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The air whistled across my ears like the tide of a storm. I was falling through the air. The ground beneath me was approaching closely, and the clouds above me gave no indication of where I had come from. My mouth moved wordlessly, my eyes still wide in shock.  A trail of blood lifted from my chest into the air, spiraling in a stream of red. I was dying, I knew it.

The fall would kill me, but even if by some miracle I survived, the gaping hole in my stomach would do the job. How had it all come to this? I had fought so far, and been through so many adventures. I had walked through so much danger, that I had started to feel like I might be invulnerable. That reality came crashing down in an instant.

An angel, a demon, a werewolf, a vampire, a succubus, a zombie, a time-traveler, a ghost, an alien, and a robot: These teenage boys had all become my friends. I had thought they were the dangerous ones. I had thought that they would be the death of me. However, when all was said and done, they could do nothing but watch as I fell away into the distance.

Now, I could see the ground once again, and it was coming closer and closer. The world seemed to move like it was in slow motion. Although it had only been seconds, it had felt like an eternity. Use my powers? What powers? What could save me from this? I was waiting for another thing to save me, but I knew in my heart it wouldn’t.

Even then, my mind raced wildly. I was confused. I shouldn’t have been here dying, and a part of me yearned to deny that reality. Perhaps, if I denied it enough, I could manage to survive somehow. I had many thoughts in my head as I continued to plummet toward the Earth. I had thoughts about Samantha, my best friend, who was always by my side. However, she was there now. I thought about my mother, at home, completely unaware of the danger I was in.

Then there was those boys. Those crazy, beautiful boys who had decided to force themselves into my life, and perhaps to an extent in my heart. Why had they chosen to hang out with me? They were so unique, and I was just a normal girl who lived a normal life. They were all still there. Would they die next? I didn’t have an answer. At the very least, they were in grave danger.

No, we weren’t the only ones in danger. Everyone was in danger. The whole world was in danger. The world was ending, after all. I had failed to save it. We had failed to save it. Soon, an apocalypse would begin, and it was all because we had been foolish, and took risks, and acted without thinking.

As I fell, I had time to think then. Too much time, while at the same time not being nearly enough. I knew that I was missing something. There was a piece to the puzzle that didn’t quite fit. My mind buzzed furiously, trying to put the pieces together, but the ground just kept coming closer It was getting difficult to think. Was it because my mind was focused on my impending death? It was probably because of all of the blood loss.

What was the point in figuring it out anyway? I was about to die. Even if I did suddenly figure it all out, I was still going to die. Who would I be able to tell? Certainly not the people who needed to know. There would be no second chance for me. There would be no deus ex machina to save my life.

The ground started to rise toward me at an alarming speed. No, I was falling toward it. This was it. This was the end. How did it all start? My mind started to wonder back. It started with the Necromancer.

When we visited him… so started the beginning of the end. In a particular twist, the doomsday sayers had turned out to be right. We had been in serious trouble. It was too late to do anything. I had to… I had to…

I hit the ground, and the world went dark. I died.

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