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I pulled up to the front gates just as my car was running on fumes. The ‘out of fuel’ light had been lit for some time, and I was terrified I wouldn’t make it. I pressed the intercom button, and a moment later the gate opened. There was no one controlling it. Grandpa had set it up so anyone who pushed the button caused the gate to open. There was a bell that rang announcing someone had arrived, but otherwise, the fence had no purpose as a deterrent.

There were reasons to be safe though. This place was a mansion. They lived on fifty acres of land in a twenty-room estate. Great-grandfather had been extremely wealthy, and he had passed that down to my Grandfather. He rarely spent the money in excess though, choosing to live off the interest and dividends his fortune granted him. It was just enough to cover the mansion’s upkeep and allow them all to live comfortably.

However, they didn’t have the money to afford help. There were no servants or groundskeepers. That was one of the reasons the front gate was designed to automatically open. After pulling through with my car, I drove down the concrete driveway which had fallen into disrepair with various weeds and vegetation poking through cracks in the road. The sides were lined with trees that hadn’t been cut in a while. This upkeep used to be stuff Dad would do. I couldn’t help but frown as I saw how much things had declined.

Pop. Ratata. The car finally gave out, the engine dying halfway up the driveway. I couldn’t help but sigh as I turned the car off and then got out, hiking the rest of the way. My family didn’t know I was coming home. I hadn’t announced it at all. I had texted my stepmother, but that was to subtly ask about the stuff I had left at the mansion when I moved out at eighteen. For some reason, I was more comfortable speaking to her than the rest of my family. She never judged me or nagged me about coming home.

That wasn’t true. She did invite me whenever she had the chance, but she wasn’t pushy like my step-grandma or sneaky like my dad. Sometimes, she felt like a real mom. After a few exchanges of goodwill, and me being forced to reveal I was engaged, she had told me that all of the stuff I had left behind had been packaged and kept in the attic. They weren’t the type to throw away my stuff. Deep down, they always wanted me to return home.

If I can somehow reach the attic, find my stuff, and then leave without encountering any of them, that would be for the best.

It wasn’t that I hated them. They were all very nice and considerate. That’s part of what made living with them so uncomfortable. Had they been more selfish or more deceitful, I wouldn’t have felt as conflicted every time I faced them. The mansion was finally in my view. At least the main house looked to still be taken care of. The paint might be a bit worn, but the porch was swept and there was a light on in the window which gave off a welcoming glow. 

“You came!” I heard a shout, and my expression fell as my dreams of going through unnoticed died before I had even reached the front door.  “Mom! Henry! Alex! Evan’s arrived.”

I could only force a fake smile on my face as I walked up the rest of the driveway. By that point, my grandmother had run down the steps excitedly. Her curly red hair bounced and her large chest swayed with every step. I only just braced myself as she threw her arms around me. She hugged me, her big chest pressing against me awkwardly as she nuzzled my neck. I kept my hands out to either side, giving her nothing, but I couldn’t help some blood flowing to a certain point.

Why did I have to have such a hot grandmother? My real grandmother died when I was young, and my grandfather then remarried this hotty who was half his age. She was a redhead with big tits and a volatile temper to match.

“You left for so l-l-loooong!” She broke into a wail, all while pinching my side.

Even though she was crying into my shoulder like she had lost a loved one, she was also pinching me at the same time. I didn’t fight it, because the pain was enough to keep me from sporting a wood. I hated that my body reacted that way to her sweet smell and warm body. It was one of the main reasons I tried to avoid them whenever possible. If she had noticed me getting aroused, she’d never would let me live it down. The woman was shameless!

“Sweetie.” My stepmother came and hugged me too.

My stepmother was my grandmother’s mother. Yes, my father married my stepmom, and then my grandfather married her younger child, making my step-sister my grandmother. I had told my fiancée I had a complicated relationship with my family and I hadn’t been lying. Even with a map, our relationships to each other were difficult to grasp.

Mom was older than Grandma, obviously, and she was a bit more mature. Her eyes were a little wet, but she only hugged me properly and didn’t shamelessly cling to me like her daughter. She helped me peel Grandma Donna with just a little bit of work. By that time, my grandpa had appeared at the door too.

He was a handsome man with a large thick grey mustache. He had the look of an old-style cowboy, complete with jeans, a hat, and leather boots. He had an unbuttoned shirt showing off some of his chest hair. It was enough to woe any country girl’s heart. He tilted the cowboy hat on his head toward me and wore a pleased smile on his face.

My mother Carol finally recovered from crying and she quickly glanced behind me. “Where is she?”

I blinked. “She?”

“Your fiancée! You brought her, right? Don’t hide her from me now!” Donna ran around me and when she didn’t see anyone, she suddenly came up and slid her hands into my pockets.

“Ahhh! Wh-what are you doing?”

“Where did you hide my future granddaughter-in-law!” She demanded, her hands managing to grab onto anything and everything within my pants. “Oh, wow, you’ve gotten big.”

I jerked away as her hand managed to grab something that had been steadily fighting a swelling sensation. “Stop!”

She had only just grazed it, but it was like a jolt of electricity through my body. I was a virgin who had never done it before, and with my relationship with Felicia becoming so heated, I was like a kettle ready to explode. My flirtatious family was not something I could handle right now.

Carol seemed to notice my reservations and let out a small sigh, putting a hand on her daughter’s shoulder to keep her back. “He didn’t hide his fiancée in his pockets, daughter. She’s probably back in the car. Why did you walk up here anyway? Our driveway is more than big enough. You can stick it wherever you want.”

I looked at Mom, but her expression hadn’t changed. That was what made me uneasy about her. Although she sounded fine over texts, in person I never could tell if she was being dirty or not. She spoke eloquently, but her words always sounded just a bit off. I could never determine if she was using double entendres, or if it was all an innocent accident. It had to be me. I was the perverted one in the family, after all.

“Um, I ran out of gas,” I responded embarrassedly.

“And you left my granddaughter in the car alone!” Donna cried out angrily, before turning to march down the path.

“No!” I cried out. “I didn’t bring my fia- ahem… Felicia. She’s not here. I don’t know why you thought I brought her.”

“Really?” Carol looked a bit surprised. “I thought she’d come with you.”

Seeing both girl’s expressions sink, I started to feel a bit bad. “It’s not that she didn’t want to. I just wanted to come alone. That’s all. It’s been so long…”

Donna’s expression quickly turned into a smile. “You did miss us!”

As I said, she was always excitable. I didn’t know anyone who could experience as many emotions in as short of a time as my grandmother. It made her relationship with Grandpa, who was such an even-tempered person who never got angry so strange.

“If you’re out of gas, do you need any money, bucko?” Grandpa asked from his spot on the porch where he remained watching fondly.

Although he didn’t speak loudly, his deep voice carried far.

“No!” I called out, putting up my hand in his direction, and then instantly wincing. “Yes, I guess… I could use a little gas money.”

I felt embarrassed. I didn’t want anything from my family. Since I turned eighteen, I have spent the last four years supporting myself through college. I hadn’t asked my family for a dime, and I was very proud of that accomplishment. Sure, I had student loan debt a mountain high, but I had done it all on my own. To come back and ask for money now felt like tripping just before the finish line, even if it was only $20.

I had wanted to sell my old stuff for the money to get myself back on my feet, but without a car, I couldn’t even drive to a pawn shop. That didn’t even have to do with feeding myself the next few days. I promised myself I’d write down every dollar they gave me and pay it back as soon as I had a job.

Mom patted my shoulder. “Please, come inside my front door. I wish I could watch you come with your fiancée too, but you should be enough to satisfy my needs.”

I frowned as she walked by, her expression gave nothing away.

“You can satisfy me whenever you want to.” A voice sounded in my ear before Donna kissed my cheek and ran away.

I instinctively wiped my cheek, feeling a bit of fear as my body reacted to her dirty words. Unlike Carol, there was never any other way to interpret Donna. She was just a dirty girl. I watched as she jogged by her mom still giggling. As she ran up the stairway and passed her husband, he slapped her on the butt. She gave a little moan before running in and he followed after her.

Hearing her pleasant moan moments after she kissed me made my body react lewdly. I couldn’t help but feel a bit of jealousy for my grandpa. What I wouldn’t give to be able to grab that ass to my desires. I wondered if my fiancée would let me spank her. No! I couldn’t let myself think that way. Pure. Vanilla.

“Are you going to come?” Carol had stopped and looked back at me, her eyebrow quirked and an imperceptible smile on her lips.

I jumped a bit because it almost seemed like Mom had read my thoughts, causing my heart to speed up. I had to wait for my dick to calm down before I could respond.

“C-coming.” I cleared my throat.

She bit her lip. “Mmm… good.”

I couldn’t help but turn red at her look, but I quickly joined her to hide my embarrassment and we entered my childhood home for the first time in four years. Part of me wanted to put my arm around her as we walked, but I resisted the urge. It might be something a mom and her child might do, but I was afraid if I took even a small step things might snowball into something I couldn’t control. Upon walking through the front door, I found someone waiting for us in a wheelchair. I nearly tripped over the entranceway.


Dad let out a laugh. “There you are brat. I thought you were going to stay outside and leave me hanging.”

If my grandfather had a cowboy charm, then my dad looked much more clean-cut. His face was shaved, showing a strong chin. His hair was perfectly combed, and he wore button-up shirts, usually with a tie. His eyes were perhaps his most attractive part, a piercing blue that seemed to drive women crazy. Growing up, my dad had always been a playboy. Even my mother was never his wife, but she had died in childbirth, and perhaps that was part of the reason for the first ten years of my life he had fooled around.

That’s why it was so surprising when he came home with Carol one day. Even though she was a decade older than him, he was in love with her, and the pair were married a few months later. That by itself was okay. I rather like Carol, and she was very affectionate with me, never treating me as any less of a son than her daughter.

Of course, my biggest issue back then was her daughter. As a young teen, I instantly fell in love with my big sister. I had countless sex fantasies about her, as a young teenager would toward a mature twenty-year-old redhead who liked to wear crop tops and short shorts. Then, she got with my grandpa, and things turned weird.

“Why are you in a wheelchair?” I couldn’t help but ask.

“What do you mean by that?” Dad gave me a strange look. “I got into a car accident, remember? Isn’t that why you’re here?”

I thought back to the texts I had shared with Carol, and I realized that she had mentioned this. She had said that Dad was in the hospital, but then she said that he was doing okay, and I had stopped paying attention. All of my focus had been on my graduation and starting my life with Felicia. I had completely ignored all of her long texts where she talked about the family, as I was only concerned about my questions being answered.

No wonder there had been some confusion. They thought I had come home to visit my injured father. I couldn’t help but wear a sardonic smile. I had been inconsiderate trash. They were going through things, and I was just acting selfishly for my interests.

“I-I’m sorry. I didn’t know.” I admitted.

Carol exaggeratedly slapped her forehead. “Ah! I don’t think I mentioned you were in a wheelchair!”

She seemed to read the room in an instant and immediately blamed herself. This resulted in Donna pinching her mom.

“You dummy! You’re getting too old. Don’t you know that’s the first you should say? Maybe he’d have brought his fiancée if he knew!” She complained while Carol only laughed lightly while accepting her daughter’s abuse.

“That’s okay.” Dad smiled at me as if he was used to his wife and her daughter fighting. “As long as you’re here, that’s what matters.”

“I-is it permanent?” I asked, trying to keep myself from crying.

“Naw.” He responded although it was clear by the look in his eyes that he didn’t believe his own words. “I’ll do physical therapy and be walking in no time!”

He made a guts pose in his chair, and it caused the others to let out laughs, although all of their laughs were strained, a testament to the stress they had been under since Dad’s accident. That was my family in a nutshell. Carol and Donna were so kind and so generous. My grandfather would give you the shirt off his back. My dad was caring and strong, the glue that kept this family together.

 That was the real reason I didn’t want to stay with them. Deep down, I had feelings for Carol and Donna. How could I face my father and grandfather while lusting after their wives? How could I betray Carol and Donna’s pure love for me if I gave in to their teasing? Even with my father injured, or perhaps especially because my father was injured, it was best if I just came in and left, before something happened that I would regret.

I’d stay just a few days. As long as I didn’t succumb to those desires, everything would turn out just right.

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