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“How do I look?” Felicia said nervously, stepping into my room.

“Ah, F-Felicia!” I almost couldn’t look at my fiancée.

The swimsuit she had chosen to wear was far bolder than I had ever seen her dress before. I had never seen Felicia naked before, so how could I have been prepared for her in a swimsuit? It was a bikini, and it was very revealing, almost like it had been painted on her! The bottom was a triangle, that only just hid her privates. The swimsuit was white and matched beautifully with her flawless pale skin.

I was speechless. Blood started to flow to certain places, and I had to will myself to not get excited. I wasn’t in my swimsuit yet though, so it was easier to hide such things.

“What about us?” Donna pulled her mother in, both showing their figures.

Both ladies looked much more at ease in their outfits than Felicia. Donna showed herself proudly, while Carol stood with a confidence that only came with age. Donna wore a green bikini, the top a halter-top style. Her breasts were larger than Felicia’s, the large mounds pushed together to create a deep cleavage. They looked like a soft pillow. My eyes traced down to her waist, and then lower to her bottom. There was a darker-colored patch, and I was staring at it before realizing it was the pubic hair underneath her outfit showing through.

 I had to tear my eyes away. My eyes ended up landing on my mother next. Carol wore a one-piece suit, but it was so revealing, that I wondered if she could even call it a swimsuit. It was a black swimsuit, the front a one piece, and the back cut out in a ‘V’ that went all the way down to her shapely ass.

“Oh, well you all look… beautiful!” I gulped, turning away nervously.

“R-really?” Felicia said anxiously.

Donna laughed, grabbing onto her. “He likes it.”

Felicia cried out as Donna grabbed her boobs. It was a very sensual thing, and my eyes nearly bulged watching my grandmother fool around with my future bride. I felt a tingle in my loins, and I knew it was wrong. I was getting turned on watching both of them, and I even had thoughts of having them both at once.

“D-donna, what are you doing?!” Felicia protested.

“You don’t need to call me that,” Donna said. “You’re part of the family. Since my mom is Evan’s mom too, then that would make us future sisters-in-law!”

Felicia blushed bashfully. It was pretty enough that even Donna froze for a moment. I could see the happiness Felicia felt over being called family. It was to the extent that she seemed to ignore the casual sexual assault!

“I’ll call you Sis then!” Felicia declared.

“I like the sound of that,” Donna agreed, and she squeezed Felicia’s tits again shamelessly.

“I-it tickles,” Felicia said shyly.

“What are you doing?” I demanded, pulling Donna off of my fiancée.

That’s when I realized my hands were on her naked hips, and I let go. Donna looked at me and gave me a knowing grin.

“I’m just making sure they’re big enough to satisfy my big brother,” she teased.

“I’m not you brother.” I coughed, taking a step back from her. “You’re my grandmother.”

Donna pouted, but her eyes fell back on Felicia. Felicia looked like a frightened bunny and Donna looked like she was about to pounce.

“Let’s all get along,” Carol said cheerfully.

Carol wrapped an arm around me, and the three women gathered together, looking beautiful and sexy. I gulped nervously, knowing that there was something wrong with me, being so stimulated by them. The sight of three beautiful women, all touching me, had my blood racing. I tried to will away the growing erection, but the more I fought, the harder it became.

“Do you like?” We were stopped after walking down the hallway a short distance.

When my eyes landed on Margot, my soul instantly left my body. Compared to the other girls, she was wearing something far more provocative. It was hard to claim she was even wearing a swimsuit at all.

“Margot,” Carol chided. “That’s not proper attire. Go change.”

“But this is what the guy at the mall said all the girls wear,” Margot replied, picking at it.

I couldn’t even argue with her. Her suit was a pink string bikini, the fabric so thin, it was practically translucent. The bikini top was tied with strings behind her back, and it was obvious it could be removed in seconds. The bottoms were the same, and I was positive they could be removed just as easily.

Where Donna’s swimsuit bottoms teased the pubic hair, hers could be seen clearly through her outfit, as well as the outline of her distinct camel toe and the pinkness of her nipples. She was practically naked.

“Don’t trust random men at the mall!” I cried out.

“If you don’t like it… help me take it off?” She turned around, and the string behind her butt didn’t stop it from being almost completely displayed.

I couldn’t move. It was impossible. Even if I didn’t want her, my body couldn’t stop myself. My face was flushed. I was trying to think of something else, anything, but I couldn’t. The memory of our night together came flooding back. Her body was like a goddess’. She was slim but with nice curves. Her butt was round and perky, and so were her breasts. She had a pretty face and a gorgeous smile.

“I’ll help her,” Felicia said, stepping out to my rescue.

She grabbed Margot and took her into her room, and I let out a breath of relief. When I looked up again, I very nearly fell back. Donna was right in front of me. She was looking right up at me, her eyes narrowed and her nose furrowed.

“Did you and Margot do something?” Donna asked.

I felt a tinge of panic. How could Donna know? Then, I thought about it and realized she wouldn’t be asking if she had any evidence. I tried to keep a cool face.

“N-no. Something?” I denied. “Like what?”

“She’s been acting weird since last night,” Donna replied.

“Really?” I asked, feigning ignorance.

“Yes,” Donna responded. “She’s been acting far too… happy.”

I couldn’t say anything. How could Donna even tell? Margot was wearing the same typical unreadable expression she always wore.

“If you two ended up together…” Donna began.

“Okay!” Felicia declared, exiting the room. “I had to lend Margot my spare swimsuit, but it’s more acceptable.”

Margot walked out behind, spinning around. “You like?”

The spare suit Felicia gave her was a yellow tank top and hot shorts. Margot and Felicia had similar bodies, and the outfit hugged comfortably. She was picking at it almost like she thought it was too much fabric.

“You look great!” I immediately cut in, not giving her a chance to find fault with it.

I also didn’t want Donna to finish her sentence. If she was going to threaten me over violating her daughter, that was a conversation I was hoping to avoid.

“You do,” Carol smiled.

“Are you ladies done yet?” Grandpa complained from downstairs. “They always take forever.”

“Evan is up there too,” Dad said in a muffled voice.

“Oh, right,” Grandpa laughed and then shouted. “And Evan!”

The girls rolled their eyes and then came down one at a time to the ‘oohs’ and ‘aws’ of their men. This all made me feel a bit uncomfortable. I didn’t like anyone else seeing the women, but I knew those feelings were weird. We were going to a public beach, after all.

I ended up taking Felicia in my truck while Grandpa pulled out his old hotrod. I was worried about Dad, but he was able to swing himself into a seat without a problem, and the four of them got into the car quickly. It looked like two wealthy men of older age driving around with their trophy wives half their age. Well, that was half true. Although Carol aged very well, she was older than her husband, although one could be forgiven for thinking the opposite. Grandpa tried to drive, but Carol took the keys away from him and made him sit in the back with his wife.

“If I let you drive, we’d be just as likely to end up in a ditch,” she chastised, jingling the keys.

The hotrod was hers. Grandpa and Dad had bought it from a junkyard and restored it as an anniversary present. I recalled she was very protective of the car and wouldn’t lend the keys out to just anyone. Grandpa was only allowed to touch them when he had repairs. He had been hoping to pull a fast one on her given the day, but she still took command in the end.

“Hmph, I just drive at normal speeds. You drive like an old la-” He stopped himself just in time and coughed. “Ahem… like my beautiful daughter.”

“That’s what I thought,” she said with a smirk before turning to us. “Can you handle everyone else?”

Their car only sat four, so that didn’t leave any room for Margot, nor did it leave room for Dad’s wheelchair. I had to pull some of the stuff off the back of my truck to give room for the wheelchair. Then, I had to let Margot come with us. I wasn’t sure if she did it on purpose, but she ended up sitting in the middle seat between Felicia and me. My truck only had one seat. Usually, two people sat there, but a third could shove their way in the middle if needed, and Margot was taking full advantage of that.

We left the mansion, and I drove with Margot right next to me. I couldn’t help but replay the previous day’s sex in my head. Along with her swimsuit, which belonged to my fiancée, my mind was left a confusing mess.

Thankfully, the lake wasn’t that far from the house, and about ten minutes later we were pulling up to the beach. It was a nice day, so we were not the only ones there, though by the looks of it, it was mostly older people out swimming. We drove around a bit until we found the parking lot. It was a fair distance from the beach, forcing us to walk along a heavily forested path to reach it. I parked and we all got out the car. Once we had Dad back in his chair along with all the towels, coolers, and other stuff he had thought to bring, we started heading down the trail.

“Ah! My swim goggles. I forgot them!” I cried out.

“Can you go without them?” Felicia asked innocently.

“Evan? No.” Donna shook her head. “You still have that eye allergy thing, right?”

“Eye… allergy?” Felicia asked.

I blushed slightly. “It’s not like that. It’s just… when my eyes get wet, they swell up and turn red. It’s a bit scary looking, so I used to make sure I put on swim goggles. I don’t know where they’re packed exactly though.

“Your eyes can’t get wet? What about showers?”

“Showers are okay unless I get shampoo or soap in them. It’s only really lakes… and pools when they have too much chlorine.”

“I wish you said something,” Dad said, laughing. “I even thought to bring some, but I forgot them in the glove compartment because you didn’t mention it.”

“Well, let’s head back then.” Grandpa, who had been pushing Dad, went to turn him around.

“That’s fine,” Carol said. “You all head on over to the beach. I’ll take Evan back to the car to get his glasses.”

We bid the group farewell and headed back to the parking lot. Carol unlocked the car and then leaned in to find the glasses while I stood back.

“Felicia seems very nice,” her muffled voice said from inside.

“She is,” I responded wearily.

I knew Carol was just trying to be a mother to me, but I had never been able to treat her as my mother, and that was the problem. Her provocative swimsuit didn’t help the situation out either. I could see the crack of her ass as she bent over, glancing into the car. I had seen that ass plenty of times. Sadly, I was more familiar with my Mom’s body than my fiancée’s.

“Here, let me.” I moved next to her, trying to speed things up.

My hand landed on top of hers and she froze. It was a simple movement and one that should have been unnoticeable, but I could tell she had reacted. Her cheeks were flushed, and her body was tense. Carol and I were standing pretty close, and I could feel the warmth of her body against mine. My face was level with her breasts, and even through her suit, they looked incredible.

The naked images Dad had stored of her came flooding back into my mind. Then I recalled that the last time we had been alone together, I had nearly dry-humped her into climax. I had been moments away from violating my mother and had only resisted when Dad knocked on the door.

I had almost forgotten about it after everything that had happened with Margot, but I was sure that Carol hadn’t forgotten.

“I-it’s here.” She finally pulled away, gesturing to the glove box.

The strap had seemingly gotten tangled around the hinge, which was what had been keeping her from pulling it out. After jiggling it a bit more, I finally got it free.

“Let’s go,” I said, ready to flee the awkwardness.

Should I address what happened in her bedroom, or should I pretend nothing happened as I did was Carol? At least with Donna, things were simple. I didn’t feel like anything was simple when it came to Carol.


We were heading down the trail to the beach, but the pathway suddenly split in two. I didn’t recall this split, and I wasn’t sure which way our family went. I glanced at Carol.

She shrugged. “I don’t know which way. We haven’t been to the beach in years. The city has changed a lot since then. A bunch of foreigners flooded about ten years ago and started voting to change things. A lot of people just moved out, but your Grandad was set on remaining.

“R-right,” I agreed, and then decided on a whim that we should go left.

After a few more minutes, the pathway widened, and we came out onto a large beach. I let out a breath of relief. That wasn’t so hard. Both paths probably lead to the beach. I had been worrying for nothing. The pair of us continued until we reached a fence with a single entrance. At that entrance, a lifeguard was standing there.

I gave him a friendly nod and tried to walk past him, but he immediately moved to block me.

“Is there a problem?” Carol asked, stopping next to me.

“Yeah, there is a problem.” The lifeguard looked at both of us with a raised eyebrow. “It’s a nude beach.”

“What?!” I cried out.

“Huh?” Carol seemed just as surprised.

“If you want to enter, you need to take off the clothing.” He glanced down at our swimsuits in an almost disdainful manner, even though he was wearing one too.

“When did this beach become a nude beach?” I asked in disbelief.

“When it became private.” The lifeguard sighed. “A rich guy bought the beach and put his mansion on the short. Others wanted to use the beach still, so he made the stipulation that you had to be naked to use his beach.”

“Isn’t he just a pervert? It’s clear he wants a show!” I argued helplessly.

“Say what you want about him, but the rule’s the rule.” The guy sounded tired.

I turned to Carol, who even with her boldness looked a bit embarrassed. I knew that she was thinking what I was thinking. We didn’t run into our people coming back, so they must have gone to the beach. That means they had to strip off all of their clothing.

If I wanted to be with my family, the only chance we had was to be naked just like them.

“S-should we turn around?” Carol asked nervously.

Seeing her nervous expression, the dark part of me started to surface. I would have a chance to see Carol naked. More than that, I could finally see my fiancée naked. Grandpa and Dad already saw her naked if they were in there. It would be completely unfair if I didn’t get my eyeful. While I was at it, I could admire Donna and Carol too, and why not Margot as well?

Our time in the strip club had been quick and confusing. I hadn’t had a chance to admire her naked body. Perhaps, this was finally my chance to see all the things I wanted to see.

“I think… I think we should do what he says,” I finally managed to get it out.

Carol looked at me reluctantly for a second, but then I was shocked to see her nod her head.


Carol was blushing slightly. She turned to face the lifeguard, and then slowly started to untie the straps of her swimsuit. I gulped as the straps came loose. Her suit was a one-piece, and now it was starting to fall forward. Her tits were about to pop free!

“I-I’m nervous,” she said. “Can you please stand in front of me?”

I was surprised to see that Carol was trembling. I moved in front of her, although I wasn’t sure if my eyes were any more noble than the lifeguard who was watching us. My mother was about to strip naked.

Carol looked away, and the straps of her one-piece fell. Her tits popped free. They were large and supple. Although she was older, her breasts had only a little sag.

Her tits were so nice and round. She had big pink nipples. I was getting a great view of her tits, and she hadn’t even finished taking her top off.

I was forced to look away from her boobs, and she turned her back to the lifeguard and me. She pulled the swimsuit down slowly, showing the shapely curves of her ass. Finally, she bent over with her butt in the air, and stripped the entire thing off.

I realized I was starting to get a hard-on, and I had to remove my swimsuit next! What kind of situation did I walk myself into?

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