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“We should take a bath together, just you and me.”


“I mean, not in a creepy way. I just think we can wash each other’s backs and it can help us be more intimate.” Treena explained.

I scratched my head, wondering why she had pulled me away from the group to tell me these mere moments before we left. Of all the last minute the world ends tomorrow things I would expect to hear, let’s take a bubble bath and scrub each other’s naked lady bits was not quite what I anticipated.

Treena shook her head and blushed profusely, “Forget I said anything. Just be safe and bring that lug head Daniel back with you.”

I gave her a nod, and she smiled at me. It was the same kind of smile Samantha had given me when I was in a boy’s body. Suddenly, I found the whole situation a bit unnerving. That wasn’t important right now, we needed to get going soon.

Daniel had returned with Treena. He seemed to understand most of the situation, and it looked like Treena had gotten an earful before she had managed to explain her actions. The rest of the boys were already assembled, only Tomodalton and Andrew weren’t there. No one wanted to be the one left behind. Even Mr. Xavier was determined to give it his all.

I reached into my pocket and fumbled with the bag. Out popped three little beans, falling into my hand. I looked inside the bag to see that it was empty. Three beans? He gave me three beans. Rune had been looking over my shoulder, and when he saw them he let out a growl.

“Beans? The Necromancer gave you beans? He must be off his rocker!”

“You’re a demon, standing amongst an army of undead, ready to attack heaven with a group that consists of a vampire, a werewolf, an alien, and a robot; and you want to split hairs because we need to use magical beans to get there?” I asked, causing Rune to blush, “I think the plot of this story is a little past coherency at this point. Let’s just roll with it. Are you guys ready for it?”

“Ready!” Stephan smiled.

“Mistress,” Ryan gave a formal bow, “I go where you go.”

“I’m ready,” Rune growled.

“I’m not letting my little sister fight all my battles for me,” Alex nodded.

Victor smiled, “Maybe I’ll write a new song about this.”

“I wouldn’t be much of an Alpha if I didn’t protect my clan and my mate.” Daniel gave me a thumbs up.

“A teacher has got to stick with his students,” Mr. Xavier nodded.

“Ridiculus,” Allan adjusted his glasses, “Let’s get this over with, shall we?”

I leaned over, letting one of the three beans fall onto the ground. I kicked some of the soft dirt over it, and then took a step back. I slid the other two beans back into the bag and put it in my pocket. After a moment of nothing happening, I frowned.

“You think you needed to plant all three?” Stephan asked.

The ground began shaking and I took a step back. The nine of us managed to barely keep to our feet. The zombies standing nearby were all dropped to their knees, beginning to roll across the ground making groans in agitation. I could feel something moving under my feet. It felt like the ground under me was about to break. I took another ten steps back.

The ground where I was standing exploded as a giant pillar shot out of the ground. The pillar began to spiral up into the sky, consisting of crystal and silver beams and bars. The sun, which had now risen fairly high in the sky, reflected off of the behemoth structure, emitting a kaleidoscope of colors.

The structure continued to rise, spiraling as it did. Then I realized what the structure was. It was a giant, spiral staircase, shooting straight up into the sky. Well, that was certainly something else. I ran towards it and jumped on. I heard several noises of protest from the guys behind me. Well, the heck if I was going to walk to heaven.

The staircase continued to spiral ever upward, and I went with it. The world spun around again and again and again as the ground beneath me shrunk ever farther away. I suddenly started to feel both nauseous and dizzy. Maybe this wasn’t too bright of an idea after all. I clung onto the central pillar, but the dizziness was causing me to have major vertigo. I felt like I would let go at any second and fall all the way back down to earth.

The pillar stopped with a thud. I stayed, hugging the pillar as the world continued to spin around me. I always hated those playground merry go rounds. Just when I was starting to feel comfortable letting go of the pillar, a hand grabbed my shoulder. I looked back to see Daniel standing there with a grin on his face.

“Well, that was a fun ride.”

“Did you want to walk up that many stairs?” I asked.

Rune looked over the edge and winced. I didn’t have the guts to look. I could see the clouds only a few revolutions of the staircase above me. That was enough to tell me we were higher than we had to right to be.

“So we’re on a stairway to heaven?” Rune asked, looking around, “Does anyone else have the urge to listen to rock and roll?”

Stephan laughed, “Why? How do you guys get to hell?”

“Oh, the good old fashioned way. Lots of sinning.”

I smiled at the boys, but I could tell they were nervous. Whether they were nervous because they were up so high or because we were on our way to heaven, I couldn’t tell. I didn’t know which made myself more nervous either.

We began the treacherous climb up into the clouds one step at a time. Before long, thick mist began to obscure my vision and I couldn’t see in front of me. I rested one hand on the central pillar and a second on the rail the spiraled up along the staircase, following the indistinct shadow in front of me that should be Daniel. I hoped this soup-like cloud didn’t cause Ryan to rust. I had to imagine Allan was completely bind right now with those glasses on. At this point, I was thinking of anything that could take my mind off of the ever increasing height.

Then the clouds parted, and I gasped as my head peaked the surface of the clouds to see a massive landmass to my right. They were beautiful, lush green planes that stretched on into the distance, clouds floating underneath gave the ground some impression of fragility. Across the plains were numerous massive silver and crystal structures much like the staircase below us. I continued up until my feet were touching dirt again, and I gave a deep breath.

We stood at the edge of a massive white marble path which led up to a massive castle. I had never seen anything like it before. The castle had hundreds of towers, spires, and extraneous pathways. Everything was intricately detailed, smooth, and shone clear or white. There were dozens of massive water fountains, complete with giant stone statues in their centers. Some were in the form of angels, cherubs, and other mythical beasts.

A massive artificial waterfall glittered in the sun, falling down the length of the castle, although I couldn’t see where the water was falling to. I could see movement as well. The castle had people inside it. As we began to move up the marble path, I realized that either side flourished with hundreds to thousands of flowers. Mums gave way to roses, then carnations, then another flower that I had never seen before. The rows and rows of flowers went on and on all the way up to the castle gate.

We continued forward, and I could see a bit more movement in front of us. It looked like someone knew we were there now. It wasn’t like we were trying to sneak in or anything. We just wanted to check up on Andrew and make sure that this whole war thing was bogus. Then I could send a message back down to the Necromancer and everything would be square. It’d be simple.

Two beautiful looking men dress in gleaming white armor approached us. Their swords were drawn and they wore scowls on their faces.

“What are you doing here, demon, you aren’t allowed in heaven.” The first one snapped, glaring between Rune and Alex.

“None of you are allowed here, Heaven is closed right now.” The other stated.

What was with that kind of luck. We came all the way to heaven, and now they were closed!

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