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The return trip was uneventful, as were the weeks that followed. The boys had recovered from their shock surprisingly quickly. They seemed to approach the news with vigor. Each boy had reaffirmed that they planned to fight for my love. I was not excited by that prospect; however, they did return to being my friends. That would have to be enough for now.

We continued to meet at the H club for the remainder of the school year, although it remained uneventful. Victor continued to do concerts. Andrew left to visit his dad and help with the summit. Meanwhile, Rune spent most of his days practicing to use is sword. The school year winded down, and I began to grow comfortable in my new life.

Things were finally normal again. Yeah, I had a bunch of strange and supernatural friends, and all of them wanted more from me, but we weren’t venturing across the planet or trying to stop the end of the world, so I was content to leave those days of adventure behind me. Before long, it was the last day of school.

Mr. Xavier gave his last lecture, promising to be back for the next year. I gagged as a couple of girls with crushes on him decided to give him a present to remember them by. If only he’d give his affection to one of them instead of me. Samantha had of course written my entire story as a fan fiction, claiming it was an original art. However, in her version of the story, she was the heroine, and in the end the antagonist had fallen in love with her. He stopped his army, as was the power of his love for her, and then she became a queen.  

It actually would have been a pretty nice story, if the final act didn’t involve a massive gang bang with all the boys, but you had to expect those kinds of things when dealing with a Samantha fanfic. The last class finally let out and I gave a breath of relief. Summer was here, and I was free. I could spend my summer stress and adventure free. A rude person brushed passed me and I turned to glare at her. It was a girl to my relief, although she gave me a really dirty and hateful glance back.

“Who is that?” I asked, pointing at her as she walked out the room.

“You really do have your head in the clouds, Jane,” Samantha shook her head with a sigh, “She transferred into school like three months ago and your just noticing her? In that time, she’s like grown to the most popular girl in school. The call her the queen of Fairmont High.”

“Why the hell does this school keep get so many random transfer students?”

“Probably because you’re here,” Samantha teased.

I frowned; Samantha was trying to be funny, but maybe she was on to something. There was just something about the girl that I recognized. I stood up and pushed my way out the door. I could see her still walking down the hallway. She wore really fancy clothing. It looked french and expensive, including a scarf and high heels.

“Excuse me?” I asked, walking up to her, “Do I know you?”

The girl froze, not turning back to look at me. Maybe I didn’t know her.

She spun around on her heel, the look on her face was pure malevolence, and then she pointed directly in my face, “Listen, Bitch!”

My eyes widened as the people in the hallway suddenly stopped in midstride. I could tell that every eye was on the pair of us. This was the last day of school. If I just turned around and ran, maybe I could avoid this whole situation.

“I’m going to take everything and everyone away from you. You may think you’re hot, but you’re nothing. I am the queen of this school, and everything that is yours, will be mine.”

I stared, dumfounded at the barrage of words striking me. Who the hell was this person, and what did she have against me?

“After all,” The girl turned up her nose, “You’re just some biological freak.”

The recognition came crashing home, “Lilith?”

I realized in one fell swoop that it was absolutely the sorceress from Italy. She looked far younger now than she had when I last saw her. For all intent and purposes, she looked like a high school student, but there was no denying the person behind those devious eyes. This was the powerful monster that had subjugated Ryan and treated other boys like toys. She had tried to kill Victor and me.

“What do you plan to do?”

“Me?” Lilith smirked, “I’ll beat you in every sport, and ever academic. I will prove I am better than you in everything. I will make your school life next year a living hell. Enjoy your summer break, it’s the last refuge you will have. Once I’ve destroyed you and you’re a shell of a person, then my Ryan will come crawling back to me.”

But… my life. My life was supposed to be peaceful and good now. Life was supposed to be uneventful. A person rushed up beside Lilith, pushing her to the side. When I recognized the face, I gasped.


“Big sis, there is an emergency.”

“What? I thought everything was good now. I thought everything with the star cult was settled.”

“No, that’s fine, but it’s your kids, Jane, something’s gotta to be done about your kids!”

“The hell if I care, let the little brats figure it out themselves!”

“Jane!” Alex pushed passed Tom, “Oh, hi Tom! What are you doing here? Never mind that. Jane, there is emergency.”

“What?” I asked flatly.

“Santa Clause has gone missing, and if we don’t find him Christmas will be ruined.”

“That’s like eight months away right now, that fat man can wait!”

I felt a tap on the back of my shoulder and I turned around. Allan was standing there with a worried look on his face.

“Jane, I got a communication receiver working, and I overheard some bad news. Earth is going to be destroyed to make room for an intergalactic highway.”

“Now you’re all just screwing with me!”

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. So my life was never going to be normal again. I got it, I received the message loud and clear. Perhaps this is what Deus was talking about. Maybe it was my job to deal with all the Supernatural nonsense. Maybe it was my lot in life. However, if I had to live life this way, I was going to own up to it. I’m Jane Averygail. I am a strong, capable young woman. I am ready to take on the world. I opened my eyes.

The boys were standing there, waiting for me to give them an answer. Lilith had a sneer on her face, seeming to wait for me to mess up. I clench my hand into a fist and met each of the boy’s stares.

“Bring it!”

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Yes, this is the end of Hawtness. This was originally one book, but I tried to turn it into six volumes, which I thought might flow better. The last few volumes have been short because I didn’t add to them like I did to the first three. I do have one more book I’ve written, it was a side story between Hawtness and the potential Hawtness 2.

However, as this story failed to garner any interest or comments, then I see no reason to continue Hawtness, and consider this series finished.

If you’re interested in the side story, I will release it as an eBook next year and you can buy it. If you liked the last six volumes, and you’d like to read more, it’ll be $5 in my store. If you’re not even willing to spend $5 to continue reading, then I hope you can understand why I’m not willing to spend any more time writing this. In the extremely unlikely situation that the interim book sells well, I’d consider continuing. (And by well, I’m talking ten-twenty copies, not hundreds).

However, I’ll be surprised if it sells more than two. Heck, I’d be surprised it sells more than none… considering I warned everyone that if there were no comments, this would end, and then no one commented. If I can’t even get any one to waste ten seconds commenting, I don’t think anyone will drop $5.

TL;DR Hawtness is complete.