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That night, I had been so distracted by everything that had happened with Margot and then Donna that I had completely forgotten why I came to this place at all. I had been looking for my collectibles placed in storage. I woke up the next morning, and before even getting out of bed, my eyes narrowed. I had a mission to complete. The sooner I was gone from this house of temptation, the sooner I’d be freed from my dark desires. After all, I had kept myself in check for nearly four years before coming home. Even with Felicia’s sister tempting me with her youthful body, I hadn’t made any mistakes. Yesterday was just a mistake.

Donna probably wouldn’t tell anyone what we did, and Margot… well, Margot was Margot. Once I left with Felicia, our lives could go back to normal. With that thought in my head, I relaxed quite a bit.

“Everyone, breakfast!” I heard Carol call out to everyone in the house, even ringing an old dinner bell that we had.


After breakfast…

I still hadn’t had a full meal in two days. I was famished. For various reasons, my meals were interrupted or inedible. When I walked to my room, I stopped short to see Felicia there.

“Ah! Ethan…” She spoke a bit shyly.

My eyes immediately landed on her body. She was wearing a very distinct pair of pajamas. They had a shiny metallic blue look to them and looked very cute on her. I wanted to reach out and kiss her, but I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to control myself. Plus, I had just gotten up and was sporting some wood. Seeing her didn’t help the situation at all.

“Hey, Felicia.” I smiled.

“You two are so cute!”

Donna suddenly threw her arms around both of us. Felicia cried out as her face was pushed against one of Donna’s boobs, while I was pushed against the other. The two of us looked at each other, and an amused spark appeared in Felicia’s eyes.

“Grandma! Can you not do that?” I cried.

“I’m back to grandma already?” Donna whined. “Did you forget about last night already?”

I began to panic over her words. “Stop!”

She let go of both of us and sniffed. “Hmph, suit yourself!”

Felicia looked at me and giggled, and it was only then I relaxed, realizing that Donna’s words were pretty ambiguous. Felicia would have no clue I came all over Donna’s face. Rather, it’d be much stranger if she suspected that. I relaxed and the pair of us looked as Donna walked down the hallway in front of us. However, then I looked away again.

“Wh-what are you wearing?”

“Hmm?” Donna looked back, touching her butt with was in a pair of formfitting pants that left almost nothing to the imagination. “Yoga pants?”

“Do you do yoga?” I asked, distinctly not looking at the perfect outline of her butt in tight black.

“I might pick it up.” She looked back at me and winked. “I’m suddenly feeling compelled to work on my fitness again. Do you like them?”

I didn’t know how to respond. They left nothing to the imagination. If she bent over, there would be a vertical smile.

“I wish I had the confidence to wear something like that,” Felicia commented.

“What?” I looked at her in surprise.

“N-nothing! Let’s go!”

She grabbed me a pulled me along. I made sure to avoid looking at Donna’s ass the rest of the way to the dining room. When we arrived, everyone else was already there, and Carol was setting out plates of food.

“It’s so nice to cook for everyone again.” Carol sighed happily. “It was getting to the point where everyone was worrying about themselves. I like it when it feels like a family.”

“I’m busy with work.” A girl in the corner spoke up, her eyes on her phone.

Margot was in the corner and we missed her when we came in.

“Oh! You must be the… um… little aunt? Margot?” Felicia tried to be polite.

“We’ve met already.” Margot declared.

Felicia blinked. “We have?”

Margot glanced at me, and a slight smile formed on her lips. Felicia turned to me with a confused look.

“Ahem, what little aunt means to say is that she saw you out the window when you drove up, but she was too busy to say hello.”

“Oh, I see… they mentioned that you run a business?”

“Mm.” Margot nodded, continuing to eat without looking up. “Busy at night.”

“Ahem.” After swallowing a few mouthfuls of precious food, I finally took a breath. “I’m going to be busy all day too. I’ll be in the attic.”

“That’s right,” Grandpa spoke up. “Are you going to need any help with that?”

I shook my head emphatically. “No, um… sorry. You don’t need to hurt yourself crawling around up there. I can take care of it myself.”

“If I still had my legs, I could help,” Dad spoke, his voice slightly bitter.

“It’s okay, honey.” Carol squeezed his shoulders. “It’ll be okay.”

Dad’s expression relaxed and he gently touched her hand, smiling up at her. I looked away, feeling a bit embarrassed by all of it. We spoke a little bit more, but every time I looked at Donna or Margot, I remembered what happened the previous night. I couldn’t help but look away and fall quiet. Eventually, there was no more food and I felt a bit full.

As I got up, Carol grabbed my arm. “If you need anything, Ethan, you can make me do it.”

I blinked at her look, but then I felt my other arm get grabbed by Donna. “Don’t let this old lady waste your time. You already know I can take care of all of your needs.”

“Daughter, are you getting in the way again?” Carol demanded icily, before smiling at me. “I heard Donna left a mess. You don’t need to worry about me. I’ll clean up every… last… drop.”

“Isn’t it just an old cougar shooting outside of her range?” Donna snapped back before looking up at me. “Isn’t it funner when it’s messy? You can make as big of a mess out of me as you want.”

I was shocked at how bold they were both being. My warped brain must be twisting their words to mean things they couldn’t possibly mean. I looked around, wondering if anyone else was hearing this. As it turned out, Felicia was in the other room helping put up dishes with Grandpa. Meanwhile, Dad had wheeled off somewhere. The only one who was nearby was Little Aunt.

I looked desperately at her for help. She stood up and walked over to me. She then touched my shirt, unbuttoning the top buttons.

“Next time… finish inside.”

“Hey, Ethan?” Felicia walked into the dining room, her eyes on a can before looking up at me. “Ethan?”


The three women had scattered as soon as the door opened. They moved so quickly that I felt like I had imagined the whole thing. Of course, Felicia only saw me there, standing like a deer in headlights.

“Are you doing okay?” Felicia asked worriedly.

“Y-yeah! Yeah! I’m good.” I smiled back a bit forcefully. “What did you want?”

“Ah, this can is what she used for that gravy last night. I was thinking for a wedding we should have a gravy fountain.”

I let out a breath, relaxing a bit before smiling. “A gravy fountain? Not a chocolate fountain?”

“Everyone gets a chocolate fountain. Wouldn’t a gravy fountain be better? You can put gravy on anything.”

“Is that so?” I asked, feeling a bit bemused, reaching out and hugging Felicia.

“Hmm? What’s that for?” Felicia seemed surprised.

“Because you’re you.” I chuckled.

Felicia looked pleased, but then she stiffened slightly and leaned against me red-faced. “Baby, you have an erection.”

I coughed. “I-it’s cause of you.”

“Mm…” She nodded. “We can take care of it later.”

I blinked, “Huh?”

“Like we did before.” Her face turned red. “It’s okay if we keep clothing on, right?”

“I-it is,” I responded, realizing what she meant.

She was talking about how I had come the previous night. Of course, it wasn’t because she was kissing me. It was because Donna was under the sheets giving me a hand job. Still, maybe if Felicia rubbed it through my pants, I could still orgasm and we could maintain our purity. Since Felicia was willing, so was I!

First, though, I told everyone goodbye and I returned to the attic. Looking at the piles and piles of boxes, I couldn’t help but sigh. I grabbed a fold-out chair and unfolded it. I then began to sort things into piles. The things that looked important for my family, the things that looked like they might have the cards in them, and then I made a third pile for trash.

I opened the first box and started looking. I found a box filled with old clothes. Some were mine, some were my father’s, and some were my grandfather’s. I grabbed the box took it to the far corner and set it aside. I wasn’t someone who acted particularly nostalgic, so I should be able to get through this all pretty quickly as long as I focused on what I wanted.

I had gone through about eight boxes when I got to the bottom of the ninth. In the corner was an old shoebox. It was black and had a blue ribbon tied around it. The ribbon had lost a lot of its color, and the box was falling apart. The tape was yellow and it seemed like it had been there for quite a while. I was just about to throw it away when the thought hit me that it might contain the missing cards.

I untied the ribbon and set it aside, then slowly opened the box. As I pulled the lid off, a wave of dust hit me. I coughed and covered my nose. I peered inside. To my surprise, inside the box were dozens of pictures, along with old envelopes. As I looked at the images, I very nearly dropped them. The image on top was a pair of boobs. There was no other way to describe it. The second image appeared to be a closeup of a woman’s vagina. It was only on the third picture that was zoomed out that I realized these were images of Carol! These were naked images of Carol, but they were taken nearly a decade ago. They appeared to be printed out using an inkjet printer. Carol was in various lewd positions, although it looked like she had taken them herself.

When I opened the envelopes, I realized these must have been the beginning of my father and Carol’s relationship. Dad used to go away on business and would be gone while Grandpa watched me. One day, he had come home with Carol. Dad had always been a bit of a playboy, and Carol wasn’t the first girl he had taken home. That’s why I was so shocked when they got married. I had never known they had exchanged letters like this first. Upon reading one, my face started to turn red.

Dear Alex,

I’m so horny right now. I want your big, fat cock to fill up my tight little pussy. I need it so bad. Without you, all I have is my vibrator, and it’s not enough. If you come home now, I’ll even let you put it in my ass. Fuck, baby, I’m so wet. You’re driving me crazy.

Your horny slut,


Carol knew how to turn a man on.I continued to flip through the images and letters. This was Carol, but she was much younger. She looked a lot like Donna does now. She had taken these in front of a mirror, and there were several of her playing with herself. I had seen porn before and was no stranger to masturbation, but these images were different. The fact that these were my stepmother… and that my dad had kept these all those years.

My body started to get hot, and I started to get an erection. I looked down at my pants and was embarrassed. I was getting turned on by my father’s naked photos of Mom. I looked back into the box. At the bottom was a small bag. When I opened it, inside were dozens of condoms, a bottle of lubricant, and a few sex toys. This must have been the box they used for their escapades.

I put everything back in the box placed the ribbon around it, and put it aside. I tried to forget about what I had seen and continued looking through the boxes. After sorting through another couple of boxes, my stomach was grumbling. I looked at my phone and saw that it was already noon. I wanted to keep looking, but I was still hungry. I left the attic and headed downstairs.

I was expecting to run into Carol in the kitchen, but she was absent. Thinking about her naked body again, it was probably best that I didn’t run into her. As I headed back to the stairs, I passed an open door, and I couldn’t help but stop. That was because Felicia was there. She was looking for something under the bed, and she had her butt up and wagging. I remembered her promise earlier, and a dark impulse came over me.

She was wearing her distinct pajamas. That loose-fitting metallic blue couldn’t be mistaken. Looking both ways and seeing no one else, I couldn’t help myself. Seeing Donna’s naked images had made me incredibly aroused, and after Felicia’s innocent promise, I couldn’t hold back anymore. I closed the door quietly and then walked up to Felicia. Kneeling, I couldn’t help but think of this position as doggie. With her butt wagging, she was asking for a man to taste her. I reached out and gave her butt a playful smack.

“Ah!” She tried to get up but hit the bed over her.

“S-sorry!” I cried out in a hushed tone. “It’s me, Ethan. I’m here about your offer earlier. Don’t say anything. I’m going to use you to cum, um… shake your butt if you understand.”

I don’t know why, but as soon as I heard her voice cry out. I grew nervous. I was certain that as soon as I saw Felicia’s innocent face, I wouldn’t be able to bring myself to do anything. Even though we were engaged, I still felt immense guilt over wanting it so badly. I was a horny freak. I didn’t just want to cum. I wanted to dirty her pajamas. I wanted to cover her with my cum… but if I saw her face, the guilt would return. As long as it was just her butt, I could use her for my naughty needs. She had already said I could earlier, but even asking made me nervous.

After a moment, she shook her butt. I let out a breath of relief. That was the sign that everything was good to go. I fell to my knees and fished out my cock. I thought about keeping my pants on, but I was rock hard and the material of her blue pajama pants looked so much softer than my jeans. I grabbed her butt tightly, imagining what it would look like naked. I pressed my member between her cheeks and gave it a shove. She moaned as I ground my dick against her soft ass.

It was the perfect combination of soft and firm. I had a sudden urge to rip off her pajamas, but I knew I had to resist. Was it just because I couldn’t see her face? I pushed her butt together and ground back and forth, feeling the pleasure of her soft buns.

I heard the bed above us squeak, which very nearly made me jump. That was caused by Felicia pressing up on the bed from underneath. She must have been enjoying it too. I wasn’t sure if she would cum, but it was a real possibility. It would be pretty hot to hear her orgasm to me dry-humping her. Felicia reached back and pushed her ass against me, giving me a better angle to push forward. My cock slid between her thighs and pressed right into her pussy. I didn’t think about it, I was just trying to keep myself buried between her ass cheeks. But her wetness surprised me. She had already soaked through her panties and the outside of her pajamas were sticky and wet. The warmth of her pussy enveloped my shaft. I wanted to stick it in her so bad, but that would take her virginity away. If I wanted her to give me her virginity on our wedding night, we both had to remain pure.

The bed above me creaked and bounced again. Was she doing that on purpose? Could she possibly be trying to tease me? It was working. I was so horny, I could cum. I just needed a bit more stimulation.

Maybe… I could pull down her pants.

My dark thoughts struck like a devil. If it felt this good against her pajamas, wouldn’t it feel even better against her panties? I should have asked her, but the dark me said it was more exciting to surprise her. The next thing I knew, I was grabbing her pajamas and yanking them down. Like that, her underwear was revealed, and I was surprised at how daring it was. She was wearing a black thong, and the material was thin and showed her pussy through it. I could stop myself from pushing my dick against her. It was so wet. Only a thin film kept us from being one.

“Hhaah… ah…” I heard her muffled voice from under the bed.

It was driving me crazy. I couldn’t stop myself. I had to do it. My darkest desires were taking over. I couldn’t stop it.

“I’m sorry.” I groaned and grabbed her waist.

I yanked her thong to the side. It was like it was happening in slow motion. I could see her wet, hair snatch. She was a bit more wild down there than I was expecting, but I didn’t care. I lined up my cock, ready to take my fiancée completely.

“Carol!” I heard a thud on the door. “I need some help!”

It was my dad calling. I nearly collapsed when I heard him so close. As soon as I pulled back, Felicia snatched her pants and slid them back up. She got out from under the bed as quickly as possible. I felt both guilty and disappointed. We had been so close. That was until A face came out from under the bed, and it wasn’t my fiancee.

“In a second!” Carol called out, her face red as she panted.

I stared at her in shock. It was only at that moment I realized this was Dad and Carol’s room. This was on the first floor. There was no reason that my fiancée would be down here snooping around. Carol had been in an apron before, so I didn’t notice she had been wearing pajamas very close to what my fiancée wore.

“C-carol.” I finally managed to get out.

“You naughty boy.” She leaned over and pinched me, but she didn’t seem angry.

“Whe-where’s Felicia?” I finally managed to ask.

“Hmm? She left a while ago with Margot. Margot said she was going to show her a good time.”

“Carol…” The door started to open.

“Don’t worry!” She stood up, walked to the door, and caught it. “I found your gait belt. You’re so impatient.”

“Ah… I just really need to go to the toilet. Hmm? What’s that smell?”

“N-nothing! Let’s go. I’ll help you.” She turned back to me and then bit her lip before mouthing. “Wait here.”

She left while I sat there dumbfounded, my dick still rockhard. I had been a second away from banging my stepmother! Just what kind of guy was I turning into?

“Wait… what did she say?”

Margot was with Felicia? That was a recipe for disaster!

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