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After leaving Samantha, I received a call from the boys, or I guess it’d be more accurate to call them the girls. I would never get used to that. Of all places, they wanted me to meet them at the mall. What happened to them not having control of their powers? Well, I guess they’ve had the entire morning to practice.

The mall wasn’t very far from where Samantha worked, so I left the place and walked over there as quickly as I could. It was lunchtime by the time I arrived at the familiar food court. It was just like the first time we had met to create the H Club, except also different in every single way. There was a group of girls all waiting for me.

Every girl there was beautiful in her way. At some point, they had all acquired clothing that fit their bodies better. No, they were extremely stylish! Every single one of them looked more beautiful than the last! Why was I not able to look that good with makeup and clothing? I mean, I expected this kind of thing from Alex, but the other girls all looked like models too. Nothing about them came off as originally men. Every second of being a man felt more awkward than the last. I was so jealous I wanted to tear my hair out.

“Jane!” Daniel waved his hand excitedly, his large breasts bouncing as he did.

I saw several nearby men giving him perverted looks. Please say he’s wearing a bra. Considering the small little points on the tip of those mounds, and I was guessing he wasn’t.

“Shhh… it’s John!” I hissed.

“Ah, right!” She snapped her fingers like she just hadn’t thought of it.

I sat down at the table with all the female versions of my friends. It occurred to me that technically, this should have been a dream come true, right? In the past, I was always getting dirty looks from girls as I hung out with these guys. They were just my friends, but most of the girls at school seemed to hold me personally responsible like I was the reason they didn’t look at any other woman. I wasn’t monopolizing anyone’s time. We were just friends.

Now that they were girls, then they were just my girlfriends. I could finally talk to and chat with them on the same level. We might even be able to have conversations that I’d be too embarrassed to talk to a boy about. Well, maybe I was getting ahead of myself there, but I still felt like this should be a good thing. So, why did I feel extremely displeased sitting at the table with all of my friends being girls? The only reason I could come up with was that I was a man. I needed to be a girl with them all, then, it would be perfect.

 “This is all hell!” Rune growled. “On the bus ride here, I think a guy grabbed my ass!”

“Really?” Andrew asked in surprise.

“Well, maybe it was an accident, but he still deserved to have his hair catch on fire!” Rune crossed his arms angrily.

“Excuse me.” The group of us ended up looking at a waitress who came out from the nearby Jamba Juice.

She grabbed a tropical mango smoothie and placed it in front of Daniel. Female Daniel, you looked down on it and confusion and then back up to her.

“Um… I didn’t order this?”

“The boy over there ordered it for you.” The waitress crossed her arms in displeasure, “Must be nice, looking like that. Probably get whatever you want!”

“Eh?” Daniel cocked her head in confusion, but the waitress already spun around and walked away with her braid lashing like an angry tail. “What was that about?”

“This is a Jamba Juice, not a bar! Who orders drinks for women anyway!” I said angrily, looking at the guy who was watching our table expectantly.

Just as Daniel went to grab the drink, I snatched it from her hands and started drinking it.

“Huh? Ah… I like tropical mango smoothies…” Daniel looked at my drink with a forlorn look.

“It’s for your own good!” I muttered, sucking the smoothie down quickly while shooting the other boy a glare.

His expression turned ugly, and then he said some words to the other guys around him, whose expressions also turned ugly.

“We’re wasting time.” Allan adjusted her glasses. “We must decide on how Jane, I mean John, will be able to woo Samantha. After carefully considering every option, I believe that after Samantha reaches a state of postcoitus-“

“Rejected. Next plan.” I declared, spitting out my straw.

“Well, I’ve written down all of my knowledge on the subject,” Alex announced proudly, handing me a portfolio.

“Oh? Very studious. Good job, sister.” Alex beamed happily.

I began to flip through the folder, and then my expression fell. “Wait, isn’t this just a list of erogenous zones of women? And this is just a series of sex positions explained in detail!”

Alex gave a thumbs up. “I did the research, so brother doesn’t have to!”

“I take back everything I said! You’re the worst!”

“What? B-but, y-you’re still my brother, right?”

“I’m a woman!” I snapped, and then looked around. “Wait, where is Daltom?”

“She went to the bathroom,” Stephan spoke up, but then looked awkward. “It’s been a few minutes.”

“What’s with her small bladder!” I cursed, and then when I noticed no one getting up to check on her, I sighed and stood on my own. “I’ll be right back.”

I stood up and left the table of beautiful women. At this point, I noticed that a great deal of the nearby male tables who had been eyeing the table of women with heart-filled eyes were now locked on me, and they seemed extremely hostile. What was going on here? Don’t tell me the guys were shooting me jealous looks for hanging out with a table of women! I didn’t swing that way!

“P-please… stop…” As I reached the hallway with the bathrooms in it behind the food court, I hurt Daltom’s weak voice.

“Hehe… little cutie. Don’t act like you don’t want it.”

My expression turned stony and I picked up my pace. When I rounded the corner, I saw Daltom. She had just left the bathroom, and now a big guy with large muscles had her pressed against the wall, He had his hands on the wall over her, and he looked extremely imposing.

“How about you give me just a little kiss.” He started pursing his lips.

Daltom’s confused and terrified face landed on me. “Sis… brother!”

I reached out and grabbed her wrist and pulled. The girl the guy was aiming to kiss was pulled away, and his lips met air. Without stopping, I turned around and began to pull Daltom back out. I figured it was best to not stay in a private area. Once we were in public, we’d be safe. That’s what I thought, but the guy had recovered and started chasing us.

“Hey! What the hell!” He cursed behind us angrily.

I ignored him, walking back into the food court, but just then, my pull on Daltom was stopped. I spun around to see why Daltom stopped, only to realize that the man had grabbed Daltom’s other wrist.

“She’s coming with me!” The man said in a loud voice.

His voice seemed to carry throughout the food court, and I swear all the sound suddenly died, and countless eyes fell on us. Some of the men, seeing me in an altercation with a larger guy looked on eagerly now to see me get my comeuppance.

“B-brother…” Daltom said tearfully.

“Let go of my br-sister.” I corrected myself just in time.

“Heh… why would I do something like that?” He asked in an angry tone. “You’re just some dickless brother. Just give me your sister for a while. I’ll treat her good.”

He suddenly yanked, and if I yanked back, I would have hurt Daltom so I could only let go. She fell away from me and into his big arms. He wrapped them around her, grabbing Daltom with his strong arms. She looked terrified, staring at me longfully.

“Bugger off, brother. Unless you’re into your sister or something… I’ll bring her home in one piece, probably. Hahaha…” He let out a laugh.

Some of the other guys who had decided to hate on me were also laughing at my misfortune. As for me, I felt extreme anger and frustration. I hated being a guy. I hated their stupid looks. I hated this bastard’s stupid face. I could just see his laughing face, mocking me as I helplessly watched, and I reached my limit.

My body blurred. It was difficult to see when I moved, but the next moment I was right in front of the man and had ripped Daltom from his arms. I held Daltom close to me so he couldn’t try to grab her again, standing slightly in front while she clung to my shirt.

“The hell?” He said in confusion, not sure how I had even taken her from him.

“You’re right, she is my sister, and if you want her, you’re going to have to go through me!” I snarled.

“Yeah!” He shot out in rage. “That’s fine with me!”

He raised his fist and punched out. I lifted my palm and caught it. The strike was stopped with a pitiful tap. He looked in shock as the smaller guy stopped his strongest punch with ease.

“I should have been more specific,” I said through clenched teeth. “If you want her, you have to survive me!”

I squeezed his fist, and there was a creaking sound as his expression turned to pain. He fell to his knees, allowing me to finally look him directly in the eyes. If I had seen my own eyes, I would have known they were smoldering with hellfire, and mired in fathomless shadows that made them so deep that they could only be described as an existential terror.

“Now… get lost!” I let go of his fist.

“Ahhhhhhh!” He let out a scream like he had just seen the devil himself.

He spun and ran away, tripping over himself as he did, looking every bit cowed in every sense of the word. Snorting, I grabbed Daltom and pulled her back to me.

“I will always protect you!” I declared, stroking her hair.

Her eyes filled with tears, and she looked up at me lovingly. “Brother… I’m so happy. P-please, be gentle.”


I looked around as I heard a sudden inflex of whispering. The boys who had been shooting hateful glares earlier all suddenly made scarce. As for the women left, they were all eyeing me with strange lights in their eyes. My improved hearing started to catch some of the words being said.

“So hot…”

“I want to be his sister.”

“I want to be his lover!”

“No wonder he has so many women. He’s earned it… they’re so lucky.”

“I want to be his woman too.”

I grabbed Daltom and pulled her the rest of the way back to the table, where the girls were all watching me awkwardly.

“So, we were discussing how I’d woo Samantha,” I said, deciding it best if I just got back into the conversation.

“Forget it,” Rune said.


“Ah… Ja-John… We think you can handle it.” Stephan explained.

Andrew nodded. “She’ll have no problem winning Samantha’s heart.”

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