Yurtdışı Yatırım

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Andrew’s eyes widened in surprise, but he didn’t complain as I kissed them. Some of the other guys let out noises, but I ignored everyone who was watching me and focused on Andrew instead.

I pressed myself harder and closer to his body, and then I felt it. There was an explosion. It started in my toes and ripped up through the rest of my body. I pulled my lips away and reached out, my head pressing against Andrew’s chest. Then my hand went even farther. I reach into him as if by instinct. My hand plunged into his heart and impulsively closed down on the hilt.

The Archangels’ sword struck, but the force broke away as I was pushed back. I landed hard on the ground several paces away. The world felt dizzy yet also ablaze. For a second, my vision went double before snapping back into itself. My heart seemed to ache, but at the same time feel more complete than it ever had in its life. I felt an easiness, a closeness, and above all else, I felt love.

I looked down, and in my hand was the sword Gemini. It was not the demon sword; it was Andrew’s sword. I flicked my wrist, and the sword went with me, its beautiful orange flame dancing across the air. It had mass; it existed in this world.

“What… what have you done?” The Archangel demanded.

I realized that the force had tossed him back as well, and he stood a few paces down the red carpet from me.

“The swords not for you, and yours not for him. The unity sword, sheathed within our hearts. That’s the secret. I wasn’t the wielder of the demonsword, I was the sheath. It requires trust and acceptance. Imagine it, an angel trusting a demon to pull a sword from him and allow the demon to wield a holy sword. And a demon trusting an angel to do the same. No wonder no one remembered how it works. It requires trust, and love.”

“An angel wielding a demonsword? Cooperation between demons and angels? What a perversion!”

“Your one to talk!” I snapped back.

“Interesting…” Andrew broke in.

I glanced at him and realized that Andrew had my demonsword in his hand too. I hadn’t realized he had also managed to draw the sword from my heart as well. The sword’s purple flame danced as he held it in his hand and admired it.

“I’m sorry Andrew, I mean, we can trade swords if you like.”

A small smile crept onto his lips, “No… it feels right. I never realized it before, but the angelsword just never felt like it belonged in my hands. This, as much as I hate to admit it, this feels right.”

The Archangel spat, “You will both die. There will never be cooperation between demons and angels. There will never be peace.”

The Archangel lunged forward once again, his eyes holding murder as he went for his son. I moved on instinct, my blade coming forth and blocking. Sparks exploded as the two swords met. Andrew spun to the side and struck. The Archangel dodge and then launched into a barrage of attacks. I moved to follow them.

The Archangel, Andrew, and I began to dance around the room, blades spinning in magnificent arcs and swipes. My soul had touched Andrews at the moment that I had grasped his sword. I could hear is heartbeat thumping in my ear, just as I knew he could hear mine. I could feel what he was feeling, think what he was thinking.

I didn’t move with my own knowledge or my own experience, I moved with Andrew’s knowledge. The pair of us fought and defended in perfect harmony. I could read every action he made, and knew every action he wanted me to take in turn. I would make a swipe, leaving my left side open, but when the Archangel moved to take advantage, Andrew was already there to defend. I lept over his back, slamming the sword across the Archangels back. He screamed in anger, renewing his attacks.

However, he couldn’t touch us. We were faster, we were better, we moved together, two halves to a single coin. We were one. Our blades swung together as one, or bodies moved together as one. I could hear was Andrew was thinking. I could feel the love he felt for me and I’d blush if I hadn’t already given my body to him completely, as he had given his to me.

And so the two of us danced, we moved around the Archangel with the speed of typhoon, the tenaciousness of a hive of bees, and the endurance of water fall. We striked the Archangel once, twice, three times. He screamed in aggravation and anger as the burns added up.

“You can’t defeat me!” The man screamed, “You will never defeat me.”

The two of us leaped back, landing right next to each other in perfect unity. The Archangel crossed his hands, another shield forming in front of him. I turned to Andrew, and he glanced at me. I placed my hand on his chest, feeling his deliciously warm skin through my fingers. I knew what he was thinking, since I was thinking the exact same thing.

We reached out, and the sword snapped together, a shockwave of power exploding out of them. The swords turned into a single weapon. It was a massive blade, far larger than either of us could wield on our own. Andrew looked down at me, his transluscent blue eyes soft in the firelight.

“Are you ready for this?”

I smirked, “Why, you thinking of quitting on me?”

Andrew gave me a smile back. The two of us turned to the Archangel as he let out a defiant scream. We lept forward, the power of both of us propelling the massive blade dead center into the Archangel chest. It struck the shield, electricity and power crackling at the impact. The two of us braced ourselves, continuing to push shield began to crack.

I let out a scream, shoving myself into the sword. With a responding crack it plunged forward. He raised his sword to block, and Gemini sliced through it, the demonsword dissipating. Our combined sword rammed directly into the Archangel’s chest as the man let out a blood curdling scream. The two of us let go of the blade as one, stumbling back in each other’s arms. Suddenly, my entire body felt like putty. I leaned against Andrew, using him to keep myself on my feet.

The Archangel stumbled back as the sword dissipated out of existence. He collapsed down on the steps in front of the throne.

“We’ve done it,” Andrew sighed in relief, giving me a hug, “We’ve won.”

Laughter coming from the front of the throne room cause a shiver to spike up my throne. The Archangel forced himself up to his feet.

“You think you’ve beaten me?” he cried, “We haven’t even started. Prepare yourselves… for my final form!”

Power and energy exploded around the Archangel. The light was blinding, and I had to glance away. When I looked back, the Archangel was standing up once again. All of his wounds were gone, and he now wore a massive helmet and a cape.

“Wh-what? What just happened?” Andrew demanded.

“I’ve healed all my wounds, replenished all my endurance, and am ready to fight again.”


“Yes! I’ve also doubled in strength, and am twice as fast. Final Form!”

“That-that’s- that’s freaking cheating.” I spoke up

“Hey, you’re one to talk. I stabbed you and threw you off a cliff and you come walking in like nothing ever happen.”

“Well, yeah, but first I had to talk to this old guy and have this existential crisis and come to terms with my own inadequacies. It was emotionally stressful and character developy and stuff. What the hell did you have to recover?”

“I had to put on this kickass helmet.”

“Bullshit! That is a bunch of bullshit. I don’t want to have to fight you again. I just beat you.”

“Clearly, she underestimates the awesomeness of my helmet.”

I let out a growl of frustration, “Fine then. I’ll make you eat your final form!”

“Bring it!” the Archangel laughs.

I took a step towards him, but a sudden bright light behind me caused me to stop. I turned to see a giant circle glowing on the ground, Rune sitting next to it. His arm was cut open, and that’s when I realized he used his own blood as the writing utensil. I ran over to him and grabbed him.

“I did it,” he gave me a drowsy smile, “Just like I promised.”

“Oh, I’m such an idiot. I should have thought about the fact we didn’t have any chalk or anything.”

“It’s fine, don’t mind me… I’ve just lost a lot of blood.”

I tore off the shattered bottom of my shirt and wrapped up his arm as two forms began to rise out of the circle.

“Hey Jane,” Rune said deliriously.

“Yeah Rune?”

“You really rocking that coat and jeans. Very sexy.”

I sighed, “So I’ve been told.”

Baal and Abaddon jumped out of the circle, their hands up as if they were ready for a fight.

“Aha, thought you could summon us into a trap, we’re re- what? Boys, what are you doing here?” Baal glanced around at the scene in front of him, leaving only a quick glance for his son bleeding to death on the floor.

“They’re about to die,” The Archangel snapped, “Just like you! Guards!”

The doors behind us burst open as hundreds of armored angels came flooding into the throne room. They quickly surround the five of us. Oops, I had complete forgot about the whole army thing. Is this as far as we could go?

The Archangel lowered his eyes, “Kill them.”

“Ignore that order!” Another voice shouted.

The group turned to another man entering the room. He had an old wrinkled face, a large dirty beard, and a pair of slacks and a shirt.  More than that, I recognized the old man; it was Michael. Behind him was Samantha. She was wide eyes, taking in all the sights around her in wonder.

“Who do you think you are to countermand my order,” The Archangel snapped back.

“You know who I am,” Michael growled.

The Archangel looked harder, and then recognition dawned on his face, which quickly twisted into terror. Michael reached out to his side, and there was a sudden glow as he withdrew a sword from the air. It exploded in radiant beauty, and the guards standing around the room gave audible gasps. It seemed to be made out of crystal, but it radiated pure light. That was excalibur.

“I don’t understand. Who is he?” Andrew asked.

“He’s Michael. Your father. The rightful ruler of heaven.”


Michael nodded, “This doppelganger replaced me, stripped me of my powers, and trapped me on Earth. There I have been for the last fifty Earth years. It was Jane who figured it all out.”

“But if you’re my dad, then who is the doppelganger?”

“Cain,” Abaddon growled, his voice turned deadly, “I thought I recognized the stench.”

Everyone turned to the former Archangel. His face twisted, and he began to shimmer, his body turning in a way much akin to the way Alex changed. When he was done mutating, a much taller and lankier man stood there, with long black hair and a cruel look in his eye. I never did like those eyes.

“Well, you did cast me out of hell, after all. I figured I could turn the tides in my favor. For years now, I have built an army to take hell. We could do it Michael. Just give the order and we can have it. You even have the Demon Lord in your very custody.”

“You disgust me,” Michael sniffed.

Cain’s expression turned foul, “Do you think this is over? It’s never over. I’ve killed demons and angels alike to keep my secret.”

“You mean like…” Rune winced, still a little out of it, “The demons from Fairmont?”

“They found out about Michael,” Cain screeched, “I couldn’t have them revealing my whereabouts.”

“I’ve had enough of this. Michael, would you mind if I?” Abaddon pointed at Cain.

“Be my guest.”

Cain’s expression turned to fear as a wicked smile grew on Abaddon’s face. He blurred and suddenly he was right in front of Cain. He punched up once and Cain flew into the air. He blurred again, having jumped at the same height as Cain. He punched him, blurred, and then punched him again. Cain’s body began to rock back and forth as Abbadon blurred around him, striking him dozens upon dozens of times.

The beating stopped as quickly as it had started, Abaddon grabbing the other man’s leg. He swung down, and Cain crashed to the ground with an impossibly powerful force. The resounding boom, shook the entire chamber. Abaddon landed smoothly, brushing off his coat. Cain sat in his own little crater in the ground. The helmet cracked, and then exploded into metallic splinters.

I gawked at the sight. Suddenly, I knew without a doubt why Abaddon was the Demon King. He put on a smile, and walked back to us. The guards who were nearby kept a wider berth than they previously had. Baal finally knelt down and started tending to Rune, who was already starting to look a little better.

“Well, now that’s settled,” Michael nodded walking farther into the chamber.

“Dad?” Andrew asked tentatively.

Michael turned to Andrew, and a look of sadness crossed his face. He turned to Abaddon, “I…”

“Tell him,” I interrupted, “The rift between demons and angels isn’t the only thing you need to fix.”

Michael turned to me. I glared back, forcing him to meet my eyes. This wasn’t the time to be professional. Michael lowered his eyes and turned back to Andrew. I realized that there were tears in his eyes.

“Andrew, I…”

Andrew ran at his dad in full force, wrapping his arms around him. Michael’s eyes widened, then a small smile formed on his face. He reached around and returned the hug, patting his son on the back. The two held each other for a minute as everyone stood around and waited. When Andrew let go, Michael gave him a nod.

“Son, let us rebuild heaven. Together.”

Andrew nodded, “I’d like that.”

“Here, Here!” Abaddon shouted.

There was a loud cheer, the guards began to bang their swords against the armor, the noise rising to a cacophony. When the noise quieted down, Abaddon, Andrew, Michael, and Baal moved to the side and began discussing the formation of a new summit to bring piece and cooperation between the two realms. I smiled, nodding at them.

“So…” a voice came from the side and I realized it was Daniels, “Is anyone going to free us?”

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