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“Ah! Evan?” Donna cried out when I entered her room suddenly.

She was in the middle of her room wearing nothing but a bra and panties. I must have caught her in the middle of changing.

“Oh! S-sorry…” I turned away immediately.

After leaving my father and stepmother’s room, I immediately went to Grandpa’s room. I felt a growing worry when it came to Felicia. Margot was a bit of a wild child. She had an oddly adventurous personality, which had led to many misunderstandings when we were younger, and if her behavior early was any indication, she hadn’t improved over the last four years.

She liked to play pranks that bordered on indecent. I remember she used to text me pictures of her various body parts. She called the game ‘guess what this is.” The pictures often looked like her ass or pussy, but when I chastised her for being lewd, she’d show the zoomed-out image and it’d just be a closeup of her closed eye, or the nook of her elbow. However, I was pretty certain some of those images were legitimate.

She never understood how crazy she made me. Another game she played was ‘Guess the taste’. She blindfolded herself sat on her knees, and asked me to put things in her mouth and she had to guess what they were. Seeing her innocently kneeling there like that, a dark part of me wanted to shove my dick in her mouth. She couldn’t possibly know how close she came to tasting my cock back then.

That said, her actions had always worried me. One day, someone like me who couldn’t control their inner demons would take care of her blind innocence. One of the reasons moved away was to spare her my perversions. How could I know the first day I was back, I’d already ruined some of her innocence by taking her under-the-table game too far? She probably barely understood what happened.

As for Felicia, she was as innocent as Margot. It was like a lemming leading a lemming, and I felt like one might lead the other directly off a cliff. I just had to make sure that Felicia was safe, whatever Margot was doing with her.

“I’m decent.” Donna’s soft voice finally came, and I turned around.

“That’s decent?” I turned back away.

Donna was wearing a robe now, but it was partially opaque. Her dark underwear could be seen clearly through the thin material, and if anything, it was more alluring because of the robe hiding the details. She looked more like a tease.

“Is there a problem?” Donna asked, looking like she didn’t notice the effect her body had on me.

I cleared my throat. “Margot has gone to her job, right? Where does she work?”

“Hm?” Donna cocked her head. “Oh, do you remember the club on the devil’s intersection just outside of town?”

I immediately visualized a place known as the Devil’s Intersection, mostly because it was a five-street intersection that there where a lot of car accidents occurred. Although no one had ever died there, it became known as the devil’s intersection among the townsfolk. Well, the main reason it was called this was because of a distinct building on one of the corners with a wood sign depicting a grinning devil. When she mentioned a club, I immediately visualized that place.

However, my confusion only grew. “You’re not talking about… Inferno… are you?”

“That’s right!” Donna nodded. “Margot works at the strip club.”

“What? Why did you allow that?” I grabbed Donna suddenly, frightening her.

“What about it?” She seemed confused. “Husband was against it at first, but Margot makes a lot of money and she seems happy.”

“She’s taking Felicia there!”

The Inferno wasn’t just a strip club, but it was a particularly dirty one. The place had been shut down twice because the strippers were doing sexual favors, and it functioned more like a brothel than a strip club. It was also notorious for hitting up the high school and pressuring young girls to sell their bodies. It was the shame of the town, both attracting horny men who wanted to see last year’s high school cheerleaders turn into this year’s sluts, and young women who were desperate to get away from the small town and were willing to do anything that paid well enough.

I had heard the place was shut down after they found the owner was brainwashing women, and then using those women to trick others into becoming trapped too. If Margot was working there, then she might be one of those brainwashed women, and even worse, she might be bringing Felicia to be just as brainwashed. I knew Donna was ditzy and had even once almost been suckered into going to the club by an old acquaintance, but my dad and grandpa knew better and they had prevented her from being tricked. Why would they allow it with Margot? Was it just because she was single and not their wives?

Donna let out a knowing smirk. “You’re worried Felicia will get up to mischief. Hehe… it’s cute seeing you jealous.”

Jealous? Felicia might be turned into another stripper if I didn’t do anything. This went far beyond jealousy. I had to save my girlfriend, and my little aunt too!

“I need to go!” I turned and rushed out the door.

She looked surprised at my departure, but she didn’t chase after me in her skimpy lingerie. I headed out to the garage and found my car gassed up just as Grandpa promised. At least he didn’t drop the ball on these kinds of matters, although I still didn’t understand how he dropped the ball with Margot. When I started my car, it sounded smoother than it had in years, and I realized he probably did a tune too. Grandpa shouldn’t be doing these kinds of things, but he was pretty handy with a car.

I left the mansion estate and quickly drove to town. It was about a fifteen-minute drive. The town we lived near was pretty small, all things considered. It was a former tourist town, but most of that trade had dried up and there only remained remnants of the former busier town. Like the mansion estate, most of the city looked run down and ill-maintained.

That’s why I was surprised to see the Inferno looked to have a fresh coat of paint and new renovations. The lighting of the name along with the familiar devil made it stand out in town. I was shocked to see that it was both open and seemed to be rather busy. There were at least a dozen cars in the driveway. For a strip club to be booming in the afternoon, just what had this town become? It seemed like depravity would never die.

I remembered countless days standing out in the parking lot, looking at that devil and imagining I could get a peek inside. As a horny teen, I wanted nothing more than to see the strippers and even bang one of them. Like most of the town, I knew the girls who worked there. Many of them were the upperclassmen I went to high school with, and that level of temptation was hard to beat.

Of course, I was underage at the time, and I left the city before I was old enough to enter. The result was that I had never managed to enter the building. A strange and dark side of me even grew a bit excited at the prospect of entering. What might I see? What if Margot was really in there stripping? Could I watch my little aunt as she debased herself in front of a bunch of horny men? I felt both aroused and confused by my arousal.

I shook my head, letting my morbid fantasies disappear. I’d focus instead on the goal at hand. I had to save them both, no matter what I saw in there. It was the right thing to do. With renewed confidence, I walked through the front door. I could immediately hear dance music, but a bead curtain prevented me from seeing the room beyond. This area was the ticket purchase area. There was a bored-looking woman behind a barred cashier desk, her hands on her cheeks like she was bored. When she saw me walk in, she perked up slightly.

“Hey, I’m here for Margot.” I declared.

I hadn’t intended to come off as aggressive, but I had been psyching myself up for this confrontation, and the words just seemed to come out like that. The woman blinked at me in surprise.

“Are you the new hire that Margot promised she’d bring us?” She asked.

“Huh… n- yes! Yes, I am.” I quickly corrected myself.

Did Margot promise to bring Felicia? Was this part of their indoctrination practices? Maybe, I could still save things by pretending to be the person Margot brought. Their shady manager will think I came for some bartending job, and thus Felicia will be spared the fate of being turned into a stripper. At least, that’s what my mind came up with on short notice.

She looked me up and down. “I suppose you’re good-looking enough. Come with me.”

She opened the door into her area, and I stepped back into the room with her. I was surprised that even their bartenders had a certain level of expectation of attractiveness, but I wasn’t going to ask questions. I followed as the woman opened another door and then led me down a corridor that went outside the main room. We finally entered a dressing room and she gestured.

“Go ahead and find something to wear. I’ll put you on for the next song.”

“Eh?” I felt like I was missing something.

“Strippers.” She rolled her eyes, reaching over and grabbing a tub of what appeared to be g-strings. “The old ladies in town got out of bingo a short time ago and they always head here after. Most of them are half-blind and senile, so they’re satisfied as long as you look vaguely manly. Put one of these on and dance however you want.”

“Wait, what? What about Margot?” I asked as she pulled out a used man-thong and threw it in my face.

“Margots in the crowd. She’ll evaluate you on your performance and then we can see what hours you’ll work.” She pointed up at a light on the wall. “When this light is on, your song starts. Like I said, as long as you’re flashing your banana hammock by the end, you’ll do fine, so don’t worry.”

“I’m sorry, wasn’t this a female strip club?” I asked.

She frowned. “You from out of town?”

“I left four years ago,” I admitted.

“Oh, I see. That explains it.” She shrugged. “Three years ago, Margot bought the strip club and renovated it. She turned it into a male strip club.”

“She did something so depraved?” I gaped.

“Depraved?” She looked annoyed. “The club is strictly no nudity. The proceeds go to helping out victims of sexual abuse, including those women who were hurt by the former club. Then single men love it because it makes them some extra money, and the ladies love that their money goes to a good cause while they can unload some stress. It’s become the most popular spot in town.”

“S-sorry… I didn’t know.” I felt a bit bad that I had assumed the worst.

I particularly felt bad for thinking badly of Margot. I thought she was a brainwashed stripped trying to drag my fiancée down an evil path. Then again, she did take my fiancée to a male strip club, but that was exactly the kind of thing Margot would do. She liked embarrassing people and making them squirm. I was sure she was trying to shock Felicia right now.

“Remember, light!”

I had been lost in thought, and the woman left the door before I could think to call her back. I was now in one of the strippers changing rooms! What was I going to do? I couldn’t go out there and strip, but if I didn’t wouldn’t I be inconveniencing Margot? She had a business to run. Furthermore, I might get the receptionist in trouble for not confirming my identity before throwing me on stage. Then, of course, there were the proceeds that went to victims. Wasn’t I taking away from innocent victims?

Realizing I had no choice, I put on the man-thong and a uniform that looked easy enough to take off. It was brown overalls. Then, I saw a hockey mask and threw it on. I couldn’t let my face be seen, right? By the time I was done, I looked like one of those chainsaw massacre people.

The light beeped, and I walked out of the room and toward the stage. Right before the sage was a man standing there. There were also a few other male strippers in various levels of undress.

“There you are!” The man gave a sigh when he saw me. “Get out there.”

“Uh, the receptionist said when the light shone-”

“That’s when your song starts! Whatever…” He spritzed me in the face and body, and I realized it was baby oil. “Whatever, get out there and win the audience over!”

Before I knew it, I was being pushed onto stage. He slapped my ass as he shoved me out. I realized I was genuinely on a strip stage with a pole and everything. Surrounding the stage were a group of old ladies in their fifties and sixties. They all had one-dollar bills in their hands and were staring at me like a pack of wild beasts. I managed to see in the back at a certain table were Margot and Felicia. Felicia had her back on the stage, seemingly ignoring the show. Margot, on the other hand, was watching with some interest. It was clear the two girls had been drinking, as there were several empty drinks on the table between them.

How did I get myself into this situation? This was what I got for barreling into things and thinking too much. Now, I had no choice but to dance. The music was already going full gear and all of the women were waiting for me to make my first move. Thankfully, I had a little bit of dance in college. It wasn’t much, but it might be enough to get me through this.

I walked up to the pole and took a deep breath. I held it and tried to focus on the beat of the music. This was just a one-time thing, right? Just one time and that was it. I wouldn’t do this again, no way. It would only be for tonight, and I could never tell anyone about this. When I let out the breath, I began dancing. As I started dancing, the old ladies began to shout excitedly. Many of them had hearing aids, and so they spoke loudly enough to be heard over the music.

“Oh, this guy is new.”

“Is it October already? Margot usually saves the scary outfits for Halloween.”

“Come here boy, give grandma some sugar.”

Remembering what I had done with Donna before, the last lady caused me to blush a bit. These women looked like they belonged in church, but they were saying lewd things that would make a sailor blush. I decided to ignore their comments and continued dancing. My hands grabbed the pole and I did a few twirls around it. When I did, the old ladies went crazy. I could hear the sound of money flapping in the air. It was like a small wind had blown through the club. I was a bit surprised by the amount of money coming toward me.

“Take it off, honey.”

“Show us your dick.”

I blushed a bit when the old ladies started making comments like that. Still, I could not afford to lose track of the song. I had to continue dancing, no matter what. My hands moved to my overall straps and pulled them off. As I did so, my eyes landed on Margot and Felcia in the back. Margot was watching me carefully. She tried to get Felicia to turn around, pointing toward the stage, but Felicia kept shaking her head. Just what was my little aunt trying to do with my fiancee? Her actions felt like they were going a tad too far.

My eyes were drawn away from the two girls by the old ladies. One of the old ladies had grabbed a hold of my overalls. She was trying to pull them down for me. I didn’t know whether to be disgusted or laugh. Her wrinkled hands were trying to grab onto my clothes and get a better look at my cock. Well, I had a thong, so she just wanted to see… what did the receptionist call it? My banana hammock. All of the women seemed to have their hands on me. I hadn’t realized I was that close to the edge.  I felt singles being stuffed into my pockets and thong, although some of the old ladies got particularly grabby.

I could feel their hands sliding along my thighs and groping my butt. One of them even went as far as to try and slip her hand into my thong. I wasn’t sure if I was flattered or scared by their reactions. It was kind of hard to tell the difference since these old ladies were getting really into the show. They were even cheering for me to go all the way. As the song hit its crescendo, I grabbed my thong and pulled it down. It was only at that moment that I remembered that this was supposed to be a nude-free club! As soon as my dick came free, I didn’t know if it was bad luck or what, but just as I flashed the old ladies, Margot finally got Felicia to turn around.

To my horror, as soon as I flashed my dick at the old ladies, it landed in Felicia’s eyes. Her eyes were like teacups, shocked at what she was seeing.  Margot had an expressionless face but was staring at me with narrowed eyes. Meanwhile, the old ladies went wild. One screamed, and another looked like she passed out. The entire place erupted. I pulled my thong back up and ran my bare-oiled ass back off the stage, being mindful not to slip on the baby oil.

The man who ushered me on was not glaring at me. He was tapping his foot with his arms crossed. The other men looked angry too.

“You did not just flash those old ladies!” He glared.

I tried to explain, but I knew I had no excuse. Yet, right before he began to yell at me, the receptionist appeared and whispered in his ear. He gave a nod.

“You’re coming with me!”

“Huh? Why?”

“Boss has called you to the backroom. She’s having you do a personal lapdance!”

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