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“Are you ready?” Brooke asked.

“No, how could I be?” I sighed, putting my hand on the doorframe to the mansion.

I could barely count the number of times I had left this mansion in my fifteen years of life on one hand. Yet, here I was now, ready to leave my home for the next four years. Perhaps I was being a little melodramatic. The University was barely a thirty-minute drive away. I could come back any time I wanted to. This was just a matter of the dorms. I’d be living off campus for four years. It was a new direction in my life.

“You’ll be fine, Cly,” Rose awkwardly kissed me on the cheek while shuffling a baby in each arm.

I kissed her back and then leaned down and kissed the top of my daughters’ heads too. For a second, I felt an urge to cry. Leaving family was very difficult. It was even more difficult for a momma’s boy like me. I would be lying if I didn’t say I felt a great deal of anxiety right now. However, this was a necessary thing. I needed to be able to learn more about this world, find and bring Madison back, and leave my comfort zone. I also wanted to do something most men in University didn’t do.

I was going to study. I wanted to become smart enough to get a good job. I didn’t want to be handed a job in this world. I didn’t want to be forced to sell my body or my seed. I wanted to be in control of my own destiny, and for that, I needed a proper education. I had shared this idea with Rose. As an educated woman herself, her eyes flashed excitedly at the thought of a smart man. She did warn me the push back would be great. Men were often relegated to fields where they stayed out of the way. Secretaries, assistants, minor news journalists, male teachers, actors, advisers… the list of male-type jobs wasn’t small, but men certainly existed within their own box.

As to what I wanted to become, that was still something I hadn’t decided. All I knew was that I wasn’t going to be a middle management businessman again. I had earned an MBA in business because I thought there was a real future there. The result was a life that was fairly unremarkable. I didn’t know what I wanted to be in this life, but I knew I wanted something different. At the very least, I didn’t think I would struggle through my education in this world as much as I did in my old world. This was a world that focused on the technical aspects of workforce education, rather than on academic merit. They had no such thing as graduate programs. Once a person went to school for 4 years, they had 2 years of apprenticeship. Afterward, the ways to advance were time-based and unique for any given field.

I walked out to the car that had served to limousine me around on the few trips I had taken since I had been to this world. I had nodded to the driver, a young woman named Meg whom I was starting to become familiar with. At least, she had seen several of my secrets in the back of this car and still chose to work for my family. She was one of the ten women who worked for our family. We had three maids, five in security, a cook, and the driver. Brooke was an exception. One day, I planned for her to become part of my family.

As to how my family afforded to live in a mansion with a staff, I had only looked at the finances recently to gain an idea of how this worked out. The answer was quite simple. The mansion was fathers, and mother inherited it when father died along with a couple million. She collected a roughly $30,000 a year stipend for two years from Madison and Hannah and a $50,000 a year stipend from me for the span of sixteen years. Combined with the yearly earnings on interest, and mom’s incredibly isolated lifestyle and the mansion could continue to sustain itself for another twenty years before her funds run out, never-mind the additional income from Rose and Morgan’s children.

“You going to be okay, kid?” Brooke asked after we bid our final goodbyes and the car took off down the road, exiting the Bonholdt property.

“You’re going to the academy the same as I am…” I let out a sigh. “When are you going to stop calling me kid?”

Brooke stared out the window as she spoke. “I’d rather you stayed a kid.”

“Why is that?”

“Because as long as you’re a kid, I won’t have to see you as a man.” Her voice came off almost like she was speaking to herself.

I returned a wry smile. “But… I am a man. Just because you like girls doesn’t mean you can’t depend on a man once in a while.”

“It’s not that…” Brooke’s voice nearly came out in a pout. “If I accepted you as a man, then…”

I raised an eyebrow, but Brooke turned more so I could only see the back of her head. She covered herself with her coat and mumbled something about getting some shuteye before we got there. I could only frown at her back as she deliberately didn’t finish what she was going to say. I didn’t really get it. Brooke was a lesbian, so I presumed her desire to call me a kid must have something to do with not liking men. However, any answers to her strange behavior weren’t forthcoming.

Therefore, my only option was to turn and look out the other window. I watched the floating islands, the magically enhanced landscapes that floated above the city of Amaryllis. One of them contained the University. The engineering of this world didn’t see to be at the level where skyscrapers were common. Rather, in a world with magic, things developed differently here. While this world might seem futuristic in some respects, it also seemed strangely behind in others. Healthcare was probably around the level of the 1960s from my old world. However, with healing magic, the populace remained healthier than my old world, at least for citizens. The discrepancy between the rich and the poor was much vaster than my old world, and that was saying something. Those that had a baby were often lower middle class at the least, while those that didn’t were poor more often than not.

Engineering was weak in this world, so was their understanding of biology. However, because magic substituted limitations in science, things like floating cars and flying airships were considered the norm. As to learning magic, you’d only be taught at sixteen. I asked both Morgan and Rose to show me magic. Both women had magic classes in their youth. My mother had laughed and waved my suggestion away, saying she didn’t remember any spells anymore. Meanwhile, Rose had to reread her high school textbook and then after fifteen minutes of stumbling managed to produce a single flame from her finger that I could have made with a lighter.

Suffice it to say, magic in this world wasn’t flashy. Anyone could learn magic, but the kind of magic that went boom just didn’t seem to exist. In a world where magic existed, it became less a modern marvel and more the equivalent of learning a language or perhaps taking a programming course. Both women said that magic involved a lot of math calculations, and thus was something only really nerdy girls did, the kind that weren’t interested in having babies. Magical science was a very real thing in this world, and like space travel, sounded way cooler than it actually was. The world of people having magic battles in the streets was just a fairytale regulated to fiction.

In a few of the movies I’ve gotten to watch since mom left, people would chuck fireballs at each other or suddenly shoot out an electric bolt. It was actually jarring the first time I saw this in what was essentially a romantic comedy. But in this world, those kinds of things weren’t supernatural. However, the idea of them occurring, in reality, was similar to the idea of a car exploding after being hit by a bullet or people being safely knocked unconscious with a small hit to the back of the had.

That’s to say, it’s just a movie trick that people tolerate, even though the reality was far more mundane. However, I still was really excited to learn magic. How could I not be excited? It was magic! Even though Rose had produced a little lighter flame, I was so excited that I nearly jumped. Rose thought it was very cute and we ended up having sex in celebration. Overall, it was a good day.

“We’re here,” Meg spoke up, stepping out of the car and opening my door.

Brooke got out on her own on the other side, stretching casually. She was supposedly my guard, but she always looked casually disinterested. If I hadn’t been training with her for a year, I wouldn’t have realized she was stretching in a spot where she could see the entire area, and that she kept one eye open, surveying the area as she pretended to stretch. She may seem like just a girl heading to the University, but she was always looking out for me. She was such a professional. I smiled gently at the thought.

“Stop giving me creepy looks, kid.” Brooke snorted, causing me to readjust my attention.

I looked up, the massive island casting a shadow over the entire area. It looked way more massive now that it was right in front of us. We were in a parking lot now, and there was a building which looked like a trolley station complete with a parked trolley being loaded. The trolley ran up several long wires. They went up and up until they reached the island overhead. This was our basic transport to and from the floating islands.

“Master’s stuff has been brought ahead of time. You’ll find it in your dorm.” Meg gave a slight nod.

“Men…” Brooke sniffed as she walked over carrying what looked like six bags of luggage. “I have to carry my stuff up by hand to the dorms and unpack. That’s if I have time. We have to go to orientation, the welcoming ceremony, and something called a special homeroom.”

“Mm…” I looked down at my slip. “According to this, I’m exempt. I just have to go to something called men’s homeroom.”

“You… haaa…” Brooke sighed, lowering her shoulders. “Already, the unfairness is apparent.”

I decided to keep my mouth shut. In a world of all women, there was no such thing as a feminist movement. However, there were still gender problems in this world despite the obvious female majority. The issue of how to treat men was a hot topic, from those who wanted to treat men like cum dispensers to those who wanted to treat men like idols. At the moment, many felt men were given way too much support, while others pointed to certain signs of population growth as definitive proof that it was working. As to how I felt about the issue, Morgan had spent her entire life keeping me from this kind of stuff. It was only since she went to prison that I was even able to get a newspaper to be delivered to the mansion.

The pair of us went up to board the trolley. When the woman behind the counter saw me, she almost gasped.

“Ah… sir, a man, uh…”

I furrowed my brow while I suddenly heard excited muttering around me. I realized that the trolley station was full of hundreds of women. Few had noticed me in the hustle and bustle, but the woman’s words were like a bell. The entire room all turned to me. Every girl was in high school and wore a school uniform like the one I had seen on Madison. It had a green blouse and a skirt. It was very cute and to the 35-year-old me, it was very erotic and indicative of youth.

“It’s a boy…”

“Here, already?”

“He’s cute…”

“Do you think he’s looking for sex?”

“Maybe he could impregnate me on the trolley ride?”

“Don’t be such a slut!”

I cleared my throat, mentally blocking out the voices of all of the women around me. The comments were incredibly bold, and even my three years so far in this world hadn’t prepared me for them. I also found myself somewhat uncertain. There were at least forty men attending this school. The school had a class size of 5000, but I was hardly the only man. Thus, I was taken aback at how excited everyone was to see me.

“Ahem… did I, by chance, do something wrong?” I asked.

The woman blinked twice before she shook her head too enthusiastically. “No! No! Not at all! It’s just… the men usually take a special Trolley. It leaves in… oh, you won’t have time to get over there! You’ll miss it!”

“Eh?” I hadn’t heard anything about a men’s only trolley. “Well, it’s fine, I can just take this one, right?”

“Ah! But sir, the women are really backed up here.”

“Huh? I’m just one guy? I don’t take up a lot of room?” I still didn’t quite get why she was so hesitant.

“Sir… sending you up on the trolley I’d need to send you alone…” The girl blushed as she said this. “It’s for… ahem… male safety.”

I broke into a cough while I heard a couple of women muttering to themselves. A few of the girls seemed amused by the suggestion I’d be in danger, while a few others seemed indignant like they were being looked down on.

“It’s okay, I’m here with my security, so you don’t have to worry about such things?” I waved away the suggestion, already feeling uncomfortable.

If I made a bunch of girls late because they had to wait for me, I’d feel really bad. The way the woman was looking at me, the alternative, that I would need to wait for all of the girls to go first, seemed like an impossibility.

“It’s okay, we won’t bite!” One girl said, eliciting some nervous chuckles.

However, she had developed a strangely feral look in her eyes that made it seem like she may actually bite. She wasn’t the only one. Suddenly, I felt a slight unease. I shot a look at Brooke, who didn’t seem to be paying attention, looking through her bags for something.

“V-very well, sir… if you’re confident.” The woman herself didn’t sound confident at all.

I took a deep breath and smiled. “Of course, don’t be silly.”

Yet again, I couldn’t stop myself from gritting my teeth as I thought about the strange kind of world this was. However, I was confident that a bunch of high school girls wouldn’t be able to hurt me. At the very least, I thought that much. I tapped Brooke’s shoulder, causing her to jump a bit as she glared over at me.

“Looks like you’re going to have to watch my back on the trolley.”

Brooke blinked. “Se-seriously?”

She finally looked around, noticing a lot of women eyeing me. Several were now wearing open hostility towards Brooke. All I had done was tap on Brooke’s shoulder, and now people were shooting her jealous and indignant looks. Not feeling comfortable in the station a moment longer, I headed over to the trolley that was only just starting the boarding process.

The line literally split as I walked by, and I didn’t have to get in line to board the trolley. In fact, the women seemed oddly quiet, whispering to each other as I passed. As soon as I entered the trolley, the noise level outside grew by ten times. There was the sound of hustle too. I could only see from the windows, but it looked like women were fighting to get on the trolley. There were only forty-some men at the Academy, so getting an early chance to introduce yourself to one was a rare opportunity.

I moved to the back of the trolley, not feeling all too sociable right now. This wouldn’t be what life was like everywhere I went, right? No, these were just school kids. The higher classmen were allowed to move back in a week ago. Most of the people boarding right now would be the incoming class. That meant most of these girls were Freshmen. Some of them may have never even seen a man before. It wasn’t too odd that they’d find a man on the trolley, especially when they came to Academy in the first place to find a man, as something somewhat entertaining.

Whatever commotion that occurred outside the trolley was quickly cleared up. These were Academy girls, after all, not ruffians. The women in front started swarming into the trolley. The small trolley compartment had nowhere to sit down. Instead, everyone had to stand, with various poles and wall handles to hang on to. I quickly found myself being surrounded by women. This wasn’t because the trolley had hit maxed capacity yet. Rather, as women saw the man on the bus, they immediately headed into the positions that happened to be adjacent to mine.

“Ah! You’re a freshman too? Right? My name is Argentia! Tonight, once you’re settled in, perhaps we could-“

“Don’t listen to her! My name is Susan… how are you doing? I was born in June… do you know what they say about June babies? We’re quite vivacious in the sack!”

“If you have me, I’ll let you put it in my ass!” A few girls glared at the one who said this and she looked away shyly. “That’s what mom said worked for her…”

“Ladies… uh… actually…” I backed up until I was in the corner, but as more women entered the trolley, more women started pushing to get in front of me.

They were all chatting at once, each one trying to capture my attention. For a moment, I started feeling like I couldn’t breathe. Even though I was an adult, I still had the brain and body of a fifteen-year-old boy who had spent his entire life in seclusion. This many people right in my face were too much. For all my training with Brooke and all of my strutting that I could handle any woman, within a minute it was all stripped away and I felt exactly like a fifteen-year-old who had no clue what he was doing. Wait… my mind suddenly jumped to Brooke.

She was standing to the side, looking rather pleased with all the freshman beauties around her. She wasn’t even paying attention to my crisis! I instantly took back everything I said about her being professional. Brooke was just a horny lesbian! However, what I needed right now wasn’t security detail. I just needed some relief.

“Brooke!” I desperately reached out and managed to grab Brooke’s shirt.

The girl’s around me gave surprised looks as I reached out between them. However, a moment later, I pulled a surprised looking Brooke towards me. The crowd parted just enough for her to pass and a moment later Brooke fell into my arms.

“Wh-what are you doing?” Brooke demanded hoarsely, being separated from her bags and completely caught off guard from being grabbed.

“You’re my security,” I spoke quietly in her ear to keep the other girls from hearing and growing offended. “Just protect me.”

The pair of us looked up to find a dozen women giving us strange looks. It was then that I realized that Brooke was wrapped in my arms, and my head was down next to her neck. Furthermore, Brooke was flustered and likely blushing from overload on high school hotties. So, she was beet red. By all accounts, it looked like a very intimate couple. The talking immediately died down, and everyone in sight ended up staring at us.

Some of the girls who didn’t manage to get a position where they could see the guy were stepping on their tippy toes and jumping trying to get a better look. Their first day of Academy and they already saw a man necking with a woman on the trolley. This would be the talk on the campus within a few hours.

“Isn’t that girl a little old?” a girl in the back whispered loudly enough that everyone could hear.

“Being all touchy with a guy already, she’s totally a slut!” Someone else said.

With that, the buzzing sounds of talking returned. The girls that were previously pushing me into a corner decided they had better things to do, and had turned to nearby friends and were chatting or looking down at their phones. However, most of the girls who could look at me, still shot looks out of the corners of their eyes even as they pretended to have moved on. Brooke received hateful and jealous glances. The looks at me were longing, and they gave me the shivers. I held Brooke tighter.

“Y-you…” Brooke’s face turned into a glower as she finally understood what just happened. “I’d kick you in the balls right now if I could move.”

It was true that now that the trolley had finished filling, space was tight. Brooke had basically been shoved into the corner with me. She didn’t have the room to kick, or even turn around. Her chest was pressed against my midsection, and she was close enough I could feel the softness of her body. My hands were also trapped, wrapped around her arms and back. If I tried to lower them, my hands would have to go over her butt. Brooke seemed to realize this as well.

“I’m sorry… I just needed a break. Please just stand here with me. I’m more comfortable if it’s you.” I mumbled quietly.

For some reason, Brooke grew even redder, but she didn’t try to put up a fight. In truth, she probably could have forced the other girls to move away, but it’d make a scene. It had to be pretty gross for her to be stuck pressed up against a man, considering how she felt about my type. So, it was only because I asked that she subjected herself to this level of forced intimacy. I’d really need to return the favor. Perhaps, I’d find some of the lesbians on campus and try to set her up. Her breathing was a bit rugged too and I could feel her heartbeat bumping quickly. This was seriously stressing her out.

Of course, I wouldn’t entertain the thought that this was something else. It had only been a couple of months since I had been kicked in the balls for misreading the signals. Brooke had never once skimped on her declaration as a lesbian. Her distaste for the male sex might not be at the level of a lipstick, but I always could tell when some manly feature of mine grossed her out. This wasn’t some harem anime. It’d simply be arrogant of me to think I could turn a girl from a lesbian into straight. Either way, my pride, and more importantly my balls, couldn’t face that kind of rejection again.

Other than the worry that Brooke would punish me later, the ride was surprisingly soft… I mean nice. I absolutely wasn’t thinking about Brooke’s breasts pressed against me. Shouldn’t lesbian tits be harder and colder? I knew the thought was ridiculous the second I had it, but the alternative would cause me to get an erection. Erection was death. Whatever Brooke thought of me, there was no question if a certain something poked her, I’d be murdered.

So, why was I starting to notice how soft and smooth her skin was? Before, I had always seen her as a hard woman. However, as I grew muscles and worked out, suddenly what once felt like hardness only became alluring curves. Why did I only notice how sweet she smelled now? Why was her hot breath tickling my neck? She was sweating slightly. I watched a drop of sweat fall past her lips. It ran down her neck, into her bust line. A single drop of sweat sliding slowly down her breasts. Oh… oh… no…

“Ding! Ding!” The door slides opened and people started leaving, a few shooting a regretful look at me and Brooke before walking out the door.

Brooke took a step back a moment before something started moving, and with the interruption, I was able to keep it hidden in my pants.

Brooke coughed while grabbing her bags, keeping her face turned away from me. “I need to get going. Do you know where your dorms are? I don’t need to escort you?”

“I-I should be fine.” I nodded, wiping my face of sweat.

“Alright, I’ll be taking off. You have my number if you need to contact me. The school assures your safety while you’re staying here. So, I won’t be working your security, but if anything comes up, call me.”

“Ah… yes…”

“Oh, and one more thing.” Brooke turns back, giving me a smile.

“Hm?” I smiled back.

“If you stare at my tits like that again, I’ll sneak into your room, cut off your dick, and make you eat it.”

“… yes…” My smile dropped and I lowered my head as Brooke waved, her face still grinning as she turned and walked away.

Regrettably, in the end, my boyish impulses were found out. Well, at least she hadn’t realized I started getting an erection. Had that been the case, she would have followed through with that exact threat. I exited the trolley, making sure to look very busy to avoid a few women that had thoughts to ambush me outside the trolley. These were only young teenage girls. Even if they were bold, they weren’t bold enough to physically block a man walking at full speed while checking his watch like he was late for something.

Once I had avoided all the women in sight, I pulled the map out of my pocket. I headed in the direction the map indicated my dorm was at; however, my thoughts were on something else. I was considering if the school would offer any protection from my security. Just in case.

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