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“Ahhh…. Hah… hah… aahhhhnnn… E-evan…” She moaned, her lips parting in a gasp.

“Mmm…” My lips mumbled as they caressed the nape of her neck.

“Please… hah… hah… Evan…” My hand was slowly creeping up her thighs, moving closer and closer.

She spread her legs, opening herself up willingly for my hand. I could feel a warmth coming out from between her legs. I sucked even harder on her neck. She leaned back, completely putty in my hands. At that moment, I heard the buzzing of my phone. The vibration in my pocket was enough to bring me out of this state.

“Mmm… mmm… hah…” I pulled away, leaving a stream of saliva running from her neck. “S-sorry…”

My hand withdrew from between her legs, stopping just short of touching her underwear. They still had some moisture that had leaked onto her thighs, and likely carried her scent. However, I wouldn’t dare sniff them. Instead, I reached for my phone and pulled it out, turning off the alarm.

“Hah… hah… wh-why did you stop?” Felicia asked, still panting as she looked at me with desire.

Her legs were still spread open and inviting. She was breathing hard and her chest heaved with every breath. I continued to play with my phone, pretending I didn’t notice how aroused she was, just as I pretended I couldn’t see the wet spot under her soaking my couch cushion. My dick was also rock hard, but after thinking a few nasty thoughts, my dick quickly softened and only then I was able to relax. She was still watching me, and I realized she wanted an answer.

“I-I’m not sure I could hold back if we kept going,” I answered honestly.

If there was anything when it came to Felicia, I never wanted to lie to her. Ever since I had met her, I had been crazy about her, and just the previous week, after three months of dating, I finally popped the question. Even more unexpectedly, she said yes. Felicia would become my wife, and that was the source of a great deal of excitement.

“H-hold… back…” She said the words almost like she didn’t understand what I was saying. “I guess we are in public.”

We were parked in a parking lot. It was an isolated place near a park and there weren’t a lot of people around, but it was day and would be embarrassing if we were seen making out, or even if we did something worse.”

“I’m sorry we keep meeting in public places, but it will be worth it when we can remain virgins until our wedding night.” I declared. “You do want our first time to be after we marry, right?”

“Ah… that…” She shook her head almost like she had forgotten, and then blushed. “I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I love you completely. I’ve already decided. We don’t have to hold back anymore.”

“Honey, it’s just a few months.” I reached out and squeezed her shoulder. “You’ll be much happier knowing you waited, right? It’ll make our honeymoon amazing, right?”

She smiled, putting her hand on top of mine. “Of course. I want to remain a virgin until I’m married. It was never a problem when I was younger. I was never even tempted by anyone else. I always thought it was weird when other girls got pregnant in high school or whatever. Now that I found you, though, I didn’t realize it’d be so hard to hold back. We’ve gone this far, though, I do want to wait.”

I let out a relieved sigh and nodded in affirmation. I wanted nothing more than to have a normal relationship with a woman. I didn’t want anything strange or abnormal. It would be a wedding between a man and a woman who loved each other. There would be no deviant behavior. Our first time would be on our honeymoon, and we’d want for nothing but each other.

As I was thinking that, my phone began to ring once again. I realized I had hit silent rather than turned the alarm off. I quickly fixed that.

“What is going on with your phone?” Felicia asked. “You keep checking it. Ever since you proposed, things have felt a bit different.

As she spoke, she finally closed her legs, sitting on them in a pristine feminine pose that my fiancée was always good at making. She looked proper and perfect when she sat like that, the perfect model of a wife attending to her husband. I was so lucky that she was going to be my wife. It was just a shame that before that could happen, I would have to go through them.

“It’s just… I’ve been in contact with my family.”

“Your family?” She leaned forward slightly. “How are they? You never talk about them. Is it your… mom?”

“It’s my dad and grandad. They’re both married… but they’re not me… I mean, I have a stepmom and step-grandma.”

“It’s still nice to have family,” Felicia stated. “All I have is my sister after mom died.”

“Right…” I coughed awkwardly, scratching the back of my head.

Felicia’s mom had died right before I started dating her. It could even be said that she started dating me because of her mother dying. I had been asking her out for months, but she kept evading. When her mother died, Felicia took it hard, and I was there to support her. She finally accepted a date, but ever since I always felt weird about it. I didn’t want it to seem like I took advantage of her in a vulnerable state, but I know some of the other guys thought so.

That was because Felicia was extremely smart and beautiful. She had supermodel-quality beauty, and every guy lusted after her. I had just graduated school when I popped the question. I didn’t even have a job at the moment. Felicia was continuing to earn her master’s in psychology. I was a business major, nothing exciting. I knew my looks were good, but I wasn’t rich, I wasn’t fit, I was technically homeless, and I didn’t have a job. Getting a girl like her was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Felicia gave me a side look. “You know, she’s been asking about you.”


“My sister has been asking about you.”

“Heidi?” I stiffened slightly. “Uh… yeah, you can tell her I’m fine.”

Felicia’s pretty lips tightened slightly. “What happened between you and my sister? You got along well for a while. Heidi seemed to like you, but then it was like you were avoiding her. You haven’t visited my place in months. There isn’t a problem, is there?

“No!” I cried out a bit too loudly and then blushed as she raised her eyebrows. “Um… I mean, your sister is fine. She’s adorable. It’s just… I didn’t want her getting too attached.”

“We’re getting married now. I think it’s okay if you let her get close. She’s going to be your sister-in-law., remember?”

“Yeah, that’s the problem.” I sighed.


I cringed a little. “I’m sorry, you know I’m not close to my family.”

“Is it going to be a problem?” She asked.  

“No… it’s just, they can be difficult.”

I wasn’t sure how to explain things to her. How could I explain that my dad and grandpa were sexual deviants? How could I explain that they liked to swap partners and that they were practically engaging in incest? How could I tell her that I had an aunt younger than me who spent six years trying to bed me, and that was when my legal mom and grandma weren’t throwing themselves at me too? You could say that living in such a household had given me a kind of superpower.

I could recognize a deviant at a glance. I could see when a girl’s intentions were noble and when she was using her sexuality to manipulate people. There was no way I could tell my future bride that her sister was a sexual deviant and that she seemed to want me. I had tried to tell her once before, but she laughed it off that her sister had a small crush. In Felicia’s pure mind, her sister was a good girl who would never try to steal her boyfriend. Yet, my perversion senses never lied. Heidi was into me, and she was willing to do it despite her innocent sister.

Perhaps, it was because Felicia was such a pure-hearted woman that I had fallen in love with her in the first place. Her actions were honorable. She had held off her virginity for years. I never saw the deviance in her eyes. Well, until very recently. After marrying, she started to want it, but she never resorted to manipulation or lying. My precious Felicia was very upfront about her desires.

“You said you’ve been in contact with them…” Felicia inquired.

“I’m leaving on Monday,” I responded.

“Eh? Leaving?” Felicia turned to me wide-eyed.

“We just had graduation, remember.”

“I remember,” Felicia nodded. “I was hoping to meet your family then, but they didn’t come.”

“Because I didn’t invite them.” I coughed. “Um, well, you may also remember we were kicked out of the dorm rooms last week.”

“I remember…” She gave me an odd look.

“And do you remember when I never got another place to stay?” I asked awkwardly.

“E-eh? Wait! You’re homeless!”

“No! No… not at all. I’m sleeping in my truck.” I gestured behind us, pointing to the window-high mound that equaled every possession that I owned.  

“That’s homeless! You just described homelessness!”

“I also still have a gym membership so I can shower there.”

“Still homeless!”

“I don’t have a place because I don’t have a job. I need a job first, after all, now that I’m a graduate, I’m going to be paying back my school loans soon.”

“You can stay with me!” Felicia announced and then blushed when she realized what she said. “Ah… although you’ll have to mind Heidi since she lives with me.”

“No!” I shouted, and when she looked at me strangely, I returned a comforting smile. “Um… that’s why I’m returning home. I just need a week. In a week, I can find a job and a place to stay.”

“A week isn’t a lot of time. Is it so bad? They won’t give you any more time? Maybe, you can ask them…”

“I’m not going to ask them for anything,” I responded bitterly. “I wouldn’t even be returning home if it wasn’t the only option I can think of.”


I shook my head and gave her a reassuring smile. “It’s okay, Felicia. I have a box in the attic. I used to collect trading cards, and I have a few with significant value to them. If I sell them, I’ll have enough money. I’ll be able to get on my feet, give you the wedding you deserve, and get us a place. It’ll all work out, I promise.”

Felicia let out a breath and then smiled back. “I trust you. Just remember that you’re not alone.”

“I know.” I reached out and squeezed her hand. “I have you from now on.”

She blushed and then leaned against me. I started to feel hot though and realized I still wanted to kiss her. She seemed to be hot as well, and she was rubbing up against me closer and closer. I didn’t get the deviant sense from her. She was aroused, but she didn’t understand it so her actions were innocent. For some reason, that caused me to grow even more aroused. Realizing I couldn’t hold myself back much longer, I made an excuse about needing to pack up and dropped her off back at her house.

Considering everything I owned was in the back of the truck, I knew that Felicia was only humoring me, but I appreciated her support. She waved goodbye at the front door to her condominium, blowing me a kiss. I went to catch it, but then I had a feeling like I was being watched. My eyes went up to the window which I knew was her apartment. A girl was standing in the window watching me.

She had one hand on the glass and her other hand was down below. She was leaned up close, and every time she exhaled some steam went against the window. She was a cute short-haired blonde, with a slim, fit body. I was trying to figure out what she was doing through the limited view. Her hand was moving in a strange jerky motion. Wait, she wasn’t… fingering herself! She was watching me through her window while masturbating! I looked away in horror, but my eyes quickly looked back, only to see myself standing normally again. She lifted her hand that had been down below and then licked her fingers. With her other hand, she closed the blinds, blocking my view.

My entire body shivered. I had to have imagined it. I was letting the deviancy of my family influence my view of other people. Heidi was probably normal. She could have been doing anything. She could have been preparing food and licking some of it caught in her hand. In her bedroom? Without looking down? Wait, was that even her bedroom? I tried to think about the layout of their place, and I was starting to think it might be Felicia’s room. Plus, wasn’t that shirt she was wearing one of my shirts I had left over?

“I need to go,” I muttered to myself.

I pulled out of the condominium complex and headed over to the gym. After taking a cold shower, I checked my pockets. I had only $20 to my name. It was just enough to fill the gas tank back up. By the time I reached their place, I’d be running on fumes. Once again, I considered all of my other options. I could depend on my fiancée… but she had her concerns to worry about. Returning to that place full of depravity was my only choice.

That’s why I decided not to contact them. My visit would be a surprise. They wouldn’t be able to plan any traps for me. Was it strange that I was convinced they would try to trap me? No, I knew my family. They’d probably want me to sew my wild oats with my little aunt, or service my mom and grandma. I’d never bring Felicia along either. I didn’t want their depravity to corrupt her. They’d never ask her to cheat on me, but they would try to convince her it was normal for both of us to sleep around.

This was just something I had to do. I’d be in and out, one week tops. Although, I’d be happy if it was just a few days. Then, I’d spend the rest of my life with Felicia.