What Do I Get With Patreon and How Does it Work?

Whatsawhizzer is a single aspiring writer who enjoys writing various levels of content. The reason I’m able to this full-time is because I’m supported by generous Patrons through Patreon and my own service.

Patreon charges a fee once a month between the 1st-5th. I don’t want anyone to have to donate to me who doesn’t want to. If you aren’t satisfied with what is offered, please request a refund and I will give it. I’m not trying to force people to donate nor wall off content. If you’re donating to me, please do so because you want to support a content creator online whose content you enjoy and want to see more of.

I’m constantly creating new content to award fans, so every month you will get ‘something’ for your support.

So… what do you get out of it? Well that depends on the tier you donate at. Here is a breakdown of each of the tiers and what I offer.

WARNING: This system is an evolving one. The benefits currently are what is offered as of 9/1/2019.

Master Baiter ($2): Access to locked chapters resulting in increased releases per week, a single eBook upon joining, and all illustrations in color with their best resolution.

Chronic Master Baiter ($5) : Access to Special Discord Roles with bonus content channels. Access to locked chapters, early-access chapters, rushed chapters, and side stories. One free eBook a month.

Power Fapper ($10) : Access to everything Chronic Master Baiters have access to. Also will have access to future comics and Wallpaper for free. Also includes a higher “role” in discord.

Reverse Sage ($15) : Access to everything Power Fappers have. You also have access to all Bonus Chapters written for eBooks.

Onaniphile ($25): Access to everything a Reverse Sage has. You also make requests. You can request illustrations of sex scenes or portraits, and I’ll move them to the top of the list. You can request certain sex scenes and events in a story, and I will try to fit it in or possibly give you a bonus chapter.

Hand Solo ($50): You’ll have some administrator rights in discord, and you’ll have the power to request a chapter or illustration once a month. This can be a “what-if”, a commissioned or bonus chapter, or simply a rush so an extra chapter comes out that week. You can only “rush” stories I’m actively releasing. You can’t have me rush Volume 3 of WoW before I start writing Volume 3 of WoW. You will have access to all eBooks I release for free. At some point, I may get certain volumes printed, in which case you’d get a free copy.

One-Eyed Monster ($100): Other than everything in Hand Solo, you can also ask for spoilers, discuss plot points, and even influence the direction a novel can go. Influence is not the same as direct. It’s ultimately up to me what goes down, but I will take suggestions into advisement with a bit of weight. This is the best tier if you want to be involved in the creative process. I’ll also link/advertise your website (if you have one). There is a limited number of these allowed, so if you want to be a VIP on Whatsawhizzer Web Novels, this is how you do it.

Don’t like Patreon? You can still access this content through my house membership program, Full Frontal Access.