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“Um, I think I need to go…” I declared.

“Go?” The man frowned.

I had already done what I came to do. I had been under a misconception the entire time. I had thought Margot was being forced to strip and that she was dragging Felicia into it. I supposed, that if that was true, my family would have stepped in. At the very least, they would have given me a heads-up if they even suspected such things. I realized that I was the one being an idiot. That’s what I got for allowing my imagination to run wild and my mind to go into dark places.

In the end, Margot was amazing. She had turned a seedy strip club into a place of positive change. I wasn’t that happy she dragged my fiancée into a male strip club, but I didn’t want to be the kind of guy who flew into jealous rages. Felicia hadn’t intentionally gone and I was sure Margot was just trying to tease Felicia. Knowing Margot, this was the only way she could see someone as family. As much as it annoyed me, seeing her tease Felicia like this was her way of telling me that she accepted her.

“Yeah, I don’t think it will work out.”

“Hmph… suit yourself.” He shrugged. “I guess I’ll just send one of the other guys to play with her and her friend. She said if you refused, she’d just get one of these guys.”

He pointed to a particularly muscular guy who seemed to be shaved and cleaned, a gleam in his smile.

I froze for a second. “Excuse me, her friend is with her too?”

He looked at me in annoyance. “There is only one lap dance, it’s for her friend. If you think you get to touch the boss, she has a no-contact policy, so don’t even think about it!”

My mind whirled like a whirlwind. What was Margot doing? If she wanted to get a lap dance to make Felicia uncomfortable, that was expected, but for her to get a lap dance for Felicia, that was going a bit far. Unless she knew who it was! Thanks to my mask, the guy couldn’t see my face turning red. If she somehow knew it was me, then she’d set this up to embarrass both of us. Worst of all, if I didn’t do it, then some stranger would give my pure and innocent Felicia a lap dance! Although I wanted to be supportive, this was something I couldn’t allow.

“I’ll do it!” I agreed.

He looked at me in annoyance one last time but finally shrugged. “Whatever, make sure to put on some more baby oil and go to private room 1.”

He handed me a bottle and then pointed to the room in question. I nodded and did what he said, making sure to tighten the mask on my face like it was some means of salvation while squirting baby oil all over. Felicia had never seen me naked before. This was the first time I’d be exposed to her, and on top of that, I was supposed to rub up against her like that. It was better that I did it rather than some other man. That’s what I told myself as I entered their room.

The room had chairs and a smaller stage and pole. Two women were sitting next to each other. Margot looked like she was conversing playfully, but when I walked in she turned to me, and a small smile formed on her lips. As for my precious fiancée, her face quickly turned bright red. I walked into the center of the room and stopped, not sure how to begin. I was already in nothing but a thong, so my body was completely exposed.

“Well, you can start?” Margot’s eyes flashed playfully.

I had no choice but to head to the pole and start dancing. There was a song already playing over the speaker, so I just went along with it like before. I wrapped my hands around the pole and swayed my hips to the side. It felt a bit easier under the cheers and jeers of the old ladies. With just Felicia and Margot watching, it was incredibly embarrassing. Well, Felicia had her eyes covered, her face red, but Margot was watching me intently. I began to twirl around the pole, using my strength to spin. I wasn’t that bad-looking. As far as strippers go, my body was decent enough that no one suspected I was lying, at least.

When the song ended, I heard clapping and saw Margot had been watching me the whole time, smiling.

She said, “Okay, now you have to give a lapdance. This is my brother’s fiance, so you need to make sure to give her the time of her life!”

“Stop! What?” Felicia glared at the grinning Margot, but she motioned for me to continue.

I approached Felicia, seeing her nervous and flustered body. Her eyes finally snapped to my body, and she looked a bit like a startled rabbit. It was pretty cute. I reached out and grabbed her hands. They were trembling. I always imagined that our wedding night would be like this. I guided her hands to my oiled body. I desperately wanted to fuck Felicia. I had wanted her since we first met. It was only a few months before we could finally tie the knot, but with her right in front of me, all of my desires came flooding to the surface.

Her eyes wandered down, and then she let out a scream. She pushed away from me, fighting desperately until  I let go of her wrist. Then, she got up, knocking the chair over. I realized that I had gotten an erection touching her. In a thong, that meant that everything was exposed. My dick was pushing out against the thin material, clearly seen from every angle.

“Oh my…” Margot grinned.

“I-I-” I tried to apologize.”

“I have someone!” Felicia suddenly lunged forward, her head in a bow. “I’m sorry, I can’t do this!”

She stood up and then ran out the door. I could only stare after her, a bit dumbfounded as I was suddenly alone with Margot.

“Tcht… how boring,” Margot complained.

My expression glowered at her. “What the hell do you think you’re doing anyway?”

She quirked an eyebrow. “Should an employee be talking to her boss like that?”

“Quit the shit, Margot!” I snapped back.

She broke into a giggle. “No one asked you to get an erection. Are your fiancee’s fingers so good?”

I relaxed slightly, finally confirming my suspicions that she had just been playing with me. “Why did you bring my fiancee here?”

“We just got to talking, and she turned out to be so pure and innocent. She hadn’t even seen a naked man before. I was just trying to educate her so she can properly service you on your wedding night. Is that so wrong?”

“Yes!” I snapped. “We’re both pure and innocent! I haven’t s-seen a naked woman either.”

I slipped slightly on that. In truth, I had never seen a completely naked woman outside of porn. Although I had seen my little aunt, mother, and grandmother at several levels of disrobe, it wasn’t like my eyes had lingered either. It was technology true.

Margot seemed to believe me, and her expression was filled with. “You never done it?”

“No.” My face turned a bit red, but it was still hidden by the mask. “Even my first… blowjob… was thanks to you!”

Her eyes widened, and then a smirk formed on her lips. “Really? Your first? I’m honored.”

“Don’t be!” I shot back. “I want to experience my firsts with Margot after we’re married.”

“That’s no good.” Margot shook her head. “If you do that, then you won’t be able to satisfy her properly. A man needs practice for his first time.”

“I’ve had plenty of practice!” I growled, but when she quirked an eyebrow, I blushed.

“With a woman?” She asked.

“Of course not.” I coughed. “However, you don’t need to worry about me.”

“Oh, but I do.” She moved forward, reaching out and grabbing my dick.

“H-hey, what are you doing?”

“Since you need practice, you can practice with me.” She responded, standing up.

“What are you saying?” I cried out. “We’re siblings!”

“Aren’t I just your aunt?” She asked.

“That makes it worse…”

“Come on, it’s not different than cousins practicing kissing.”

“That’s wrong too!”

I was still arguing, but my heart was beating like crazy and my dick was throbbing in her grip. I was incredibly turned on, and I didn’t feel like I could control myself if she kept offering herself so freely. That’s when she did the worst she could do in that situation. She pulled back and started hiking up her dress. The next moment, my dear little aunt pulled down her panties and then bent over her seat. I looked at her bare ass with shock. She used a hand to spread her cheeks, and I saw a pink slit just under her white buns.

“Just stick it in. It’s just practice. No one will know.” She declared.

My mind exploded at that moment. All of the reasoning and restraint I had went out the door. In truth, I had always been turned on by Margot. The way she always teased me, I had wanted nothing more than to violate her body in a hundred different ways. I had resisted my deep dark urges for years, using countless excuses to prevent myself from having my way with her. Yet, she was now offering herself to me like a scrumptious buffet. The quirky cute little aunt I adored was nowhere in sight, and instead, all I could see was a sleeve for my throbbing cock.

My body moved before I could even think. I grabbed her hips and positioned myself. In an instant, my cock was pressed up against her pussy, and I could feel her warmth spreading. She let out a cry of surprise. At the last second, a small sliver of sanity came back, and I wondered if she had thought this through.

“Wait!” I cried out. “What about a condom?”

“It’s fine, just cum inside.” She responded.

Every last bit of sanity left my body. I wanted to experience sex for the first time. I wanted to fuck my little aunt, my sister-in-law.  I plunged my dick into her. It was wet and tight. She let out a gasp, but I didn’t stop even when I felt resistance. I forced myself inside her like I was in a race to crush her womb. Her insides squeezed my cock, and I could feel her juices flowing freely. The whole time, I could hear her crying out. I knew I should stop, but the feeling of her insides squeezing around my dick was so good that I couldn’t think of anything else.

When I finally had all of my dick inside her, I was breathing heavily.

“Oh, wow…” She gasped.

It was at that point I noticed a red droplet leaking down her leg. My eyes widened.

“You’re a virgin?” I cried out.

“Not anymore.” She responded. “You took it.”

I looked down in horror. As the owner of a male strip club, it made since she didn’t have her virginity. She told me to use her to practice, so it didn’t occur to me that it’d be her first time either. I had taken her mercilessly. I immediately felt a surge of guilt. I started to pull out, but a hand grabbed my wrist.

“D-don’t stop!” She declared. “If you stop now, I-I-I’ll tell everyone you raped me!”


She shook slightly, her voice turning pouty. “I won’t do that to you… but you can’t stop now. We finally became one.”

I felt extremely conflicted. I could see blood leaking down her legs, which were trembling slightly. I wanted to pull out. I wanted to undo what I just did, but it was too late now. I had to take responsibility.

“I-I’m going to keep going.” I declared.

“Y-Yes!” She spoke up, sounding a bit happier.

I shook my head, unable to believe I was banging my sister-in-law. If I ever guessed how I lost my virginity, it wouldn’t have been this way. However, with the feeling of her tight cunt around my cock, I couldn’t bring myself to stop. Her encouraging words only excited me further.

I began to thrust in and out of her. She gasped each time my dick penetrated her. I held onto her waist, holding her still as I fucked her. Each thrust brought me deeper and deeper, and I could feel my orgasm rising quickly as my dick explored her depths.

“A-Ah!” Margot moaned, her voice trembling.

I continued to pump into her. Soon, her pussy began to squeeze tightly, and I could feel a rush of fluids. A moment later, my dick swelled up and I unleashed my load into her. With every twitch, my dick emptied into her womb. I came just like that. It happened so quickly that it surprised me. It was my first time though, so it was expected I wouldn’t last long.

That’s when I remembered what Margot had said. I suddenly felt a bit of relief. Maybe I did need a little bit of practice. If I had gone my first day with Felicia and had just cum like this, wouldn’t my fiancee look down on me?

We stood there panting for a moment. My cock slowly deflated, slipping out of her. A gush of semen slipped out of her hole, dripping down her legs. It was an erotic sight. When Margot turned back around and smiled at me, I had a surge of conflicting emotions. My little aunt had just taken my first time that was supposed to go to my fiancee. How could I look Felicia in the eyes again after having done this? How could I look at Donna in the eyes again after having done this to her daughter? My entire family might look down on me!

“Kiss me.” She asked.

I stepped forward and kissed her. My tongue explored her mouth. I tasted her saliva. It was warm and soft. I enjoyed it. She was a great kisser. We had a passionate kiss, and I felt my dick slowly stiffening once more.

When we pulled away, she grinned. “Do you want more?”

“Can I?” I asked her shyly. “Practice more?”

She grinned. “You want more practice?”

I nodded, and she giggled, grabbing my hand and bringing me over to the stage. She pulled her dress up and it went right off. I was able to see her naked body for the first time. She was beautiful. I stared at her small breasts and flat stomach. Her pink nipples were hard and poking out. Between her thighs was a patch of trimmed blonde hair, with her lips glistening with her juices.

She pulled off my thong, and my cock popped out. Then, she spun, her butt facing me. She was still wearing her stockings, heels, and earrings, and yet her nude body was the most erotic sight. She climbed up onto the stage and then dropped down on her back. She then spread her legs. Her pink hole was still leaking semen, and her pink lips looked inviting.

“Take me.” She whispered, looking back.

I didn’t have as many reservations this time. I knew she wasn’t a virgin anymore. She was already covered in semen. I got up onto the stage. Then, I lined myself up and penetrated her. It was still warm and wet. Her pussy swallowed me up, and soon I was plunging deep inside her.

I started to fuck her, thrusting in and out. I was more familiar with the sensation the second time, so I was able to last longer.  I also moved a bit faster now. We began to moan. Her hands came up and gripped my shoulders, and she wrapped her legs around me. I was fucking her, but her expression was still full of pleasure.

“You’re doing good!” She whispered. “Keep going.”

“A-are you sure?”

“Mm… I’m going to cum.”

I felt a burst of pride. My dick was bringing her to the edge. The fact that her cunt was squeezing and trembling around me made me feel powerful. I wanted her to cum. I wanted her to feel the same pleasure she was giving me.

Her hands gripped my back, her nails digging into me. I continued to pound into her. She let out a moan and arched her back. Then, her legs trembled, and her pussy squirted out her juices, drenching my dick and balls. It was a lot. It was the most erotic thing I’d ever seen.

Afterward, her eyes closed and her head tilted to the side.

“Ah, ah, ah.”

I continued to fuck her. Even after her orgasm, her insides were still tight, and I could feel myself growing closer.

“Cum for me.” She whispered.

My body spasmed and then I let out a low moan. I unloaded into her. Every twitch of my cock shot a spurt of hot cum into her. She was so tight, and her insides squeezed down on me, milking me. I couldn’t resist her. Her insides were too warm, too pleasurable, too welcoming.

“Margot, I just realized I don’t have a ride, ah!” At that moment, the door opened. 

Felicia had walked back inside after taking a break. She walked right into the room, just as I started cumming inside Margot. I could only look at her in horror as I creampied my little aunt. I tried to pull away, but Margot grabbed onto me. She was holding me tightly as she moaned and writhed. I had no choice but to continue to hold her as the pair of us climaxed in front of my fiancée. When I finished, I collapsed next to Margot, feeling completely drained and mortified. It was only when I reached up to wipe sweat from my brow I realized I still had the mask on. Felicia wouldn’t have known it was me.

She hadn’t acted like she caught me cheating. She just had her back to the scene, and I could tell she was embarrassed by the color of her neck. Margot sat up, her legs still spread, her pussy gaping, and cum leaking out the end. She smiled at Felicia, and I saw almost a bit of challenge in her eyes.

“I’m finished, we can go home.” She licked her lips.

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