearing a maid outfit and calling me mistress. I ordered him multiple times to stop calling me that, but he said that he wanted to serve me. At first, my mom had thought it was some bet we had made that he had lost. However, when he kept coming every dinner she started to suspect I was into some kind of naughty kinkery.

I insisted he was just a friend who felt like he owed me. The only reason my mom conceded was because he was a good cook. On top of that, when Ryan started dinner before mom got home, it saved her a lot of work and prep time. She was quite happy with the assistance in the kitchen, something she wasn’t going to let me live down.

I shook my head, I needed to focus on the task at hand. I could worry about the dinner after we were all back to the right sexes. Originally, Alex had wanted to tutor me himself, having had the most experience with gender swapping. Given the fact he was often confused as being homosexual, I wasn’t sure he was the best choice to keep me from getting friend-zoned.

On the other hand, Rune was the only boy to ever be on a date before, or so he claimed. Although when we asked for details, he shut his mouth tight. As a result, he ended up being put in charge of planning my date. Of course, I hadn’t even made a date. For that, I’d need to make a first impression and ask her out.

For that, I had five different boys telling me five different things. Daniel felt that I should just fling her over my shoulder and confess my love. When I reminded him that it hadn’t worked out so well for himself, Daniel just shrugged. Rune claimed you had to play at being disinterested, but just interested enough, whatever that meant. Andrew thought I should be upfront and honest. That was interesting coming from a guy who tried to keep me from finding out anything about himself when we first met.

Alex insisted that you had to be romantic. Flowers, candles, and soft music. I asked her how I was supposed to have those things in a random chance meeting, but she insisted it could be done. Stephan suggested simple politeness. Offer to help her with something, and then flood her with compliments to make her feel good about herself.

I smiled and listened to all the girls’ advice, but wondered if their supernatural alter egos weren’t the only reason the boys were all single. It wasn’t that any given boy was wrong. It was just that the fact they all insisted there was some kind of system to getting a girl to like you. Girls were just girls, and if you treated them like you want to be treated, they’d like you. It stood to reason that if Samantha likes me as a girl, she’ll probably like me as a boy. At least at this point, I was banking on it. 

Mr. Xavier had wandered in after the sex change as well. He seemed amused by the entire thing. His advice was the most practical and the most useful. He told me to stop trying to be something I’m not, and to just be myself. I realized he wasn’t leering at me the way he normally would. He was supportive and gentle. Then I realized it was because he didn’t have any sexual attraction to me being a boy. I frowned at the thought of it. I could see us being friends if he wasn’t such a creep the other 90% of the time. Then again, was he a creep? He was in an adult body, but he wasn’t much older than I was, at least when he died. Would we have a different relationship if he had inhabited a body of a teenager instead?

Either way, I was done listening to advice on how to be a boy. I’ve seen all of them, and they don’t do anything I’d acknowledge as guy-like. Mr. Xavier was right, they are who they are, and I am who I am. I slapped my hand on the wall, silencing the group. They were just going on about how I needed to talk deeper. I had an Adam’s apple and everything, I could talk like a boy without some stupid pronunciation lesson.

“I’m going to not even have a chance if I don’t go soon. It’s already late,” I demanded.

The girls lowered their heads, blushed, and murmured apologies. That was an odd response. Usually, when I spoke up and interrupted them, they’d all look at me as if they were surprised I was talking. Now they were taking heed of my words and respecting them. That… that was honestly kind of sexist. I shook my head irritably, so I had to have a penis for my words to have any weight with these boys… girls… whatever.

“Since you are going out, could you please pick up this list of supplies? I will need them for the repairs.” Allan pulled up a piece of paper. “Some of the items may seem odd, but I need to strip them for the raw materials.”

I snatched it from her hand, growling in the process. She didn’t seem to notice, but the rest of the girls were a little more wary of my temper. I let out a sigh, it wasn’t their faults. They were just frightened and didn’t know what else to do.

“It’s alright. I’ll fix this up real quick. Don’t you guys worry,” I assured them, turning to leave.

“Wait,” Alex stopped me in my tracks, “You probably don’t want to go out in that.”

I looked down to realize I was still wearing my clothing. It was a pair of tight jeans and a shirt. It wasn’t anything a guy couldn’t wear, except that the dimensions were all off. The area around my waist was way too tight. Meanwhile, where my breasts once were, the shirt sagged. Then I realized that I had grown a few inches. A belly shirt and Capris would have looked good on a girl, but Alex was right.

“Alright, what do you have,” I demanded.

Alex grimaced, “I only have one boy clothing in your size, and you’re not going to like it.”

She pulled out the clothing. It was a complete suit and tie. I looked it up and down and sighed. Then steeling myself, I put out my hand and grabbed it. I had to do what I had to do.

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