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“Well, here’s your old room.” Carol gave me a smile. “As you can see, we left everything the way you left it.”

I nodded, walking around the room as I was filled with memories. There were plenty of good memories, but a lot of shameful ones too. I used to be quite a little deviant. There wasn’t a day that went by that I didn’t masturbate, usually thinking about Donna or one of the other girls who lived here. I took advantage of their kindness shamelessly. Every time one of them bent over in front of me or came out of the bathroom in a towel, I couldn’t help but react in the way a teenage boy did.

When I finally grew up, my sinful desires started to be filled with a sense of guilt. This was my family. How could I defile them? I even remembered sneaking Donna’s used panties and then cumming on them. I even fantasized that maybe she’d wear them and get pregnant from my seed. That was just one example of how warped my teenage brain was.

My hand went on a dresser. There used to be a television on it from which I watched countless porn. I took that television with me when I left, and sold it one summer so I could afford to eat. I opened up the top dresser drawer. There was a trick to it. Not anyone could open it up. I had hid my porn in it for years. Before I left, I had snuck it all out to the forest and burned it. I placed my finger on the hidden trigger and then slid it open.

“What?” I blinked, my hand reaching out and picking up a thin piece of see-through fabric.

It took my brain a moment to realize it was a pair of panties! I felt a dark desire in me to surface. I resisted the temptation to sniff them.

“Oh, my, how embarrassing,”  Carol spoke up. “Donna must use this drawer for her lingerie. Since you left, she has spent a lot of time in this room. Ah, don’t worry, we changed the sheets!”

I frowned. “Why would you need to change the sheets?”

Her face turned a bit red. “Never mind that.”

She looked very cute when she looked embarrassed. It made me want to embarrass her further. I shook my head.

What am I doing? She’s my mother!

 I quickly dropped the panties and shut the door before I did something embarrassing. Returning home had made my mind a mess. It would be better if I just stuck to the mission. I knew from the beginning that sneaking in and leaving without being seen was an impossibility. I had hoped my family was a bit more distracted. The fact she had already cleaned my room in preparation for my arrival told me that they had been expecting me for some reason.

“Daddy is busy fetching your car.”

“Who?” I blinked and then sighed. “Oh, Grandpa.”

“He’s my daddy,” She laughed. “Once he gets your car in the garage, he’ll go get some gas and fill her up. He better not take out the motorcycle. Daughter worries he’ll get hurt riding it one of these days and carrying a jug of gas isn’t going to make the journey safer.”

“He’s daddy, but she’s daughter? Why don’t you call her mommy?” I asked ruthfully but immediately regretted it.

I wasn’t angry at her. Rather, I felt frustrated that I had inconvenienced Grandpa. He just reminded me of my inadequacies too much.

She didn’t seem annoyed at all and tilted her head like she was thinking about it. “I suppose it comes down to the closeness of the relationship. Donna is indeed both my daughter and my mother-in-law, but I consider our blood relation to be much deeper, so she is my daughter. As for which marriage matters, I naturally value my marriage over my daughter’s marriage. So, even though Henry is my son-in-law, I consider his being my father-in-law through my marriage to be a stronger bond. As for why I call him daddy and not father-in-law… heh because it’s fun.”

“Fun?” I asked incredulously.

“You should try it.” She giggled. “Go ahead, call me Mommy.”

“Don’t be ridiculous, Carol.”

“First names.” Her voice broke. “I suppose that’s as deep as our relationship goes.”

She had a hurt look on her face, and I realized I had gone too far. I wasn’t even sure why I called her Carol. In my head, I always called her Mother. Although she wasn’t my biological Mother, she had been there for me during the years I needed a strong female role model the most. I saw her as my mother. I felt foolish for using her first name. The only way I could have been colder was to call her Mrs. Fetter like we weren’t even acquaintances.

She turned as if she was going to leave the room, but I acted first. I took several steps toward her and then grabbed her arms. She was startled, but her eyes met mine. I could see they were wet, although she hadn’t yet shed a tear.

“M-mmm-.” I took a breath, forcing myself. “Mommy.”

A smile formed on her lips, and then she reached out and gently touched my cheek. “Sweetie.”

Why were her eyes closed and her lips pursed? Didn’t she know how inviting that was? Her lips were red and moist, and I realized just how close the two of us had gotten. My palms started to feel uncomfortably hot where they were holding her arms. With a single move, I could kiss her. No, I could even more. I could toss her down on the bed, tear off her clothing, and use her sexy body to satisfy my lust.

I remained frozen like that, a deer in headlights, stuck in the precipice of my deviant mind. Her eyes suddenly opened. They were hopeful and loving. My mother was so pure and innocent. I was on the edge of a cliff, but seeing her brought me back. I quickly let go of her and took a polite step back.  

She would faint from shock if she knew the dark and naughty things I wanted to do to her. From the day she moved in with my father, she had given me nothing but her pure love. Yet, my twisted mind perverted those intentions until I wanted to have her for myself. I thought I had gotten better, but in four years, nothing had changed. I was still a beast.

“Almost.” Her shoulders sagged slightly.


She jerked. “Um, I said, you arrived almost on time, but you just missed dinner. Would you like me to go make you something? You can have anything you want.”

“Anything?” I raised an eyebrow, and then quickly shook my head. “I mean, no. I already ate before I came.”

That was a lie. I didn’t have any money. I had a granola bar this morning, and that was the last meal I had consumed. However, my dirty thoughts toward my mother had returned as if I had never left, and the more I took from my family, the guiltier I felt for these dark thoughts of mine. It was best to only take what I needed.

“If you’d prefer, you can skip right to the desert.” She declared.

I winced slightly. “No, it’s fine. I’m honestly really tired.”

“I see…” She sounded disappointed. “In that case, I will let you settle in. You can stay as long as you want. If you want anything, don’t hesitate to ask. I’ll give you everything you want.”

They were generous people. I wish Mom picked her words better. How would she react if she knew the dessert I wanted was her? Offering me everything? I was so close to taking it! Once she left, closing the door behind her, I let out a frustrated sigh and flopped onto the bed.


I immediately landed on something hard. I moved over and fell under the covers. I pulled out a cordless wand. I flicked the switch and then it started vibrating.

“This… is Donna’s?” I started to put everything together. “So, Grandma was using my room as her beauty room!”

It all made sense. The underwear, the massager… I also had seen candles and oil on the bedside. No wonder they had to clean the sheets. As for the massager, I had seen enough porn to know the difference between a vibrator, a dildo, and a massager. This was a wand, not a vibrator. The end vibrated quite quickly, but the shaft was just a handle.

Yes, I knew women could use a wand as a sex toy, but how could my grandma be so perverted? She had a dirty sense of humor, but that didn’t mean she would buy it as a sex toy. Besides, Grandma had been using these since I was ten. I remembered everyone always joking about her battery consumption. We never had any batteries for the remotes because she kept taking them, and Grandpa eventually had to budget her battery use into the grocery budget. This appeared to be a much newer one with a rechargeable battery.

I also seemed to remember that she had a problem wetting the sheets. At least, they had the change the sheets every night. If grandma was using my bed, that’s probably what happened. I couldn’t believe the woman I called grandma could be such a child. At least, she could drink less before going to bed, but grandpa said he didn’t mind, and in fact encouraged her to drink. I never understood that.

“This isn’t bad.” I pressed the vibrating head against my shoulder, as it was pretty strong.

I sniffed the air. As the wand heated up, it was giving off a certain odor. I didn’t dislike it. I switched the wand off, putting it on the bedstand as I coughed awkwardly. Now was not the time to play around with grandma’s toys. I had to remember my mission.

I jumped to the bed and listened at the door before opening it and looking both ways. I began sneaking down the hallway after I confirmed everyone had gone off to bed. I could hear the Master bedroom with a television playing some late-night talk show. They wouldn’t hear me. Meanwhile, my dad and Carol had moved down to the first floor since he didn’t have the use of his legs.

Realizing I was sneaking in a very silly manner, I stood up straight and walked the rest of the way to the attic. I opened the door and headed up the stairs. It was dark, but I found the lightbulb quickly. As I glanced around, I couldn’t help but sigh. My family lived in a mansion, and the attic of a mansion wasn’t built like a normal attic. There was enough space up here to support a full family of four, and it was filled with boxes of all shapes and sizes among other things.

I glanced around from pile to pile, but I couldn’t find any piles that were uniquely mine. Carol had told me that all of my stuff was put up here, but she didn’t remember where it had been place. I was still hoping I’d have a chance to find it quickly, but after looking around for nearly an hour, I realized my only shot was to go through the entire attic box by box. Forget a night, this could take all week.

I sat down in a chair and started getting to work. I went through box after box. Once in a while, I ran into a box that had to do with me, but usually, it just contained toys or clothing. I had no luck finding the baseball cards. It was late into the night when I heard a creak. I spun around to see a person standing at the top of the stairs, looking at me.

“You’ve come.” She spoke simply.

Of everyone I wanted to avoid, she was the one I wanted to avoid the most.

“Margot,” I spoke her name quietly.

“Grandma said you were coming.” She spoke in a monotone voice. “I didn’t know if I should believe her.”

Margot was Donna’s child before she married Henry. She had her very young. When Margot used the term grandma, she was naturally talking about her mother’s mother, Carol. While Carol was my mom, Carol was her grandma as well as her half-sister. As my mother’s half-sister, this made her my aunt. Thus, I had started to call her little aunt, mostly on account that she was younger than me by a year. However, as Donna is my mother’s daughter, my grandma could also be considered my sister-in-law, which would make her daughter my niece. Thus, my little aunt was also my niece.

“Well, you can believe her now,” I responded.

“I’m still not sure. Take off your pants.”

“How does taking off my pants convince you?” I cried out.

“My uncle has a birthmark on his inner thigh.”

“Why do you know about my birthmark?” I demanded and then cleared my throat. “Rather, why do you need to see that? Isn’t my face enough?”

“It’s possible you’re a doppelganger or a clone.” She responded, looking at me consideringly as she circled me. “Are you by chance a robot?”

“I’m not!” I sighed.

I wished Margot had changed. Her delivery was always deadpan, which made it difficult to determine if she was joking with you or sincerely believed some of the stuff she said. She had always been an odd girl, even in school, and that made her the target of bullying. When she first arrived at my family, I tried to try to act like her big brother. However, as she began to mature and blossom, so did my desires. What brother lusted after his sister? That’s when I started calling her little aunt, and then keeping my distance from her.

“Confirmation is required.” She declared.

“W-well, how do I know it’s you?” I shot back. “Couldn’t you be a robot?”

“So, you wish to see my birthmark?” She grabbed her skirt and began to unzip it.

“You have a birthmark on your inner thigh too?” I couldn’t help but cry.

She tilted her head. “No? My birthmark is on my neck.”

She pointed to her neck where there was a small dark spot that no one would notice unless it was pointed out. I had no clue she had even had one there.

“That’s not important. If your birthmark is there, why are you taking off your skirt?” I asked helplessly.

“Since you’re taking off your pants, I thought this would make you more comfortable.”

“It doesn’t!”

She zipped her skirt back up. “Would you prefer if I took off your pants?”

“My pants are staying on!”

In the end, Margot is the same as she was when she was seventeen. Four years had not caused her to grow up at all. I wished she’d be more mindful of who she was talking to. If she had taken off her skirt, then I didn’t know if I could hold myself back. What would she do if I threw myself on top of her?

“What’s all the noise up here?” The door opened and I could hear footsteps coming up the stairs.

“I’m in the attic.” Margot declared. “I caught a thief.”

“Oh? Margot? Your back from work?” Grandpa finally reached the top of the steps, taking off his cowboy hat. “What thief… oh? Evan, what are you doing up so late?”

“I was just looking for some of my old stuff. Trading cards, have you seen them?”

“Trading cards… I seem to recall a box like that.” Grandpa looked around. “They got to be here somewhere. Why don’t you head to bed? We can go look for them in the morning.”

I let out a soft sigh. It looked like I’d have to spend one more day here.

“Yeah, sure.”

“Margot, if you thought it was a thief up here, why did you go by yourself?” Grandpa looked at his daughter-in-law with a wry look.

He was a traditional guy, and even he thought she could be a bit strange at times.

“I didn’t know what the thief wanted. He could be looking for anything.” She responded. “I was going to offer my virgin body so he’d leave peacefully.”

“Then, it’s good that it was Evan.”

“Yes, it’s preferred if he takes my virgin body instead of a thief.” Margot agreed, her face just as expressionless as always.

“Oh? Well, good luck with that.” Grandpa humored her as the three of us walked back down, but I couldn’t help but cringe on the inside.

Between her, Mom, and Grandma, she was naturally the most dangerous to be around. This was because she always said such silly things, and if I had a little less patience, I might make her accountable for her words at any minute. At least Mom and Grandma had their husbands. They were attached women, so there was a clear line that I couldn’t cross for a variety of reasons. Meanwhile, Margot was close to my age, and other than our relations in my marriage, nothing was stopping us. Dad marrying Carol never stopped Grandpa from marrying their daughter, so with Margot, those lines grew blurrier. Perhaps one day I might accidentally step over those lines. That was what I was afraid of most.

Margot went to her room across from mine, not even saying goodbye before closing the door. Grandpa once more said he was glad I was home and then returned to his room. As soon as I entered my room, I locked it and jumped into my bed. At some point in the middle of the night, I had a vague memory of the door handle shaking as if someone tried to enter my room, but I quickly fell back asleep and thought no more about it. The next morning, I was getting ready to dive back into the attic when I heard a doorbell ring.

“You did come!” I heard Donna shout with excitement.

I frowned but decided to see what the commotion was about. As I walked down the stairs into the foyer, my eyes landed on the last person I expected to see. All the blood left my face, and I froze in shock.

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you.” She spoke up. “I snuck a look at your phone and got your Mom’s number. I planned to surprise you by meeting your family, but you went a day ahead of my plan.”


My fiancée had come to visit the family.

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